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12019Epidemiological trend in inflammatory bowel disease in Taiwan from 2001 to 2015: A nationwide populationbased studyYen H.-H.; Weng M.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Wang Y.-T.; Chang Y.T.; Chang C.-H.; Shieh M.-J.; Wong J.-M.; Wei S.-C.Intestinal Research1450
22019Trends and risk factors of mortality analysis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a Taiwanese nationwide population-based studyLin W.-C.; Weng M.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chang Y.-T.; Leong Y.-L.; Wang Y.-T.; Wang H.-Y.; Wong J.-M.; Wei S.-C.Journal of translational medicine06
32019Age and cystic size are associated with clinical impact of endoscopic ultrasonography-guided fine-needle aspiration on the management of pancreatic cystic neoplasmsChang Y.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chang M.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Chen B.-B.; Jan I.-S.Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology02
42018Trends of Medication Usage and Associated Outcomes for Taiwanese Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease from 2001 to 2015Weng, Meng-Tzu; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chang, Yuan-Ting; Leong, Yew-Loong; Wang, Yu-Ting; Wong, Jau-Min; Wei, Shu-ChenJournal of clinical medicine7
52018Experience of patients with inflammatory bowel disease in using a home fecal calprotectin test as an objective reported outcome for self-monitoringWei S.-C.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Weng M.-T.; Wong J.-M.Intestinal Research612
62018Incidence and Risk Factor Analysis of Thromboembolic Events in East Asian Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a Multinational Collaborative StudyWeng M.-T.; Park S.H.; Matsuoka K.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Lee J.Y.; Chang C.-H.; Yang S.-K.; Watanabe M.; Wong J.-M.; Wei S.-C.Inflammatory Bowel Diseases821
72018Should Asian inflammatory bowel disease patients need routine thromboprophylaxis?Weng M.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Wong J.-M.; Wei S.-C.Intestinal Research12
82018A novel photodynamic therapy-based drug delivery system layered on a stent for treating cholangiocarcinomaLiang P.-C.; Huang K.-W.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chang M.-C.; Chang F.-Y.; Wong J.-M.; Chang Y.-T.Biomedical Microdevices22
92017Cytomegalovirus colitis in hospitalized inflammatory bowel disease patients in Taiwan: A referral center studyWeng M.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Lee Y.-S.; Leong Y.-L.; Shieh M.-J.; Shun C.-T.; Wang C.-Y.; Wong J.-M.; Wei S.-C.BMC Gastroenterology59
102017SHANK3 Regulates Intestinal Barrier Function Through Modulating ZO-1 Expression Through the PKC?-dependent PathwayWei S.-C.; Yang-Yen H.-F.; Tsao P.-N.; Weng M.-T.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Yu L.C.H.; Lai L.-C.; Hsiao J.-H.; Chuang E.Y.; Shun C.-T.; Ni Y.-H.; Xavier R.J.; Podolsky D.K.; Yen J.J.Y.; Wong J.-M.Inflammatory Bowel Diseases913
112016Elderly Adults with Late-Onset Ulcerative Colitis Tend to Have Atypical, Milder Initial Clinical Presentations but Higher Surgical Rates and Mortality: A Taiwan Society of Inflammatory Bowel Disease StudyLin W.-C.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Lin H.-H.; Lin C.-C.; Chang C.-W.; Yen H.-H.; Chuang C.-H.; Hsu W.-H.; Tsai W.-S.; Wang H.-Y.; Lin J.-K.; Wei S.-C.; Wong J.-M.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society56
122015High-dose dual therapy is superior to standard first-line or rescue therapy for helicobacter pylori infectionYang J.-C.; Lin C.-J.; Wang H.-L.; Chen J.-D.; Kao J.Y.; Shun C.-T.; Lu C.-W.; Lin B.-R.; Shieh M.-J.; Chang M.-C.; Chang Y.-T.; Wei S.-C.; Lin L.-C.; Yeh W.-C.; Kuo J.-S.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Leong Y.-L.; Wang T.-H.; Wong J.-M.Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology6891
132015Hes1 increases the invasion ability of colorectal cancer cells via the STAT3-MMP14 pathwayWeng M.T.; Tsao P.N.; Lin H.L.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Change M.C.; Chang Y.T.; Wong J.M.; Wei S.C.PLoS ONE1826
142015Fecal calprotectin correlated with endoscopic remission for Asian inflammatory bowel disease patientsLin W.-C.; Wong J.-M.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Lin C.-P.; Chou J.-W.; Wang H.-Y.; Shieh M.-J.; Chang C.-H.; Liu H.-H.; Wei S.-C.; Taiwan Society of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Multicenter StudyWorld Journal of Gastroenterology2327
152015Distinctive roles of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids in hyperlipidemic pancreatitisChang Y.-T.; Chang M.-C.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Wei S.-C.; Wong J.-M.World Journal of Gastroenterology810
162014Combining TNFSF15 and ASCA IgA can be used as a predictor for the stenosis/perforating phenotype of Crohn's diseaseCHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Wong J.-M.; Lee W.-C.; Liu H.-H.; Chang C.-H.; Chang M.-C.; Chang Y.-T.; Shieh M.-J.; Wang C.-Y.; Wei S.-C.Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)1314
172014Clinicopathological and prognostic significances of EGFR, KRAS and BRAF mutations in biliary tract carcinomas in TaiwanChang Y.-T.; Chang M.-C.; Huang K.-W.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Hsu C.; Wong J.-M.Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)1724
182014SLCO3A1, a novel Crohn's disease-associated gene, regulates NF-κB activity and associates with intestinal perforationWei S.-C.; Tan Y.-Y.; Weng M.-T.; Lai L.-C.; Hsiao J.-H.; Chuang E.Y.; Shun C.-T.; Wu D.-C.; Kao A.-W.; Chuang C.-S.; Ni Y.-H.; Shieh M.-J.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chen Y.; Wang C.-Y.; Xavier R.J.; Podolsky D.K.; Wong J.-M.PLoS ONE911
192013A nationwide population-based study of the inflammatory bowel diseases between 1998 and 2008 in TaiwanWei S.-C.; Lin M.-H.; CHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Weng M.-T.; Kuo J.-S.; Shieh M.-J.; Wang C.-Y.; Ho W.-C.; Wong J.-M.; Chen P.-C.BMC Gastroenterology3742
202011An unusual case of obstructive jaundiceCHIEN-CHIH TUNG ; Chang M.-C.; Chang Y.-T.Gastroenterology10