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12022An Outperforming Artificial Intelligence Model to Identify Referable Blepharoptosis for General PractitionersHung J.-Y.; Chen K.-W.; Perera C.; Chiu H.-K.; Hsu C.-R.; Myung D.; Luo A.-C.; Fuh C.-S.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Kossler A.L.Journal of Personalized Medicine00
22022The Changes in Optic Nerve after Orbital Decompression Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease and Case Reports of Ischemic Optic NeuropathyHsia Y.; Hsiao C.-C.; Wei Y.-H.; Lai I.-W.; Lin C.-W.; SHU-LANG LIAO BioMed Research International11
32021Orbital and ocular adnexal lymphoma: a review of epidemiology and prognostic factors in TaiwanHsu C.-R.; Chen Y.-Y.; Yao M.; Wei Y.-H.; Hsieh Y.-T.; SHU-LANG LIAO Eye (Basingstoke)54
42021Orbital Compartment Syndrome and Irreversible Blindness Related to Orbital Varix Thrombosis: A Case ReportMa S.-T.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.-H.Journal of Emergency Medicine01
52021Orbital exenteration: A 20-year experience from a tertiary center in TaiwanWang W.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
62021Efficacy and predictability of Muller’s muscle-conjunctival resection with different tarsectomy lengths for unilateral blepharoptosis treatmentYeh S.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.-H.BMC Ophthalmology00
72021A 45-year experience of uveal melanoma in Taiwan: Verification of American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system and prognostic factorsMa S.-T.; Hsieh Y.-T.; Wei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association21
82021Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors Reduce Adipogenesis of Orbital Fibroblasts and Enhance Myofibroblastic Differentiation in Graves’ OrbitopathyShih S.-R.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Shih C.-W.; Wei Y.-H.; Lu T.-X.; Chou C.-H.; Yen E.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Chi Y.-C.; Yang W.-S.; Tsai F.-C.Ocular Immunology and Inflammation22
92021Simvastatin and ROCK Inhibitor Y-27632 Inhibit Myofibroblast Differentiation of Graves’ Ophthalmopathy-Derived Orbital Fibroblasts via RhoA-Mediated ERK and p38 Signaling PathwaysWei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wang S.-H.; Wang C.-C.; Yang C.-H.Frontiers in Endocrinology1313
102021A deep learning approach to identify blepharoptosis by convolutional neural networksHung J.-Y.; Perera C.; Chen K.-W.; Myung D.; Chiu H.-K.; Fuh C.-S.; Hsu C.-R.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Kossler A.L.International Journal of Medical Informatics44
112021Simvastatin Inhibits CYR61 Expression in Orbital Fibroblasts in Graves' Ophthalmopathy through the Regulation of FoxO3a SignalingWei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wang C.-C.; Wang S.-H.; Tang W.-C.; Yang C.-H.Mediators of Inflammation22
122020Strategies in Surgical Decompression for Thyroid Eye DiseaseCheng A.M.S.; Wei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity33
132019The impact of orbital bony or fat decompression on the outcome of strabismus surgery in patients with Graves’ ophthalmopathyLee J.K.S.; Hsieh C.; Wei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association32
142019Survival outcomes of eye-sparing surgery for adenoid cystic carcinoma of lacrimal glandHung J.-Y.; Wei Y.-H.; Huang C.-H.; Chen L.-W.; Fuh C.-S.; SHU-LANG LIAO Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology88
152019IgG4-related Ophthalmic Disease in Idiopathic Sclerosing and Non-Sclerosing Orbital Inflammation: A 25-Year ExperienceTsai C.-Y.; Kuo K.-T.; Cheng A.M.S.; Wei Y.-H.; Chang H.-C.; Chang K.; SHU-LANG LIAO Current Eye Research56
162019Eyelid sebaceous carcinoma: Validation of the 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on cancer T staging system and the prognostic factors for local recurrence, nodal metastasis, and survivalHsia Y.; Yeh C.-Y.; Wei Y.-H.; Chen L.-W.; SHU-LANG LIAO Eye (Basingstoke)68
172019Epibulbar complex choristoma with simultaneous involvement of eyelid: a case reportHsia Y.; Lien H.-C.; Wang I.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.-H.BMC Ophthalmology11
182019Optimizing esthetic outcomes in graded full-thickness anterior blepharotomy for Graves’ ophthalmopathyLee J.K.S.; Loi M.-X.; Wei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology33
192018Long-term outcomes of orbital fat decompression in Graves' orbitopathyCheng A.M.; Wei Y.-H.; Tighe S.; Sheha H.; SHU-LANG LIAO British Journal of Ophthalmology1916
202017The role of rectus muscle myectomy in the management of large-angle strabismus for Graves' ophthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.-H.; Chuang A.Y.-C.Eye (Basingstoke)65
