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12019Reversible Spasticity Suppression and Locomotion Change After Pulsed Radiofrequency on the Dorsal Root Ganglia of Rats With Spinal Cord InjuryChang C.-H.; Lu K.-H.; Lin W.-T.; Chen S.-C.; Shih W.-P.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article00
22019An automatic multi-thread image segmentation embedded system for surface plasmon resonance sensorWang C.; Ko M.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Chen L.-Q.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article00
32019Gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric strategies for chemical and biological sensing applicationsChang C.-C.; Chen C.-P.; Wu T.-H.; Yang C.-H.; Lin C.-W. ; Chen C.-Y.Review11
42019Low-Fouling Characteristics of Ultrathin Zwitterionic Cysteine SAMsLin P.; Chuang T.-L.; Chen P.Z.; Lin C.-W. ; Gu F.X.Journal Article33
52019Hot electron based surface plasmon resonance sensor with Au-TiO2-Ti planar micro-comb structure Schottky diodesWang C.; Chen L.-Q.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
62018Prototype Deep Brain Stimulation System with Closed-Loop Control Feedback for Modulating Bladder Functions in Traumatic Brain Injured AnimalsJen E.; Lin C.-W. ; Hsieh T.-H.; Chiu Y.-C.; Lu T.-C.; Chen S.-C.; Chen M.-C.; Peng C.-W.Journal Article11
72018Demographic and Symptomatic Features of Voice Disorders and Their Potential Application in Classification Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsTsui S.-Y.; Tsao Y.; Lin C.-W. ; Fang S.-H.; Lin F.-C.; Wang C.-T.Journal Article22
82018A novel image analysis of light emitting diode array biostimulation applied on microcirculationSu C.-T.; Shan Y.-C.; Fang W.; Lin C.-W. ; Juan J.-H.; Lu K.-T.; Wu J.-H.Conference Paper00
92017Viable but non-culturable state and toxin gene expression of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157 under cryopreservationLiu J.; Zhou R.; Li L.; Peters B.M.; Li B.; Lin C.-W. ; Chuang T.-L.; Chen D.; Zhao X.; Xiong Z.; Xu Z.; Shirtliff M.E.Journal Article4038
102017Effects of pulsed-radiofrequency neuromodulation on the rat with overactive bladderJen E.; Hsieh T.-H.; Lu T.-C.; Chen M.-C.; Lee F.-J.; Lin C.-T.; Chen S.-C.; Chu P.-Y.; Peng C.-W.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article23
112017Effect of polymyxin resistance (pmr) on biofilm formation of Cronobacter sakazakiiBao X.; Jia X.; Chen L.; Peters B.M.; Lin C.-W. ; Chen D.; Li L.; Li B.; Li Y.; Xu Z.; Shirtliff M.E.Journal Article3015
122017Reversion of gold nanoparticle aggregates for the detection of Cu2+ and its application in immunoassaysChang C.-C.; Lee C.-H.; Wu T.-H.; Chen C.-P.; Chen C.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article33
132017Modified maternal ECG cancellation for portable fetal heart rate monitorTsui S.-Y.; Liu C.-S.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article53
142017Current perspectives on viable but non-culturable state in foodborne pathogensZhao X.; Zhong J.; Wei C.; Lin C.-W. ; Ding T.Review4951
152017Rapid and delayed effects of pulsed radiofrequency on neuropathic pain: Electrophysiological, molecular, and behavioral evidence supporting long-term depressionHuang R.-Y.; Liao C.-C.; Tsai S.-Y.; Yen C.-T.; Lin C.-W. ; Chen T.-C.; Lin W.-T.; Chang C.-H.; Wen Y.-R.Journal Article66
162017Enhancing the Detection of Dysmorphic Red Blood Cells and Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells with a Modified Urinalysis ProtocolChu-Su Y.; Shukuya K.; Yokoyama T.; Lin W.-C.; Chiang C.-K.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article31
172017Rapid label-free visual detection of KRAS mutations using peptide nucleic acid and unmodified gold nanoparticlesZhao X.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article22
182017Enhancing the Detection of Dysmorphic Red Blood Cells and Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells with a Modified Urinalysis ProtocolChu-Su Y.; Shukuya K.; Yokoyama T.; Lin W.-C.; Chiang C.-K.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article31
