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12019Risk Factors for Poor Functional Recovery, Mortality, Recurrent Fractures, and Falls Among Patients Participating in a Fracture Liaison Service ProgramCHIA-TER CHAO ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Huang, Wei-Jia; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chan, Ding-Cheng Derrickjournal article12
22018Chronic kidney disease predicts a lower probability of improvement in patient-reported experience measures among patients with fractures: a prospective multicenter cohort studyCHIA-TER CHAO ; RONG-SEN YANG ; LI-WEI HUNG ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Peng, Jen Kuei; Chang, Chung Hsun; WEI-YIH CHIU ; Lin, Kun Pei; CHEN-TI WANG ; Wen, Chiung Jung; Chan, Ding Chengjournal article00
32018Correction to: Consensus on best practice standards for Fracture Liaison Service in the Asia-Pacific region (Archives of Osteoporosis, (2018), 13, 1, (59), 10.1007/s11657-018-0463-3)KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article00
42018Fracture liaison services improve outcomes of patients with osteoporosis-related fractures: A systematic literature review and meta-analysisKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1711
52018The influence of alendronate and tooth extraction on the incidence of osteonecrosis of the jaw among osteoporotic subjectsKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article33
62018Consensus on best practice standards for Fracture Liaison Service in the Asia-Pacific regionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article22
72017Effects of exercise improves muscle strength and fat mass in patients with high fracture risk: A randomized control trialKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article45
82016Predicting the risk of osteopenia for women aged 40-55 yearsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YEN-CHING CHEN ; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; WEI-CHU CHIE journal article44
92016Skeletal muscle mass adjusted by height correlated better with muscular functions than that adjusted by body weight in defining sarcopeniaKEH-SUNG TSAI ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article2426
102016Characterization of FN1–FGFR1 and novel FN1–FGF1 fusion genes in a large series of phosphaturic mesenchymal tumorsSHYANG-RONG SHIH ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; JEN-CHIEH LEE journal article3631
112016Advanced glycation end-products induced VEGF production and inflammatory responses in human synoviocytes via RAGE-NF-κB pathway activationWang, Ting-Ming; Chen, Ying-Ju; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Wu, Kuan-Wen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Ching-Ru; Hong, Shih-Wun; Wang, Ching-Chia; RONG-SEN YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Lu, Tung-Wu; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Kuo, Ken N.; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Huang, Shier-Chieg ; Chao, Sung-Chuan; Chao, Sung-Chuan; 吳冠?; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; 王廷明; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 黃世傑 ; 呂東武; 詹鼎正 journal article2418
122016Advanced glycation end-products induce skeletal muscle atrophy and dysfunction in diabetic mice via a RAGE-mediated, AMPK-down-regulated, Akt pathwayChiu, Chen-Yuan ; Chiu, Chen-Yuan; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Yang, Rong-Sen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article3430
132015Effects of high-dose phytoestrogens on circulating cellular microparticles and coagulation function in postmenopausal womenCheng, Wern-Cherng; Lo, Shyi-Chyi; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Tu, Shih-Te; Wu, Jin-Shan; Chang, Ching-I; CHI-LING CHEN; NING-SING SHAW; Peng, Hui-Yu; Wang, Shu-Yi; Wu, Chih-Hsing; JAN I-SHIOW ; Hsu, Ssu-Chun; Liu, Chao-Wei; LI-NA LEE ; Tai, Tong-Yuanjournal article910
142015CCAAT-Enhancer-Binding Protein Homologous Protein Deficiency Attenuates Oxidative Stress and Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryChen, Bo Lin; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Sheu, Meei Ling; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Tsai, Keh Sung ; SHING-HWA LIU ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Lan, Kuo Cheng; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Guan, Siao Syun; Wu, Cheng Tien; Chen, Li Ping; Hung, Kuan Yu ; Huang, Jenq Wen ; Chiang, Chih Kang ; Liu, Shing Hwa journal article2423
