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12021The multiple mediating effects of cancer threat appraisal and quality of life on the association between mindfulness and depression for colorectal cancer survivorsChen L.-T.; Cheng C.-T.; Huang I.-P.; Chang J.-H.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO Psycho-Oncology00
22021Determinants of quality of life in individuals with a dual diagnosis of resectable pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitusHSUAN-JU KUO ; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; YU-WEN TIEN ; Chou, Yun-Jen; Shun, Shiow-ChingOncology Nursing Forum00
32020Reliability and Validity of a Chinese-Version Normalization Assessment Measure for Primary Caregivers of Children with CancerTsai S.-H.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; Cheng S.-F.; Lee Y.-L.Cancer Nursing00
42020Comorbidity as a mediator of depression in adults with congenital heart disease: A population-based cohort studyHSIAO-LING YANG ; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; JOU-KOU WANG ; CHUN-WEI LU ; Huang Y.-C.; Moons P.European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing24
52020Evaluation of efficacy of high-fidelity simulation on students' clinical reasoning ability in nursing educationNIEN-TZU CHANG ; 張念慈教育部教學實踐研究計畫
62019Comparison of fatigue and quality of life in individuals with pancreatogenic diabetes after total or partial pancreatectomyHSUAN-JU KUO ; YU-WEN TIEN ; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; Chou Y.-J.; SHIOW-CHING SHUN Oncology Nursing Forum11
72019Dispositional mindfulness, self-compassion, and compassion from others as moderators between stress and depression in caregivers of patients with lung cancerHsieh C.-C.; CHONG-JEN YU ; Chen H.-J.; Chen Y.-W.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO Psycho-Oncology1414
82019Investigating the association between familial hypercholesterolemia and perceived depressionNIEN-TZU CHANG ; TA-CHEN SU Atherosclerosis Supplements66
92019The changes and the predictors of suicide ideation and suicide attempt among HIV-positive patients at 6–12 months post diagnosis: A longitudinal studyLu H.-F.; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; SHIH-CHENG LIAO ; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; Wu P.-Y.; YA-LING YANG ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO Journal of Advanced Nursing1413
102018The incidence and factors of hip fractures and subsequent morbidity in Taiwan: An 11-year population-based cohort studyKAI-BIAO LIN; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; CHI-HSU WU; LEE, YI-HUI; HOU-CHUAN CHEN; NAN-PING YANG1932-6203 ; 1932-6203 2017
112018Effect of socioeconomic inequalities on cholecystectomy outcomes: a 10-year population-based analysisPING LU; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; K ROBERT LAI; NAN-PING YANG; KAI-BIAO LIN1475-9276 ; 1475-9276 1512
122018Exploring suicide ideation and suicide attempts among HIV-positive patients during the first six months to one year after their diagnosisLu H.-F.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; Shih-Cheng Liao ; Wu P.-Y.; FEI-HSIU HSIAO Journal of Nursing30
132018Prevalence and predictors of depression among people living with HIV/AIDSLu H.-F.; FEI-HSIU HSIAO ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; Shih-Cheng Liao ; Wu P.-Y.; YA-LING YANG ; NIEN-TZU CHANG Nursing Research910
142018Meta-analysis of NOS3 G894T polymorphisms with air pollution on the risk of ischemic heart diseaseworldwideJohns R.; Chen Z.-F.; Young L.; Delacruz F.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; Yu C.H.; Shiao S.P.K.Toxics44
152017Outcomes in the utilization of single percutaneous cholecystostomy in a low-income populationPING LU; NAN-PING YANG; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; K. ROBERT LAI; KAI-BIAO LIN; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN1661-7827 10
162016Retrospective one-million-subject fixed-cohort survey of utilization of emergency departments due to traumatic causes in Taiwan, 2001-2010DINH-VAN PHAN; JIN-CHYR HSU; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; LEE, YI-HUI; NAN-PING YANG; REN-HAO PAN; DACHEN CHU1749-7922 ; 1749-7922 43
