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12015Characteristic investigation of scanning surface plasmon microscopy for nucleotide functionalized nanoarrayCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG journal article00
22015Tip-enhanced fluorescence with radially polarized illumination for monitoring loop-mediated isothermal amplification on Hepatitis C virus cDNACHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG journal article22
32015A Turbidity Test Based Centrifugal Microfluidics Diagnostic System for Simultaneous Detection of HBV, HCV, and CMVJIUN-HAW LEE ; Chang, Hung-Cheng; Chao, Yu-Tin; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chao, Yu-Tin; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Yu, Ya-Lin; Yu, Ya-Lin; Lee, Chun-Nan; Ho, Bing-Ching; Liu, Kou-Chen; Fang, Jiunn; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; 顏家鈺 journal article21
42014Micro-wing and pore design in an implantable FPC-based neural stimulation probe for minimally invasive surgeryCHII-WANN LIN ; WEN-PIN SHIH ; JIASHING YU conference paper10
52014Implantable probe with split anchors via residual stress and induced cell growth with gelatin nanofibresCHII-WANN LIN ; WEN-PIN SHIH ; JIASHING YU journal article00
62013Metallic Tip Enhanced Fluorescence for DNA Replication MonitoringCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG conference paper00
72012Amplified surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for interferon-Gamma based on a streptavidin-incorporated aptamerPO-REN HSUEH ; CHII-WANN LIN journal article4443
82011Detection of tip-enhanced fluorescence from loop-mediated isothermal amplification of hepatitis B virus by two-photon microscopyCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG conference paper10
92011Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of cardiac anomalies including VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHEN, HUNG-HUI; CHIANG, CHENG-YI; CHEN, TUNG-CHIEN; LIU, CHIEN-SHENG; HUANG, YU-JIE; LU, SHEY-SHI ; LIN, CHII-WANN ; CHEN, LIANG-GEE journal article42
102011Immunomagnetic Reduction for Fetal Fibronectin Detection - a Novel Method to Detect the Preterm BiomarkerCHEN, CHEN-YU; CHANG, CHIA-CHEN; YANG, SHIEH-YUEH; LIN, CHII-WANN 
112011Using Polyethylene Glycol-Modified Chitosan for Improvement of Carbohydrate Antigen 15-3 Detection on a Quartz Crystal Microbalance BiosensorChang, Chia-Chen; Lin, Shenhsiung; Chu-Su, Yu; Lin, Chii-Wann 04
122011A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA recombinationCHII-WANN LIN ; Wang, An-Bang ; Cheng, Chia-Wei; AN-BANG WANG ; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Lin, I-Chun; Lu, Fei-Yau; Tsai, Huai-Jen; Lin, Chiu-Chun; Yang, Chun-Hui; Pan, Po-Ting; Kuan, Chen-Chi; Chen, Yen-Chih; Lin, Yi-Wei; Chang, Chih-Ning; Wu, Yi-Hung; Kurniawan, Tetuko; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wo, Andrew M.; Chen, Lin-Chi journal article87
132011Using a TiO2/ZnO double-layer film for improving the sensing performance of ZnO based NO gas sensorCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1614
142011An implantable bipolar spine stimulation probe with bio-inspired adhesive microtubesWu, C.-T.; CHII-WANN LIN ; Ting, L.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Tsai, Y.-C.; Lin, W.-T.; Chen, T.-C.; Shih, W.-P.; Lin, C.-W.conference paper00
152011An electromagnetically-driven microfluidic platform with indirect-heating thermo-pneumatic valvesChia, Bonnie T.; Yang, Xin-Ying; Cheng, Ming-Yuan; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yang, Yao-Joejournal article22
