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12016A mesoporous biomaterial for biomimetic crystallization in dentinal tubules without impairing the bonding of a self-etch resin to dentinChiang, Yu-Chih ; Wang, Yin-Lin ; Lin, Po-Yen; Chen, Yen-Yi; Chien, Chih-Yu; Lin, Hong-Ping; Lin, Chun-Pin 
22016Nanocrystalline calcium sulfate/hydroxyapatite biphasic compound as a TGF-beta 1/VEGF reservoir for vital pulp therapyChiang, Yu-Chih ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Wong, Ching-Ching; Wang, Yi-Ping ; Wang, Yin-Lin ; Huang, Wen-Hsuan; Lin, Chun-Pin 
32016Polishing mechanism of light-initiated dental composite: Geometric optics approachChiang, Yu-Chih ; Lai, Eddie Hsiang-Hua; Kunzelmann, Karl-Heinz
42014Influence of cyclic heating on physical property and biocompatibility of α- and β-form gutta-perchaCheng, Ya-An; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Huang, Shih-Hao; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Hsien, Hsiang-Chi; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
52014A novel chitosan-γPGA polyelectrolyte complex hydrogel promotes early new bone formation in the alveolar socket following tooth extractionYIN-LIN WANG ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article
62014Erosive potential of soft drinks on human enamel: An invitro studyChih-Wen Chi ; Wang, Yin-Lin ; Chang, Chia-Chieh; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chi, Chih-Wen ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Chuang, Yueh-Chiao; Chang, Hsiao-Hua ; Huang, Guay-Fen; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
72014A mesoporous silica biomaterial for dental biomimetic crystallizationCHUN-PIN LIN ; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Lin, Hong-Ping; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Cheng, Ya-Wen; Tang, Hsin-Yen; Yen, Wei-Ching; Lin, Po-Yen; Chang, Kei-Wen; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
82013Modeling viscoelastic behavior of periodontal ligament with nonlinear finite element analysisCHEN-YING WANG ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; JUNG-HO CHENG journal article
92013Application and development of ultrasonics in dentistryCHUN-PIN LIN ; Chen, Yen-Liang; Chang, Hao-Hueng; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
102013Effect of resin shades on opacity of ceramic veneers and polymerization efficiency through ceramicsYU-CHIH CHIANG journal article
112013Effect of the precrack preparation with an ultrasonic instrument on the ceramic bracket removalYU-CHIH CHIANG ; Chen, Yen-Liang; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chen, Hsing-Yu; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
122013Effects of ultrasonic and high-speed air-driven devices on pulp-dentin reactions: An animal studyYU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article
132012Repair of silorane-based dental composites: Influence of surface treatmentsHamano, Naho; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Nyamaa, Indra; Yamaguchi, Hiroaki; Ino, Satoshi; Hickel, Reinhard; Kunzelmann, Karl-Heinzjournal article
142012Evaluation of the slumping property of dental composites during modelingTONG-MEI WANG ; Wang, Tong-Mei ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Lee, Ming-Shu; Knezevic, Alena; Tarle, Zrinka; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Kunzelmann, Karl-Heinzjournal article
152012Effect of simulated debracketing on enamel damageJENNY ZWEI-CHIENG CHANG ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN journal article
162012Tension-compression viscoelastic behaviors of the periodontal ligamentCHEN-YING WANG ; Wang, Chen-Ying ; Lee, Posen; JUNG-HO CHENG ; Su, Ming-Zen; Liu, Chin-Hsuan; Fan, Chia-Wei; Chang, Hao-Hueng; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Lu, Chi-Pang; Tao, Shao-Huan; Lu, Wen-Shian; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Cheng, Jung-Ho ; Fuh, Lih-Jyh; �²M��; Lin, Chun-Pin ; 林俊彬 ; 章浩宏; 王振穎 ; 姜昱至 ; 王政穎journal article
172011Single-molecule imaging of Bmp4 dimerization on human periodontal ligament cellsYU-CHIH CHIANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; LU-PING CHOW journal article
182011Effect of different surface treatments on the repair strength of a nanofilled resin-based compositeYU-CHIH CHIANG journal article
192010A novel mesoporous biomaterial for treating dentin hypersensitivityCHUN-PIN LIN ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; BOR-SHIUNN LEE journal article
202010Shrinkage vector determination of dental composite by μCT imagesCHUN-PIN LIN ; YU-CHIH CHIANG journal article
212010Polymerization composite shrinkage evaluation with 3D deformation analysis from μCT imagesCHUN-PIN LIN ; YU-CHIH CHIANG journal article
222008Microstructural changes of enamel, dentin-enamel junction, and dentin induced by irradiating outer enamel surfaces with CO2 laserYIN-LIN WANG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; BOR-SHIUNN LEE journal article
232008Development of in vitro tooth staining model and usage of catalysts to elevate the effectiveness of tooth bleachingCHUNG-YUAN MOU ; Lee, B. S.; Lee, Bor-Shiunn ; Huang, S. H.; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Huang, Shih-Hao; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chiang, Y. C.; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; BOR-SHIUNN LEE ; Chien, Y. S.; Chien, Yu-Shan; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Mou, C. Y.; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Lin, C. P.journal article
242008Slumping during sculpturing of composite materialsYU-CHIH CHIANG journal article
252007Failure criteria of dentin–resin adhesion – The J-integral approachLee, Bor-Shiunn ; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Hung, Wei-Chih; Cheng, Jung-Ho ; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article
262005Effects of various periodontal ligament elastic moduli on the stress distribution of a central incisor and surrounding alveolar boneYU-CHIH CHIANG journal article