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12018Bedside screen for oral cavity structure, salivary flow, and vocal production over the 14days following endotracheal extubationCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Wu, Kuo-Hsiang; Ku, Shih-Chi; DING-CHENG CHAN ; JANG-JAER LEE ; TYNG-GUEY WANG; TZU-YU HSIAO journal article13
22016Swallowing dysfunction following endotracheal intubation: Age mattersTsai, Min-Hsuan; Ku, Shih-Chi; TYNG-GUEY WANG; TZU-YU HSIAO ; JANG-JAER LEE ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Huang, Guan-Hua; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article64
32016Advanced glycation end-products induced VEGF production and inflammatory responses in human synoviocytes via RAGE-NF-κB pathway activationWang, Ting-Ming; Chen, Ying-Ju; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Wu, Kuan-Wen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Chen, Ching-Ru; Hong, Shih-Wun; Wang, Ching-Chia; RONG-SEN YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Lu, Tung-Wu; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Kuo, Ken N.; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Huang, Shier-Chieg ; Chao, Sung-Chuan; Chao, Sung-Chuan; 吳冠?; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; 王廷明; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 黃世傑 ; 呂東武; 詹鼎正 journal article3025
42016Association between teriparatide treatment persistence and adherence, and fracture incidence in Taiwan: analysis using the National Health Insurance Research DatabaseChan, D. -C.; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chang, C. H. -C.; Lim, L. -C.; Brnabic, A. J. M.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Burge, R.; Burge, R.; Hsiao, F. -Y.; Jin, L.; Gurbuz, S.; Yang, R. -S.; 詹鼎正 ; 蕭斐元 journal article1513
52016Advanced glycation end-products induce skeletal muscle atrophy and dysfunction in diabetic mice via a RAGE-mediated, AMPK-down-regulated, Akt pathwayChiu, Chen-Yuan ; Chiu, Chen-Yuan; KEH-SUNG TSAI ; Yang, Rong-Sen; Yang, Rong-Sen ; CHIH-KANG CHIANG ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; SHING-HWA LIU ; Sheu, Meei-Ling; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ting-Hua ; Yang, Ting-Hua; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Chiang, Chih-Kang ; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article4338
62015Prognostic Significance of CDCP1 Expression in Colorectal Cancer and Effect of Its Inhibition on Invasion and Migration.Chou, Chiang-Ting; YUNG-MING JENG; BEEN-REN LIN; Li, Yue-Ju; Chan, Ding-Cheng ; Chang, Cheng-Chi; Yang, Cheng-Ning; Li, Pei-Shan; Li, Pei-Shan; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Chen, Szu-Ta; Chen, Szu-Ta; Kuo, Min-Liang; Lin, I-Ching; Lin, Been-Renjournal article44
72015PPARγ is involved in the hyperglycemia-induced inflammatory responses and collagen degradation in human chondrocytes and diabetic mouse cartilagesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Chen, Ying-Ju; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng ; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; Lan, Kuo-Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; CHING-CHIA WANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; CHANG-MU CHEN; Chen, Chang-Mu; Chen, Chang-Mu; Chao, Sung-Chuan; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa journal article2623
82015Arsenic exposure and glucose intolerance/insulin resistance in estrogen-deficient female miceKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Huang, Chun-Fa; Huang, Chun-Fa; Yang, Ching-Yao; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Ching-Yao ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; CHING-CHIA WANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; Wang, Ching-Chia ; Huang, Kuo-How ; Wu, Chin-Ching; Wu, Chin-Ching; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; 詹鼎正 journal article3230
92015Heparin co-factor II enhances cell motility and promotes metastasis in non-small cell lung cancerWEI-YU LIAO ; Liao, Wei-Yu; Ho, Chao-Chi; CHONG-JEN YU ; Hou, Hsin-Han; CHAO-CHI HO ; Chan, Ding-Cheng ; Hsu, Tsi-Hsuan; Tsai, Meng-Feng; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Lee, Yung-Chie; Yu, Chong-Jen; Lee, Chau-Hwang; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article1313
102014Consensus of official position of IOF/ISCD FRAX initiatives in Asia-Pacific RegionKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article1011
112014Effectiveness of the medication safety review clinics for older adults prescribed multiple medicationsDING-CHENG CHAN journal article1315
122014Clinical practice guidelines for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in Taiwan: SummaryKEH-SUNG TSAI ; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article3739
132014Patient- and clinic visit-related factors associated with potentially inappropriate medication use among older home healthcare service recipientsDING-CHENG CHAN journal article2015
142014Epidemiology of sarcopenia among community-dwelling older adults in Taiwan: A pooled analysis for a broader adoption of sarcopenia assessmentsKUO-CHIN HUANG ; CHING-YU CHEN ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article5552
152014Effects of arsenic on osteoblast differentiation in vitro and on bone mineral density and microstructure in ratsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Wu, Cheng-Tien; SHING-HWA LIU ; Lu, Tung-Ying; Lu, Tung-Ying; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Tsai, Keh-Sung ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liu, Shing-Hwa ; Liu, Shing-Hwa journal article2021