162010Open access emission characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes and organic thin-films with planar and corrugated structuresHOANG-YAN LIN ; CHII-WANN LIN ; JIUN-HAW LEE ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG journal article4745
172010Electrode modified with a composite film of ZnO nanorods and Ag nanoparticles as a sensor for hydrogen peroxideCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article110111
182010Fabrication of NOx gas sensors using In2O3-ZnO composite filmsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article7069
192010Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN conference paper80
202010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Lin, Mu-Lien; Chang, Chi-Heng; Ho, I-Hsiu; Fang, Po Hsiang; Li, Yi Chin; Wang, Chang Lun; Tsai, Yao-Chuan; Wen, Yeong-Ray; Shih, Win-Pin; Yang, Yao-Joe ; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper130
212010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN journal article2921
222010Enhanced Fluorescence from GratingsLin, Chii-Wann ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Lee, Chih-Kung book
232009Fabrication process of integrated multi-analyte biochip system for implantable applicationTsai, Yao-Chuan; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Liu, P.-C.; Ou, Yu-Cheng; Liao, Hsin-Hung; Yang, Y-J; Yang, L.-J.; Lei, U. ; Chao, F.; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Chiu-Wannconference paper50
242009The development and evaluation of the citizen telehealth care service system: Case study in TaipeiCHII-WANN LIN ; KAI-PING GRACE YAO conference paper60
252009Surface Plasmon Effects on Two Photon Luminescence of Gold NanorodsWANG, DA-SHIN; HSU, FU-YIN; LIN, CHII-WANN 5552
262009Nanopatterning on Silicon Wafers Using Afm-Based Lithography-for Solar CellsLU, HUI-HSIN; LIN, CHII-WANN ; HSIAO, TZU-CHIEN; LEE, CHIH-KUNG ; HSU, SU-MING
272009Soft Sensors for Monitoring Respiratory and Heart SoundHuang, Shi-Ing; Cheng, Long-Cheng; Chou, Show-Hwai; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yu, Chun; Tsai, Tzu-Hsiu11
282009Fabrication of a molecularly imprinted polymer sensor by self-assembling monolayer/mediator systemCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article3130
292009Electrical properties of single and multiple poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanowires for sensing nitric oxide gasLu, HH; CHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Lin, CY; Hsiao, TC; Fang, YY; Ho, KC; Yang, DF; Lee, CK; Hsu, SM; Lin, CWjournal article2123
302009Fabrication of NOx gas sensors using In2O 3-ZnO composite thin filmsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO conference paper00
312009Room-temperature nitric oxide gas sensing of pedot thin film using surface plasmon resonanceCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article11
322008Artificial neural networks and computational neuroscience, 類神經網路與計算神經科學林啟萬 ; 魏志中book
332008Label-Free In Vivo Imaging of Drosophila Melanogaster by Multiphoton MicroscopyCHII-WANN LIN ; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; SUNG-JAN LIN conference paper00
342008Compact optical diagnostic device for isothermal nucleic acids amplificationLee, Szu-Yuan; Huang, Jhen-Gang; Chuang, Tsung-Liang; Sheu, Jin-Chuan ; Chuang, Yi-Kuang; Holl, Mark; Meldrum, Deirdre R.; Lee, Chun-Nan; Lin, Chii-Wann ; ���䤸; ������; ���z; �\���t ; ���H��; ���g�k; �L�ҸU journal article3834
352008Chemiresistive NO gas sensor based on zinc oxide nanorodsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article10
362008Simulation of surface plasmon resonance of Au–WO3?x and Ag–WO3?x nanocomposite filmsDeng, Henghua; Yang, Dongfang; Chen, Bo; Lin, Chii-Wann 
