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12016Development of a controlled-release drug delivery system by encapsulating oxaliplatin into SPIO/MWNT nanoparticles for effective colon cancer therapy and magnetic resonance imagingLee, Pei-Chi; Lin, Chien-Yu; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
22016A novel temperature-responsive micelle for enhancing combination therapyPeng, Cheng-Liang; Chen, Yuan-I; Liu, Hung-Jen; Lee, Pei-Chi; Luo, Tsai-Yueh; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
32016Targeting Colorectal Cancer Stem-Like Cells with Anti-CD133 Antibody-Conjugated SN-38 NanoparticlesNing, Sin-Tzu; Lee, Shin-Yu; Wei, Ming-Feng; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Lin, Susan Yun-Fan; Tsai, Ming-Hsien; Lee, Pei-Chi; Shih, Ying-Hsia; Lin, Chun-Yen; Luo, Tsai-Yueh; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
42016A theranostic micelleplex co-delivering SN-38 and VEGF siRNA for colorectal cancer therapyLee, Shin-Yu; Yang, Chia-Ying; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Wei, Ming-Feng; Chen, Ke-Cheng; Yao, Cheng-Jung; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
52016Radiosensitization in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Effect of polo-like kinase 1 inhibitionChen, Jenny Ling-Yu; Chen, Jo-Pai; Huang, Yu-Sen; Tsai, Yuan-Chun; Tsai, Ming-Hsien; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; Kuo, Sung-Hsin ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; 成佳憲 
62015High-dose dual therapy is superior to standard first-line or rescue therapy for helicobacter pylori infectionHsieh, Yi-Ping; CHUN-JUNG LIN ; Yang, Jyh-Chin ; YU-TING CHANG ; Shen, April Chiung-Tao; Lin, Chun-Jung ; Wang, Hong-Long; Wei, Hsi-Sheng; JYH-CHIN YANG ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Chen, Jin-De; Feng, Jui-Ying; Huang, Soar Ching-Yu; Kao, John Y.; BOR-RU LIN ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; 華筱玲 ; Lu, Chien-Wei; Lin, Bor-Ru ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Chang, Ming-Chu ; Chang, Yu-Ting ; Wei, Shu-Chen ; Lin, Lin-Chih; Yeh, Wen-Chun; Kuo, Jen-Shin; Tung, Chien-Chih ; Leong, Yew-Loong; Wang, Teh-Hong; Wong, Jau-Minjournal article
72015Therapeutic and scintigraphic applications of polymeric micelles: combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in hepatocellular carcinomaShih, Ying-Hsia; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Chiang, Ping-Fang; Lin, Wuu-Jyh; Luo, Tsai-Yueh; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
82015Pleural photodynamic therapy and surgery in lung cancer and thymoma patients with pleural spreadChen, Ke-Cheng; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; Hsieh, Yi-Shan; Hsieh, Yi-Shan; JANG-MING LEE ; Tseng, Ying-Fan; Chang, Feng-Yee; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Tseng, Ying-Fan; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Chen, Jin-Shing ; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Lee, Jang-Ming journal article
92014Autophagy promotes resistance to photodynamic therapy-induced apoptosis selectively in colorectal cancer stem-like cellsWei, Ming-Feng; Chen, Min-Wei; Chen, Ke-Cheng; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Lin, Susan Yun-Fan; Hung, Shih-Chieh; Hsiao, Michael; Yao, Cheng-Jung; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
102014SLCO3A1, a novel Crohn's disease-associated gene, regulates NF-κB activity and associates with intestinal perforationLIANG-CHUAN LAI ; Wei, Shu-Chen ; Lee, Ya-Chen; Yen-Hsuan Ni ; Tan, Yan-Yin; Chen, Sheng-Shiung; Weng, Meng-Tzu; Koh, Chia-Lin; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Hsueh, I-Ping ; Lai, Liang-Chuan ; Yao, Kai-Ping ; Hsiao, Jen-Hao; Chuang, Eric Y.; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Fang, Yiru; Wu, Deng-Cheng; Kao, Ai-Wen; Chuang, Chiao-Shung; Ni, Yen-Hsuan ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Tung, Chien-Chih ; Chen, Yun; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Xavier, Ramnik J.; Podolsky, Daniel K.; Wong, Jau-Minjournal article
112012Enhancement of chitosan nanoparticle-facilitated gene transfection by ultrasound both in vitro and in vivoWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Yang, Shu-Jyuan; Chang, Szu-Min; Tsai, Kun-Che; Tsai, Han-Min; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
