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12020An overview of hypertension and cardiac involvement in Asia: Focus on heart failureSoenarta A.A.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chia Y.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Minh H.V.; Park S.; Shin J.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Turana Y.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Zhang Y.-Q.; Wang J.-G.; Kario K.Journal of Clinical Hypertension66
22020Renin-angiotensin system inhibitors and COVID-19: Potential therapeutics rather than perpetratorsTZUNG-DAU WANG Acta Cardiologica Sinica2
32020The influence of the ambient temperature on blood pressure and how it will affect the epidemiology of hypertension in AsiaPark S.; Kario K.; Chia Y.-C.; Turana Y.; Chen C.-H.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Zhang Y.-Q.; Shin J.; Van Minh H.; Tomitani N.; Kabutoya T.; Sukonthasarn A.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.; the HOPE Asia NetworkJournal of Clinical Hypertension108
42020Insights on home blood pressure monitoring in Asia: Expert perspectives from 10 countries/regionsWang J.-G.; Bunyi M.L.; Chia Y.C.; Kario K.; Ohkubo T.; Park S.; Sukonthasarn A.; Tay J.C.; Turana Y.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Imai Y.Journal of Clinical Hypertension2
52020Target blood pressure and control status in AsiaChia Y.-C.; Kario K.; Turana Y.; Nailes J.; Tay J.C.; Siddique S.; Park S.; Shin J.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chen C.-H.; Divinagracia R.; Hoshide S.; Minh H.V.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Teo B.W.; Verma N.; Zhang Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension76
62020Central blood pressure for the management of hypertension: Is it a practical clinical tool in current practice?Cheng H.-M.; Chuang S.-Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Kario K.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chia Y.-C.; Divinagracia R.; Hoshide S.; Minh H.V.; Nailes J.; Park S.; Shin J.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Turana Y.; Verma N.; Zhang Y.; Wang J.-G.; Chen C.-H.Journal of Clinical Hypertension66
72020What is new in the 2018 Chinese hypertension guideline and the implication for the management of hypertension in Asia?Wang J.-G.; Chia Y.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Park S.; Hoshide S.; Tomitani N.; Kabutoya T.; Shin J.; Turana Y.; Soenarta A.A.; Tay J.C.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Nailes J.; Van Minh H.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Teo B.W.; Verma N.; Zhang Y.-Q.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Kario K.Journal of Clinical Hypertension86
820202020 Consensus summary on the management of hypertension in Asia from the HOPE Asia NetworkKario K.; Park S.; Chia Y.-C.; Sukonthasarn A.; Turana Y.; Shin J.; Chen C.-H.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Divinagracia R.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Zhang Y.-Q.; Van Minh H.; Tomitani N.; Kabutoya T.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension2828
92020COVID-19 and hypertension—evidence and practical management: Guidance from the HOPE Asia NetworkKario K.; Morisawa Y.; Sukonthasarn A.; Turana Y.; Chia Y.-C.; Park S.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Chen C.-H.; Tay J.C.; Li Y.; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension1310
