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12020Tubulointerstitial nephritis associated with erlotinib therapy for lung cancerCho S.-L.; Lin W.-C.; Chuang C.-A.; Liao W.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI Nephrology
22020Proximal tubule translational profiling during kidney fibrosis reveals proinflammatory and long noncoding RNA expression patterns with sexual dimorphismWu H.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chang-Panesso M.; Humphreys B.D.; Dr.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
32020Integrating the Surprise Question, Palliative Care Screening Tool, and Clinical Risk Models to Identify Peritoneal Dialysis Patients With High One-Year MortalityCHUN-FU LAI ; Cheng C.-I.; Chang C.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Hwang H.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Huang J.-W.; Huang S.-J.Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
42020Characteristics of Harmonic Indexes of the Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusLiao C.-K.; Tsai J.-S.; Lin L.-Y.; Lee S.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Ho T.-W.; Lai F.Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
52020Methylation in pericytes after acute injury promotes chronic kidney diseaseChou Y.-H.; Pan S.-Y.; Shao Y.-H.; Shih H.-M.; Wei S.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chiang W.-C.; Schrimpf C.; Yang K.-C.; Lai L.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Chu T.-S.; Lin S.-L.Journal of Clinical Investigation
62019Angiopoietin 1 influences ischemic reperfusion renal injury via modulating endothelium survival and regenerationChiang W.-C.; Huang Y.-C.; Fu T.-I.; Chen P.-M.; Chang F.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu V.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.Molecular medicine (Cambridge, Mass.)
72019Circulating long noncoding RNA DKFZP434I0714 predicts adverse cardiovascular outcomes in patients with end-stage renal diseaseCHUN-FU LAI ; Chen Y.-T.; Gu J.; Nerbonne J.M.; Lin C.-H.; Yang K.-C.International Journal of Cardiology
82018Improvement in Mortality and End-Stage Renal Disease in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes After Acute Kidney Injury Who Are Prescribed Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 InhibitorsChen C.-Y.; Wu V.-C.; Lin C.-J.; Lin C.-S.; Pan C.-F.; Chen H.-H.; Lin Y.-F.; Huang T.-M.; Chen L.; Wu C.-J.; Wu V.-C.; Lai T.-S.; Lin Y.-F.; Tsai I.-J.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang T.-M.; Chu T.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Wang J.-J.; Chang Y.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Shiao C.-C.; Wang W.-J.; Lin J.-H.; Wu C.-H.; Yeh Y.-C.; Lai C.-H.; Tseng L.-J.; Wu C.-J.; Wu K.-D.; National Taiwan University Study Group on Acute Renal FailureMayo Clinic Proceedings
92017Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitor is Associated with Lower Risk of Ensuing Chronic Kidney Disease after Functional Recovery from Acute Kidney InjuryChou Y.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Pan S.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu V.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Chu T.-S.; Lin S.-L.Scientific Reports
102017Restricted Use of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent is Safe and Associated with Deferred Dialysis Initiation in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney DiseasePan S.-Y.; Chiang W.-C.; Chen P.-M.; Liu H.-H.; Chou Y.-H.; Lai T.-S.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chiu Y.-L.; Lin W.-Y.; Chen Y.-M.; Chu T.-S.; Lin S.-L.Scientific Reports
112017Long-Term risk of dementia following acute kidney injury: A population-based studyKao C.-C.; Wu C.-H.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang T.-M.; Chen H.-H.; Wu V.-C.; Chen L.; Wu M.-S.; Wu K.-D.Tzu Chi Medical Journal
122016Functional assessment of chronic illness therapy-the fatigue scale exhibits stronger associations with clinical parameters in chronic dialysis patients compared to other fatigue-assessing instrumentsChao C.-T.; Huang J.-W.; Chiang C.-K.; Yen C.-J.; Hung Y.-C.; Hsu S.-H.; Shih C.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chan D.-C.D.; Hung K.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Huang S.-J.; COGENT (COhort of GEriatric Nephrology in NTUH) study groupPeerJ
132016DNA methyltransferase inhibition restores erythropoietin production in fibrotic murine kidneysChang Y.-T.; Yang C.-C.; Pan S.-Y.; Chou Y.-H.; Chang F.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai M.-H.; Hsu H.-L.; Lin C.-H.; Chiang W.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Chu T.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin S.-L.Journal of Clinical Investigation