212017Long-Term complications of different porous orbital implants: A 21-year reviewLin C.-W.; SHU-LANG LIAO British Journal of Ophthalmology2425
222017The role of rectus muscle myectomy in the management of large-angle strabismus for Graves' ophthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei, Y.-H.; Chuang, A.Y.-C.Eye (London, England)65
232017Chemotherapy alone is an alternative treatment in treating localized primary ocular adnexal lymphomasMa W.-L.; Yao M.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Tang J.-L.; Wang Y.-C.; Kuo S.-H.; Cheng A.-L.Oncotarget53
242016Celecoxib and pioglitazone as potential therapeutics for regulating TGF-β-induced hyaluronan in dysthyroid myopathyCheng A.M.S.; Yin H.Y.; Chen A.; Liu Y.-W.; Chuang M.-C.; He H.; Tighe S.; Sheha H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science97
252016TERT promoter mutations in periocular carcinomas: Implications of ultraviolet light in pathogenesisLin S.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Hong J.-B.; Chu C.-Y.; Sheen Y.-S.; Jhuang J.-Y.; Tsai J.-H.; Liau J.-Y.British Journal of Ophthalmology87
262015In vivo confocal microscopy of bulbar conjunctiva in patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyWei Y.-H.; Chen W.-L.; Hu F.-R.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2723
272015Subconjunctival herniated orbital fat mimicking adipocytic neoplasmLin C.C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Liou S.W.; Chen C.C.; Wu Y.Y.; Woung L.C.Optometry and Vision Science43
282015Assessing quality of life in Taiwanese patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyLin I.-C.; Lee C.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2723
292014Extraocular well-differentiated sebaceous tumors with overlying cutaneous horns: Four tumors in three patientsJhuang J.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Tsai J.-H.; Chang H.-C.; Kuo K.-T.; Liau J.-Y.Journal of Cutaneous Pathology46
302014The reconstruction of a contracted eye socket using a post-auricular full-thickness skin graftWei Y.H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology66
312014Orbital hemangiopericytoma in an Asian populationHsu C.-H.; Wei Y.-H.; Peng Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association45
322014Hypermethylation of the CDKN2A gene promoter is a frequent epigenetic change in periocular sebaceous carcinoma and is associated with younger patient ageLiau J.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Hsiao C.-H.; Lin M.-C.; Chang H.-C.; Kuo K.-T.Human Pathology2624
332013New therapeutic strategy for recalcitrant eyelid and orbital diseasesSHU-LANG LIAO Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology00
342013Crystal-storing histiocytosis in a patient with ocular extranodal marginal zone lymphomaYu S.-C.; Yao M.; SHU-LANG LIAO British Journal of Haematology77
352013Correction of lower lid retraction using TarSys bioengineered grafts for graves ophthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.H.American Journal of Ophthalmology2725
362012An unusual slow-growing malignant orbital solitary fibrous tumorLin T.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lee F.-L.Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences11
372011Orbital development in survivors of retinoblastoma treated by enucleation with hydroxyapatite implantLin H.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO British Journal of Ophthalmology2018
382011Predictability of visual function and nerve fiber layer thickness by cross-sectional areas of extraocular muscles in graves ophthalmopathyWei Y.H.; Chi M.C.; SHU-LANG LIAO American Journal of Ophthalmology1413
392011Correlation of retrobulbar volume change with resected orbital fat volume and proptosis reduction after fatty decompression for graves ophthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Huang S.-W.American Journal of Ophthalmology2825
402011Fat repositioning via supraperiosteal dissection with internal fixation for tear trough deformity in an Asian populationSHU-LANG LIAO ; Wei Y.H.Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology98
412011甲狀腺突眼治療新觀念SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
422010Periorbital rejuvenation surgery in the geriatric populationChuang A.Y.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO International Journal of Gerontology00
432009Balloon dacryocystoplasty and monocanalicular intubation with Monoka tubes in the treatment of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructionHuang Y.H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.-K.Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology99