102020High blood pressure in dementia: How low can we go?Turana Y.; Tengkawan J.; Chia Y.-C.; Teo B.W.; Shin J.; Sogunuru G.P.; Soenarta A.A.; Minh H.V.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chen C.-H.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Park S.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Sukonthasarn A.; Tay J.C.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Verma N.; Zhang Y.-Q.; Wang J.-G.; Kario K.Journal of Clinical Hypertension32
112020Considering ISCHEMIA in the context of FAME and FAME 2: A call for the universal adoption of invasive ischemia-guided coronary intervention approach in chronic coronary syndromeTZUNG-DAU WANG Acta Cardiologica Sinica0
122020Asian management of hypertension: Current status, home blood pressure, and specific concerns in TaiwanCheng H.-M.; Lin H.-J.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Chen C.-H.Journal of Clinical Hypertension52
132020Nationwide trends in incidence, healthcare utilization, and mortality in hospitalized heart failure patients in TaiwanTZUNG-DAU WANG ; Huang S.-T.; Wang C.-Y.; Lin F.-J.; Chen H.-M.; Hsiao F.-Y.ESC Heart Failure00
142020Comparison of day-to-day blood pressure variability in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus to those without diabetes: Asia BP@Home StudyChia Y.-C.; Kario K.; Tomitani N.; Park S.; Shin J.; Turana Y.; Tay J.C.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chen C.-H.; Hoshide S.; Nailes J.; Minh H.V.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Teo B.W.; Verma N.; Zhang Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension10
152020Variation in Blood Pressure Classification Using 7 Blood Pressure Estimation Protocols Among Adults in TaiwanLin H.-J.; Pan H.-Y.; Chen W.-J.; TZUNG-DAU WANG JAMA network open00
162020Prevalence, treatment, control and monitoring of hypertension: A nationwide community-based survey in Taiwan, 2017Pan H.-Y.; Lin H.-J.; Chen W.-J.; TZUNG-DAU WANG Acta Cardiologica Sinica0
172020Current status of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in Asian countries: A report from the HOPE Asia NetworkShin J.; Kario K.; Chia Y.-C.; Turana Y.; Chen C.-H.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Divinagracia R.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Zhang Y.-Q.; Park S.; Van Minh H.; Kabutoya T.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension1010
182020The feasibility of polypill for cardiovascular disease prevention in Asian PopulationSukonthasarn A.; Chia Y.-C.; Wang J.-G.; Nailes J.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Van Minh H.; Verma N.; Hoshide S.; Shin J.; Turana Y.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Zhang Y.-Q.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Chen C.-H.; Kario K.Journal of Clinical Hypertension1
192020Prevalence and associated factors of hyperuricemia among urban adults aged 35–79 years in southwestern China: a community-based cross-sectional studyHuang X.-B.; Zhang W.-Q.; Tang W.-W.; Liu Y.; Ning Y.; Huang C.; Liu J.-X.; Yi Y.-J.; Xu R.-H.; TZUNG-DAU WANG Scientific Reports00
202020Diversity of and initiatives for hypertension management in Asia—Why we need the HOPE Asia NetworkKario K.; Chia Y.-C.; Sukonthasarn A.; Turana Y.; Shin J.; Chen C.-H.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Nailes J.; Hoshide S.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Tay J.C.; Teo B.W.; Zhang Y.-Q.; Park S.; Minh H.V.; Tomitani N.; Kabutoya T.; Verma N.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension1513