172016Translational research for improving the care of familial hypercholesterolemia: The “ten countries study” and beyondWatts G.F.; Ding P.Y.; George P.; Hagger M.S.; Hu M.; Lin J.; Khoo K.L.; Marais A.D.; Miida T.; Nawawi H.M.; Pang J.; Park J.E.; Gonzalez-Santos L.B.; TA-CHEN SU ; Truong T.H.; Santos R.D.; Soran H.; Yamashita S.; Tomlinson B.; Arikketh D.; Ashavaid T.F.; Atiqah N.; Balasubramaniam S.; Chan D.C.; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; Do T.C.; Zhao D.; Ellis K.L.; Han K.H.; Hardcastle S.J.; Jannes C.E.; Kassim A.M.; Ismail Z.M.; Kwok S.; Lam C.S.; Lansberg P.J.; Livingston M.; Mehta M.; Muir L.; Peng H.B.; Pereira A.C.; Rahman T.H.A.; Ramli A.S.; Rangarajan N.; Razak S.A.; Sijbrands E.J.; Sullivan D.R.; Shyong Tai E.; Tan H.C.; Verma I.C.; Wu X.Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis3130
182015Emergency visits among end-of-life cancer patients in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based studyJIH-TUNG PAI; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; SHUN-PING CHENG; LEE, YI-HUI; NAN-PING YANG; DACHEN CHU1472-684X ; 1472-684X 1512
192014Epidemiology of orthopedic fractures and other injuries among inpatients admitted due to traffic accidents: A 10-year nationwide survey in TaiwanNIEN-TZU CHANG ; REN-HAO PAN; DACHEN CHU; KUO-FANG HSU; YUAN-NIAN HSU; JIN-CHYR HSU; LIN-YU TSENG; NAN-PING YANGThe Scientific World Journal ; The Scientific World Journal 2923
202014Epidemiology of hospitalized traumatic pelvic fractures and their combined injuries in Taiwan: 2000-2011 national health insurance data surveillanceNAN-PING YANG; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; YU, I-LIANG ; YU, CHING-SHAO; LEE, YI-HUI; KAI-BIAO LIN; DACHEN CHU; CHANG, NIEN-TZU ; YU-ZHEN LIN2314-6133 ; 2314-6133 11519
212013Nationwide retrospective cohort survey of orthopedic injuries in members of the Taiwanese population with psychiatric disorders, 2000-2005JIN-CHYR HSU; I-LIANG YU; NIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; HSIEN-JANE CHIU; JENN-HUIE RENN; NAN-PING YANG; CHI-YU CHUNG1436-2023 ; 1436-2023 32
222013Comparisons of medical utilizations and categorical diagnoses of emergency visits between the elderly with catastrophic illness certificates and those withoutNIEN-TZU CHANG ; NAN-PING YANG; YI-HUI LEE; CHI-YU CHUNG; JIN-CHYR HSU; I-LIANG YU; CHIEN-LUNG CHANBMC Health Services Research ; BMC Health Services Research 3128
232013Epidemiological study of orthopedic injuries in hemodialysis patients in Taiwan: A fixed cohort survey, 2004-2008NIEN-TZU CHANG ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; YI-HUI LEE; JIN-CHYR HSU; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; JENN-HUIE RENN; NAN-PING YANGClinical Interventions in Aging ; Clinical Interventions in Aging 76
242013Invasively-treated incidence of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease and associated factors in Taiwan: 2000-2011 nationwide hospitalized data analysisNIEN-TZU CHANG ; CHIEN-LUNG CHAN; YU-TZUEN LU; JIN-CHYR HSU; YUAN-NIAN HSU; DACHEN CHU; NAN-PING YANGBMC Public Health ; BMC Public Health 2422
252012Treatment incidence of orthopedic injuries among hiv-infected subjects in Taiwan: A dynamic cohort survey, 2005-2008NIEN-TZU CHANG HealthMED 
262010Incidence, risk factors and consequences of falling injuries among the community-dwelling elderly in Shihpai, TaiwanNIEN-TZU CHANG ; Yang N.-P.; Chou P.Aging Clinical and Experimental Research3430
272010The impact of falls and fear of falling on health-related quality of life in taiwanese elderlyNIEN-TZU CHANG ; Chi L.-Y.; Yang N.-P.; Chou P.Journal of Community Health Nursing5851
282009Assessment of changes in knowledge and stigmatization following tuberculosis training workshops in TaiwanNIEN-TZU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 2522
292008Prevalence and associated factors of a single fall and recurrent falls in an urban elderly populationNIEN-TZU CHANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health 
302008單次跌倒與反覆跌倒之盛行率與相關因素探討-以都會區老人為例NIEN-TZU CHANG 臺灣公共衛生雜誌 00
312008Testing the "epidemiologic paradox" of birth outcomes among Asian immigrant women in Hsin-Chu County, TaiwanNIEN-TZU CHANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 1311
322007Seroprevalence of HBV in immigrant pregnant women and coverage of HBIG vaccine for neonates born to chronically infected immigrant mothers in Hsin-Chu County, TaiwanNIEN-TZU CHANG Vaccine 1716