142016Losartan reduces ensuing chronic kidney disease and mortality after acute kidney injuryCheng S.-Y.; Chou Y.-H.; Liao F.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Chang F.-C.; Liu C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin Y.-F.; Wu V.-C.; Chu T.-S.; Wu M.-S.; Lin S.-L.Scientific Reports
152016Establishment of a renal supportive care program: Experience from a rural community hospital in TaiwanChao C.-T.; Tsai H.-B.; Shih C.-Y.; Hsu S.-H.; Hung Y.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Ueng R.-H.; Chan D.-C.; Hwang J.-J.; Huang S.-J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
162015Multidisciplinary care program for advanced chronic kidney disease: Reduces renal replacement and medical costsChen P.M.; Lai T.S.; Chen P.Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Yang S.Y.; Wu V.; Chiang C.K.; Kao T.W.; Huang J.W.; Chiang W.C.; Lin S.L.; Hung K.Y.; Chen Y.M.; Chu T.S.; Wu M.S.; Wu K.D.; Tsai T.J.American Journal of Medicine
172015Pentoxifylline attenuates proteinuria in anti-Thy1 glomerulonephritis via downregulation of nuclear factor-κB and Smad2/3 signalingChen Y.-M.; Chiang W.-C.; Yang Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu K.-D.; Lin S.-L.Molecular Medicine
182015Long-term remote organ consequences following acute kidney injuryShiao C.-C.; Wu P.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Lai T.-S.; Yang W.-S.; Wu C.-H.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu V.-C.; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; on behalf of the National Taiwan University Hospital Study Group on Acute Renal Failure (NSARF); the Taiwan Consortium for Acute Kidney Injury; Renal Diseases (CAKs)Critical Care
192015Web-based pulse analysis system for detection of acute kidney injuryWu Z.-H.; Chen W.; Lai F.; Wang J.-J.; Chang K.-T.; Lin M.-C.; Shu R.-B.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai T.-J.2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications, IMWS-BIO 2015 - Proceedings
202015Simple self-report FRAIL scale might be more closely associated with dialysis complications than other frailty screening instruments in rural chronic dialysis patientsChao C.-T.; Hsu Y.-H.; Chang P.-Y.; He Y.-T.; Ueng R.-S.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chiang C.-K.; Huang J.-W.; Huang S.-J.Nephrology
212015Association of increased travel distance to dialysis units with the risk of anemia in rural chronic hemodialysis elderlyChao C.-T.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang J.-W.; Chiang C.-K.; Huang S.-J.Hemodialysis International
222015Incorporating Palliative Care into the Dialysis Unit Affects Patterns Near the End of LifeCHUN-FU LAI ; Hsu S.-H.; Huang S.-J.Mayo Clinic Proceedings
232014Now and forever: Long-term consequences of acute kidney injuryChang K.-T.; Chen Y.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin S.-L.; Tsai T.-J.Journal of Internal Medicine of Taiwan
242014Renoprotective effect of combining pentoxifylline with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin II receptor blocker in advanced chronic kidney diseaseChen P.-M.; Lai T.-S.; Chen P.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu V.; Chiang W.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
252014Blockade of cysteine-rich protein 61 attenuates renal inflammation and fibrosis after ischemic kidney injuryCHUN-FU LAI ; Lin S.-L.; Chiang W.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu V.-C.; Young G.-H.; Ko W.-J.; Kuo M.-L.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology
262014The impact of acute kidney injury on the long-term risk of strokeWu V.-C.; Wu P.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Chang C.-H.; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.; Chen L.; Wang C.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Shiao C.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chen Y.-M.; Wang W.-J.; Yeh Y.-C.; Hu F.-C.; The National Taiwan University Study Group on Acute Renal Failure (NSARF) GroupJournal of the American Heart Association
272014Hemojuvelin modulates iron stress during acute kidney injury: Improved by furin inhibitorYoung G.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Wu C.-H.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Hou C.-C.; Peng K.-Y.; Liang C.-J.; Lin S.-L.; Chang S.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Wu K.-D.; Wu V.-C.; Ko W.-J.Antioxidants and Redox Signaling
282014Long-term outcomes after dialysis-requiring acute kidney injuryWu V.-C.; Shiao C.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin M.-C.; Chiang W.-C.; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Ko W.-J.; Wang C.-Y.; Wang S.-M.; Chen L.BioMed Research International
292014The impact of acute kidney injury with temporary dialysis on the risk of fractureWang W.-J.; Chao C.-T.; Huang Y.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang H.-Y.; Shiao C.-C.; Chu T.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu V.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