212020Highlights of the 2019 Japanese Society of Hypertension Guidelines and perspectives on the management of Asian hypertensive patientsHoshide S.; Kario K.; Tomitani N.; Kabutoya T.; Chia Y.-C.; Park S.; Shin J.; Turana Y.; Tay J.C.; Buranakitjaroen P.; Chen C.-H.; Nailes J.; Minh H.V.; Siddique S.; Sison J.; Soenarta A.A.; Sogunuru G.P.; Sukonthasarn A.; Teo B.W.; Verma N.; Zhang Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang J.-G.Journal of Clinical Hypertension54
222020Renal Denervation in Asia: Consensus Statement of the Asia Renal Denervation ConsortiumKario K.; Kim B.-K.; Aoki J.; Wong A.Y.-T.; Lee Y.-H.; Wongpraparut N.; Nguyen Q.N.; Ahmad W.A.W.; Lim S.T.; Ong T.K.; TZUNG-DAU WANG Hypertension105
2320192019 consensus of the Taiwan hypertension society and Taiwan society of cardiology on the clinical application of central blood pressure in the management of hypertensionCheng H.-M.; Chuang S.-Y.; Sung S.-H.; Wu C.-C.; Wang J.-J.; Hsu P.-F.; Chao C.-L.; Hwang J.-J.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Chen C.-H.Acta Cardiologica Sinica6
242019Appropriate use of dual antiplatelet therapyWang K.-L.; TZUNG-DAU WANG Acta Cardiologica Sinica0
252019A highly sensitive pressure-sensing array for blood pressure estimation assisted by machine-learning techniquesHuang K.-H.; Tan F.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Yang Y.-J.Sensors (Switzerland)1410
262019May Measurement Month 2017: Results from Taiwan - East AsiaLin H.-J.; Pan H.-Y.; Kobeissi E.; Beaney T.; Poulter N.R.; Chen W.-J.; TZUNG-DAU WANG European Heart Journal, Supplement3
272019Relationship Between Statin Use and Outcomes in Patients Having Cardiac Arrest (from a Nationwide Cohort Study in Taiwan)Huang C.-H.; Yu P.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Huang H.-C.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Chang W.-T.; Tang C.-H.; Chen W.-J.American Journal of Cardiology32
282019From real-world evidence to consensus of renal denervation in Taiwan: A call for the incorporation of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring after witnessed intake of medicationsTZUNG-DAU WANG Acta Cardiologica Sinica1
292019May measurement month 2018: A pragmatic global screening campaign to raise awareness of blood pressure by the international society of hypertensionBeaney T.; Burrell L.M.; Castillo R.R.; Charchar F.J.; Cro S.; Damasceno A.; Kruger R.; Nilsson P.M.; Prabhakaran D.; Ramirez A.J.; Schlaich M.P.; Schutte A.E.; Tomaszewski M.; Touyz R.; Wang J.-G.; Weber M.A.; Poulter N.R.; Burazeri G.; Qirjako G.; Roshi E.; Cunashi R.; Fernandes M.J.C.C.; Pereira S.S.V.; Neto M.F.M.P.; Oliveira P.N.M.; Feijão A.C.G.; Cerniello Y.; Marin M.J.; Vasquez F.G.; Espeche W.G.; Stisman D.; Fuentes I.A.; Zilberman J.M.; Rodriguez P.; Babinyan K.Y.; Engibaryan A.H.; Avagyan A.M.; Minasyan A.A.; Gevorkyan A.T.; Carnagarin R.; Carrington M.J.; Sharman J.E.; Lee R.; Perl S.; Niederl E.; Malik F.-T.-N.; Choudhury S.R.; Al Mamun M.A.; Ishraquzzaman M.; Anthony F.; Connell K.; De Backer T.L.M.; Krzesinski J.; Houenassi M.D.; Houehanou C.Y.; Sokolovic S.; Bahtijarevic R.; Tiro M.B.; Mosepele M.; Masupe T.K.; Barroso W.S.; Gomes M.A.M.; Feitosa A.D.M.; Brandão A.A.; Miranda R.D.; Azevedo V.M.A.A.; Dias L.M.; Garcia G.D.N.; Martins I.P.P.; Dzudie A.; Kingue S.; Djomou F.A.N.; Njume E.; Khan N.; Lanas F.T.; Garcia M.S.; Paccot M.F.; Torres P.I.; Li Y.; Liu M.; Xu L.; Li L.; Chen X.; Deng J.; Zhao W.; Fu L.; Zhou Y.; Lopez-Jaramillo P.; Otero J.; Camacho P.A.; Accini J.L.; Sanchez G.; Arcos E.; Buyamba-Kabangu J.