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12020Identification of hsa-miR-1275 as a Novel Biomarker Targeting MECP2 for Human Epilepsy of Unknown EtiologyZhao, Ye; Lu, Congxia; Wang, Huiling; Lin, Qing; Cai, Liangliang; Meng, Fanrong; Tesfaye, Enque Biniam; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Tzeng, Chi-MengMolecular therapy. Methods & clinical development00
22020Role of gut microbiota in identification of novel TCM-derived active metabolitesLin, Tzu-Lung; Lu, Chia-Chen; Lai, Wei-Fan; Wu, Ting-Shu; Lu, Jang-Jih; Chen, Young-Mao; Tzeng, Chi-Meng; Liu, Hong-Tao; Wei, Hong; HSIN-CHIH LAI Protein & cell03
32020Compositional and Functional Adaptations of Intestinal Microbiota and Related Metabolites in CKD Patients Receiving Dietary Protein RestrictionWu, I-Wen; Lee, Chin-Chan; Hsu, Heng-Jung; Sun, Chiao-Yin; Chen, Yuen-Chan; Yang, Kai-Jie; Yang, Chi-Wei; Chung, Wen-Hun; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chang, Lun-Ching; Su, Shih-ChiNutrients01
42020Integrative metagenomic and metabolomic analyses reveal severity-specific signatures of gut microbiota in chronic kidney diseaseWu I.-W.; Gao S.-S.; Chou H.-C.; Yang H.-Y.; Chang L.-C.; Kuo Y.-L.; Dinh M.C.V.; Chung W.-H.; Yang C.-W.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hsieh W.-P.; Su S.-C.Theranostics1313
52020Host immune response against environmental nontuberculous mycobacteria and the risk populations of nontuberculous mycobacterial lung diseaseShu C.-C.; Wu M.-F.; Pan S.-W.; Wu T.-S.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lin M.-C.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
62020Like Cures Like: Pharmacological Activity of Anti-Inflammatory Lipopolysaccharides From Gut MicrobiomeLin T.-L.; Shu C.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Lu J.-J.; Wu T.-S.; Lai W.-F.; Tzeng C.-M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lu C.-C.Frontiers in Pharmacology08
72020Gut microbiota as diagnostic tools for mirroring disease progression and circulating nephrotoxin levels in chronic kidney disease: Discovery and validation studyWu I.-W.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang L.-C.; Lee C.-C.; Chiu C.-Y.; Hsu H.-J.; Sun C.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; Kuo Y.-L.; Yang C.-W.; Gao S.-S.; Hsieh W.-P.; Chung W.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Su S.-C.International Journal of Biological Sciences011
82020Integration of metagenomics-metabolomics reveals specific signatures and functions of airway microbiota in mite-sensitized childhood asthmaChiu, Chih-Yung; Chou, Hsin-Cheng; Chang, Lun-Ching; Fan, Wen-Lang; Dinh, Michael Cong Vinh; Kuo, Yu-Lun; Chung, Wen-Hung; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hsieh, Wen-Ping; Su, Shih-ChiAllergy01
92019NLRP3 inflammasome is attenuated in patients with Mycobacterium avium complex lung disease and correlated with decreased interleukin-1β response and host susceptibilityWu M.-F.; Shu C.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Yan B.-S.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chiang B.-L.; Wu L.S.-H.; Yu C.-J.Scientific Reports55
102019Gut commensal Parabacteroides goldsteinii plays a predominant role in the anti-obesity effects of polysaccharides isolated from Hirsutella sinensisWu T.-R.; Lin C.-S.; Chang C.-J.; Lin T.-L.; Martel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Lu C.-C.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Gut187175
112019Mono- and poly-functional T cells in nontuberculous mycobacteria lung disease patients: Implications in analyzing risk of disease progressionShu C.-C.; Wu L.S.-H.; Wu M.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Wang P.-H.; Cheng S.-L.; Wang J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.Cytokine00
122019Corrigendum: The ATP-P2X7 signaling axis is an essential sentinel for intracellular Clostridium difficile pathogen-induced inflammasome activation (Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol., (2018) 8, 10.3389/fcimb.2018.00084)Liu Y.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen L.-K.; Su P.-A.; Ko W.-C.; Tsai Y.-S.; Chen Y.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Wu C.-Y.; Hung Y.-P.; Tsai P.-J.Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology00
132019Next generation probiotics in disease ameliorationChang C.-J.; Lin T.-L.; Tsai Y.-L.; Wu T.-R.; Lai W.-F.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Food and Drug Analysis6052
142019Probiotics, prebiotics and amelioration of diseasesTsai Y.-L.; Lin T.-L.; Chang C.-J.; Wu T.-R.; Lai W.-F.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Biomedical Science7062