372008Chaotic phase space differential (CPSD) algorithm for real-time detection of VF, VT, and PVC ecg signalsCHII-WANN LIN ; YUEH-HSUN CHUANG conference paper40
382008Label-free imaging of Drosophila larva by multiphoton autofluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopyLin, Chiao-Ying; Hovhannisyan, Vladimir; Wu, June-Tai; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Lin, Sung-Jan ; Dong, Chen-Yuan journal article1411
392007Efficient, Specific, Compact Hepatitis B Diagnostic Device: Optical Detection of the Hepatitis B Virus by Isothermal AmplificationLee, Szu-Yuan; Lee, Chun-Nan; Mark, Holl; Meldrum, Deirdre R.; Lin, Chii-Wann 
402007Dynamic response of glucagon/anti-glucagon pairs to pulling velocity and pH studied by atomic force microscopyLin, Shiming; Wang, Yu-Ming; Huang, Long-Sun; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Hsu, Su-Ming; Lee, Chih-Kung 
412007Electrochemical Detection of high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Based on Biomimic Design of Electroactive Nanoassembly MultilayersChien, Ling-Chih; Chiu, Nan-Fu; Lee, Adam Shih-Yuan; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Yang, Yao-Joe; Wu, Kuang-Chong ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Lin, Chii-Wann 
422007Measuring the Optical Constant of a Gold Nanoparticle Monolayer and Its Applications to SPR SimulationWang, Da-Shin; Chen, Yen-Chun; Lin, Chii-Wann 
432007Enhancement and tunability of active plasmonic by multilayer grating coupled emissionChiu, Nan-Fu; Yu, Chun; Nien, Shou-Yu; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung ; Wu, Kuang-Chong ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article3935
442007Enhanced luminescence of organic/metal nanostructure for grating coupler active long-range surface plasmonic deviceChiu, Nan-Fu; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung ; Wu, Kuang-Chong ; Lee, Chih-Kung 4133
452007Apocynin alleviated hepatic oxidative burden and reduced liver injury in hypercholesterolaemiaLu, Long-Sheng; Wu, Chau-Chung ; Hung, Li-Man; Chiang, Meng-Tsan; Lin, Ching-Ting; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Su, Ming-Jai journal article2217
462007Micro-viscometer based on electrowetting on dielectricLin, Yan-You; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Wang, An-Bang journal article2726
472007Nano fabrication of conducting polymers for NO Gas by dip pen nanolithographyCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO conference paper40
482006數位訊號處理 – LabVIEW & 生醫訊號劉建昇; 游濬; 張信豪; 蕭子健; 謝澄漢; 林啟萬 book
492006Admittance Loci Design Method for Multilayer Surface Plasmon Resonance DevicesLIN, CHII-WANN ; CHEN, KUO-PING; HSIAO, TZE-CHIEN; LIN, SHI-MING ; LEE, CHIH-KUNG 
502006Design and Fabrication of an Alternating Dielectric Multi-Layer Device for Surface Plasmon Resonance SensorLIN, CHII-WANN ; CHEN, KUO-PING; HSIAO, CHIEN-NAN; LIN, SHI-MING ; LEE, CHIH-KUNG 
512006Enhanced luminescence of organic/metal nanostructure with symmetric dielectric layers for long-range surface plasmon polaritonsChiu, Nan-Fu; Nien, Shou-Yu; Chien, Ling-Chih; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung ; Lin, Chii-Wann conference paper10
522006A miniaturized germanium-doped silicon dioxide-based surface plasmon resonance waveguide sensor for immunoassay detectionHuang, Jhen-Gang; Lee, Chen-Lung; Lin, Hsueh-Min; Chuang, Tsung-Liang; Wang, Way-Seen; Juang, Rong-Huey; Wang, Ching-Ho; Lee, Chih Kung ; Lin, Shi-Ming ; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article3838