-R.M.; Katamba F.K.; Ngoyi G.N.; Buila N.M.; Bayauli P.M.; Mbolla B.F.E.; Bakekolo P.R.; Landa C.M.K.; Kaky G.S.K.; Kramoh E.K.; Ngoran Y.N.K.; Olsen M.H.; Valoy L.V.; Santillan M.; Medina A.R.G.; Peñaherrera C.E.; Villalba J.; Ramirez M.I.; Arteaga F.; Delgado P.; Beistline H.; Cappuccio F.P.; Keitley J.; Tay T.; Goshu D.Y.; Kassie D.M.; Gebru S.A.; Pathak A.; Denolle T.; Tsinamdzgvrishvili B.; Trapaidze D.; Sturua L.; Abesadze T.; Grdzelidze N.; Grabfelder M.; Krämer B.K.; Schmeider R.E.; Twumasi-Ankrah B.; Tannor E.K.; Lincoln M.D.; Deku E.M.; Wyss Quintana F.S.; Kenerson J.; Baptiste E.D.J.; Saintilmond W.W.; Barrientos A.L.; Peiger B.; Lagos A.R.; Forgas M.A.; Lee V.W.Y.; Tomlinson B.W.Y.; Járai Z.; Páll D.; More A.; Maheshwari A.; Verma N.; Sharma M.; Mukherjee T.K.; Patil M.; Jose A.P.; More A.; Takalkar A.; Turana Y.; Widyantoro B.; Danny S.S.; Djono S.; Handari S.D.; Tambunan M.; Tiksnadi B.B.; Hermiawaty E.; Tavassoli E.; Zolfaghari M.; Dolan E.; O'Brien E.; Borghi C.; Ferri C.; Torlasco C.; Parati G.; Nwokocha C.R.; Nwokocha M.I.; Ogola E.N.; Gitura B.M.; Barasa A.L.; Barasa F.A.; Wairagu A.W.; Nalwa W.Z.; Najem R.N.; Alfa A.K.A.; Fageh H.A.; Msalam O.M.; Derbi H.A.; Bettamar K.A.; Zakauskiene U.; Vickiene A.; Calmes J.; Alkerwi A.; Gantenbein M.; Ndhlovu H.L.L.; Masiye J.K.; Chirwa M.L.; Nyirenda N.M.; Dhlamini T.D.; Chia Y.C.; Ching S.M.; Devaraj N.K.; Ouane N.; Fane T.; Kowlessur S.; Ori B.; Heecharan J.; Alcocer L.; Chavez A.; Ruiz G.; Espinosa C.; Gomez-Alvarez E.; Neupane D.; Bhattarai H.; Ranabhat K.; Adhikari T.B.; Koirala S.; Toure I.A.; Soumana K.H.; Wahab K.W.; Omotoso A.B.; Sani M.U.; Okubadejo N.U.; Nadar S.K.; Al-Riyami H.A.; Ishaq M.; Memon F.; Sidique S.; Choudhry H.A.; Khan R.A.; Ayala M.; Maidana A.J.O.; Bogado G.G.G.; Ona D.I.; Atilano A.; Granada C.; Bartolome R.; Manese L.; Mina A.; Dumlao M.C.; Villaruel M.C.; Gomez L.; Jóźwiak J.; Małyszko J.; Banach M.; Mastej M.; de Carvalho Rodrigues M.M.; Martins L.L.; Paval A.; Dorobantu M.; Konradi A.O.; Chazova I.E.; Rotar O.; Spoares M.C.; Viegas D.; Almustafa B.A.; Alshurafa S.A.; Brady A.; Bovet P.; Viswanathan B.; Oladapo O.O.; Russell J.W.; Brguljan-Hitij J.; Bozic N.; Knez J.; Dolenc P.; Hassan M.M.; Woodiwiss A.J.; Myburgh C.; Vally M.; Ruilope L.M.; Molinero A.; Rodilla E.; Gijón-Conde T.; Beheiry H.M.; Ali I.A.; Osman A.A.A.; fahal N.A.W.; Osman H.A.; Altahir F.; Persson M.; Wuerzner G.; Burkard T.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Lin H.-J.; Pan H.-Y.; Chen W.-J.; Lin E.; Mondo C.K.; Ingabire P.M.; Khomazyuk T.T.A.; Krotova V.V.-Y.; Negresku E.; Evstigneeva O.; Bazargani N.N.B.; Agrawal A.; Bin Belaila B.A.; Suhail A.M.; Muhammed K.O.; Shuri H.H.; Wainford R.D.; Levy P.D.; Boggia J.J.G.; Garré L.L.; Hernandez-Hernandez R.; Octavio-Seijas J.A.; Lopez-Rivera J.A.; Morr I.; Duin A.; Huynh M.V.; Cao S.T.; Nguyen V.L.; To M.; Phan H.N.; Cockroft J.; McDonnell B.; Goma F.M.; Syatalimi C.; Chifamba J.; Gwini R.; Xia X.; Tiburcio O.V.; MMM InvestigatorsEuropean Heart Journal10793
302019Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Risk of First Hospitalization for Heart Failure in Patients with No History of Heart Failure: A Population-Based Case-Crossover StudyHuang S.-P.; Wen Y.-C.; Huang S.-T.; Lin C.-W.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Hsiao F.-Y.Drug Safety98
312019A tactile sensing array integrated with tension sensor for continuously monitoring blood pulse wavesHuang K.-H.; Tan F.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Yang Y.-J.Microelectronic Engineering1
3220192019 consensus statement of the Taiwan hypertension society and the Taiwan society of cardiology on renal denervation for the management of arterial hypertensionTZUNG-DAU WANG ; Lee Y.-H.; Chang S.-S.; Tung Y.-C.; Yeh C.-F.; Lin Y.-H.; Pan C.-T.; Hsu C.-Y.; Huang C.-Y.; Wu C.-K.; Sung P.-H.; Chiang L.-T.; Wang Y.-C.; Tsai W.-C.; Lin T.-T.; Lin C.-P.; Chen W.-J.; Hwang J.-J.Acta Cardiologica Sinica11
