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12020Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of the Infant/Toddler Sensory ProfileYang C.-Y.; Tseng M.-H.; Cermak S.A.; LU LU ; Shieh J.-Y.Journal Article00
22019Multidimensional Developments and Free-Play Movement Tracking in 30- to 36-Month-Old Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Were Full TermYang Y.-C.; LU LU ; Jeng S.-F.; Tsao P.-N.; Cheong P.-L.; Li Y.-J.; Wang S.-Y.; Huang H.-C.; Wu Y.-T.Journal Article00
32019Exploring sensory processing dysfunction, parenting stress, and problem behaviors in childrenwith autism spectrum disorderChiang W.-C.; Tseng M.-H.; Fu C.-P.; Chuang I.-C.; LU LU ; Shieh J.-Y.Journal Article10
42019Child and family factors that predict participation attendance in daily activities of toddlers with global developmental delayWang P.-J.; Liao H.-F.; Kang L.-J.; Chen L.-C.; Hwang A.-W.; LU LU ; Tu Y.-K.; Morgan G.A.Journal Article01
52019Postural Control and Interceptive Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderChen L.-C.; Su W.-C.; Ho T.-L.; LU LU ; Tsai W.-C.; Chiu Y.-N.; Jeng S.-F.Journal Article01
62019Family-centered care enhanced neonatal neurophysiological function in preterm infants: Randomized controlled trialYu Y.-T.; Huang W.-C.; Hsieh W.-S.; Chang J.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Hsieh S.; LU LU ; Yao N.-J.; Fan P.-C.; Lee C.-L.; Tu Y.-K.; Jeng S.-F.Journal Article00
72019Utility of the Early Delay and Disabilities Code Set for Exploring the Linkage Between ICF-CY and Assessment Reports for Children With Developmental DelayPan Y.-L.; Hwang A.-W.; Simeonsson R.J.; LU LU ; Liao H.-F.Journal Article00
82019Is Mastery Motivation a Mediator of Relations between Maternal Teaching Behavior and Developmental Abilities in Children with Global Developmental Delay?Wang P.-J.; Chen L.-C.; Liao H.-F.; Tu Y.-K.; LU LU ; Morgan G.A.Journal Article11
92019Validation of the modified checklist for autism in toddlers, revised with follow-up in Taiwanese toddlersTsai J.-M.; LU LU ; Jeng S.-F.; Cheong P.-L.; Gau S.S.-F.; Huang Y.-H.; Wu Y.-T.Journal Article32
102017Family-centered care improved neonatal medical and neurobehavioral outcomes in preterm infants: Randomized controlled trialYu Y.-T.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-H.; Lin Y.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Hsieh S.; LU LU ; Cherng R.-J.; Chang Y.-J.; Fan P.-C.; Yao N.-J.; Chen W.J.; Jeng S.-F.Journal Article1510
112017Longitudinal follow-up to evaluate speech disorders in early-treated patients with infantile-onset Pompe diseaseZeng Y.-T.; Hwu W.-L.; Torng P.-C.; Lee N.-C.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Chien Y.-H.Journal Article76
122016Child characteristics, caregiver characteristics, and environmental factors affecting the quality of life of caregivers of children with cerebral palsyTseng M.-H.; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Huang C.-Y.; Simeonsson R.J.Journal Article1510
132015ICF-CY code set for infants with early delay and disabilities (EDD Code Set) for interdisciplinary assessment: A global experts surveyPan Y.-L.; Hwang A.-W.; Simeonsson R.J.; LU LU ; Liao H.-F.Review84
142014Reactive postural control deficits in patients with posterior parietal cortex lesions after stroke and the influence of auditory cueingLin Y.-H.; Tang P.-F.; Wang Y.-H.; Eng J.J.; Lin K.-C.; LU LU ; Jeng J.-S.; Chen S.-C.Journal Article33
152014Cloud computing-based smart home-based rehabilitation nursing system for early interventionChen H.-T.; Tseng M.-H.; LU LU ; Sie J.-Y.; Chen Y.-J.; Chung Y.; Lai F.Journal Article40
162014Determinants of quality of life in children with cerebral palsy: A comprehensive biopsychosocial approachChen K.-L.; Tseng M.-H.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Huang C.-Y.Journal Article1917
172014Predictors of the health-related quality of life in preschool children with Autism spectrum disordersChuang I.-C.; Tseng M.-H.; LU LU ; Shieh J.-Y.; Cermak S.A.Journal Article21
182013Logistic regression analyses for predicting clinically important differences in motor capacity, motor performance, and functional independence after constraint-induced therapy in children with cerebral palsyWang T.-N.; Wu C.-Y.; Chen C.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Lin K.-C.Journal Article1010
192013The Cerebral Palsy Quality of Life for Children (CP QOL-Child): Evidence of construct validityChen K.-L.; Wang H.-Y.; Tseng M.-H.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Yao K.P.G.; Huang C.-Y.Journal Article1111
202013Determinants of school activity performance in children with cerebral palsy: A multidimensional approach using the ICF-CY as a frameworkHuang C.-Y.; Tseng M.-H.; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU Journal Article33
212012Sensory correlates of difficult temperament characteristics in preschool children with autismChuang I.-C.; Tseng M.-H.; LU LU ; Shieh J.-Y.Journal Article1210
222011The determinants of daily function in children with cerebral palsyTseng M.-H.; Chen K.-L.; Shieh J.-Y.; LU LU ; Huang C.-Y.Journal Article1313
232011Emotional and behavioral problems in preschool children with autism: Relationship with sensory processing dysfunctionTseng M.-H.; Fu C.-P.; Cermak S.A.; LU LU ; Shieh J.-Y.Journal Article3332
242004Developmental function of very-low-birth-weight infants and full-term infants in early childhoodChen P.-S.; Jeng S.-F.; Tsou K.-I.; Wang A.-H.; Hsu C.-J.; LU LU ; Hsu C.-H.; Tsou K.-S.; Fang L.-J.; Wang M.; Huang S.-H.; Chen L.-C.; Wu C.-S.; Yu S.-Y.; Kou Y.-W.; Mao S.-Y.Journal Article2724
251997Carbamazepine inhibition of neuronal Na+ currents: Quantitative distinction from phenytoin and possible therapeutic implicationsKuo C.-C.; Chen R.-S.; LU LU ; Chen R.-C.Journal Article122116
261997Characterization of lamotrigine inhibition of Na+ channels in rat hippocampal neuronesKuo C.-C.; LU LU Journal Article113102