152015Genetic determinants of antithyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis by human leukocyte antigen genotyping and genome-wide association studySHYANG-RONG SHIH ; Chen, Pei-Lung ; Chen, Pei-Lung; Chen, Pei-Lung ; WEI-YIH CHIU ; Shih, Shyang-Rong ; Shih, Shyang-Rong; Shih, Shyang-Rong ; Wang, Pei-Wen; Wang, Pei-Wen; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Wang, Pei-Wen; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin, Ying-Chao; Lin, Ying-Chao; FEN-YU TSENG ; Chu, Chen-Chung; Chu, Chen-Chung; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Lin, Jung-Hsin; Lin, Jung-Hsin; Chen, Szu-Chi; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; Chen, Szu-Chi; Chen, Szu-Chi; Chang, Ching-Chung; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; Chang, Ching-Chung; Huang, Tien-Shang ; Huang, Tien-Shang; Tsai, Keh Sung; Tsai, Keh Sung ; Tsai, Keh Sung ; Tseng, Fen-Yu; Tseng, Fen-Yu ; Tseng, Fen-Yu ; Wang, Chih-Yuan ; Wang, Chih-Yuan; Wang, Chih-Yuan ; Lu, Jin-Ying; Lu, Jin-Ying; Lu, Jin-Ying; Chiu, Wei-Yih; Chiu, Wei-Yih ; Chiu, Wei-Yih ; Chang, Chien-Ching; Chen, Yu-Hsuan; Chen, Yu-Hsuan ; Chen, Yuan-Tsong; Chen, Yuan-Tsong; Fann, Cathy Shen-Jang; Fann, Cathy Shen-Jang; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; Chang, Tien-Chun ; Chang, Tien-Chun; Chang, Tien-Chun journal article4240
162015Association of Renal Function and Menopausal Status with Bone Mineral Density in Middle-aged WomenKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YEN-CHING CHEN journal article22
172015Low-concentration arsenic trioxide inhibits skeletal myoblast cell proliferation via a reactive oxygen species-independent pathwayLiu, Shing Hwa ; Liu, Shing Hwa ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yen, Yuan-Peng; Chiu, Chen-Yuan ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Lan, Kuo-Chengjournal article86
182015Establishing and evaluating FRAX<sup>®</sup> probability thresholds in TaiwanKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article22
192015PPARγ is involved in the hyperglycemia-induced inflammatory responses and collagen degradation in human chondrocytes and diabetic mouse cartilagesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Chen, Ying-Ju; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng ; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; CHANG-MU CHEN ; Chen, Chang-Mu ; Chen, Chang-Mu ; Chao, Sung-Chuan; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa journal article2219
202015Arsenic exposure and glucose intolerance/insulin resistance in estrogen-deficient female miceKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Huang, Chun-Fa; Huang, Chun-Fa; Yang, Ching-Yao ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ching-Yao ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; CHING-CHIA WANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Huang, Kuo-How ; Wu, Chin-Ching; Wu, Chin-Ching; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article3028
212015Identification of a novel FN1-FGFR1 genetic fusion as a frequent event in phosphaturic mesenchymal tumourLee, Jen-Chieh; SHYANG-RONG SHIH ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Jeng, Yung-Ming; CHEN-TU WU ; Su, Sheng-Yao; Wu, Chen-Tu; YIH-LEONG CHANG ; YUNG-MING JENG ; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Lee, Cheng-Han; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; JEN-CHIEH LEE ; Lin, Chung-Yen; Carter, Jodi M.; Huang, Jenq-Wen; Chen, Shu-Hwa; Shih, Shyang-Rong; Marino-Enriquez, Adrian; Chen, Chih-Chi; Folpe, Andrew L.; Chang, Yih-Leong; Liang, Cher-Weijournal article4740
222015Reduced flexibility associated with metabolic syndrome in community-dwelling eldersKEH-SUNG TSAI ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; DER-SHENG HAN journal article159
232015Advanced glycation end-products induce apoptosis in pancreatic islet endothelial cells via NF-κB-activated cyclooxygenase-2/prostaglandin E2 up-regulationLan, Kuo-Cheng; CHEN-YUAN CHIU ; Kao, Chia-Wei; KUO-HOW HUANG ; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Huang, Kuo-Tong; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU journal article2525
242014Clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in Taiwan: SummaryKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article3427
252014Consensus of official position of IOF/ISCD FRAX initiatives in Asia-Pacific RegionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article108
262014Low-dose benzo(a)pyrene and its epoxide metabolite inhibit myogenic differentiation in human skeletal muscle-derived progenitor cellsChiu, Chen-Yuan ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; Yen, Yuan-Peng; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; Liu, Shing-Hwa journal article1010
272014Association between Secreted Phosphoprotein-1 (SPP1) polymorphisms and low bone mineral density in womenKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YEN-CHING CHEN journal article10
282014Ovarian cancer-related hypophosphatemic osteomalacia - A case reportSHYANG-RONG SHIH ; WEI-YIH CHIU ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; CHI-HAU CHEN journal article119
