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12008Transcription factor SOX-5 enhances nasopharyngeal carcinoma progression by down-regulating SPARC gene expressionYU-TSAN LIN ; HUANG, DAH-YEOU; LIN, YI-TING; JAN, PEY- SHYNAN; HWANG, YU-CHYI; PENG, YEH; HANG, CHI-YING; WU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG journal article4141
22007Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus type 1 for epitope mapping and serological detection by epitope-based peptide antigensChen, Yun-Ching; Chen, Y. C.; Huang, H. N.; Huang, Hsien-Neng; Lin, C. T.; Lin, Chin-Tarng ; Chen, Yi-Fang; Chen, Y. F.; King, C. C.; King, Chwan-Chuen; Wu, Han-Chung; Wu, H. C.journal article2424
32007Effect of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection on Global Gene Expression in Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaLEE, YUAN-CHII GLADYS; HWANG, YU-CHYI; HUANG, DAH-YEOU; HUANG, TAO-WEI; KAO, CHENG-YAN; WU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG ; HUANG, CHI-YING
42005Cytochrome C Release Induces Apoptosis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (Npc) by Antitumor GlyfolineSU, TSANN-LONG; WANG, CHUNG-KWE; WU, HAN- CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG 
52004Mdm2 Expression in Ebv-Infected Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma CellsWu, Han-Chung; Lu, Tung-Ying; Lee, Jeng-Jie; Hwang, Jen-Kuo; Lin, Yu-Ju; Wang, Chung-Kwe; Lin, Chin-Tarng 
62004A Novel Peptide Specifically Binding to Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma for Targeted Drug Delivery李冬陽; 吳漢忠; 林欽塘 ; LEE, TONG-YOUNG; WU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN -TARNG 
72001G Protein Beta 2 Subunit Antisense Oligonucleotides Inhibit Cell Proliferation and Disorganize Microtubule and Mitotic Spindle OrganizationWU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG 
82001The Association of Heterotrimeric Gtp-Binding Protein (Go) with MicrotubulesWU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG 
91998G Protein Beta Subunit Is Closely Associated with Microtubules黃佩欣 ; WU, HAN-CHUNG; HUANG, PEI-HSING; LIN, CHIN-TARNG 
101994Association of heterotrimeric GTP binding regulatory protein (Go) with mitosisWU, HAN-CHUNG; LIN, CHIN-TARNG 
111992The Effects of Pentobarbital, Ketamine and Ketamine-Xylazine in a Rat Focal Stroke Model葉炳強; 許亞桃; 郭忠韓; 林欽塘 ; 陳榮基; YIP, PING-KEUNG; KOH, AH-TOH; KOH, CHUNG-HAN; LIN, CHIN-TARNG ; CHEN, RONG-CHI