192017A non-invasive material sensing system and its integrated interface circuitsHuang Y.-J.; Wu H.-C.; Chen P.-S.; Shen H.-T.; Peng S.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
202016Optical fiber sensor based on surface plasmon resonance for rapid detection of avian influenza virus subtype H6: Initial studiesZhao X.; Tsao Y.-C.; Lee F.-J.; Tsai W.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Chuang T.-L.; Wu M.-S.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1412
212016Effects of pudendal neuromodulation on bladder function in chronic spinal cord-injured ratsLin Y.-T.; Hsieh T.-H.; Chen S.-C.; Lai C.-H.; Kuo T.-S.; Chen C.-P.; Lin C.-W. ; Young S.-T.; Peng C.-W.Journal Article00
222016Interactions between bacterial surface and nanoparticles govern the performance of "chemical nose" biosensorsVerma M.S.; Wei S.-C.; Rogowski J.L.; Tsuji J.M.; Chen P.Z.; Lin C.-W. ; Jones L.; Gu F.X.Journal Article99
232016Serotnin as a possible biomarker in obstructive sleep apneaLipford M.C.; Ramar K.; Liang Y.-J.; Lin C.-W. ; Chao Y.-T.; An J.; Chiu C.-H.; Tsai Y.-J.; Shu C.-H.; Lee F.-P.; Chiang R.P.-Y.Review64
242016Artificial neural networks for estimating glomerular filtration rate by urinary dipstick for type 2 diabetic patientsChu-Su Y.; Liu C.-S.; Chen R.-S.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article00
252016Detection of KRAS mutations of colorectal cancer with peptide-nucleic-acid-mediated real-time PCR clampingZhao X.; Chang C.-C.; Chuang T.-L.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article22
262016Aptamer-based colorimetric detection of proteins using a branched DNA cascade amplification strategy and unmodified gold nanoparticlesChang C.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chuang T.-L.; Wu T.-H.; Wei S.-C.; Liao H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article4340
272016A novel lab-on-a-chip design by sequential capillary-gravitational valves for urinary creatinine detectionWang A.-B.; Fang P.-H.; Chu Su Y.; Hsieh Y.-W.; Lin C.-W. ; Chen Y.-T.; Hsu Y.-C.Journal Article87
282016DNA base-stacking assay utilizing catalytic hairpin assembly-induced gold nanoparticle aggregation for colorimetric protein sensingChang C.-C.; Chen C.-P.; Chen C.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2020
292016DNA biosensor combining single-wavelength colorimetry and a digital lock-in amplifier within a smartphoneWu T.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Vaillant J.; Bruyant A.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1010
302015Characteristic investigation of scanning surface plasmon microscopy for nucleotide functionalized nanoarrayCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG journal article10
312015Tip-enhanced fluorescence with radially polarized illumination for monitoring loop-mediated isothermal amplification on Hepatitis C virus cDNACHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG journal article22
322015A Turbidity Test Based Centrifugal Microfluidics Diagnostic System for Simultaneous Detection of HBV, HCV, and CMVJIUN-HAW LEE ; Chang, Hung-Cheng; Chao, Yu-Tin; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chao, Yu-Tin; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Yu, Ya-Lin; Yu, Ya-Lin; Lee, Chun-Nan; Ho, Bing-Ching; Liu, Kou-Chen; Fang, Jiunn; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; 顏家鈺 journal article21
332015Clinical application of immunomagnetic reduction for quantitative measurement of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 in the prediction of pregnant women with preterm premature rupture of membranesChen C.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article55
342015Improvement of the sensitivity of the surface plasmon resonance sensors based on multi-layer modulation techniquesZhao X.; Chu-Su Y.; Tsai W.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Chuang T.-L.; Lin C.-W. ; Tsao Y.-C.; Wu M.-S.Journal Article1817
