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12019Preliminary Efficacy of a Friendly Constraint-Induced Therapy (Friendly-CIT) Program on Motor and Psychosocial Outcomes in Children with Cerebral PalsyChen, Yu Lun; HAO-LING CHEN ; JENG-YI SHIEH ; TIEN-NI WANG 00
22017The Computerized Perceptual Motor Skills Assessment: A new visual perceptual motor skills evaluation tool for children in early elementary gradesTIEN-NI WANG ; HAO-LING CHEN journal article21
32017Psychometric and Clinimetric Properties of the Melbourne Assessment 2 in Children With Cerebral PalsyJENG-YI SHIEH ; TIEN-NI WANG ; HAO-LING CHEN journal article56
42016Associations among gender, marital status, and outcomes of adult in-hospital cardiac arrest: A retrospective cohort studyWang, Chih-Hung ; Wang, Tien-ni ; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; Wu, Ching-yi; Huang, Chien-Hua ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; Chang, Wei-Tien ; Chen, Chia-ling; Shieh, Jeng-yi ; Tsai, Min-Shan ; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; Yu, Ping-Hsun; YEN-WEN WU ; Lu, Lu ; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Wu, Yen-Wen ; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Wen-Jone journal article98
52016Developing the observatory test of capacity, performance, and developmental disregard (OTCPDD) for children with cerebral palsyLiu, Kuan-Chun; JENG-YI SHIEH ; TIEN-NI WANG ; Chen, Hao-Ling; Wang, Tien-Ni ; HAO-LING CHEN ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi journal article11
62016Predicting neurodevelopmental outcomes at preschool age for children with very low birth weightTIEN-NI WANG ; Howe, Tsu-Hsin; Sheu, Ching-Fan; Sheu, Ching-Fan; Hsu, Yung-Wen; Hsu, Yung-Wen; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Wang, Lan-Wanjournal article1213
72015Disease burden of invasive listeriosis and molecular characterization of clinicalisolates in Taiwan, 2000-2013PO-REN HSUEH ; Huang, Yu-Tsung; Liu, Kuan-Chun; Huang, Yu-Tsung; Chen, Hao-Ling; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; Ko, Wen-Chien; LEE-JENE TENG ; Chan, Yu-Jiun; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Lu, Jang-Jih; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; Lu, Jang-Jih; Tsai, Hsih-Yeh; Tsai, Hsih-Yeh; Liao, Chun-Hsing; Sheng, Wang-Huei; Sheng, Wang-Huei ; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Teng, Lee-Jene; Hsueh, Po-Ren ; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Desvaux, Mickaëljournal article1517
82015The relationship between survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and process measures for emergency medical service ambulance team performanceMATTHEW HUEI-MING MA; Chen, Tsung-Tai; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Hui-fang; Ma, Matthew Huei-Ming; WEN-CHU CHIANG; Chen, Fen-Ju; Chen, Chia-ling; Wang, Tien-ni ; Hu, Fu-Chang; Lu, Yu-Cheng; Wu, Ching-yi; Chiang, Wen-Chu; Hsieh, Yu-wei ; Ko, Patrick Chow-In ; Wu, Li-lingjournal article76
92014The effect of hyperoxia on survival following adult cardiac arrest: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesLin, Keh-chung ; CHIH-HUNG WANG ; Wang, Chih-Hung ; 林克忠; Chang, Wei-Tien ; Wang, Tien-ni ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; 王湉妮 ; Wu, Ching-yi; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; 吳菁宜; Huang, Chien-Hua ; Tsai, Min-Shan ; 陳嘉玲; Chen, Chia-ling; MIN-SHAN TSAI ; 張凱傑; Chang, Kai-chieh; Yu, Ping-Hsun; WEN-JONE CHEN ; Lin, Yu-chan; 林玉盞; Wang, An-Yi; Chen, Yi-ju; Chen, Nai-Chuan; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; WANG, TIEN-NI ; Chen, Wen-Jone ; WU, CHING-YI; CHEN, CHIA-LING; CHANG, KAI-CHIEH; LIN, YU-CHANjournal article8687
102014Hand function and its prognostic factors of very low birth weight preterm children up to a corrected age of 24 monthsWang, Tien-Ni ; TIEN-NI WANG ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Howe, Tsu-Hsin; Lin, Keh-Chung; Hsu, Yung-Wenjournal article12
112014Parenting stress in families with very low birth weight preterm infants in early infancyTIEN-NI WANG ; Howe, Tsu-Hsin; Sheu, Ching-Fan; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Hsu, Yung-Wenjournal article3832
122013Effects of constraint-induced therapy combined with eye patching on functional outcomes and movement kinematics in poststroke neglectTIEN-NI WANG ; Wu, Ching-Yi; Wang, Tien-Ni ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Chen, Yu-Ting; Chen, Yu-Ting; Lin, Keh-Chung; Chen, Yi-An; Li, Hsiang-Ting; Tsai, Pei-Luenjournal article1716