332019A Blood Pressure Monitoring Device with Tactile and Tension Sensors Assisted by a Machine Learning TechniqueHuang K.-H.; Tan F.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Yang Y.-J.2019 20th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems and Eurosensors XXXIII, TRANSDUCERS 2019 and EUROSENSORS XXXIII0
342019Effect Modification by Age on the Benefit or Harm of Antihypertensive Treatment for Elderly Hypertensives: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisHuang C.-J.; Chiang C.-E.; Williams B.; Kario K.; Sung S.-H.; Chen C.-H.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Cheng H.-M.American Journal of Hypertension55
352019Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in southwestern ChinaHuang X.-B.; Zhang Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Liu J.-X.; Yi Y.-J.; Liu Y.; Xu R.-H.; Hu Y.-M.; Chen M.Scientific Reports42
362019Efficacy and safety of renal denervation for patients with uncontrolled hypertension in taiwan: 3-year results from the global symplicity registry-taiwan (GSR-Taiwan)Lee C.-K.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Lee Y.-H.; Fahy M.; Lee C.-H.; Sung S.-H.; Kao H.-L.; Wu Y.-W.; Lin T.-H.Acta Cardiologica Sinica2
372019High prevalence of obesity-related hypertension among adults aged 40 to 79 years in Southwest ChinaZhang Y.; Hou L.-S.; Tang W.-W.; Xu F.; Xu R.-H.; Liu X.; Liu Y.; Liu J.-X.; Yi Y.-J.; Hu T.-S.; Hu R.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Huang X.-B.Scientific Reports41
382019A bridge still too farTZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang K.-L.; Chiang C.-E.Acta Cardiologica Sinica0
392019Multi-ancestry genome-wide gene–smoking interaction study of 387,272 individuals identifies new loci associated with serum lipidsBentley A.R.; Sung Y.J.; Brown M.R.; Winkler T.W.; Kraja A.T.; Ntalla I.; Schwander K.; Chasman D.I.; Lim E.; Deng X.; Guo X.; Liu J.; Lu Y.; Cheng C.-Y.; Sim X.; Vojinovic D.; Huffman J.E.; Musani S.K.; Li C.; Feitosa M.F.; Richard M.A.; Noordam R.; Baker J.; Chen G.; Aschard H.; Bartz T.M.; Ding J.; Dorajoo R.; Manning A.K.; Rankinen T.; Smith A.V.; Tajuddin S.M.; Zhao W.; Graff M.; Alver M.; Boissel M.; Chai J.F.; Chen X.; Divers J.; Evangelou E.; Gao C.; Goel A.; Hagemeijer Y.; Harris S.E.; Hartwig F.P.; He M.; Horimoto A.R.V.R.; Hsu F.-C.; Hung Y.-J.; Jackson A.U.; Kasturiratne A.; Komulainen P.; Kühnel B.; Leander K.; Lin K.-H.; Luan J.; Lyytikäinen L.-P.; Matoba N.; Nolte I.M.; Pietzner M.; Prins B.; Riaz M.; Robino A.; Said M.A.; Schupf N.; Scott R.A.; Sofer T.; Stancáková A.; Takeuchi F.; Tayo B.O.; van der Most P.J.; Varga T.V.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Wang Y.; Ware E.B.; Wen W.; Xiang Y.-B.; Yanek L.R.; Zhang W.; Zhao J.H.; Adeyemo A.; Afaq S.; Amin N.; Amini M.; Arking D.E.; Arzumanyan Z.; Aung T.; Ballantyne C.; Barr R.G.; Bielak L.F.; Boerwinkle E.; Bottinger E.P.; Broeckel U.; Brown M.; Cade B.E.; Campbell A.; Canouil M.; Charumathi S.; Chen Y.-D.I.; Christensen K.; Concas M.P.; Connell J.M.; de las Fuentes L.; de Silva H.J.; de Vries P.S.; Doumatey A.; Duan Q.; Eaton C.B.; Eppinga R.N.; Faul J.D.; Floyd J.S.; Forouhi N.G.; Forrester T.; Friedlander Y.; Gandin I.; Gao H.; Ghanbari M.; Gharib S.A.; Gigante B.; Giulianini F.; Grabe H.J.; Gu C.C.; Harris T.B.; Heikkinen S.; Heng C.-K.; Hirata M.; Hixson J.E.; Ikram M.A.; Jia Y.; Joehanes R.; Johnson C.; Jonas J.B.; Justice A.E.; Katsuya T.; Khor C.C.; Kilpeläinen T.O.; Koh W.