352015Facile colorimetric detection of human chorionic gonadotropin based on the peptide-induced aggregation of gold nanoparticlesChang C.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chen C.-P.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1211
362015Using radio frequency electrical stimulation to block external urethral sphincter contraction and improved voiding efficiencyJen E.; Lin Y.T.; Peng C.W.; Kuo T.S.; Young S.T.; Lin W.T.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
372015Design, development and evaluation of an energy-harvesting electromagnetic shock absorberCho T.W.; Lin C.W. ; Gong R.C.; Li K.Conference Paper20
382014Micro-wing and pore design in an implantable FPC-based neural stimulation probe for minimally invasive surgeryCHII-WANN LIN ; WEN-PIN SHIH ; JIASHING YU conference paper10
392014Implantable probe with split anchors via residual stress and induced cell growth with gelatin nanofibresCHII-WANN LIN ; WEN-PIN SHIH ; JIASHING YU journal article00
402014Pulsed radiofrequency inhibited activation of spinal mitogen-activated protein kinases and ameliorated early neuropathic pain in ratsLin M.-L.; Lin W.-T.; Huang R.-Y.; Chen T.-C.; Huang S.-H.; Chang C.-H.; Tsai S.-Y.; Chiu H.-W.; Yeh G.-C.; Lin C.-W. ; Wen Y.-R.Journal Article2222
412014Disposable surface plasmon resonance aptasensor with membrane-based sample handling design for quantitative interferon-gamma detectionChuang T.-L.; Chang C.-C.; Chu-Su Y.; Wei S.-C.; Zhao X.-H.; Hsueh P.-R.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1919
422014Colorimetric detection of human chorionic gonadotropin using catalytic gold nanoparticles and a peptide aptamerChang C.-C.; Chen C.-P.; Lee C.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2929
432014Loop-mediated isothermal amplification assays for screening of bacterial integronsYu G.; Chen L.; Lin C.-W. ; Li B.; Cui H.; Chen S.; Miao J.; Bian H.; Chen D.; Deng Y.Journal Article22
442014Label-free colorimetric aptasensor for IgE using DNA pseudoknot probeChang C.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Zhao X.; Wu T.-H.; Wei S.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1515
452014Comparison of a novel computerized analysis program and visual interpretation of cardiotocographyChen C.-Y.; Yu C.; Chang C.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article54
462014Phonon-assisted transient electroluminescence in SiCheng T.-H.; Chu-Su Y.; Liu C.-S.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article58
472014Advances in rapid detection methods for foodborne pathogensZhao X.; Lin C.-W. ; Wang J.; Oh D.H.Review176173
482014Nonfouling property of zwitterionic cysteine surfaceLin P.; Ding L.; Lin C.-W. ; Gu F.Journal Article3431
492013Metallic Tip Enhanced Fluorescence for DNA Replication MonitoringCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG conference paper00
502013Aptamer-based colorimetric detection of platelet-derived growth factor using unmodified gold nanoparticlesChang C.-C.; Wei S.-C.; Wu T.-H.; Lee C.-H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article7268
512013Gold nanorods as probes in two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy: Emerging applications and potential artifactsWang D.-S.; Wei S.-C.; Liao S.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article22
522013Effects of low amplitude pulsed radiofrequency stimulation with different waveform in rats for neuropathic painLin W.T.; Chang C.H.; Cheng C.Y.; Chen M.C.; Wen Y.R.; Lin C.T.; Lin C.W. Conference Paper40
532013Excitation coupling of Au/ZnO band-gap energy for enhancing the performance of surface plasmon resonance biosensorChiu N.-F.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article10
542013Chaotic phase space differential algorithm for real-time detection of ventricular arrhythmias: Application in animal modelLee F.-J.; Lin W.-T.; Liu C.-S.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper10