292014The risk of osteonecrosis of the jaws in taiwanese osteoporotic patients treated with oral alendronate or raloxifeneChiu, Wei-Yih ; WEI-YIH CHIU ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Chien, Jung-Yien ; Yang, Wei-Shiung ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Juang, Jyh-Ming Jimmy ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Lee, Jang-Jaer ; JUNG-YIEN CHIEN ; JYH-MING Jimmy JUANG ; Tsai, Keh-Sung journal article89
302014Association between the metabolome and low bone mineral density in taiwanese women determined by 1H NMR spectroscopyKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YEN-CHING CHEN ; CHING-YU LIN journal article1918
312014Effects of arsenic on osteoblast differentiation in vitro and on bone mineral density and microstructure in ratsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Wu, Cheng-Tien; SHING-HWA LIU ; Lu, Tung-Ying; Lu, Tung-Ying; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; Liu, Shing-Hwa journal article1717
322014Vitamin D status in non-supplemented postmenopausal Taiwanese women with osteoporosis and fragility fractureKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHU-HUA YANG journal article97
332014Honokiol, a low molecular weight natural product, prevents inflammatory response and cartilage matrix degradation in human osteoarthritis chondrocytesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying Ju; Chen, Ying Ju; Tsai, Keh Sung ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; Chan, Ding Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Lan, Kuo Cheng; Lan, Kuo Cheng; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Cheng Feng; Chen, Cheng Feng; Yang, Rong Sen ; Yang, Rong Sen ; Liu, Shing Hwa ; Liu, Shing Hwa journal article4544
342013Advanced Glycation End Products Induce Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Down-Regulation-Related Inflammatory Signals in Human Chondrocytes via Toll-Like Receptor-4 and Receptor for Advanced Glycation End ProductsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article5546
352013The Differences of Osteoporosis Awareness and its Association with 10-Year Fracture Risks Between Female Breast Cancer Survivors Before and After Menopause AgeKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article00
362013A 12-year ecological study of hip fracture rates among older Taiwanese adultsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; Lee, Yow-Shan; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Wu, Ya-Ju; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; Chen, Cheng-Ting; Hwang, Jawl-Shan; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Yang, Rong-Senjournal article2121
372013Effects of high-dose phytoestrogens on circulating cellular microparticles and coagulation function in postmenopausal womenKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Cheng, Wern-Cherng; LI-NA LEE ; Lo, Shyi-Chyi; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; Tu, Shih-Te; Wu, Jin-Shan; Chang, Ching-I; Chen, Chi-Ling; Shaw, Ning-Sing ; Peng, Hui-Yu; Wang, Shu-Yi; Wu, Chih-Hsing; Jan, I-Shaw; Hsu, Ssu-Chun; Liu, Chao-Wei; Lee, Li-Na; Tai, Tong-Yuanjournal article910
382013Risk of refracture associated with compliance and persistence with bisphosphonate therapy in TaiwanKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article3329
392013Atypical femoral fractures shortly after osteonecrosis of the jaw in a postmenopausal woman taking alendronate for osteoporosisWEI-YIH CHIU ; Chiu, Wei-Yih; JANG-JAER LEE ; Lee, Jang-Jaer; Tsai, Keh-Sung; KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1414
402012The effect of soy isoflavone on bone mineral density in postmenopausal Taiwanese women with bone loss: A 2-year randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studyTai, T.Y.; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Tai, T. Y.; Tsai, K.S.; Tsai, K. S.; Tu, S. T.; Tu, S.T.; Wu, J. S.; Wu, J.S.; Chang, C.I.; Chang, C. I.; Chen, C. L.; Chen, C.L.; Shaw, N. S.; Shaw, N.S.; Peng, H.Y.; Peng, H. Y.; Wang, S. Y.; Wang, S.Y.; Wu, C. H.; Wu, C.H.; 陳祈玲 journal article4843
412012Arsenic induces apoptosis in myoblasts through a reactive oxygen species-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial dysfunction pathwayKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article9387
422011Who Can Pass the ISCD Professional Certification Course? The 8-Yr Experience in TaiwanKEH-SUNG TSAI ; WU, CHIH-HSING; SOONG, YUNG-KUEI; LIN, RUEY-MO; YANG, TZAY-SHING; CHEN, JUNG-FU; TSAI, KEH-SUNGjournal article00
432011Efficacy and safety of bazedoxifene in postmenopausal Asian womenKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1310
442011Corrigendum to "Endonuclease V-mediated deoxyinosine excision repair in vitro" [DNA Repair 9 (2010) 1073-1079]KEH-SUNG TSAI ; YA-CHIEN YANG ; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; JAU-TSUEN KAO journal article00
452011The effects of intravenous zoledronic acid in Chinese women with postmenopausal osteoporosisKEH-SUNG TSAI ; HWANG, JAWL-SHAN; CHIN, LIN-SHOW; CHEN, JUNG-FU; YANG, TZAY-SHING; CHEN, PO-QUANG; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; LEUNG, PING-CHUNGjournal article1917