-P.; Kolcic I.; Kooperberg C.; Krieger J.E.; Kritchevsky S.B.; Kubo M.; Kuusisto J.; Lakka T.A.; Langefeld C.D.; Langenberg C.; Launer L.J.; Lehne B.; Lewis C.E.; Li Y.; Liang J.; Lin S.; Liu C.-T.; Liu J.; Liu K.; Loh M.; Lohman K.K.; Louie T.; Luzzi A.; Mägi R.; Mahajan A.; Manichaikul A.W.; McKenzie C.A.; Meitinger T.; Metspalu A.; Milaneschi Y.; Milani L.; Mohlke K.L.; Momozawa Y.; Morris A.P.; Murray A.D.; Nalls M.A.; Nauck M.; Nelson C.P.; North K.E.; O’Connell J.R.; Palmer N.D.; Papanicolau G.J.; Pedersen N.L.; Peters A.; Peyser P.A.; Polasek O.; Poulter N.; Raitakari O.T.; Reiner A.P.; Renström F.; Rice T.K.; Rich S.S.; Robinson J.G.; Rose L.M.; Rosendaal F.R.; Rudan I.; Schmidt C.O.; Schreiner P.J.; Scott W.R.; Sever P.; Shi Y.; Sidney S.; Sims M.; Smith J.A.; Snieder H.; Starr J.M.; Strauch K.; Stringham H.M.; Tan N.Y.Q.; Tang H.; Taylor K.D.; Teo Y.Y.; Tham Y.C.; Tiemeier H.; Turner S.T.; Uitterlinden A.G.; van Heemst D.; Waldenberger M.; Wang H.; Wang L.; Wang L.; Wei W.B.; Williams C.A.; Wilson G.; Sr, Wojczynski M.K.; Yao J.; Young K.; Yu C.; Yuan J.-M.; Zhou J.; Zonderman A.B.; Becker D.M.; Boehnke M.; Bowden D.W.; Chambers J.C.; Cooper R.S.; de Faire U.; Deary I.J.; Elliott P.; Esko T.; Farrall M.; Franks P.W.; Freedman B.I.; Froguel P.; Gasparini P.; Gieger C.; Horta B.L.; Juang J.-M.J.; Kamatani Y.; Kammerer C.M.; Kato N.; Kooner J.S.; Laakso M.; Laurie C.C.; Lee I.-T.; Lehtimäki T.; Magnusson P.K.E.; Oldehinkel A.J.; Penninx B.W.J.H.; Pereira A.C.; Rauramaa R.; Redline S.; Samani N.J.; Scott J.; Shu X.-O.; van der Harst P.; Wagenknecht L.E.; Wang J.-S.; Wang Y.X.; Wareham N.J.; Watkins H.; Weir D.R.; Wickremasinghe A.R.; Wu T.; Zeggini E.; Zheng W.; Bouchard C.; Evans M.K.; Gudnason V.; Kardia S.L.R.; Liu Y.; Psaty B.M.; Ridker P.M.; van Dam R.M.; Mook-Kanamori D.O.; Fornage M.; Province M.A.; Kelly T.N.; Fox E.R.; Hayward C.; van Duijn C.M.; Tai E.S.; Wong T.Y.; Loos R.J.F.; Franceschini N.; Rotter J.I.; Zhu X.; Bierut L.J.; Gauderman W.J.; Rice K.; Munroe P.B.; Morrison A.C.; Rao D.C.; Rotimi C.N.; Cupples L.A.; COGENT-Kidney Consortium, EPIC-InterAct Consortium, Understanding Society Scientific Group, Lifelines CohortNature Genetics43
402018High Sensitivity of T-Ray for Thrombus SensingSun C.-K.; Chen H.-Y.; Tseng T.-F.; You B.; Wei M.-L.; Lu J.-Y.; Chang Y.-L.; Tseng W.-L.; TZUNG-DAU WANG Scientific Reports98
4120182018 consensus of the Taiwan Society of Cardiology and the Diabetes Association of Republic of China (Taiwan) on the pharmacological management of patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseasesChiang C.-E.; Lin S.-Y.; Lin T.-H.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Yeh H.-I.; Chen J.-F.; Tsai C.-T.; Hung Y.-J.; Li Y.-H.; Liu P.-Y.; Chang K.-C.; Wang K.-L.; Chao T.-H.; Shyu K.-G.; Yang W.-S.; Ueng K.-C.; Chu P.-H.; Yin W.-H.; Wu Y.-W.; Cheng H.-M.; Shin S.-J.; Huang C.-N.; Chuang L.-M.; Lin S.-J.; Yeh S.-J.; Sheu W.H.-H.; Lin J.-L.Journal of the Chinese Medical Association1412
422018Commentary: Angioplasty of Internal Pudendal and Penile Arteries for Arteriogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Reassuring, but the Jury Is Still OutTZUNG-DAU WANG Journal of Endovascular Therapy11
432018Prevalence and risk factors associated with hypertension in the Chinese Qiang populationHuang X.-B.; Chen F.; Dai W.; Song L.; Tu J.; Xu J.-B.; Liu J.-X.; Yi Y.-J.; Liu Y.; Chen Y.; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Zhao S.-P.Clinical and Experimental Hypertension22
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