552013Nanodots array rapidly fabricated by Dip-Pen Nanolithography with temperature and humidity controlLu Y.-L.; Wei S.-C.; Wu T.-H.; Lu H.-H.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
562013Quantitative evaluation of multivariate analysis methods for excitation-emission spectroscopyYu C.; Hsiao T.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article10
572013Improving biocompatibility by surface modification techniques on implantable bioelectronicsLin P.; Lin C.-W. ; Mansour R.; Gu F.Review3439
582013Nanostructured Pt-Ir non-enzymatic glucose sensorsFang Y.-Y.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article10
592013A dual-mode highly efficient class-E stimulator controlled by a low-Q class-E power amplifier through duty cycleChiu H.-W.; Lu C.-C.; Chuang J.-M.; Lin W.-T.; Lin C.-W. ; Kao M.-C.; Lin M.-L.Journal Article76
602013Calibration of glucose oxidase-based test strips for capillary blood measurement with oxygen saturated venous blood samplesCheng W.-J.; Lin C.-W. ; Wu T.-G.; Su C.-S.; Hsieh M.-S.Journal Article44
612013In situ measurement of tissue impedance using an inductive coupling interface circuitChiu H.-W.; Chuang J.-M.; Lu C.-C.; Lin W.-T.; Lin C.-W. ; Lin M.-L.Journal Article43
622013Comparative assessment of oriented antibody immobilization on surface plasmon resonance biosensingChang C.-C.; Chuang T.-L.; Wang D.-S.; Wang C.-H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article43
632013Organic-based plasmonic emitters for sensing applicationsChiu N.-F.; Huang T.-Y.; Kuo C.-C.; Lin C.-W. ; Lee J.-H.Journal Article43
642013Soft stethoscope for detecting asthma wheeze in young childrenYu C.; Tsai T.-H.; Huang S.-I.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1713
652012Amplified surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for interferon-Gamma based on a streptavidin-incorporated aptamerPO-REN HSUEH ; CHII-WANN LIN journal article4543
662012Development of an Au/ZnO thin film surface plasmon resonance-based biosensor immunoassay for the detection of carbohydrate antigen 15-3 in human salivaLiang Y.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Chu-Su Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2424
672012Electroplating of nanostructured Pt, Ir and Pt-Ir at room temperatureFang Y.-Y.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article22
682012Auto-tuning scheme for improved current sharing of multiphase DC-DC convertersSu J.-T.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1514
692012Rapid identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by a new array format-based surface plasmon resonance methodHsieh S.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Wei C.-F.; Lin C.-S.; Lai H.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2221
702012Evaluation of the effect of laser acupuncture and cupping with Ryodoraku and visual analog scale on low back painLin M.-L.; Wu H.-C.; Hsieh Y.-H.; Su C.-T.; Shih Y.-S.; Lin C.-W. ; Wu J.-H.Journal Article2520
712012A polycarbonate based surface plasmon resonance sensing cartridge for high sensitivity HBV loop-mediated isothermal amplificationChuang T.-L.; Wei S.-C.; Lee S.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article4547
722012Surface plasmon resonance detection of silver ions and cysteine using DNA intercalator-based amplificationChang C.-C.; Lin S.; Wei S.-C.; Yu C.-S.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2523
732012Clinical application of surface plasmon resonance-based biosensors for fetal fibronectin detectionChen C.-Y.; Chia-Chen C.; Yu C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1413
742012Dependence of transport rate on area of lithography and pretreatment of tip in dip-pen nanolithographyWu T.-H.; Lu H.-H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article1413
752012Diagnostic devices for isothermal nucleic acid amplificationChang C.-C.; Chen C.-C.; Wei S.-C.; Lu H.-H.; Liang Y.-H.; Lin C.-W. Review6462