532006Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors Using Silica-on-Silicon Optical WaveguidesChu, Yi-Shin; Hsu, Wen-Hao; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wang, Way-Seenjournal article
542005光生化型晶片系統於藥物篩選與疾病檢測之研發─光生化型晶片系統於藥物篩選與疾病檢測之研發(總計畫)林啟萬 report
552005Determination of binding constant of DNA-binding drug to target DNA by surface plasmon resonance biosensor technologyLin, Liang-Ping; Huang, Long-Sun; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lee, Chi-Kung; Chen, Ji-Liang; Hsu, Su-Ming; Lin, Shiming
562005Low Power Consumption Design of Micro-machined Thermal Sensor for Portable SpirometerChiu, Nan-Fu; Hsiao, Tzu-Chien; Lin, Chii-Wann 
572005Surface ultrastructure of SARS coronavirus revealed by atomic force microscopyLin, Shiming; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Lee, Shih-Yuan; Kao, Chuan-Liang ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wang, An-Bang ; Hsu, Su-Ming; Huang, Long-Sunjournal article1817
582005Prediction of burn healing time using artificial neural networks and reflectance spectrometerYeong, Eng-Kean; Hsiao, Tzu-Chien; Chiang, Huihua Kenny; Lin, Chii-Wann ; 江昭皚 
592005A Neonatal Facial Image Scoring System (NFISS) for Pain Response StudiesChen, Kee-Hsin; Chang, Susanna; Hsiao, Tzu-Chien; Chen, Yueh-Chih; Lin, Chii-Wann 
602004Bio-plasmonics nano/micro structure of surface plasmon resonance devices for biomedicineLin, Chii-Wann ; Chen, Kuo-Ping; Lee, Hao-Lan; Yang, Chin-Chung; Lee, Chih-Kung text00
612004A novel biochip detection system based on lateral SPR wave propagation theoryLin, Chii-Wann ; Song, Zhi-Hsiang; Lee, Chih-Kung journal article00
622004光生化型晶片系統於流行性疾病檢測與藥物檢測之研發─子計畫二:整合式蛋白質生醫晶片系統林啟萬 report
632004光生化型晶片系統於流行性疾病檢測與藥物篩選之研發─光生化型晶片系統於流行性疾病檢測與藥物篩選之研發(總計畫)林啟萬 report
642004EU IST 2004 Taiwan e-Health呂學士 ; 林啟萬 ; 李世元; 張道治; 莊晴光; 闕志達 ; 蘇育德; 蕭子健; 蔡佩漪; 陳慧玲 ; 楊雅棻book
652004Surface plasmon resonance biochips for tuberculosis bacillus detectionHuang, Jhen-Gang; Hung, Chi-Chan K; Lai, Hsin-Chih ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Lin, Shi-Ming ; Feng, Ping ; Lin, Chii-Wann text00
662004Surface plasmon resonance device with dielectric mirror for biochemical sensingChen, Kuo-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Lin, Shin-Ming; Hsiao, Tzu-Chientext00
672004The Physiological Effect of De Qi during AcupunctureKUO, TSUN-CHENG; CHEN, ZONG-SHIOW; CHEN, CHING-HSEIN; HO, FENG-MING; LIN, CHII-WANN ; YU-JEN CHEN
682004The Soreness and Numbness Effect of Acupuncture on Skin Blood FlowKUO, TSUN-CHENG; LIN, CHII-WANN ; HO, FENG-MING
692004The design and fabrication of two-dimension multi-electrodes array chip and systemChen, Jian-Ming; Huang, Jhen-Gang; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article00
702004In-vivo wireless bio-diagnosis system for long-term bioactivity monitoring networkSHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper00
712004An implantable integrated SiGe FM transmitter for HRV biotelemetryLiao, Fang-Ren; Chen, Chi-An ; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Li, Jen-Yu; Chien, Chia-Nan; Jaw, Fu-Shan ; Wang, Jiun-Min; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Hsiao, Tzu-Chien; Lee, Chih-Kung conference paper00
722003場效式微流體控制於生醫晶片技術平台之研發林啟萬 journal article
732003Development of Field-Effect Microfluidic Microchip黃振剛; 林啟萬 ; HUANG, CHEN-KANG ; LIN, CHII-WANN 
742003Physiological Changes Associated with Neiyang QigongKUO, TSUN-CHENG; HO, FENG-MING; LIN, CHII-WANN 
752003光電生物科技發展之前瞻性遠景評估林啟萬 ; 曹培熙; 謝銘鈞 ; 楊志忠 ; 江惠華; 張承仁
762003自動化於生醫檢測之應用林啟萬 ; 黃振剛; 林世明 ; 李世光 ; HUANG, CHEN-KANG 