152019Revealing the ultrastructure of the membrane pores of intact Serratia marcescens cells by atomic force microscopyLin Y.-C.; Huang C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Heliyon02
162018Interleukin 23/interleukin 17 axis activated by Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) is attenuated in patients with MAC-lung diseaseShu C.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Wu M.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chiang B.-L.; Yu C.-J.Tuberculosis1011
172018Antrodia cinnamomea produces anti-angiogenic effects by inhibiting the VEGFR2 signaling pathwayHuang T.-T.; Lan Y.-W.; Ko Y.-F.; Chen C.-M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Ojcius D.M.; Martel J.; Young J.D.; Chong K.-Y.Journal of Ethnopharmacology910
182018NK cell-derived IFN-γ protects against nontuberculous mycobacterial lung infectionHSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Wu T.-R.; Hsu Y.-J.; Wu T.-S.; Lu J.-J.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Ku C.-L.; Young J.D.; Lu C.-C.Journal of Immunology1213
192018Antrodia cinnamomea reduces obesity and modulates the gut microbiota in high-fat diet-fed miceChang C.-J.; Lu C.-C.; Lin C.-S.; Martel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Wu T.-R.; Tsai Y.-H.; Yeh T.-S.; Lu J.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.International Journal of Obesity4442
202018Effects of obesity on depression: A role for inflammation and the gut microbiotaSchachter J.; Martel J.; Lin C.-S.; Chang C.-J.; Wu T.-R.; Lu C.-C.; Ko Y.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Ojcius D.M.; Young J.D.Brain, Behavior, and Immunity6666
212018Clostridium innocuum is a vancomycin-resistant pathogen that may cause antibiotic-associated diarrhoeaChia J.-H.; Wu T.-S.; Wu T.-L.; Chen C.-L.; Chuang C.-H.; Su L.-H.; Chang H.-J.; Lu C.-C.; Kuo A.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chiu C.-H.Clinical Microbiology and Infection77
222018The ATP-P2X7 signaling axis is an essential sentinel for intracellular Clostridium difficile pathogen-induced inflammasome activationLiu Y.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen L.-K.; Su P.-A.; Ko W.-C.; Tsai Y.-S.; Chen Y.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Wu C.-Y.; Hung Y.-P.; Tsai P.-J.Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology811
232018Rapid screening of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) in clinical samples by a modular portable biosensorPrabowo B.A.; Chang Y.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Alom A.; Pal P.; Lee Y.-Y.; Chiu N.-F.; Hatanaka K.; Su L.-C.; Liu K.-C.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical1418
242017Cross-talk between bacterial two-component systems drives stepwise regulation of flagellar biosynthesis in swarming developmentWei C.-F.; Tsai Y.-H.; Tsai S.-H.; Lin C.-S.; Chang C.-J.; Lu C.-C.; Huang H.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications87
252017Anti-obesogenic and antidiabetic effects of plants and mushroomsMartel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Lu C.-C.; Ko Y.-F.; Tseng S.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Nature Reviews Endocrinology112115
262017Antimicrobial resistance in Mycobacterium abscessus complex isolated from patients with skin and soft tissue infections at a tertiary teaching hospital in TaiwanLee M.-C.; Sun P.-L.; Wu T.-L.; Wang L.-H.; Yang C.-H.; Chung W.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; Liu T.-P.; Lu J.-J.; Chiu C.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chen N.-Y.; Yang J.-H.; Wu T.-S.Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy1617
272017Isolation, culture and characterization of Hirsutella sinensis mycelium from caterpillar fungus fruiting bodyKo Y.-F.; Liau J.-C.; Lee C.-S.; Chiu C.-Y.; Martel J.; Lin C.-S.; Tseng S.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.PLoS ONE119
282017Corrigendum: Ganoderma lucidum reduces obesity in mice by modulating the composition of the gut microbiotaChang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Lu C.-C.; Martel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Tseng S.-F.; Wu T.-R.; Chen Y.-Y.M.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Nature communications839
292017Ethanol extract of Phellinus merrillii protects against diethylnitrosamine- and 2-acetylaminofluorene-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in ratsYang C.-H.; Chang H.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Huang S.-S.; Huang G.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine12