762012Enhanced optical coupling in localized and band-gap characteristics of plasmonic nanostructureChiu N.-F.; Cheng C.-J.; Lee J.-H.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
772012Surface plasmon coupled emission in highly directional and sensitive plasmonic devicesChiu N.-F.; Lai S.-L.; Lee J.-H.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
782012Wogonin improves histological and functional outcomes, and reduces activation of TLR4/NF-κb signaling after experimental traumatic brain injuryChen C.-C.; Hung T.-H.; Wang Y.-H.; Lin C.-W. ; Wang P.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen S.-F.Journal Article6353
792012A reversible optical sensor based on chitosan film for the selective detection of copper ionsLin S.; Chang C.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article98
802012Breast cancer detection using surface plasmon resonance-based biosensorsLin C.-W. ; Chang C.-C.Book Chapter0
812011Detection of tip-enhanced fluorescence from loop-mediated isothermal amplification of hepatitis B virus by two-photon microscopyCHII-WANN LIN ; KUNG-BIN SUNG conference paper10
822011Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of cardiac anomalies including VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHEN, HUNG-HUI; CHIANG, CHENG-YI; CHEN, TUNG-CHIEN; LIU, CHIEN-SHENG; HUANG, YU-JIE; LU, SHEY-SHI ; LIN, CHII-WANN ; CHEN, LIANG-GEE journal article42
832011Immunomagnetic Reduction for Fetal Fibronectin Detection - a Novel Method to Detect the Preterm BiomarkerCHEN, CHEN-YU; CHANG, CHIA-CHEN; YANG, SHIEH-YUEH; LIN, CHII-WANN 
842011Using Polyethylene Glycol-Modified Chitosan for Improvement of Carbohydrate Antigen 15-3 Detection on a Quartz Crystal Microbalance BiosensorChang, Chia-Chen; Lin, Shenhsiung; Chu-Su, Yu; Lin, Chii-Wann 05
852011A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA recombinationCHII-WANN LIN ; Wang, An-Bang ; Cheng, Chia-Wei; AN-BANG WANG ; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Lin, I-Chun; Lu, Fei-Yau; Tsai, Huai-Jen; Lin, Chiu-Chun; Yang, Chun-Hui; Pan, Po-Ting; Kuan, Chen-Chi; Chen, Yen-Chih; Lin, Yi-Wei; Chang, Chih-Ning; Wu, Yi-Hung; Kurniawan, Tetuko; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wo, Andrew M.; Chen, Lin-Chi journal article87
862011Using a TiO2/ZnO double-layer film for improving the sensing performance of ZnO based NO gas sensorCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1715
872011An implantable bipolar spine stimulation probe with bio-inspired adhesive microtubesWu, C.-T.; CHII-WANN LIN ; Ting, L.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Tsai, Y.-C.; Lin, W.-T.; Chen, T.-C.; Shih, W.-P.; Lin, C.-W.conference paper00
882011An electromagnetically-driven microfluidic platform with indirect-heating thermo-pneumatic valvesChia, Bonnie T.; Yang, Xin-Ying; Cheng, Ming-Yuan; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yang, Yao-Joejournal article22
892011A self-contained portable polymerase-chain-reaction system integrated with electromagnetic mini-actuators for bi-directional fluid transportChia B.T.; Yang S.-A.; Cheng M.-Y.; Lin C.-W. ; Yang Y.-J.Journal Article00
902011Immunomagnetic reduction for fetal fibronectin detection a novel method to detect the preterm biomarkerChen C.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; Yu C.; Yang S.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article66
912011An amplified surface plasmon resonance "turn-on" sensor for mercury ion using gold nanoparticlesChang C.-C.; Lin S.; Wei S.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article4342
922011High efficient driving circuit for traveling wave dielectrophoretic pumpTseng Y.-L.; Huang C.-W.; Lei U.; Lin C.-W. ; Jaw F.-S.Journal Article33
932011Experimental study of sensitivity enhancement in SPR biosensors by use of zinc oxide intermediary layersChiu N.-F.; Singh A.; Nelson-Fitzpatrick N.; Dutt S.; Evoy S.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper0
