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12023The significance of dense fine speckled pattern in antinuclear antibody-associated rheumatic disease and coexisting autoantibodies: A propensity score-matched cohort studyCHIAO-FENG CHENG ; Lan, Ting Yuan; JUI-HUNG KAO ; CHENG-HSUN LU ; Chang, Yu Cheng; YI-MIN HUANG ; FENG-JUNG YANG ; Chen, Jen Hao; YEN-CHUN LIN ; Chuang, Chieh An; Chang, Chih Hui; KO-JEN LI ; CHIEH-YU SHEN ; SONG-CHOU HSIEH International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases00
22022Biomarker of neutrophil extracellular traps is associated with deep-seated infections and predicts mortality and cardiovascular morbidity in commensal streptococcal bacteremiaYU-MIN KUO ; YEN-CHUN LIN ; Lee, Ming Jui; JENG-WEI CHEN ; Hsu, Chih Chieh; Huang, Ting Yu; Chen, Jen Hao; SHIANG-JONG TZENG ; Chiu, Yen Ling; Wang, Shih Rong; JEAN-SAN CHIA ; SONG-CHOU HSIEH ; Jung, Chiau JingJournal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection33
32022Development and psychometric testing of the safety climate instrument suitable for nurses handling chemotherapy drugsLin, Ying-Siou; BIH-SHYA GAU ; Liang, Jyh-Chong; Chen, Hai-Chiao; FUH-YUAN SHIH ; YEN-CHUN LIN ; MEEI-FANG LOU Journal of advanced nursing31
42017/7/1Crustal structure north of the Taiping Island (Itu Aba Island), southern margin of the South China SeaChang, Jih Hsin; Hsieh, Hsien Hsiang; Mirza, Arif; Chang, Sung Ping; HO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; Chiu, Shye Donq; Ma, Yu Fang; Chiu, Ying Hui; Hung, Hau Ting; Yen-Chun Lin ; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; HO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; JIH-HSIN CHANG Journal of Asian Earth Sciences119
52017Seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis of the carbonate platform, north offshore Taiping Island, Dangerous Grounds, South China SeaJIH-HSIN CHANG et al. ; HO-HAN HSU ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Lee, Tung Yi; Chiu, Shye Donq; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; Ma, Yu Fang; Chiu, Ying Hui; Hung, Hau Ting; Lin, Yen Chun ; Chiu, C.-H.Tectonophysics1410
62015Are diabetic physicians at a lower risk of hospitalization for coronary heart disease? A nationwide cohort study in TaiwanYEN-CHUN LIN Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health11
72014Meta-analyses of Methionine-related Polymorphisms and Colorectal Cancer Risk for Population Health.YEN-CHUN LIN 
82014Meta-analyses of Epigenetics Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Health: APOA5 human gene variations across different Race-Ethnicity GroupsYEN-CHUN LIN 
92011Leisure-time physical activities for community older people with chronic diseasesYEN-CHUN LIN ; LIAN-HUA HUANG ; Yeh M.C.; Tai J.J.Journal of Clinical Nursing89
102010Physical activity status and gender differences among community older adults with chronic diseases.YEN-CHUN LIN 
112008A project to reduce waiting time during peritoneal dialysis visits.YEN-CHUN LIN 
122007Assessment of Residents’ Satisfaction with Community Environment after Chi-Chi Earthquake in TaiwanYEN-CHUN LIN ; Hwang, Shiow-Li; Lin, Chyong-Fang; Shau, Wen-Yi; YA-LING YANG ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; Shu, Ying-Mei; Wu, TsuierAsian Journal of Nursing
132007Beliefs about physical activity - Focus groups results of Chinese community elderly in Seattle and Taipei.YEN-CHUN LIN 
142007A community-based study on physical activity for elderly with chronic diseases. Seoul National University,YEN-CHUN LIN 
152006Beliefs about physical activity – Focus groups results of Chinese community elderly in Seattle and Taipei.YEN-CHUN LIN 
162005The effectiveness of health promotion education program for community elderly living alone.YEN-CHUN LIN 
172004Prevention of Tuberculosis – Role and function of the public health nurse.YEN-CHUN LIN 
182004Using the theory of planned behavior to understand physical activity for community elderly. Hong Kong Polytechnic University,YEN-CHUN LIN 
192003The effect of reminiscence on elderly population: A systematic review.YEN-CHUN LIN 
202002The effectiveness of health promotion education programs for community elderly.YEN-CHUN LIN 
212002The concerns of community residents in the post-disaster reconstruction after major earthquake.YEN-CHUN LIN 
222002The health status and needs of community elderly living alone.YEN-CHUN LIN 
232001Community health building – the experiences of Lu-Gu.YEN-CHUN LIN 
242001Follow-up of professional competence in graduates of school of nursing.YEN-CHUN LIN 
252000Temporal houses community assessment in disaster areas: examples of Chu-Shan and Lu-Ku.YEN-CHUN LIN 
262000Evaluation of nursing education and curriculum by baccalaureate nursing graduates working in the hospital.YEN-CHUN LIN 
272000Community reconstruction after earthquake disaster: nursing role and function.YEN-CHUN LIN 
281999A correlation study of the nursing faculty work stress in college and university •YEN-CHUN LIN 
291999The problems of family caregiving among discharged patients in first month.YEN-CHUN LIN 
301999The influence of nursing intervention on hypertensive employees’ self-care.YEN-CHUN LIN 
311998The participation in health education and the health needs among the middle age and elderly.YEN-CHUN LIN 
321998Academic productivity of nursing faculty in colleges and universities.YEN-CHUN LIN 
331998A survey of the demand and evaluation of effectiveness of orientation course for new nurses.YEN-CHUN LIN 
341998The relationship between self-efficacy, social support and self-care behaviors in Diabetes Mellitus patients.YEN-CHUN LIN 
351997The Participation in Health Education and the Health Needs among the Middle Age and Elderly in Taiwan. Royal College of NursingYEN-CHUN LIN 
361996A survey on gerontological teaching status at nursing schools in Taiwan.YEN-CHUN LIN 
371996A survey of the demand and evaluation of effectiveness of orientation course for new nursesYEN-CHUN LIN 
381996The effect of health education in a teaching hospital.YEN-CHUN LIN 
391994Temporal data management for a nursing home.YEN-CHUN LIN