302017Decreased T helper 17 cells in tuberculosis is associated with increased percentages of programmed death ligand 1, T helper 2 and regulatory T cellsShu C.-C.; Wu M.-F.; Wang J.-Y.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lee L.-N.; Chiang B.-L.; Yu C.-J.Respiratory Research98
312017Myths and Realities Surrounding the Mysterious Caterpillar FungusMartel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Liau J.-C.; Lee C.-S.; Ojcius D.M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Trends in Biotechnology1412
322017Attenuation of lymphocyte immune responses during Mycobacterium avium complex-induced lung disease due to increasing expression of programmed death-1 on lymphocytesShu C.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Wu M.-F.; Wu C.-T.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lee L.-N.; Chiang B.-L.; Yu C.-J.Scientific Reports1718
332017Pinicolol B from Antrodia cinnamomea induces apoptosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsWu T.-R.; Huang T.-T.; Martel J.; Liau J.-C.; Chiu C.-Y.; Leu Y.-L.; Jian W.-T.; Chang I.-T.; Lu C.-C.; Ojcius D.M.; Ko Y.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Journal of Ethnopharmacology53
342017Immunomodulatory Properties of Plants and MushroomsMartel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Lu C.-C.; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Trends in Pharmacological Sciences3127
352017Speckled ZnO nanograss electrochemical sensor for staphylococcus epidermidis detectionPurwidyantri A.; Chen C.-H.; Chen L.-Y.; Chen C.-C.; Luo J.-D.; Chiou C.-C.; Tian Y.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Yang C.-M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lai C.-S.Journal of the Electrochemical Society1821
362016An iron detection system determines bacterial swarming initiation and biofilm formationLin C.-S.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chang C.-J.; Tseng S.-F.; Wu T.-R.; Lu C.-C.; Wu T.-S.; Lu J.-J.; Horng J.-T.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Scientific Reports1511
372016Alternative functions for the multifarious inflammasomeMartel J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Ko Y.-F.; Young J.D.; Ojcius D.M.Biomedical Journal55
382016Performance of white organic light-emitting diode for portable optical biosensorPrabowo B.A.; Su L.-C.; Chang Y.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chiu N.-F.; Liu K.-C.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical1517
392016Graphene-based Portable SPR Sensor for the Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA StrainPrabowo B.A.; Alom A.; Secario M.K.; Masim F.C.P.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hatanaka K.; Liu K.-C.Procedia Engineering130
402016Electricity-saving behavior antecedents: Electricity-Saving motivations, constraints, knowledge and beliefsHSIN-CHIH LAI ; Yu Y.C.; Tuan Y.M.IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management20
412016Immunomodulatory properties of medicinal mushrooms: Differential effects of water and ethanol extracts on NK cell-mediated cytotoxicityLu C.-C.; Hsu Y.-J.; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Ko Y.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Innate Immunity2222
422016Helicobacter pylori activates HMGB1 expression and recruits rage into lipid rafts to promote inflammation in gastric epithelial cellsLin H.-J.; Hsu F.-Y.; Chen W.-W.; Lee C.-H.; Lin Y.-J.; Chen Y.M.; Chen C.-J.; Huang M.-Z.; Kao M.-C.; Chen Y.-A.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lai C.-H.Frontiers in Immunology1118
432016Is the inflammasome relevant for epithelial cell function?Santana P.T.; Martel J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Perfettini J.-L.; Kanellopoulos J.M.; Young J.D.; Coutinho-Silva R.; Ojcius D.M.Microbes and Infection2724
442016Understanding household electricity saving in Taiwan through the theory of planned behavior: Focusing on differences between user typesLiu P.L.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Yu Y.C.; Liu H.P.; Chen P.Y.; Chen C.C.; Tuan Y.M.; Kuo H.S.IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management00
452016The assessment of host and bacterial proteins in sputum from active pulmonary tuberculosisHSIN-CHIH LAI ; Horng Y.-T.; Yeh P.-F.; Wang J.-Y.; Shu C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Lu J.-J.; Lee J.-J.; Soo P.-C.Journal of Microbiology32