132013Logistic regression analyses for predicting clinically important differences in motor capacity, motor performance, and functional independence after constraint-induced therapy in children with cerebral palsyJENG-YI SHIEH ; Wang, Tien-ni ; LU LU ; Wu, Ching-yi; Chen, Chia-ling; TIEN-NI WANG ; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Shieh, Jeng-yi ; Lu, Lu ; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Hong-Anjournal article1010
142013Determinants of change in stroke-specific quality of life after distributed constraint-induced therapyTIEN-NI WANG ; Huang, Yan-Hua; Huang, Yan-Hua; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wu, Ching-Yi; Wu, Ching-Yi; Lin, Keh-Chung; Hsieh, Yu-Wei ; Snow, Wilaiwan M.; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Wang, Tien-Ni journal article64
152013Systematic review of interventions used in or relevant to occupational therapy for children with feeding difficulties ages birth-5 yearsHowe, T.-H.; TIEN-NI WANG ; Wang, T.-N.journal article1917
162012Validity, responsiveness, minimal detectable change, and minimal clinically important change of the Pediatric Motor Activity Log in children with cerebral palsyTIEN-NI WANG ; Lin, Keh-chung ; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Hao-Ling; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Chen, Hui-fang; Chen, Hui-fang; Chen, Chia-ling; Chen, Chia-ling; Wang, Tien-ni ; Wang, Tien-ni ; Wu, Ching-yi; Wu, Ching-yi; Hsieh, Yu-wei ; Hsieh, Yu-wei ; Wu, Li-ling; Wu, Li-lingjournal article2324
172012Psychometric comparison of the shortened Fugl-Meyer Assessment and the streamlined Wolf Motor Function Test in stroke rehabilitationFu, Tiffany Szu-Ting; TIEN-NI WANG ; Wu, Ching-yi; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wu, Ching-yi; Lin, Keh-chung; Chen, Yee-Chun; Lin, Keh-chung; Hsieh, Ching-ju; Liu, Jung-sen; Liu, Jung-sen; Wang, Tien-ni ; Wang, Tien-ni ; Ou-Yang, Peijournal article78
182012Ability of three motor measures to predict functional outcomes reported by stroke patients after rehabilitationMiki, T.; TIEN-NI WANG ; Li, Kuan-Yi; Li, Kuan-Yi; Lin, Keh-Chung; Yokokawa, Taichi; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Nagata, Toshi; Wang, Tien-Ni ; Yamamura, Norio; Wu, Ching-Yi; Wu, Ching-Yi; Huang, Yan-Hua; Huang, Yan-Hua; Ouyang, Peijournal article1413
192011Effects of home-based constraint-induced therapy versus dose-matched control intervention on functional outcomes and caregiver well-being in children with cerebral palsyKEH-CHUNG LIN ; Wang, Tien-Ni ; WU, CHING-YI; CHEN, CHIA-LING; CHANG, KAI-CHIEH; LIN, YU-CHAN; Yi-ju Chenjournal article3735
202011Relationship between postural control and fine motor skills in preterm infants at 6 and 12 months adjusted ageTIEN-NI WANG ; Wang, T.-N.; Howe, T.-H.; Howe, T.-H.; Hinojosa, J.; Weinberg, S. L.journal article76
212011Validity, responsiveness, and clinically important difference of the abilhand questionnaire in patients with stroke張允中; Wang, Tien-ni ; TIEN-NI WANG ; 陳思遠; KEH-CHUNG LIN ; Lin, Keh-chung ; Wu, Ching-yi; 丁禮莉; Chung, Chia-ying; 彭信逢; Pei, Yu-cheng; 王德珍; Teng, Yu-kuei; 王亭貴 ; CHANG, YEUN-CHUNG; WANG, TIEN-NI ; CHEN, SSU-YUAN; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; TING, LAI-LEI; WU, CHING-YI; CHUNG, CHIA-YING; PENG, STEVEN SHINN-FORNG ; PEI, YU-CHENG; WANG, TEH-CHEN; WANG, TYNG -GUEY ; TENG, YU-KUEI; WANG, TYNG-GUEY journal article2524
222011Neuromotor outcomes in children with very low birth weight at 5 yrs of ageTIEN-NI WANG journal article77
232011Applying the evidence-based practice approachTIEN-NI WANG book
242010Postural control of pre-term infants at 6 and 12months corrected ageTIEN-NI WANG journal article98
252010Ball catching skills of 5- to 11-year-old typically developing children in real and virtual environmentsTIEN-NI WANG journal article22
262010Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire in community-based childrenWang, Tien-Ni ; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Tseng, M-H.; Fu, C-P.; Howe, Tsu-Hsin; Lin, Keh-Chung; Wilson, B-N.; Hsu, Yung-Wen; Hu, F-C.journal article3431
272009Functional performance of children with developmental coordination disorder at home and at schoolTIEN-NI WANG ; MEI-HUI TSENG ; WANG, TIEN-NI ; TSENG, MEI-HUI ; HU, FU- CHANGjournal article6052
282009Several Trials Are Useful to Reduce the Value of Minimal Detectable Change王湉妮 ; SHEAU-LING HUANG ; Lu, WS; 林克忠; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Huang, SL; Hsieh, CL; 吳菁宜; 鍾佳英; 裴育晟; 鄧玉貴; WANG, TIEN-NI ; LIN, KEH-CHUNG; WU, CHING-YI; CHUNG, CHIA-YING; PEI, YU-CHENG; TENG, YU-KUEIjournal article11