162014Erratum to: Clinicopathology and Genetic Profile of Synchronous Multiple Small Adenocarcinomas: Implication for Surgical Treatment of an Uncommon Lung MalignancySHUENN-WEN KUO; Lin, Mong-Wei; Wu, Chen-Tu; Chan, Ding-Cheng ; Kuo, Shuenn-Wen; Chang, Yih-Leong; Yang, Pan-Chyrjournal article00
172014Honokiol, a low molecular weight natural product, prevents inflammatory response and cartilage matrix degradation in human osteoarthritis chondrocytesKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chen, Ying Ju; Chen, Ying Ju; Tsai, Keh Sung ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; Chan, Ding Cheng; SHING-HWA LIU ; Lan, Kuo Cheng; Lan, Kuo Cheng; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Cheng Feng; Chen, Cheng Feng; Yang, Rong Sen ; Yang, Rong Sen ; Liu, Shing Hwa ; Liu, Shing Hwa journal article4848
182013A 12-year ecological study of hip fracture rates among older Taiwanese adultsKEH-SUNG TSAI ; Chan, Ding-Cheng; RONG-SEN YANG ; Lee, Yow-Shan; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Wu, Ya-Ju; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; Chen, Cheng-Ting; Hwang, Jawl-Shan; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Yang, Rong-Senjournal article2121
192013Sex differences in the impact of diabetes on the risk of geriatric conditionsFENG-PING LU ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article87
202012A pilot randomized controlled trial to improve geriatric frailtyJAU-YIH TSAUO ; Chan, Ding-Cheng Derrick; CHING-YU CHEN ; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; RONG-SEN YANG ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Ching-Yu; Hsiung, Chao Agnes; Kuo, Ken N.journal article6968
212012Drug-related problems (DRPs) identified from geriatric medication safety review clinicsChan, Ding-Cheng ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Jen-Hau; Kuo, Hsu-Ko; We, Chiung-Jung; Lu, I-Shu; Chiu, Lee-Shu; Wu, Shwu-Chongjournal article3632
222012Using published criteria to develop a list of potentially inappropriate medications for elderly patients in TaiwanDING-CHENG CHAN journal article2523
232012Interventions targeting geriatric frailty: A systemic reviewDING-CHENG CHAN journal article300
242012Age, dementia and care patterns after admission for acute coronary syndrome: an analysis from a nationwide cohort under the National Health Insurance coverage.DING-CHENG CHAN journal article
252012Using published criteria to develop a list of potentially inappropriate medications for elderly patients in TaiwanChang, Chirn-Bin; Yang, Shu-Yu; Lai, Hsiu-Yun; Wu, Ru-Shu; Liu, Hsing-Cheng; Hsu, Hsiu-Ying; Hwang, Shinn-Jang; Chan, Ding-Cheng 
262012Relationships of muscle strength and bone mineral density in ambulatory children with cerebral palsyChan, D. -C.; KEH-CHUNG LIN; Chen, C.-L.; Chang, C. H. -C.; Lin, K.-C.; Lin, K.-C.; Wu, C.-Y.; Lim, L. -C.; Brnabic, A. J. M.; Ke, J.-Y.; Wang, C.-J.; Tsauo, J. -Y.; Wang, C.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; Burge, R.; Hsiao, F. -Y.; Jin, L.; Gurbuz, S.; Yang, R. -S.; �⹩�� ; ��L�t ; ���a�� ; ������ journal article1010
272011Adaptive patterns of movement during arm elevation test in patients with shoulder impingement syndromeJIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin, Jiu-jenq ; Hsieh, Shih-Chang; Chan, Ding Cheng ; Cheng, Wei-Cheng; Chen, Wei Chun; Lai, Yutajournal article5448
282011Prevalence and correlates of geriatric frailty in a Northern Taiwan CommunityCHING-YU CHEN ; DING-CHENG CHAN journal article4141
292011Medication adherence among geriatric outpatients prescribed multiple medicationsDING-CHENG CHAN ; Tsai, Kang-Ting; Chen, Jen-Hau; Wen, Chiung-Jung; Kuo, Hsu-Ko; Lu, I-Shu; Chiu, Lee-Shu; Wu, Shwu-Chong; Chan, Ding-Cheng journal article3121
302011Potentially inappropriate medications in geriatric outpatients with polypharmacy: Application of six sets of published explicit criteriaDING-CHENG CHAN journal article5037
312010Vitamin D insufficiency and frailty syndrome in older adults living in a Northern Taiwan community.DING-CHENG CHAN journal article
322010Validation of the Chinese-Canadian study of health and aging clinical frailty scale (CSHA-CFS) telephone versionChan, Ding-Cheng (Derrick); CHING-YU CHEN ; Tsou, Hsiao-Hui; CHIN-YING CHEN ; Chen, Chin-Ying ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Chen, Ching-Yu journal article3035
332010Comparison of published explicit criteria for potentially inappropriate medications in older adultsDING-CHENG CHAN journal article9175
342009Characteristics of outpatient prescriptions for frail Taiwanese elders with long-term care needsDING-CHENG CHAN journal article2624
352009Kidney packed with fat, pus and stone-xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritisDING-CHENG CHAN journal article10
362009Social determinants of emergency utilization associated with patterns of careCHIEN-CHANG LEE; Chen, Yun-Ling; DING-CHENG CHAN ; CHI, MEI-JU; WU, SHWU-CHONG; CHAN, DING- CHENG ; LEE, CHIEN-CHANGjournal article45
372009Polypharmacy among disabled taiwanese elderly: A longitudinal observational studyDING-CHENG CHAN journal article2827
382007Clinical diagnosis of dementia, not presence of behavioral and psychological symptoms, is associated with psychotropic use in community-dwelling elders classified as having dementiaDING-CHENG CHAN journal article43
392007Terminal trajectories of functional decline in the long-term care settingDING-CHENG CHAN journal article
402003Presence of behavioral and psychological symptoms predicts nursing home placement in community-dwelling elders with cognitive impairment in univariate but not multivariate analysisDING-CHENG CHAN journal article
412003Prevalence and correlates of behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in community-dwelling elders with dementia or mild cognitive impairment: The Memory and Medical Care StudyDING-CHENG CHAN journal article9685