462015Subinhibitory doses of aminoglycoside antibiotics induce changes in the phenotype of Mycobacterium abscessusTsai S.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hu S.-T.Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy1515
472015Ganoderma lucidum reduces obesity in mice by modulating the composition of the gut microbiotaChang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Lu C.-C.; Martel J.; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Tseng S.-F.; Wu T.-R.; Chen Y.-Y.M.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Nature Communications488493
482015Hirsutella sinensis mycelium attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in vivoHuang T.-T.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Ko Y.-F.; Ojcius D.M.; Lan Y.-W.; Martel J.; Young J.D.; Chong K.-Y.Scientific Reports2828
492015Diagnostic role of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines and effector molecules of cytotoxic T lymphocytes in tuberculous pleural effusionShu C.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Hsu C.-L.; Keng L.-T.; Tsui K.; Lin J.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Yu C.-J.; Lee L.-N.; Luh K.-T.Respirology1823
502015Sensing performance of fibronectin-functionalized Au-EGFET on the detection of S. epidermidis biofilm and 16S rRNA of infection-related bacteria in peritoneal dialysisPurwidyantri A.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Tsai S.-H.; Luo J.-D.; Chiou C.-C.; Tian Y.-C.; Cheng C.-H.; Lin Y.-T.; Lai C.-S.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical77
512015Rapid identification of Mycobacterium avium clinical isolates by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometryLin C.-S.; Su C.-C.; Hsieh S.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Wu T.-L.; Jia J.-H.; Wu T.-S.; Han C.-C.; Tsai W.-C.; Lu J.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection78
522015Knockdown of c-MET induced apoptosis in ABCB1-overexpressed multidrug-resistance cancer cell linesHung T.-H.; Li Y.-H.; Tseng C.-P.; Lan Y.-W.; Hsu S.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Huang T.-T.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chen C.-M.; Choo K.-B.; Chong K.-Y.Cancer Gene Therapy1012
532014Identification of CD24 as a cancer stem cell marker in human nasopharyngeal carcinomaYang C.-H.; Wang H.-L.; Lin Y.-S.; Kumar K.P.S.; Lin H.-C.; Chang C.-J.; Lu C.-C.; Huang T.-T.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Chang Y.-S.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE4839
542014Ganoderma lucidum stimulates NK cell cytotoxicity by inducing NKG2D/NCR activation and secretion of perforin and granulysinChang C.-J.; Chen Y.-Y.M.; Lu C.-C.; Lin C.-S.; Martel J.; Tsai S.-H.; Ko Y.-F.; Huang T.-T.; Ojcius D.M.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Innate Immunity2121
552014Application of an OLED integrated with BEF and giant birefringent optical (GBO) film in a SPR biosensorPrabowo B.A.; Chang Y.-F.; Lee Y.-Y.; Su L.-C.; Yu C.-J.; Lin Y.-H.; Chou C.; Chiu N.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Liu K.-C.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical1613
562014Wnt5A regulates ABCB1 expression in multidrug-resistant cancer cells through activation of the non-canonical PKA/β-catenin pathwayHung T.-H.; Hsu S.-C.; Cheng C.-Y.; Choo K.-B.; Tseng C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Lan Y.-W.; Huang T.-T.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chen C.-M.; Chong K.-Y.Oncotarget3744
572014Graphene oxide-based SPR biosensor chip for immunoassay applicationsChiu N.-F.; Huang T.-Y.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Liu K.-C.Nanoscale Research Letters4351
582014ManA is regulated by RssAB signaling and promotes motility in Serratia marcescensSoo P.-C.; Horng Y.-T.; Chang Y.-L.; Tsai W.-W.; Jeng W.-Y.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Research in Microbiology1112
592014Cis-Resveratrol produces anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting canonical and non-canonical inflammasomes in macrophagesHuang T.-T.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chen Y.-B.; Chen L.-G.; Wu Y.-H.; Ko Y.-F.; Lu C.-C.; Chang C.-J.; Wu C.-Y.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Chong K.-Y.; Young J.D.Innate Immunity2830
602014Mushrooms - From cuisine to clinicMartel J.; Ojcius D.M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Biomedical Journal40
612014The medicinal fungus Antrodia cinnamomea suppresses inflammation by inhibiting the NLRP3 inflammasomeHuang T.-T.; Wu S.-P.; Chong K.-Y.; Ojcius D.M.; Ko Y.-F.; Wu Y.-H.; Wu C.-Y.; Lu C.-C.; Martel J.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Ethnopharmacology2726