462011Arsenic and diabetes: Current perspectivesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG ; CHING-YAO YANG journal article3330
472011Acetylation of yeast AMPK controls intrinsic aging independently of caloric restrictionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; JIN-CHUAN SHEU ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; FANG-JEN LEE journal article9590
482011Salubrinal, an eIF2α dephosphorylation inhibitor, enhances cisplatin-induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity in a mouse modelKEH-SUNG TSAI ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article4138
492011Insulin, glucose and hepatocellular carcinoma risk in male hepatitis B carriers: Results from 17-year follow-up of a population-based cohortKEH-SUNG TSAI ; MING-WHEI YU ; CHUN-JEN LIU ; CHAO, LI-TING; WU, CHIH-FENG; SUNG, FENG-YU; LIN, CHIH-LIN; LIU, CHUN-JEN ; HUANG, CHI-JUNG; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; YU, MING-WHEI journal article3533
502011Effectiveness and limitations of hand hygiene promotion on decreasing Healthcare-Associated infectionsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; JANN-TAY WANG journal article5452
512010Inorganic mercury causes pancreatic β-cell death via the oxidative stress-induced apoptotic and necrotic pathwaysKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; CHING-YAO YANG journal article6158
522010The role of endoplasmic reticulum stress-related unfolded protein response in the radiocontrast medium-induced renal tubular cell injuryTE-I WENG ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article3635
532010The effects of weekly alendronate therapy in Taiwanese males with osteoporosisKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1111
542010Arsenic inhibits myogenic differentiation and muscle regenerationKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article4442
552010Endonuclease V-mediated deoxyinosine excision repair in vitroKEH-SUNG TSAI ; YA-CHIEN YANG ; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; JAU-TSUEN KAO ; YANG, YA-CHIEN; STEVEN, D. GOODMAN; LIN, SHWU-BIN; KAO, JAU-TSUEN ; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; FANG, WOEI-HORNG journal article2019
562009Final Declaration of the Asian Metaforum on the Role of Vitamin D and the Management of Osteoporosis.KEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chan, Siew-Pheng; Chen, Jung-Fu; Chu, Leung-Wing; Van, Dai-Phi; Hosking, David; Ip, Tai-Pang; Koh, Leonard; Kung, Annie; Lai, Ning-Sheng; Lau, Edith; Lee, Joon-Kiong; Leewattana, Rattana; Min, Yong-ki; Nghia, Nguyen-Dac; Boonsong, Ongphiphadhanakuljournal article22
572009Hepatitis B Virus Core Variants Modify Natural Course of Viral Infection and Hepatocellular Carcinoma ProgressionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; MING-WHEI YU ; CHUN-JEN LIU ; WU, CHIH-FENG; LIN, CHIH-LIN; LIU, CHUN- JEN ; LIAW, YUN-FAN; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; YU, MING-WHEI journal article2729
582009Extract isolated from Angelica hirsutiflora with insulin secretagogue activityKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Len, Yann Lii; Wu, Cho-Kai; Lee, Jen-Kuarig; Chen, Ya Wen; SHING-HWA LIU ; Yang, Ching Yao ; Chiang, Fu-Tien; RONG-SEN YANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; 江福田; Huang, Chun Fa; 吳卓鍇; Lin, Guan Hong; Tsai, Keh Sung ; 楊榮森; Liu, Shing Hwa journal article1512
592009Impact of bone marker feedback on adherence to once monthly ibandronate for osteoporosis among Asian postmenopausal womenKEH-SUNG TSAI ; TSAI, KEH-SUNG; SOONG, YUNG-KUEI; LAN, JOUNG-LIANG; HSU, HORNG-CHAUNG; TU, SHIH-TE; LIN, RUEY-MOjournal article60
602009Erratum: The effects of strontium ranelate in Asian women with postmenopausal osteoporosis (Calcif Tissue Int (2008) 83:5 (308-314) DOI: 10.1007/s00223-008-9180-z)KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article01
612008Body-mass index and progression of hepatitis B: A population-based cohort study in menYu, Ming-Whei ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; MING-WHEI YU ; Shih, Wei-Liang ; CHUN-JEN LIU ; Lin, Chih-Lin; Liu, Chun-Jen ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Jian, Jhih-Wei; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Chen, Chien-Jenjournal article6867
622008Long-term tracking of hepatitis B viral load and the relationship with risk for hepatocellular carcinoma in menWu, Chih-Feng; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Yu, Ming-Whei ; MING-WHEI YU ; CHUN-JEN LIU ; Lin, Chih-Lin; Liu, Chun-Jen ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Shih, Wei-Liang ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Chen, Chien-Jenjournal article6964
632008Certainties and uncertainties facing emerging respiratory infectious diseases: Lessons from SARSKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; CHEN, YEE-CHUN ; CHANG, SHAN-CHWEN ; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; LIN, FANG-YUEjournal article62