772003Resolution Improvement with Dispersion Manipulation and a Retrieval Algorithm in Optical Coherence TomographyHsu, I-Jen; Sun, Chia-Wei; Lu, Chih-Wei; Yang, C. C.; Chiang, Chun-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann 
782003Sympathetic Nerve Sprouting, Electrical Remodeling and Increased Vulnerability to Ventricular Fibrillation in Hypercholesterolemic RabbitsLiu, Yen-Bin ; Wu, Chau-Chung ; Lu, Long-Sheng; Su, Ming-Jai ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin, Shien-Fong; Chen, Lan S. ; Fishbein, Michael C.; Chen, Peng-Sheng; Lee, Yuan-Teh
792003Controls of spectral shape and dispersion mismatch for high-resolution optical coherence tomographyHsu, I-Jen; Tuchin, Valery V.; Izatt, Joseph A.; Sun, Chia-Wei; Lu, Chih-Wei; Fujimoto, James G.; Yang, Chih-Chung ; Chiang, Chung-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann conference paper10
802003Fiber-optics Based Optical Coherence Tomography for Biomedical ApplicationLiao, Kun-Hung; Luo, Tzeng-Cherng; Yang, Chih-Chung ; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article
812003Process Algorithms for Resolution Improvement and Contrast Enhancement in Optical Coherence TomographyHsu, I-Jen; Sun, Chia-Wei; Lu, Chih-Wei; Yang, Chih Chung ; Chiang, Chun-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article
822003Sympathetic nerve sprouting, electrical remodeling, and increased vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation in hypercholesterolemic rabbitsCHII-WANN LIN ; MING-JAI SU journal article10181
832003High-resolution optical coherence tomography and its dispersion compensationLu, Chih-Wei; CHII-WANN LIN ; Tsai, Meng-Tsan; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; Wang, Yih-Ming; Sun, Chia-Wei; Hsu, I-Jen; Chen, Su-Feng; Lee, Chen-Kuan; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Yang, C.C.; Lin, Chii-Wann conference paper00
842003Partial least-squares algorithm for weights initialization of backpropagation networkHsiao, Tzu-Chien Ryan; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Chiang, Huihua Kenny
852002光生化形檢測儀(總計畫):多功光電生醫晶片儀之研究開發─光生化形檢測儀:晶片載具及複製產量林啟萬 report
862002無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(3/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
872002Design and fabrication of array format SPR chips in microstructure monolayers detectionChang, S.; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin, Shi-Ming text00
882002奈米生物技術的認識與應用劉盈村; 陳吉良; 韓謝忱; 林啟萬 ; 黃榮山; 李世光 ; 林世明 
892002Polarization-gated imaging techniques based on time-resolved Stokes vectors for filament tissuesSun, Chia-Wei; Yang, C.C.; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Lu, Long-Sheng; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article00
902002High-resolution optical coherence tomography with fiber-induced broadband source and process algorithm for oral cancer studyHsu, I-Jen; Lu, Chih-Wei; Yang, Chih Chung ; Chiang, Jun-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann 
912002Image quality improvement with dispersion compensation and retrieval algorithms in optical coherence tomographyHsu, I-Jen; Sun, Chia-Wei; Lu, Chih-Wei; Yang, Chih Chung ; Chiang, Chun-Ping; Lin, Chii-Wann conference paper00
922002Optical coherence tomography using nonlinear optics in fiber for broadband source generationHsu, I-Jen; Lu, Chih-Wei; Deng, Chih-Ren; Yang, C. C.; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Kiang, Yean-Woei journal article75
932002High-resolution optical coherence tomography with fiber induced broadband source and process algorithm for oral cancer studyCHII-WANN LIN ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG conference paper10