302014Probable bullous pemphigoid related to arteriovenous shunt infectionChao C.-T.; CHUN-FU LAI Nephrology
312014Long-term risk of coronary events after AKIWu V.-C.; Wu C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Wang C.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Shiao C.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-Y.; Chen Y.-M.; Chu T.-S.; Chiang W.-C.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai P.-R.; Chen L.; Ko W.-J.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
322014Dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury increases risk of long-term malignancy: A population-based studyChao C.-T.; Wang C.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang T.-M.; Chen Y.-Y.; Kao T.-W.; Chu T.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Wu V.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Chen L.; Wu K.-D.Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
332013The hemodynamic effects during sustained low-efficiency dialysis versus continuous veno-venous hemofiltration for uremic patients with brain hemorrhage: A crossover studyWu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Shiao C.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai P.-R.; Wang W.-J.; Huang H.-Y.; Wang K.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Group N.Journal of Neurosurgery
342013Angiopoietins modulate endothelial adaptation, glomerular and podocyte hypertrophy after uninephrectomyChiang W.C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Su C.T.; Peng W.H.; Wu C.F.; Chang F.C.; Chen Y.T.; Lin S.L.; Chen Y.M.; Wu K.D.; Lu K.S.; Tsai T.J.PLoS ONE
352013Risk of developing severe sepsis after acute kidney injury: A population-based cohort studyLai T.-S.; Wang C.-Y.; Pan S.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Lin M.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu C.-H.; Wu V.-C.; Chien K.-L.; Ko W.-J.; Chen Y.-M.; Shiao C.-C.; Yang W.-S.; Wang W.-J.; Chen L.; Wu P.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Yeh Y.-C.; Hu F.-C.; Wu K.-D.Critical Care
362013Transforming growth factor β-1 stimulates profibrotic epithelial signaling to activate pericyte-myofibroblast transition in obstructive kidney fibrosisWu C.-F.; Chiang W.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chang F.-C.; Chen Y.-T.; Chou Y.-H.; Wu T.-H.; Linn G.R.; Ling H.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen Y.-M.; Duffield J.S.; Lin S.-L.American Journal of Pathology
372013Uremic Pruritus, Dialysis Adequacy, and Metabolic Profiles in Hemodialysis Patients: A Prospective 5-Year Cohort StudyKo M.-J.; Wu H.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Chiu Y.-L.; Hsu S.-P.; Pai M.-F.; Ju-YehYang, CHUN-FU LAI ; Lu H.-M.; Huang S.-C.; Yang S.-Y.; Wen S.-Y.; Chiu H.-C.; Hu F.-C.; Peng Y.-S.; Jee S.-H.PLoS ONE
382013Increased Risk of Active Tuberculosis following Acute Kidney Injury: A Nationwide, Population-Based StudyWu V.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Shiao C.-C.; Chang C.-H.; Huang H.-Y.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin M.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Yu C.-J.; Shu C.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Wang J.-Y.PLoS ONE
392013Withdrawal from long-term hemodialysis in patients with end-stage renal disease in taiwanCHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai H.-B.; Hsu S.-H.; Chiang C.-K.; Huang J.-W.; Huang S.-J.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
402013Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 Plays a Proinflammatory Role in Obstructive Kidney FibrosisCHUN-FU LAI ; Chen Y.-M.; Chiang W.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Kuo M.-L.; Tsai T.-J.PLoS ONE
412013Identify methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriers in hemodialysis patientsCHUN-FU LAI ; Wu H.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
422013Lactococcus garvieae peritoneal dialysis peritonitisChao C.T.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang J.W.Peritoneal Dialysis International
432012Risk factors for herpes zoster reactivation in maintenance hemodialysis patientsChao C.-T.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Huang J.-W.European Journal of Internal Medicine
442012Preoperative proteinuria is associated with long-term progression to chronic dialysis and mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting surgeryWu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Wu P.-C.; Wang W.-J.; Chao C.-T.; Yang S.-Y.; Shiao C.-C.; Hu F.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin Y.-F.; Han Y.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Hsu R.-B.; Young G.-H.; Wang S.-S.; Tsai P.-R.; Chen Y.-M.; Chao T.-T.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.PLoS ONE