442009Orbital Liposarcoma-A Case ReportSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
452009影響視力也影響外觀眼瞼下垂SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
462009Idiopathic sclerosing orbital inflammation - A case series studyChen Y.-M.; Hu F.-R.; SHU-LANG LIAO Ophthalmologica1311
472009Nocturnal lagophthalmosTsai S.H.; Yeh S.-I.; Chen L.-J.; Wu C.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO International Journal of Gerontology44
482009Frontalis Suspension Using Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene: Results of Different Surgical DesignsWei Y.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of the Formosan Medical Association55
492009Late Exposure of the Bioceramic Orbital ImplantWang J.-K.; Lai P.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO American Journal of Ophthalmology3832
502009眼窩骨折SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
512009流目油?-談鼻淚管阻塞SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
522009醫療院所自費醫療的財務規畫及效益評估— 設立近視雷射中心及顏面美容中心之比較SHU-LANG LIAO 臺灣大學財務金融組學位論文 
532008Secondary Glaucoma Associated with an Occult Metallic Foreign Body at the Anterior Chamber Angle Simulating an Iris TumorSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
542008Role of macrophage infiltration in the orbital fat of patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyChen M.-H.; Chen M.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Chang T.-C.; Chuang L.-M.Clinical Endocrinology3433
552008Results and Predictability of Fat-Removal Orbital Decompression for Disfiguring Graves Exophthalmos in an Asian Patient PopulationWu C.-H.; Chang T.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO American Journal of Ophthalmology3736
562008Application of digital infrared thermal imaging in determining inflammatory state and follow-up effect of methylprednisolone pulse therapy in patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyChang T.-C.; Hsiao Y.-L.; SHU-LANG LIAO Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology3828
572008Lysosome-related genes are regulated in the orbital fat of patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyChen M.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Chen M.-H.; Tsou P.-L.; Shih M.-J.; Chang T.-C.; Chuang L.-M.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science88
582008Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the orbit: Malignant transformation from neurofibroma without neurofibromatosisCheng S.-F.; Chen Y.-I.; Chang C.-Y.; Peng Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery1712
592007Prevention of Exposure of Porous Orbital Implants Following EnucleationWang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lai P.-C.; Lin L.L.K.American Journal of Ophthalmology1917
602007Porous polyethylene implants in orbital floor reconstructionLin I.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2322
612007Porous Orbital Implants, Wraps, and Peg Placement in the Pediatric Population After EnucleationWang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.K.; Kao S.C.S.; Tseng H.-S.American Journal of Ophthalmology1616
622007Fiber type and myosin heavy chain compositions of adult pretarsal orbicularis oculi muscleCheng N.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Wang I.-J.; Lin I.-C.; Tang Y.-B.Journal of Molecular Histology119
632007ReplyWang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lai P.-C.; Lin L.L.K.American Journal of Ophthalmology00
642006Orbital NeurilemomaSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
652006ReplySHU-LANG LIAO ; Chang T.C.; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology02
662006Porous polyethylene implants in orbital floor reconstruction [6]Lin I.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.-K.Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology00
672006Intraosseous hemangiomas of the facial boneCheng N.-C.; Lai D.-M.; Hsie M.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Tang Chen Y.-B.Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery6148
682006Molecular pathology of M?ller's muscle in Graves' ophthalmopathyShih M.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Kuo K.-T.; Smith T.J.; Chuang L.-M.Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism2422
692006Transforniceal lateral deep bone decompression - A modified techique to prevent postoperative diplopia in patients with disfiguring exophthalmos due to dysthyroid orbitopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Shih M.-J.; Chang T.-C.; Lin L.L.-K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1818