622014NK cells kill mycobacteria directly by releasing perforin and granulysinLu C.-C.; Wu T.-S.; Hsu Y.-J.; Chang C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Chia J.-H.; Wu T.-L.; Huang T.-T.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Leukocyte Biology5351
632014Impact of the gut microbiota, prebiotics, and probiotics on human health and diseaseLin C.-S.; Chang C.-J.; Lu C.-C.; Martel J.; Ojcius D.M.; Ko Y.-F.; Young J.D.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Biomedical Journal740
642014Multi-screen services adoption and use-diffusion: The BEST model perspectiveHSIN-CHIH LAI ; Yu Y.C.; Tuan Y.M.; Kuo H.S.IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management30
652013Development of fabrication technique in nano-scale resveratrol by collagenCherng J.-H.; Chang S.-J.; Yeh J.-Z.; Hung Y.-W.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Liou N.H.; Li C.-H.; Tsao C.-A.; Liu C.-C.International Journal of Nanotechnology12
662013Sero-diagnosis of mycobacterium avium complex lung disease using serum immunoglobulin a antibody against glycopeptidolipid antigen in TaiwanShu C.-C.; Ato M.; Wang J.-T.; Jou R.; Wang J.-Y.; Kobayashi K.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Yu C.-J.; Lee L.-N.; Luh K.-T.PLoS ONE2118
672013Molecular Epidemiology of Clostridium difficile at a Medical Center in Taiwan: Persistence of Genetically Clustering of A-B+ Isolates and Increase of A+B+ IsolatesChia J.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Su L.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; Wu T.-L.PLoS ONE1923
682013Mab_3168c, a Putative Acetyltransferase, Enhances Adherence, Intracellular Survival and Antimicrobial Resistance of Mycobacterium abscessusTsai S.-H.; Shen G.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Liau J.-R.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hu S.-T.PLoS ONE88
692013Hirsutella sinensis mycelium suppresses interleukin-1β and interleukin-18 secretion by inhibiting both canonical and non-canonical inflammasomesHuang T.-T.; Chong K.-Y.; Ojcius D.M.; Wu Y.-H.; Ko Y.-F.; Wu C.-Y.; Martel J.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Young J.D.Scientific Reports2929
702013Kinetic analysis of graphene oxide sheet and protein interactions using surface plasmon resonance biosensorsHuang T.-Y.; Chiu N.-F.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO - Technical Digest10
712012Activation of an NLRP3 inflammasome restricts mycobacterium kansasii infectionChen C.-C.; Tsai S.-H.; Lu C.-C.; Hu S.-T.; Wu T.-S.; Huang T.-T.; Sa?d-Sadier N.; Ojcius D.M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE4442
722012Direct identification of mycobacteria from smear-positive sputum samples using an improved multiplex polymerase chain reaction assayChia J.-H.; Wu T.-L.; Su L.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease87
732012Amplified surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for interferon-Gamma based on a streptavidin-incorporated aptamerChang C.-C.; Lin S.; Lee C.-H.; Chuang T.-L.; Hsueh P.-R.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lin C.-W.Biosensors and Bioelectronics4952
742012The anti-tumorigenic mushroom agaricus blazei murill enhances IL-1β production and activates the NLRP3 inflammasome in human macrophagesHuang T.-T.; Ojcius D.M.; Young J.D.; Wu Y.-H.; Ko Y.-F.; Wong T.-Y.; Wu C.-Y.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE1714
752012Fish tank Granuloma caused by Mycobacterium marinumWu T.-S.; Chiu C.-H.; Yang C.-H.; Leu H.-S.; Huang C.-T.; Chen Y.-C.; Wu T.-L.; Chang P.-Y.; Su L.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; Chia J.-H.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE3327
762012Activation of NK cell cytotoxicity by the natural compound 2,3-butanediolHSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chang C.-J.; Yang C.-H.; Hsu Y.-J.; Chen C.-C.; Lin C.-S.; Tsai Y.-H.; Huang T.-T.; Ojcius D.M.; Tsai Y.-H.; Lu C.-C.Journal of Leukocyte Biology1413
772012Single-layer graphene based SPR biochips for tuberculosis bacillus detectionChiu N.-F.; Huang T.-Y.; Kuo C.-C.; Lee W.-C.; Hsieh M.-H.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE130
782012Rapid identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by a new array format-based surface plasmon resonance methodHsieh S.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Wei C.-F.; Lin C.-S.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lin C.-W.Nanoscale Research Letters2427