452012U-Curve Association between Timing of Renal Replacement Therapy Initiation and In-Hospital Mortality in Postoperative Acute Kidney InjuryShiao C.-C.; Ko W.-J.; Wu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin Y.-F.; Chao C.-T.; Chu T.-S.; Tsai H.-B.; Wu P.-C.; Young G.-H.; Kao T.-W.; Huang J.-W.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin S.-L.; Wu M.-S.; Tsai P.-R.; Wu K.-D.; Wang M.-J.PLoS ONE
462012Advanced age affects the outcome-predictive power of RIFLE classification in geriatric patients with acute kidney injuryChao C.-T.; Wu V.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Shiao C.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Wu P.-C.; Tsai I.-J.; Hou C.-C.; Wang W.-J.; Tsai H.-B.; Lin Y.-F.; Chiang W.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.; Wu M.-S.; Wu K.-D.Kidney International
472012Kidney function decline after a non-dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury is associated with higher long-term mortality in critically ill survivorsCHUN-FU LAI ; Wu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Yeh Y.-C.; Wang K.-C.; Han Y.-Y.; Lin Y.-F.; Jhuang Y.-J.; Chao C.-T.; Shiao C.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Hu F.-C.; Chou N.-K.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Critical Care
482012Effect of diuretic use on 30-day postdialysis mortality in critically ill patients receiving acute dialysisWu V.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Shiao C.-C.; Lin Y.-F.; Wu P.-C.; Chao C.-T.; Hu F.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tsai I.-J.; Kao T.-W.; Han Y.-Y.; Wu W.-C.; Hou C.-C.; Young G.-H.; Ko W.-J.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.PLoS ONE
492012Clinical outcomes and predictors for ESRD and mortality in primary GNChou Y.-H.; Lien Y.-C.; Hu F.-C.; Lin W.-C.; Kao C.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chiang W.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Chen Y.-M.Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
502012Abnormal air collection on plain abdominal X-rayCHUN-FU LAI ; Chiu B.; Chung S.-D.; Peng Y.-S.Internal Medicine Journal
512011Combining body mass index and serum potassium to urine potassium clearance ratio is an alternative method to predict primary aldosteronismKuo C.-C.; Wu V.-C.; Tsai C.-W.; Huang K.-H.; Wang S.-M.; Li B.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Yang W.-S.; Chao C.-T.; Tsai I.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lin W.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang H.-W.; Wang W.-J.; Chiang W.-C.; Kao T.-W.; Chueh S.-C.; Chu T.-S.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.Clinica Chimica Acta
522011Verification and evaluation of aldosteronism demographics in the Taiwan Primary Aldosteronism Investigation Group (TAIPAI Group)Kuo C.-C.; Wu V.-C.; Huang K.-H.; Wang S.-M.; Chang C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Yang W.-S.; Tsai C.-W.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Lee T.-Y.; Lin W.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Chu T.-S.; Lin C.-Y.; Chang H.-W.; Wang W.-J.; Kao T.-W.; Chueh S.-C.; Wu K.-D.JRAAS - Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System
532011Impact of timing of renal replacement therapy initiation on outcome of septic acute kidney injuryChou Y.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Wu V.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Shiao C.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai H.-B.; Chao C.-T.; Young G.-H.; Wang W.-J.; Kao T.-W.; Lin S.-L.; Han Y.-Y.; Chou A.; Lin T.-H.; Yang Y.-W.; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai P.-R.; Lin Y.-F.; Huang J.-W.; Chiang W.-C.; Chou N.-K.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.Critical Care
542011Acute-on-chronic kidney injury at hospital discharge is associated with long-term dialysis and mortalityWu V.-C.; Huang T.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Shiao C.-C.; Lin Y.-F.; Chu T.-S.; Wu P.-C.; Chao C.-T.; Wang J.-Y.; Kao T.-W.; Young G.-H.; Tsai P.-R.; Tsai H.-B.; Wang C.-L.; Wu M.-S.; Chiang W.-C.; Tsai I.-J.; Hu F.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai T.-J.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.Kidney International
552011Nasal carriage of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is associated with higher all-cause mortality in hemodialysis patientsCHUN-FU LAI ; Liao C.-H.; Pai M.-F.; Chu F.-Y.; Hsu S.-P.; Chen H.-Y.; Yang J.-Y.; Chiu Y.-L.; Peng Y.-S.; Chang S.-C.; Hung K.-Y.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
562011Outcomes following dialysis for acute kidney injury among different stages of chronic kidney diseaseLee P.-H.; Wu V.-C.; Hu F.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Nephrology