122012Long-term follow-up of ulcerative colitis in TaiwanWei, Shu-Chen ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Chang, Ming-Chu ; Chang, Yu-Ting ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Wong, Jau-Min
132011Alginate-Folic Acid-Modified Chitosan Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Detection of Intestinal NeoplasmsYANG, SHU-JYUAN; LIN, FENG-HUEI ; TSAI, HAN- MIN; WONG, JAU-MIN; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; SHIEH, MING -JIUM 
142011Imidazole/Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Substituted Poly(N-(8-Aminooctyl) Acrylamide) as Biocompatible and Efficient Gene CarrierKE, JIN-HE; WEI, MING-FENG; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
152011Development of Thermosensitive Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide-Co-((2- Dimethylamino) Ethyl Methacrylate))-Based Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug ReleasePENG, CHENG-LIANG; TSAI, HAN-MIN; YANG, SHU- JYUAN; LUO, TSAI-YUEH; LIN, WUU-JYH; SHIEH, MING- JIUM ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM 
162011Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Cationic Polyn-Substituent Acrylamides for in Vitro Gene DeliveryKE, JIN-HE; WEI, MING-FENG; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
172011Reversal of Doxorubicin-Resistance by Multifunctional Nanoparticles in Mcf -7/Adr CellsSHIEH, MING-JIUM ; HUANG, LING-YI; CHEN, HSUAN-YING; LAI, PING-SHAN
182011Development of Thermosensitive Polyn-Isopropylacrylamide-Co-2- Dimethylamino Ethyl Methacrylate-Based Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug ReleasePENG, CHENG-LIANG; TSAI, HAN-MIN; YANG, SHU- JYUAN; LUO, TSAI-YUEH; LIN, WUU-JYH; SHIEH, MING- JIUM ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM 
192011Characterization of the uptake and intracellular trafficking of G4 polyamidoamine dendrimersPEI-JEN LOU ; PAI, CHIN-LING; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; LOU, PEI-JEN ; LAI, PING-SHANjournal article
202010第35屆歐洲內科腫瘤大會(European Society for Medical Oncology, ESMO 2010)謝銘鈞 
212010Effect of chitosan-alginate nanoparticles and ultrasound on the efficiency of gene transfection of human cancer cellsYang, Shu-Jyuan; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Chang, Szu-Min; Tsai, Kun-Che; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Lin, Feng-Huei ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
222010Is quality of colorectal cancer care good enough? Core measures development and its application for comparing hospitals in TaiwanNIEN-CHEN KUO ; Wu, Ching-yi; Yang, Chieh-ling; KUO-PIAO CHUNG ; Chen, Ming-de; Lin, Keh-chung; Wu, Li-ling; CHUNG, KUO-PIAO ; CHANG, YUE-JAU; LAI, MEI-SHU; KUO, NIEN-CHEN ; CHENG, SKYE HON-GIUN; CHEN, LI-TZONG; TANG, REI-PING; LIU, TSANG-WU; SHIEH, MING-JIUM journal article
232010Sustained Release of Insulin from Poloxamer Gels Interpenetrated by Polyion Complexation of Chitosan-Hyaluronic Acid NetworkYANG, MING-CHIA; YANG, JIUN-SHENG; HUANG, YI-YOU ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; CHUNG, TZE-WEN
242009Colorectal cancer cell detection by 5-aminolaevulinic acid-loaded chitosan nano-particlesYang, Shu-Jyuan; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Lin, Feng-Huei ; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Wei, Ming-Feng; Yao, Cheng-Jun; Lai, Ping-Shan; Young, Tai-Horng 
252009Dual Chemotherapy and Photodynamic Therapy in an Ht-29 Human Colon Cancer Xenograft Model Using Sn-38-Loaded Chlorin-Core Star Block Copolymer MicellesPENG, CHENG-LIANG; LAI, PING-SHAN; LIN, FENG-HUEI ; WU, STEVEN YUEH-HSIU; SHIEH, MING-JIUM 
262009Short hairpin RNAs against eotaxin or interleukin-5 decrease airway eosinophilia and hyper-responsiveness in a murine model of asthmaTsai, K.C.; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; 蔡坤哲; 方馨譽; Fang, H.Y.; Yang, S.J.; 謝銘鈞 ; 林文澧 ; HUANG, HSIN-YING; Shieh, M.J.; Lin, W.L.; 陳文翔 ; LEE, CHEN-CHEN; Chen, W.S.; TSAI, KUN-CHE; CHIANG, BOR-LUEN; FANG, HSIN-YU; SHIEH, MING -JIUM ; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG journal article