702006Slow-release lanreotide in Graves' ophthalmopathy: A double-bline randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trialChang T.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO Journal of Endocrinological Investigation4539
712006ReplySHU-LANG LIAO ; Chang T.C.; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology00
722006Transcaruncular Orbital Decompression: An Alternate Procedure for Graves Ophthalmopathy With Compressive Optic NeuropathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Chang T.C.; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology6057
732006A procedure to minimize lower lid retraction during large inferior rectus recession in graves ophthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO ; Shih M.J.; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology2216
742005溢淚、流目油淚汪汪怎麽辦?!SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
752005Primary placement of a titanium sleeve in hydroxyapatite orbital implantsSHU-LANG LIAO ; Chen M.S.; Lin L.L.-K.Eye1513
762005Surgical coverage of exposed hydroxyapatite implant with retroauricular myoperiosteal graftSHU-LANG LIAO ; Kao S.C.S.; Tseng J.H.S.; Lin L.L.-K.British Journal of Ophthalmology2121
772005Lanreotide treatment in a patient with interferon-associated Graves' ophthalmopathySu D.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Chang T.-C.Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology83
782005Primary placement of a hydroxyapatite-coated sleeve in Bioceramic orbital implantsSHU-LANG LIAO ; Shih M.J.; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology1512
792005Primary orbital leiomyosarcomaLin I.-C.; Wu C.-T.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.-K.Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery128
802005Clinical manifestations and management of orbital mucoceles: The role of ophthalmologistsWang T.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Lin L.L.-K.Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology2819
812005眉毛下垂的矯正SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
822004甲狀腺眼疾伴上眼瞼攣縮-肉毒桿菌素嘛也通SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
832004A single transcutaneous injection with Botox? for dysthyroid lid retractionShih M.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lu H.-Y.Eye4634
842004Clinical applications of Color Doppler Imaging in orbital diseasesSHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.-K.Journal of Medical Ultrasound20
852004Late porous polyethylene implant exposure after motility coupling post placementCheng M.S.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lin L.L.-K.American Journal of Ophthalmology2621
862004A case of dacryocystocele in an adultLai P.-C.; Wang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology119
872003甲狀腺病人突眼的福音:眼睛突出的矯正SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
882003甲狀腺眼疾和放射線治療SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
892003眼瞼下垂SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
902003Different fibrovascularization rate between coralline hydroxyapatite and high density porous polyethylene (medpore) measured by 99mtc-mdp bone scintigraphy 6 months after intraorbital implantationPan M.-H.; WU Y.-W.; Yen R.-F.; Tzen K.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Kao C.-H.Nuclear Medicine Communications1413
912003Transcaruncular approach for the management of frontoethmoid mucocelesLai P.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Hou P.-K.British Journal of Ophthalmology4030
922003Characteristic ultrasonographic findings of choroidal tumorsWang T.-J.; Yang C.-H.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Ho T.-H.; Huang J.-S.; Lin C.-P.; Yang C.-M.; Chen M.-S.; Lin L.L.-K.Journal of Medical Ultrasound40
932003Malignant eyelid tumours in TaiwanWang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Lai P.C.; Kao S.C.S.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Eye6353
942002甲狀腺眼疾──眼疾專科的角色SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
952002眼瞼皮脂腺癌-30例之研究報告SHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
962002裂隙燈檢查──眼科檢查的利器SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
972002The Rate of Vascularization of Hydroxyapatite Implant by Using Different Kind of Wrapped MaterialsSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
982002眉毛下垂的矯正SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
992002眼底螢光攝影檢查─視網膜病變的評估及判定SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
1002002眼壓測量--青光眼的檢查SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
1012002眼底鏡檢查--視神經及視網膜檢查SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
1022002Endoscopic Brow and Forehead LiftsSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1032002甲狀腺眼疾的眼睛變化SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
