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12019White matter endophenotype candidates for ADHD: A diffusion imaging tractography study with sibling designHUEY-LING CHIANG ; Hsu, Yung Chin; Shang, Chi Yuan; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU journal article0
22017Disorder-Specific Alteration in White Matter Structural Property in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder Relative to Adults With ADHD and Adult ControlsHUEY-LING CHIANG ; YU-JEN CHEN ; HSIANG-YUAN LIN ; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU journal article8
32017Disorder-Specific Alteration in White Matter Structural Property in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder Relative to Adults With ADHD and Adult Controls.HSIANG-YUAN LIN ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article87
42017Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associated with increased risk of bipolar disorderHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article33
52016Use of Radioactive Iodine for Thyroid Cancer and Risk of Second Primary Malignancy: A Nationwide Population-Based StudyHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article2318
62016Different neural substrates for executive functions in youths with ADHD: A diffusion spectrum imaging tractography studySUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chiang, H. -L.; Chen, Y. -J.; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; CHI-YUNG SHANG ; Shang, C. -Y.; Shang, C. -Y.; Tseng, W. -Y. I.; Tseng, W. -Y. I.; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Gau, S. S. -F.; Gau, S. S. -F.journal article138
72015Altered white matter tract property related to impaired focused attention, sustained attention, cognitive impulsivity and vigilance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderChiang, Huey-Ling ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; YU-JEN CHEN; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Lo, Yu-Chun; Lo, Yu-Chun; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen journal article2723
82015Comorbid psychiatric conditions as mediators to predict later social adjustment in youths with autism spectrum disorderChiang, Huey-Ling ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen journal article1615
92015Risk of cancer in children, adolescents, and young adults with autistic disorderSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Liu, Chia-Jen; Hu, Yu-Wen; Chen, San-Chi; Hu, Li-Yu; Shen, Cheng-Che; Yeh, Chiu-Mei; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen journal article1010
102015A haplotype of the norepinephrine transporter gene (SLC6A2) is associated with visual memory in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; CHI-YUNG SHANG journal article44
112014Impact of executive functions on school and peer functions in youths with ADHDSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen journal article1917
122014Risk of depressive disorder following non-alcoholic cirrhosis: A nationwide population-based studyHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article1311
132014Anxiety and depressive disorders among patients with esophageal cancer in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based studyHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article76
142013Associations of symptoms and subtypes of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder with visuospatial planning ability in youthSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Huang, Lin-Wan; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; CHI-YUNG SHANG ; Shang, Chi-Yung journal article119
152013Hyperthyroidism and Risk for Bipolar Disorders: A Nationwide Population-Based StudyHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article2220
162013Delayed onset urticaria in depressive patients with bupropion prescription: A nationwide population-based studyHu, Li-Yu; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Liu, Chia-Jen; Lu, Ti; Hu, Tsung-Ming; Tsai, Chia-Fen; Hu, Yu-Wen; Shen, Cheng-Che; Chang, Yu-Sheng; Chen, Mu-Hong; Teng, Chung-Jen; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Yeh, Chiu-Mei; Su, Vincent Yi-Fong; Wang, Wei-Shu; Chen, Pan-Mingjournal article10
172013Association between early attention-deficit/hyperactivity symptoms and current verbal and visuo-spatial short-term memorySUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article2219
182012Parental adjustment, marital relationship, and family function in families of children with autismSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Chou, Miao-Churn; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Lee, Ju-Chin; Wong, Ching-Ching; Chou, Wen-Jiun; Wu, Yu-Yujournal article9689
192012Duloxetine improves oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy in patients with colorectal cancer: An open-label pilot studyHUEY-LING CHIANG ; Yang, Ya-Hsu; Lin, Jen-Kou; Chen, Wei-Shone; Lin, Tzu-Chen; Yang, Shung-Haur; Jiang, Jeng-Kai; Chang, Shih-Ching; Lan, Yuan-Tzu; Lin, Chun-Chi; Yen, Chueh-Chuan; Tzeng, Cheng-Hwai; Wang, Wei-Shu; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Teng, Chung-Jen; Teng, Hao-Weijournal article2830
202012Sleep problems among Taiwanese children with autism, their siblings and typically developing childrenSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Chou, Miao-Chun; Chou, Wen-Jiun; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; Wu, Yu-Yu; Lee, Ju-Chin; Wong, Ching-Ching; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen journal article88
212012Sleep problems in children with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and epilepsyTsai, Fang-Ju; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; Chiang, Huey-Ling ; PI-CHUAN FAN ; Lee, Chi-Mei; WANG-TSO LEE ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Fan, Pi-Chuan ; Wu, Yu-Yu; Chiu, Yen-Nanjournal article1615
222012Dosage and duration of antipsychotic treatment in demented outpatients with agitation or psychosisTZUNG-JENG HWANG ; HAI-GWO HWU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article11
232011The determinants of daily function in children with cerebral palsyChiang, Huey-Ling ; Tseng, Mei-Hui ; JENG-YI SHIEH ; Chen, Kuan-Lin; LU LU ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi ; MEI-HUI TSENG ; Lu, Lu ; Huang, Chien-Yujournal article1312
242011Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis with acute renal failure associated with eltrombopag therapyHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article10
252010A genome-wide quantitative trait loci scan of neurocognitive performances in families with schizophreniaChiang, Huey-Ling ; HAI-GWO HWU ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; WEI J. CHEN ; LIEN, YIN-JU; LIU, CHIH-MIN ; TSUANG, MING T.; HWU, HAI-GWO ; HSIAO, PO-CHANG; CHEN, WEI-JANEjournal article1613
262010Association between symptoms and subtypes of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and sleep problems/disordersSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG ; CHI-YUNG SHANG journal article5954
272010The Association between Pubertal Development and Emotional/Behavioral Problems, Substance Use, and Suicidality among AdolescentsHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article
282010兒童虐待HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article00
292009Rapid dose-dependent effect of clozapine on a schizophrenic patient's lipid profile.HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article
302009Sleep problems and disorders among adolescents with persistent and subthreshold attention-deficit/hyperactivity disordersHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article
312009A Validation Study of the Chinese Version of the Athens Insomnia ScaleHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article
322008Pubertal Development and Emotional/Behavioral ProblemsHUEY-LING CHIANG journal article
332008Applying long-acting injectable antipsychotics in first-episode schizophrenia to achieve first remissionCHEN-CHUNG LIU ; HUEY-LING CHIANG journal article11