272009The Cardiomyogenic Differentiation of Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Silk Fibroin-Polysaccharide Cardiac Patches in VitroWANG, SHOEI-SHEN ; CHOU, NAI-KUAN ; CHI, NAI-HSIN ; HUANG, YI-YOU ; CHANG, YU-LIN; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; CHUNG, TZE-WENjournal article
282009Time dependency of ultrasound-facilitated gene transfectionWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Tsai, K.C.; Tsai, K.C.; 廖哲康; Fang, H.Y.; Liao, C.K.; Hu, Shu-Chao; Yang, S.J.; Yang, S.J.; Lin, W.L.; 黃麗華; Shieh, M.J.; Hwang ,L.H.; Chen, W.S.; Chen, W.S.; TSAI, KUN-CHE; LIAO, ZHE-KANG; LIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; HWAN,G LIH-HWA; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG journal article
292008Targeting efficiency and biodistribution of biotinylated-EGF-conjugated gelatin nanoparticles administered via aerosol delivery in nude mice with lung cancerTseng, Ching-Li; Wu, Steven Yueh-Hsiu; Wang, Wen-Hsi; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Lin, Feng-Huei ; Lin, Chien-Cheng; Young, Tai-Horng ; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
302008Non-toxic phototriggered gene transfection by PAMAM-porphyrin conjugatesShieh, Ming-Jium ; Peng, Cheng-Liang; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Chiu, Chieh-Hua; Tsai, Tsiao-Yu; Hsu, Chia-Yen; Yeh, Chen-Yu; Lai, Ping-Shan
312008Self-assembled star-shaped chlorin-core poly(ε-caprolactone)–poly(ethylene glycol) diblock copolymer micelles for dual chemo-photodynamic therapiesPeng, Cheng-Liang; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Tsai, Ming-Hsien; Chang, Cheng-Chung; Lai, Ping-Shan
322008Influence of Substitutions in Asymmetric Porphyrins on Intracellular Uptake, Subcellular Localization and Phototoxicity in Hela CellsPENG, CHENG-LIANG; LAI, PING-SHAN; SHIEH, MING-JIUM 
332008Non-toxic phototriggered gene transfection by PAMAM-porphyrin conjugatesPEI-JEN LOU ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; PENG, CHENG-LIANG; LOU, PEI-JEN ; CHIU, CHIEH-HUA; YEH, CHEN-YU; LAI, PING-SHANjournal article
342008Enhanced cytotoxicity of saporin by polyamidoamine dendrimer conjugation and photochemical internalizationPEI-JEN LOU ; LAI, PING-SHAN; PENG, CHENG-LIANG; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; LOU, PEI-JEN journal article
352007The Effects of Power on-Off Durations of Pulsed Ultrasound on the Destruction of Cancer CellsFANG, HSIN-YU; TSAI, KUN-CHE; CHENG, WEN-HUEI; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; LOU, PEI-JEN ; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG 
362007Development of gelatin nanoparticles with biotinylated EGF conjugation for lung cancer targetingTseng, Ching-Li; Wang, Tzu-Wei; Dong, Guo-Chung; Wu, Steven Yueh-Hsiu; Young, Tai-Horng ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Lin, Feng-Huei 
372007The Development of Magnetic Degradable Dp-Bioglass for Hyperthermia Cancer TherapyWANG, TZU-WEI; WU, HSI-CHIN; WANG, WEI-REN; LIN, FENG-HUEI ; LOU, PEI-JEN ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; YOUNG, TAI-HORNG 
382007The Clinical and Endoscopic Characteristics, Treatment, and Long-term Prognosis of Early Colorectal Cancer in TaiwanWei, Shu-Chen ; Chang, Yu-Ting ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Chang, Ming-Chu ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Wong, Jau-Min
392006A pH-sensitive EVAL membrane by blending with PAALai, Ping-Shan; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; PENG, CHENG-LIANG; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Young, Tai-Horng 
402005利用二氧化鈦由血紅素製造光感物質謝銘鈞 report
412005Building a medical decision support system for colon polyp screening by using fuzzy classification treesChiang, I Jen; Shieh, Ming Jium ; Hsu, Jane Yung jen; Wong, Jau Minjournal article
422005Building a Medical Decision Support System for Colon Polyp Screening by Using Fuzzy Classification TreesChiang, I-Jen; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Hsu, Jane Yung-jen; Wong, Jau-Min
442003大腸直腸癌之聚乙二醇-光感藥物的研發謝銘鈞 report
452003超音波胃竇量測和胃電參數的比較及胃排空趨勢的探討謝銘鈞 report
462003光電生物科技發展之前瞻性遠景評估林啟萬 ; 曹培熙; 謝銘鈞 ; 楊志忠 ; 江惠華; 張承仁