792011Use of soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 in non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung diseaseShu C.-C.; Lee L.-N.; Wu M.-F.; Lee C.-H.; Wang J.-T.; Wang J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.; Lee L.-N.; Yang P.-C.; Su W.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Wu V.-C.; Yu M.-C.International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease1110
802011RssAB signaling coordinates early development of surface multicellularity in serratia marcescensTsai Y.-H.; Wei J.-R.; Lin C.-S.; Chen P.-H.; Huang S.; Lin Y.-C.; Wei C.-F.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE64
812011Resveratrol induces apoptosis of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells via activation of multiple apoptotic pathwaysHuang T.-T.; Lin H.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Wei C.-F.; Wu T.-S.; Liu F.-G.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Cellular Physiology3126
822011Activation of multiple apoptotic pathways in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by the prenylated isoflavone, osajinHuang T.-T.; Liu F.-G.; Wei C.-F.; Lu C.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Lin H.-C.; Ojcius D.M.; HSIN-CHIH LAI PLoS ONE2422
832010Culture result of smear-positive sputum samples after 2 months of antituberculous treatmentLim C.-S.; Lee C.-H.; Chien Y.-J.; Wang J.-Y.; Lee L.-N.; Yu C.-J.; Yang P.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Su W.-J.; Shu C.-C.; Yu M.C.European Respiratory Journal32
842010The RssB/RssA two-component system regulates biosynthesis of the tripyrrole antibiotic, prodigiosin, in Serratia marcescensHorng Y.-T.; Chang K.-C.; Liu Y.-N.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Soo P.-C.International Journal of Medical Microbiology1922
852010Unraveling the role of the rssC gene of serratia marcescens by atomic force microscopySheu B.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Fu Y.-H.; Lee S.-Y.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Wu R.-S.; Liu C.-H.; Tsai J.-C.; Lin S.Microscopy and Microanalysis11
862010RssAB-FlhDC-ShlBA as a major pathogenesis pathway in Serratia marcescensLin C.-S.; Horng J.-T.; Yang C.-H.; Tsai Y.-H.; Su L.-H.; Wei C.-F.; Chen C.-C.; Hsieh S.-C.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Infection and Immunity4142
872009A simple gold nanoparticle probes assay for identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from clinical specimensSoo P.-C.; Horng Y.-T.; Chang K.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Hsueh P.-R.; Chuang C.-Y.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Molecular and Cellular Probes7468
882009Clinical manifestations, antibiotic susceptibility and molecular analysis of Mycobacterium kansasii isolates from a university hospital in TaiwanWu T.-S.; Leu H.-S.; Chiu C.-H.; Lee M.-H.; Chiang P.-C.; Wu T.-L.; Chia J.-H.; Su L.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy2222
892008Current dilemma and developments in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionLu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
902008Nontuberculous mycobacteria pulmonary infection in medical intensive care unit: The incidence, patient characteristics, and clinical significanceShu C.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Wang J.-Y.; Jerng J.-S.; Yu C.-J.; Hsueh P.-R.; Lee L.-N.; Yang P.-C.; Wang J.-Y.; Lee L.-N.; Yu C.-J.; Yang P.-C.; Su W.-J.; Shu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Lee C.-H.; Yu M.-C.Intensive Care Medicine3231
912008Rapid identification of mycobacteria from smear-positive sputum samples by nested PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysisWu T.-L.; Chia J.-H.; Kuo A.-J.; Su L.-H.; Wu T.-S.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Clinical Microbiology2224
922008Antimicrobial, dehydroascorbate reductase, and monodehydroascorbate reductase activities of defensin from sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. 'Tainong 57'] storage rootsHuang G.-J.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Chang Y.-S.; Sheu M.-J.; Lu T.-L.; Huang S.-S.; Lin Y.-H.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry3126
932008Resveratrol ameliorates Serratia marcescens-induced acute pneumonia in ratsLu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI ; Hsieh S.-C.; Chen J.-K.Journal of Leukocyte Biology3334
942008Regulation of swarming motility and flhDCSm expression by RssAB signaling in Serratia marcescensSoo P.-C.; Horng Y.-T.; Wei J.-R.; Shu J.-C.; Lu C.-C.; HSIN-CHIH LAI Journal of Bacteriology2928
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