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12018Incorporation of mutations in five genes in the revised International Prognostic Scoring System can improve risk stratification in the patients with myelodysplastic syndromeWEN-CHIEN CHOU; YUAN-YEH KUO ; LIANG-IN LIN; CHIEN-CHIN LINBlood Cancer Journal 2737
22017Germline variations at JAK2, TERT, HBS1L-MYB and MECOM and the risk of myeloproliferative neoplasms in Taiwanese populationYUAN-YEH KUO 
32017Increased B cell activation is present in JAK2V617F-mutated, CALR-mutated and triple-negative essential thrombocythemia.YUAN-YEH KUO Oncotarget 24
42017Targeted next-generation sequencing identified novel mutations in triple-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms.YUAN-YEH KUO Medical oncology (Northwood, London, England) 1320
52017Correction for Kuo and Chang, GATA-1 and Gfi-1B Interplay To Regulate Bcl-xL Transcription.YUAN-YEH KUO Molecular and cellular biology 01
62017Clinico-biological significance of suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 expression in acute myeloid leukemia.YUAN-YEH KUO Blood cancer journal 
72016Expression of CALR mutants causes mpl-dependent thrombocytosis in zebrafish.YUAN-YEH KUO 
82016Epigenetic repression of ribosomal RNA transcription by ROCK-dependent aberrant cytoskeletal organization.YUAN-YEH KUO ; Wu, Tse-Hsiang; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh ; Lee, Hsiao-Hui; Kuo, Jean-Cheng; Ou, Meng-Hsin; Chang, Zee-FenScientific reports 33
92015Frequent CALR exon 9 alterations in JAK2 V617F-mutated essential thrombocythemia detected by high-resolution melting analysis.Lim, K-H; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; YUAN-YEH KUO ; Chang, Y-C; Chen, C. Gon-Shen; Lin, H-C; Wang, W-T; Chiang, Y-H; Cheng, H-I; Su, N-W; Lin, J.; Chang, Y-F; Chang, M-C; Hsieh, R-K; Kuo, Y-Y; Chou, W-CBlood cancer journal 1519
102015Rapid and sensitive detection of CALR exon 9 mutations using high-resolution melting analysis.Lim, Ken-Hong; WEN-CHIEN CHOU; Lin, Huan-Chau; YUAN-YEH KUO ; Chen, Caleb Gon-Shen; Wang, Wei-Ting; Wang, Wei-Ting; Chang, Yu-Cheng; Chang, Yu-Cheng; Chiang, Yi-Hao; Lin, Ching-Sung; Lin, Ching-Sung; Su, Nai-Wen; Su, Nai-Wen; Su, Ying-Wen; Su, Ying-Wen; Lin, Johnson; Lin, Johnson; Chang, Yi-Fang; Chang, Yi-Fang; Chang, Ming-Chih; Hsieh, Ruey-Kuen; Hsieh, Ruey-Kuen; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh ; Chou, Wen-Chien; Chou, Wen-Chien1718
112014CALR mutations in Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsYUAN-YEH KUO ; Lim, Ken-Hong; Lin, Huan-Chau; Chen, Caleb Gon-Shen; Chiang, Yi-Hao; Hsiao, Chung-Der; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh International Journal of Gerontology 33
122013Mutation and lineage analysis of DNMT3A in BCR-ABL1-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasmsLin, Huan-Chau; YUAN-YEH KUO ; Wang, Shu-Ching; Chen, Caleb Gon-Shen; Chang, Ming-Chih; Wang, Wei-Ting; Su, Nai-Wen; Cheng, Hung-I; Lin, Johnson; Chang, Yi-Fang; Hsieh, Ruey-Kuen; Chang, Chien-Chung; Hwang, Yuchi; Lim, Ken-Hong; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh International Journal of Gerontology 54
132013DNMT3A (DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase 3 alpha)YUAN-YEH KUO Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology 00
142007GATA-1 and Gfi-1B interplay to regulate Bcl-x<inf>L</inf> transcriptionYUAN-YEH KUO Molecular and Cellular Biology 3430
152005Control of dTTP pool size by anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome is essential for the maintenance of genetic stabilityYUAN-YEH KUO Genes and Development 5860
162005GATA-1 mediates auto-regulation of Gfi-1B transcription in K562 cellsYUAN-YEH KUO Nucleic Acids Research 3234
172004GATA-1 and NF-Y cooperate to mediate erythroid-specific transcription of Gfi-1B geneYUAN-YEH KUO Nucleic Acids Research 3937
182002Clinical and biological implications of partial tandem duplication of the MLL gene in acute myeloid leukemia without chromosomal abnormalities at 11q23KAI-HSIN LIN ; YUAN-YEH KUO Leukemia 7777
192000Characterization of acute myeloid leukemia with MLL rearrangements – no increase in the incidence of coexpression of lymphoid-associated antigens on leukemic blastsKAI-HSIN LIN ; YUAN-YEH KUO Leukemia 109
202000Loading of DNA-Binding Factors to an Erythroid EnhancerYUAN-YEH KUO Molecular and Cellular Biology 1416