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12020Patient willingness to undergo a two-week free trial of a telemedicine service for coronary artery disease after coronary intervention: A mixed-methods studyLin Y.-H.; Huang G.-S.; Ho Y.-L.; MEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing Management02
22019Introduction to tools for assessing medication use appropriateness in older adultsHo H.-Y.; MEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing00
32019Current state of appropriate medication use in older adults and future prospectsMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing00
42019Validation of the Chinese version of the Life-Space Assessment in community-dwelling older adultsTseng Y.-C.; Gau B.-S.; MEEI-FANG LOU Geriatric Nursing02
52019Factors Influencing Nurses' Use of Hazardous Drug Safe Handling PrecautionsLin Y.; Chang Y.; Lin Y.-C.; MEEI-FANG LOU Oncology nursing forum14
62018Exploring the experiences of older Chinese adults with comorbidities including diabetes: surmounting these challenges in order to live a normal lifeMEEI-FANG LOU Patient Preference and Adherence 11
72018Adolescent Perceptions of Peer Responses to Diabetes Self-Management: A Qualitative StudyBIH-SHYA GAU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Yang P.Y.; Lien A.S.Journal of Nursing Research33
82018Mediating effects of burden on quality of life for caregivers of first-time stroke patients discharged from the hospital within one yearTsai Y.-H.; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Feng T.-H.; Chu T.-L.; Chen Y.-J.; Liu H.-E.BMC Neurology76
92018Quality of life in older adults with sensory impairments: a systematic reviewTseng Y.-C.; Liu S.H.-Y.; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Huang G.-S.Quality of Life Research722
102017Concept analysis of safety climate in healthcare providersMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Clinical Nursing 23
112016Parental Body Mass Index Is Associated With Adolescent Obesity in TaiwanBIH-SHYA GAU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Chen, C.-M.Research in Nursing and Health21
122016Parental Body Mass Index Is Associated With Adolescent Obesity in TaiwanMEEI-FANG LOU Research in Nursing and Health 21
132016自陳式老年性聽力缺損之篩檢工具MEEI-FANG LOU 台灣醫學 00
142016Health status and quality of life of survivors of extra corporeal membrane oxygenation: A cross-sectional studyMEEI-FANG LOU ; Hsieh, Fong-Tzu; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; Huang, Guey-Shiun ; Ko, Wen-Je; Lou, Meei-Fang Journal of Advanced Nursing 712
152015Needs of family caregivers of stroke patients: A longitudinal study of caregivers’ perspectivesMEEI-FANG LOU Patient Preference and Adherence 2433
162015Sleep quality and emotional correlates in Taiwanese coronary artery bypass graft patients 1 week and 1 month after hospital discharge: A repeated descriptive correlational studyMEEI-FANG LOU ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG PLoS ONE 103
172015A qualitative study of family caregiver experiences of managing incontinence in stroke survivorsMEEI-FANG LOU ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG PLoS ONE 1612
182015Biofeedback relaxation for pain associated with continuous passive motion in Taiwanese patients after total knee arthroplastyMEEI-FANG LOU Research in Nursing and Health 1118
192015編者的話MEEI-FANG LOU 護理暨健康照護研究 00
202014Symptom distress and quality of life after stereotactic radiosurgery in patients with pituitary tumors: A questionnaire surveyFU-REN XIAO; Yang, Ching-Ju; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Huang, Guey-Shiun ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; Xiao, Fu-Ren; Lou, Meei-Fang PLoS ONE 72
212014創新擴散理論之發展與護理應用MEEI-FANG LOU 長庚護理 00
222014Prevalence of impaired fasting glucose and analysis of related factors in Taiwanese adolescentsMEEI-FANG LOU ; BIH-SHYA GAU ; Chen, C.-MPediatric Diabetes 1111
232013Comparative study of an externship program versus a corporate-academic cooperation program for enhancing nursing competence of graduating studentsMEEI-FANG LOU BMC Medical Education 54
242013The effectiveness and application of mentorship programmes for recently registered nurses: A systematic reviewMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing Management 3134
252012The use of complementary and alternative medicine for patients with traumatic brain injury in TaiwanMEEI-FANG LOU ; HSIAO-LING YANG ; BIH-SHYA GAU BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 65
262012生態系統理論於兒童肥胖防治之應用MEEI-FANG LOU 長庚護理 
272011The effectiveness of exercise on improving cognitive function in older people: A systematic reviewMEEI-FANG LOU ; BIH-SHYA GAU Journal of Nursing Research 6964
282011Critical care nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practices of oral care for patients with oral endotracheal intubation: A questionnaire surveyMEEI-FANG LOU ; JUNG-CHEN CHANG Journal of Clinical Nursing 1918