942011Surface plasmon grating coupled emission from organic emitter for detecting refractive index variationChiu N.-F.; Lee J.-H.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper0
952011Gamma knife radiosurgery for central neurocytoma: Retrospective analysis of fourteen cases with a median follow-up period of sixty-five monthsChen M.-C.; Pan D.H.-C.; Chung W.-Y.; Liu K.-D.; Yen Y.-S.; Chen M.-T.; Wong T.-T.; Shih Y.-H.; Wu H.-M.; Guo W.-Y.; Shiau C.-Y.; Wang L.-W.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article2728
962011Study on posture homeostasis - One hour pilot experimentLin G.W.; Hsiao T.C.; Lin C.W. Conference Paper00
972010Open access emission characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes and organic thin-films with planar and corrugated structuresHOANG-YAN LIN ; CHII-WANN LIN ; JIUN-HAW LEE ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG journal article4746
982010Electrode modified with a composite film of ZnO nanorods and Ag nanoparticles as a sensor for hydrogen peroxideCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article117116
992010Fabrication of NOx gas sensors using In2O3-ZnO composite filmsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article7272
1002010Analysis and design of on-sensor ECG processors for realtime detection of VF, VT, and PVCLIANG-GEE CHEN ; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN conference paper80
1012010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Hung-Wei; Lin, Mu-Lien; Chang, Chi-Heng; Ho, I-Hsiu; Fang, Po Hsiang; Li, Yi Chin; Wang, Chang Lun; Tsai, Yao-Chuan; Wen, Yeong-Ray; Shih, Win-Pin; Yang, Yao-Joe ; Lu, Shey-Shi conference paper130
1022010Pain control on demand based on pulsed radio-frequency stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion using a batteryless implantable CMOS SoCSHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN journal article2921
1032010Enhanced Fluorescence from GratingsLin, Chii-Wann ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; Lee, Jiun-Haw ; Lee, Chih-Kung book
1042010High-sensitivity detection of carbohydrate antigen 15-3 using a gold/zinc oxide thin film surface plasmon resonance-based biosensorChang C.-C.; Chiu N.-F.; Lin D.S.; Chu-Su Y.; Liang Y.-H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article10297
1052010Influence of constitution of hybrid ferrocenyl alkanethiols self-assembled monolayers to interfacial characteristics on gold surfaceHuang J.-G.; Lee A.S.-Y.; Chu S.-F.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article00
1062010Optical characterization of a 1-D nanostructure by dark-field microscopy and surface plasmon resonance to determine biomolecular interactionsLu H.-H.; Hsiao T.-C.; Hsu S.-M.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article33
1072010The differential method of phase space matrix for AF/VF discrimination applicationLiu C.-S.; Tseng W.-K.; Lee J.-K.; Hsiao T.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article87
1082010Surface Plasmon Resonance of SnO2/Au Bi-layer Films for Gas Sensing ApplicationsYang D.; Lu H.-H.; Chen B.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article3330
1092010The studies of Schottky-diode based co-plane detector for Surface Plasmon Resonance sensingLiu C.-S.; Wen T.-Y.; Wang D.-S.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper00
1102010Preparation of protein nanoarray on silicon surface by atomic force microscopy nanofabricationLu H.-H.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper22
1112010A comparison between pulsed radiofrequency and electro-acupuncture for relieving pain in patients with chronic low back painLin M.-L.; Lin M.-H.; Fen J.-J.; Lin W.-T.; Lin C.-W. ; Chen P.-Q.Journal Article88
1122009Fabrication process of integrated multi-analyte biochip system for implantable applicationTsai, Yao-Chuan; SHEY-SHI LU ; CHII-WANN LIN ; Chiu, Nan-Fu; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Liu, P.-C.; Ou, Yu-Cheng; Liao, Hsin-Hung; Yang, Y-J; Yang, L.-J.; Lei, U. ; Chao, F.; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Lin, Chiu-Wannconference paper50