1042002Ultrasound biomicroscopic findings in rabbit eyes undergoing scleral suction during lamellar refractive surgeryChen W.-L.; Shih Y.-F.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Hu F.-R.; Hung P.-T.Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science33
1052002Complications of motility peg placement for porous hydroxyapatite orbital implantsLin C.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Kao S.C.S.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.British Journal of Ophthalmology4440
1062002Complications of motility coupling post-porous polyethylene orbital implant coupling systemLin C.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Tzu Chi Medical Journal0
1072002Punctal and canalicular agenesis presented with congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructionWang J.-K.; Lai P.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology43
1082002如何和葛瑞芙氏症共同生活SHU-LANG LIAO 健康世界 
1092002The versatile use of hard palate mucosal grafts in oculoplastic reconstructionHuang Y.-Y.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Tzu Chi Medical Journal0
1102002Sebaceous carcinoma of the eyelids - A study of 30 casesWang J.-K.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Lai P.-C.; Chie-Shung Kao S.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Tzu Chi Medical Journal0
1112001鼻眼窩腦白黴菌病-病例報告SHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1122001經淚阜眶切開術-進入內側眼窩的新方法SHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1132001葡萄膜惡性黑色素細胞癌-臨床研究SHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1142001Transcaruncular orbitotomy - A new approach to the medial wallLai P.-C.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Tzu Chi Medical Journal3
1152001Rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis - A case reportWang J.-K.; Jou J.-R.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Lai P.-C.Tzu Chi Medical Journal0
1162000Results of intraoperative mitomycin C application in dacryocystorhinostomySHU-LANG LIAO ; Kao S.G.S.; Tseng J.H.S.; Chen M.S.; Hou P.K.British Journal of Ophthalmology11187
1172000Noninvasive diagnosis and monitoring of carotid cavernous fistula using color Doppler imagingSHU-LANG LIAO ; Jou J.-R.; Lai P.-C.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Journal of Medical Ultrasound0
1181999Enucleation with Primary Hydroxyapatite Implant in Treatment of Recalcitrant EndophthalmitisSHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1191999Safety and ocular hypotensive efficacy of a single dose of metoclopramide or droperidol in healthy subjectsSHU-LANG LIAO ; Hung P.T.; Chen Y.C.; Lan W.L.Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics44
1201998珊瑚球植入物之臨床使用經驗SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1211998Lyodura在氫氧磷灰石珊瑚眼窩球植入上的應用SHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1221998The use of lyodura for implantation of hydroxyapatite implantSHU-LANG LIAO ; Kao S.C.S.; Tzeng J.S.S.; Hou P.-K.Tzu Chi Medical Journal0
1231998Oncocytic adenomatous hyperplasia of the lacrimal sac: A case report and review of the literatureChen L.-J.; SHU-LANG LIAO ; Kao S.C.S.; Wu C.-T.; Hou P.-K.; Chen M.-S.Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery34
1241998The impact of a clinical pathway for transurethral resection of the prostate on costs and clinical outcomesSHU-LANG LIAO ; Chu S.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Chung K.-P.; Lai M.-K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association96
1251998Vicryl Mesh (Polyglactin 910)在眼窩珊瑚球植入的應用SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1261996延緩性初次淚囊鼻腔吻合術治療淚囊膿瘍之經驗SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1271996Change of Proptosis after Extraocular Muscle Surgery in Graves' OphthalmopathySHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1281996髓鞘脫失性疾病併視神經病變-壹家族病例報告SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1291996視神經炎患者之核磁共振及電腦斷層攝影研究SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1301996Transnasal Endoscopic Drainage of Congenital Lacrimal Sac MucoceleSHU-LANG LIAO 慈濟醫學雜誌 
1311996眼窩原因不明硬化性炎症-病例報告SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1321996以3-0 Ticron使用額肌懸吊法治療先天性眼瞼下垂的初步報告SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1331996以眼窩腫瘤為初次表現的組織細胞症X-病例報告SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1341995弧形角膜切開術及直線橫向角膜切開術後角膜表面圖譜及角膜弧度變化之研究SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1351995以視神經頭雷射掃描儀評估視神經炎的神經纖維層形態SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1361994恢復期Ethambutol視神經病變的視覺功能研究SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌 
1371993顯性遺傳視神經萎縮(Autosomal dominant optic atrophy)-家族報告SHU-LANG LIAO 中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