292009經品氣管內管留置病人口腔護理方法與步驟之觀察研究MEEI-FANG LOU 護理雜誌 00
302009Trend Analysis of Nursing Intervention Studies Published by Taiwan Nurses Association between 1954 and 2006MEEI-FANG LOU The Journal of Nursing Research 
312009心臟移植術後病患對症狀困擾之自我處置成效MEEI-FANG LOU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG; 黃素霞; 王水深; 戴政; 羅美芳 台灣醫學 00
322009醫學院區新生對好護士首要特質之描述及比較MEEI-FANG LOU 醫學教育 
332009Trend analysis of nursing intervention studies published by Taiwan nurses association between 1954 and 2006.MEEI-FANG LOU The journal of nursing research : JNR 
342009Oral care practice and procedures in intubated patients: An observational studyMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing 
352009Factors associated with low bone mass in the hemodialysis patients-a cross-sectional correlation studyTZONG-SHINN CHU; MEEI-FANG LOU ; RONG-SEN YANG; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 3433
362008Preliminary evaluation of the learning outcome achieved by a nursing research seminar course for doctoral students.MEEI-FANG LOU The journal of nursing research : JNR 
372008Preliminary Evaluation of the Learning Outcome Achieved by a Nursing Research Seminar Course for Doctoral StudentsMEEI-FANG LOU The Journal of Nursing Research 
382008Unplanned readmission within the most recent postoperative year of heart transplant patients in TaiwanHuang, SH; MEEI-FANG LOU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG; Wang, SS; Tai, JJ; Lou, MFJournal of Clinical Nursing 55
392008Preliminary evaluation of the learning outcome achieved by a nursing research seminar course for doctoral studentsMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing Research 
402007Identifying the most efficient items from the Mini-Mental State Examination for cognitive function assessment in older Taiwanese patientsPO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG Journal of Clinical Nursing 1818
412007Nutritional status and health outcomes for older people with dementia living in institutionsLou, Meei-Fang ; PO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Dai, Yu-Tzu ; YU-TZU DAI ; Yu, Guey-Shiun; Huang, Po-Jui; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG Journal of Advanced Nursing 2522
422007The effectiveness of implementing a bladder ultrasound programme in neurosurgical unitsMEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI Journal of Advanced Nursing 1815
432006護理學系新生對好護士特質之描述MEEI-FANG LOU 醫學教育 
442005Psychometric evaluation of the stress scale of caring for highly infectious disease patients among health care workers - Based on SARSMEEI-FANG LOU Taiwan Journal of Public Health 
452005醫護人員照顧高危險性傳染疾病病患之壓力量表的發展與測試-以SARS為例MEEI-FANG LOU 台灣公共衛生雜誌 00
462004Predicting post-surgical cognitive disturbance in older Taiwanese patientsLou, MF; PO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; Yu, PJ; YU-TZU DAI ; Huang; GS; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG ; Dai, YTInternational Journal of Nursing Studies 1011
472004主編的話MEEI-FANG LOU 護理雜誌 00
482003Postoperative cognitive changes among older Taiwanese patientsPO-JUI YU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; YU-TZU DAI ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG Journal of Clinical Nursing 1617
492002Nurses' experience of caring for delirious patients.MEEI-FANG LOU The journal of nursing research : JNR 
502002Nurses’ experience of caring for delirious patientsMEEI-FANG LOU Journal of Nursing Research 
512001The use of music to decrease agitated behaviour of the demented elderly: The state of the scienceMEEI-FANG LOU Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 6554
522000Risk factors and incidence of postoperative delirium elderly Chinese patientsMEEI-FANG LOU Gerontology 
531999協助超長住院病人出院規劃的臨床困境:一例報告MEEI-FANG LOU ; 蔡紋苓; 戴玉慈; 羅美芳 ; DAI, YU-TZU 台灣醫學 00
541999住院年老病患的認知功能戴玉慈; MEEI-FANG LOU ; 黃貴薰 ; 羅美芳 ; 葉炳強; DAI, YU-TZU 台灣醫學 00
551999Applying Discharge Planning in a Family with a Comatose Patient蔡紋苓; 戴玉慈; 羅美芳 ; TSAY, WEN-LIN; DAI, YU-TZU ; LOU, MEEI- FANG  00
561998Taiwanese patients' concerns and coping strategies: Transition to cardiac surgeryPO-JUI YU ; WEN-YU HU ; MEEI-FANG LOU ; GUEY-SHIUN HUANG Heart and Lung: Journal of Acute and Critical Care 2015
571998Discharge planning in Taiwan - An analysis of demonstration projectsMEEI-FANG LOU Tzu Chi Medical Journal 
581998台灣地區之出院準備服務-試行計劃成果分析MEEI-FANG LOU 慈濟醫學雜誌 
591997護生實習壓力量表之發展與測試MEEI-FANG LOU 護理研究 
601997某醫院感染科護理人員對愛滋病認知之初探MEEI-FANG LOU 慈濟醫學雜誌 
611997住院老年病患對接受導尿感受之研究MEEI-FANG LOU 慈濟醫學雜誌 
621997A study of perceptions on urinary catheterization of hospitalized elderly patientsMEEI-FANG LOU Tzu Chi Medical Journal 
631997A pilot study to assess the relationships among coping, self-efficacy and functional improvement in men with paraplegiaMEEI-FANG LOU International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 
641997Knowledge about AIDS among nurses at medical center infection unitsMEEI-FANG LOU Tzu Chi Medical Journal 
651996罹患應力性尿失禁對婦女之影響MEEI-FANG LOU 慈濟醫學雜誌