472003Comparison of Medial-to-Lateral Versus Traditional Lateral-to-Medial Laparoscopic Dissection Sequences for Resection of Rectosigmoid Cancers: Randomized Controlled Clinical TrialLIANG, JIN-TUNG ; LAI, HONG-SHIEE ; HUANG, KUO-CHIN ; CHANG, KING-JEN; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; JENG, YUNG-MING ; WANG, SHIH-MINGjournal article
482002Prospective Evaluation of Laparoscopy-assisted Colectomy versusLaparotomy with Resection for Management of Complex Polyps of theSigmoid ColonLiang, Jin-Tung ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Chen, Chiung-Nien ; Cheng, Yung-Ming; Chang, King-Jen; Wang, Shih-Ming
492002Colorectal Cancer Screening in Asymptomatic Adults: Comparison of Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy and Fecal Occult Blood TestsCheng, Tsun I; Wong, Jau Min; Hong, Cheng Fang; Chen, Skye H.; Cheng, Tsun Jen ; Shieh, Ming Jium ; Lin, Yue Mong; Tso, C.Y.; Huang, Andrew T.
512002大腸直腸癌之基因分析魏淑?; 翁昭旼; 謝銘鈞 ; 王正一
5220025-Aminosalicyclic acid permeability enhancement by a pH-sensitive EVAL membraneShieh, Ming-Jium ; Lai, Ping-Shan; Young, Tai-Horng 
532002Apply fuzzy classification to colon polyp screeningChiang, I-Jen; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Hsu, Jane Yung-jen; Wong, Jau-Minjournal article
542001胃液對用於藥物控制釋放高分子薄膜的影響謝銘鈞 report
552000可攜式胃電儀及其臨床應用(II)謝銘鈞 report
562000Theoretical study of temperature elevation at muscle/bone interface during ultrasound hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Liauh, Chihng-Tsung; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Liu, Hwa-Chang; Shieh, Ming-Jium 
572000A theoretical study of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for intracavitary hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Fan, Wen-Chang; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
582000Treatable domain and optimal frequency for brain tumors during ultrasound hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Liauh, Chihng-Tsung; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
591999可攜式多頻道胃電儀及其臨床應用謝銘鈞 report
601999Self-tuning fuzzy logic control for ultrasound hyperthermia with reference temperature based on objective functionsChen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Liou, Hau-Li; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
611999Relationship between Acoustic Aperture Size and Tumor Conditions for External Ultrasound HyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Jin, Kuo-Wen; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
621999Optimal configuration of multiple-focused ultrasound transducers for external hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Shu-Yuh; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article
631998Estimation of ultrasound transducer and tissue parameters with artificial neural networkChen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Chi-Hung; Lin, Win-Li journal article
641998Specific absorption rate ratio patterns of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for breast tumorsLin, Win-Li ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
651996The trial of C4.5/ID3 in predicting the presence of rectosigmoid polyps: A preliminary report in National Taiwan University HospitalChiang, I-Jen; Hsu, Jane Yung-jen; Lin, Win-Li ; Jau-MinWong; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article
661994Ultrasound Heating Methods for Hyperthermic Therapy林文澧 ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Lui, Louis-T; Liauh, Chieng-Tsung; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Lin, Win-Li ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Wang, Cheng-Yi
671993Temperature Control of Ultrasound Hyperthermia with Optimal Thermocouple Location and Target TemperatureLIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; WANG, CHENG-YI
681993Interpolation of Arbitrarily Located Hyperthermia Data Using B-Splines: Simulations and in Vivo Experimental StudyLIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; CLEGG SCOTT T.; ROEMER ROBERT B.; WANG, CHENG-YI
691990Site Distribution of Colorectal Cancer: A Retrospective Study of 1198 CasesShieh, Ming-Jium ; Wong, Jau-Min; Wang, Cheng-Yi
701986Long-Term Outcome of Chinese Partients with Ulcerative Colitis:Experience with 259 Partients Over a 20-Year PeriodShieh, Ming-Jium