942002Ultrafast optics imaging based on polarization-discrimination techniques in filamentous tissuesSun, Chia-Wei; Yang, C. C.; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Lin, Chii-Wann 
952001光生化形檢測儀(總計畫):多功光電生醫晶片儀之研究開發─光生化形檢測儀(子計畫二):晶片載具及複製量產林啟萬 report
962001無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(2/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
972001Imaging of the oral cancer tissues with optical coherence tomography using self-phase modulation in fiber for broadband source generationHsu, I-Jen; Lu, Chih-Wei; Lin, Shin-Ming; Yang, C.C.; Chiang, Chun-Pin ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Kiang, Yean-Woei text00
982001Polarization dependent characteristics of skeletal muscle tissuesSun, Chia-Wei; Wang, Chih-Yu; Yang, C.C.; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article00
992001Polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography using self-phase modulation in fiber for broadband source generationHsu, I-Jen; Lin, Shin-Ming; Lu, Chih-Wei; Deng, Chih-Ren; Tsai, Jui-Che ; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Yang, C.C.; Wang, Chih-Yu; Lin, Chii-Wann journal article00
1002001國內光電生醫科技發展之遠景評估林啟萬 report
1012001Polarization-dependent characteristics and polarization gating in time-resolved optical imaging of skeletal muscle tissuesCHII-WANN LIN ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG journal article76
1022001Preparation of EVAL membranes with smooth and particulate morphologies for neuronal cultureYoung, Tai-Horng ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Cheng, Liao-Ping; Hsieh, Chih-Chen 
1032001Polarization gating in ultrafast-optics imaging of skeletal muscle tissuesSun, Chia-Wei; Wang, Chih-Yu; Yang, C. C.; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Hsu, I-Jen; Lin, Chii-Wann 
1042001Dual-mode fiber optic SPR chemical microsensorLin, Chii-Wann ; Liou, Yug-Tsuen; Huang, Chii-Yu; Chiu, Jyh-Perng; Kou, Te-Son
1052000光生化形檢測儀(總計畫):多功光電生醫晶片儀之研究開發─光生化形檢測儀(子計畫二):晶片載具及複製量產林啟萬 report
1062000無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(1/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
1072000醫療光電-Ch.2 Optical Properties of Biological Tissues林啟萬 text
1082000儀器總覽,“心臟節律器”林啟萬 ; 吳造中 book
1092000儀器總覽,”電擊去顫器”黃俊凱 ; 林啟萬 book
1102000儀器總覽,“心電圖機”林啟萬 ; 吳造中 book
1112000生物微系統檢測技術 (BioMEMS Inspection),雷射掃描共軛焦顯微與表面電漿技術 (Confocal Microscope and Surface Plasmanon Resonance),微機電專書林啟萬 ; 陳文中; 李舒昇; 薛順成; 張憲彰book
1122000“醫學電子學基礎與實驗”林啟萬 book
1132000A Cnla Certified Testing Laboratory for Electrical Medical ApparatusLIN, CHII-WANN ; WANG, CHENG-YI; TSENG, YUNG-ZU; LIU, HWA-CHANG
1142000Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Glucose Concentration in Aqueous and Whole Blood MatricesHsiao, Tzu-Chien; Tseng, Mei-Ting; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Hung, Guo-Shia; Huang, Seng-Wong; Chiang, Huihua Kenny
1152000Optical Imaging of Objects in Turbid Medium With Ultrashort PulsesWang, Chih-Yu; Alfano, Robert R.; Ho, Peng P.; Sun, Chia-Wei; Yang, Chih Chung ; Chiou, Arthur E. T.; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Lin, Chii-Wann 
1161999Roles of Thapsigargin-Sensitive Ca2+ Stores in the Survival of Developing Cultured NeuronsYao, Chih-Jung; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin-Shiau, Shoei-Yn
1171999Astrocytes Modulate Thapsigargin-induced Changes in Calcium Concentration and Neuronal SurvivalYao, Chih-Jung; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin-Shiau, Shoei-Yn
1181998Development of micromachined electrochemical sensor and portable meter systemLin, Chii-Wann ; Jan, Chien-Yu; Chen, O sca T.-C.; Wang, Sandy; Kao, T.text00
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