572011Relationship between periodontal disease and mortality in patients treated with maintenance hemodialysisChen L.-P.; Chiang C.-K.; Peng Y.-S.; Hsu S.-P.; Lin C.-Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Hung K.-Y.American Journal of Kidney Diseases
582011A possible rare cause of renal failure in streptococcal infectionChang J.-F.; Peng Y.-S.; Tsai C.-C.; Hsu M.-S.; CHUN-FU LAI Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
592010Elevated C-reactive protein level in hemodialysis patients with moderate/severe uremic pruritus: A potential mediator of high overall mortalityChen H.-Y.; Chiu Y.-L.; Hsu S.-P.; Pai M.-F.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Yang J.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.QJM
602010Association of low serum fetuin A levels with poor arteriovenous access patency in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysisChen H.-Y.; Chiu Y.-L.; Chuang Y.-F.; Hsu S.-P.; Pai M.-F.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Yang J.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Kidney Diseases
612010Decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance in non-diabetic haemodialysis patients.Peng Y.S.; Chiu Y.L.; Chen H.Y.; Yang J.Y.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Hsu S.P.; Pai M.F.Nephrology (Carlton, Vic.)
622009Association of serum fetuin A with truncal obesity and dyslipidemia in non-diabetic hemodialysis patientsChen H.-Y.; Chiu Y.-L.; Hsu S.-P.; Pai M.-F.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Peng Y.-S.; Kao T.-W.; Hung K.-Y.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.European Journal of Endocrinology
632008Association of uraemic pruritus with inflammation and hepatitis infection in haemodialysis patientsChiu Y.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Chuang Y.-F.; Hsu S.-P.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Pai M.-F.; Yang S.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
642007Impact of Near-Death Experiences on Dialysis Patients: A Multicenter Collaborative StudyCHUN-FU LAI ; Kao T.-W.; Wu M.-S.; Chiang S.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Lu C.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Chang H.-W.; Lin S.-L.; Chang C.-J.; Chen P.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.American Journal of Kidney Diseases
652007Sexual dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patientsCHUN-FU LAI ; Wang Y.-T.; Hung K.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.; Lien Y.-R.; Wu M.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Chiang S.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Shiah C.-J.; Lu C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Chuang H.-F.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.American Journal of Nephrology
662007Sleep disturbance in chronic hemodialysis patients: The impact of depression and anemiaPai M.-F.; Hsu S.-P.; Yang S.-Y.; Ho T.-I.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Peng Y.-S.Renal Failure
672006Early activation of bradykinin B2 receptor aggravates reactive oxygen species generation and renal damage in ischemia/reperfusion injuryChiang W.-C.; Chien C.-T.; Lin W.-W.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu K.-D.; Chao J.; Tsai T.-J.Free Radical Biology and Medicine
682006Thoracic kidney and contralateral ureteral duplication - A case report and review of the literatureCHUN-FU LAI ; Chiang W.-C.; Yang J.-Y.; Yan H.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu K.-D.; Hsieh B.-S.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
692006Quantitative Comparison of Skin Colors in Patients With ESRD Undergoing Different Dialysis ModalitiesCHUN-FU LAI ; Kao T.-W.; Tsai T.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Huang K.-C.; Wu M.-S.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Kidney Diseases
702006Human immunodeficiency virus-associated nephropathyCHUN-FU LAI ; Huang J.-W.; Lin W.-C.; Hung C.-C.; Chu T.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
712005Pentoxifylline attenuates tubulointerstitial fibrosis by blocking Smad3/4-activated transcription and profibrogenic effects of connective tissue growth factorLin S.-L.; Chen R.-H.; Chen Y.-M.; Chiang W.-C.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
722005Pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas after CPRCHUN-FU LAI ; Chang W.-T.; Liang P.-C.; Lien W.-C.; Wang H.-P.; Chen W.-J.American Journal of Emergency Medicine
732005The renoprotective potential of pentoxifylline in chronic kidney diseaseLin S.-L.; Chiang W.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; CHUN-FU LAI ; Tsai T.-J.; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Chinese Medical Association