642008Inhibition of NADPH oxidase-related oxidative stress-triggered signaling by honokiol suppresses high glucose-induced human endothelial cell apoptosisTE-I WENG ; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article5357
652008Vitamin D inadequacy in postmenopausal women in Eastern AsiaKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Lim, S. K.; Kung, A. W. C.; Sompongse, S.; Soontrapa, S.; Tsai, K. S.journal article6962
662008The effects of strontium ranelate in Asian women with postmenopausal osteoporosisKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1717
672007Nutrition and Health Survey of Taiwan Elementary School Children 2001-2002: Research design, methods and scopeKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
682006Secondary hyperparathyroidism as a palpable intrathyroid parathyroid gland in a patient with hypophosphatemic osteomalaciaKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article33
692006Higher seroprevalence of Entamoeba histolytica infection is associated with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection in TaiwanKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
702006Methylmercury induces pancreatic β-cell apoptosis and dysfunctionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; SHING-HWA LIU ; RONG-SEN YANG ; CHING-YAO YANG journal article6145
712006Molecular epidemiology of G9 rotaviruses in Taiwan between 2000 and 2002KEH-SUNG TSAI ; SUI-YUAN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG ; CHUAN-LIANG KAO journal article1716
722006Teriparatide vs. calcitonin in the treatment of Asian postmenopausal women with established osteoporosisKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article3837
732006Identification of three novel mutations in the GATA3 gene responsible for familial hypoparathyroidism and deafness in the Chinese populationWEI-YIH CHIU ; KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article2521
742005Multiple intracranial calcifications and spinal compressions: Rare complications of type Ia pseudohypoparathyroidismKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
752005Estimated risk score for spine fracture in the specific bending activity of normal Taiwanese men and womenKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article44
762005Do centrally obese Chinese with normal BMI have increased risk of metabolic disorders?KEH-SUNG TSAI journal article1614
772005High prevalence of hyperuricemia in elderly TaiwaneseKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
782005Ganoderic acid X, a lanostanoid triterpene, inhibits topoisomerases and induces apoptosis of cancer cellsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; FANG, WOEI-HORNG ; TSAI, KEH-SUNG ; LIN, SHWU-BIN; KAN, LOU-SINGjournal article10188
792005Nick-directed repair of palindromic loop mismatches in human cell extractsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; JAU-TSUEN KAO journal article22
802004Benzo[a]pyrene regulates osteoblast proliferation through an estrogen receptor-related cyclooxygenase-2 pathwayKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; SHING-HWA LIU journal article5651
812004High incidence rate of hip fracture in Taiwan: Estimated from a nationwide health insurance databaseChie, W. C.; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, R. S.; JEN-PEI LIU ; Liu, J. P.; Tsai, K. S.; WEI-CHU CHIE journal article8979
822004Effects of raloxifene, one of the selective estrogen receptor modulators, on pituitary-ovary axis and prolactin in postmenopausal women.KEH-SUNG TSAI ; MEN-LUH YEN journal article1211
832004Lack of independent relationship between plasma adiponectin, leptin levels and bone density in nondiabetic female adolescentsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Huang, Kuo-Chin; Cheng, Wern-Cherng; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Yen, Ruoh-Fang ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; WEI-SHIUNG YANG ; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tai, Tong-Yuan; Yang, Wei-Shiungjournal article6455
842004Titanium implants enhance pulmonary nitric oxide production and lung injury in rats exposed to endotoxinKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
852004The hypoglycemic effects of soy isoflavones on postmenopausal womenKEH-SUNG TSAI journal article
862004Interaction of nick-directed DNA mismatch repair and loop repair in human cellsHuang, Yao-Ming; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Huang, Yao-Ming; WOEI-HORNG FANG ; Chen, Shee-Uan ; Chen, Shee-Uan ; SHEE-UAN CHEN ; Goodman, Steven; Goodman, Steven D.; Wu, Shang-Hsin; JAU-TSUEN KAO ; Wu, Shang-Hsin; Kao, Jau-Tsuen ; Lee, Chun-Nan; Lee, Chun-Nan; Cheng, Wern-Cherng; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Fang, Woei-horng journal article910
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