1132009The development and evaluation of the citizen telehealth care service system: Case study in TaipeiCHII-WANN LIN ; KAI-PING GRACE YAO conference paper60
1142009Surface Plasmon Effects on Two Photon Luminescence of Gold NanorodsWANG, DA-SHIN; HSU, FU-YIN; LIN, CHII-WANN 5552
1152009Nanopatterning on Silicon Wafers Using Afm-Based Lithography-for Solar CellsLU, HUI-HSIN; LIN, CHII-WANN ; HSIAO, TZU-CHIEN; LEE, CHIH-KUNG ; HSU, SU-MING
1162009Soft Sensors for Monitoring Respiratory and Heart SoundHuang, Shi-Ing; Cheng, Long-Cheng; Chou, Show-Hwai; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Yu, Chun; Tsai, Tzu-Hsiu11
1172009Fabrication of a molecularly imprinted polymer sensor by self-assembling monolayer/mediator systemCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article3130
1182009Electrical properties of single and multiple poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanowires for sensing nitric oxide gasLu, HH; CHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Lin, CY; Hsiao, TC; Fang, YY; Ho, KC; Yang, DF; Lee, CK; Hsu, SM; Lin, CWjournal article2223
1192009Fabrication of NOx gas sensors using In2O 3-ZnO composite thin filmsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO conference paper00
1202009Room-temperature nitric oxide gas sensing of pedot thin film using surface plasmon resonanceCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article11
1212009An ellipsometric study on the density and functionality of antibody layers immobilized by a randomly covalent method and a protein a-oriented methodWang D.-S.; Chang C.-C.; Shih S.-C.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article98
1222009A release-on-demand wireless CMOS drug delivery SoC based on electrothermal activation techniqueYang Y.-J.; Huang Y.-J.; Liao H.-H.; Wang T.; Huang P.-L.; Lin C.-W. ; Wang Y.-H.; Lu S.-S.Conference Paper260
1232009Light control in organic electroluminescence devices by plasmonic grating coupled emission for biochemical applicationsChiu N.-F.; Lee J.-H.; Tsai F.-Y.; Liu K.-C.; Lee C.-N.; Lee C.-K.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper10
1242009Recognition of volatile organic compounds utilizing a portable electronic noseLin Y.-C.; Lu H.-H.; Chen I.-C.; Yang D.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article10
1252009Fabrication of NO x gas sensors using In 2 O 3 -ZnO composite thin filmsLin C.-Y.; Fang Y.-Y.; Lin C.-W. ; Jeffrey C.A.; Tunney J.J.; Ho K.-C.Conference Paper00
1262009Implementation of Smart Medical Home Gateway System for Chronic PatientsYu C.; Yang J.-J.; Hsiao T.-C.; Liu P.-L.; Yao K.-P.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper10
1272009Surface plasmon resonance response of Au-WO3-x composite filmsChen B.; Yang D.; Lin C.-W. Journal Article119
1282009Ultrasensitive protein detection using an Au/ZnO SPR-based biosensorChang C.-C.; Lin S.-H.; Chiu N.-F.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper0
1292009Directional photoluminescence enhancement of organic emitters via surface plasmon couplingNien S.-Y.; Chiu N.-F.; Ho Y.-H.; Lee J.-H.; Lin C.-W. ; Wu K.-C.; Lee C.-K.; Lin J.-R.; Wei M.-K.; Chiu T.-L.Journal Article2622
1302009Novel fabrication of full parylene-isolated neuroprobesLu P.-L.; Fan C.-L.; Yang L.-J.; Lin C.-W. ; Jaw F.-S.Journal Article20
1312009A self-contained miniaturized pcr system using electromagnetic actuatorsChial B.T.; Yang S.-A.; Cheng M.-Y.; Lin C.-L.; Lin C.-W. ; Yang Y.-J.Conference Paper10
1322009Imaging reactive oxygen species dynamics in living cells and tissuesWu C.-C.; Liu Y.-B.; Lu L.-S.; Lin C.-W. Review40
1332009A comparative study of a new cardiotocography analysis programChen C.-Y.; Chen J.-C.; Yu C.; Lin C.-W. Conference Paper100
1342009Hybrid nano plasmonics for integrated biosensorLin C.-W. ; Lee J.-H.; Liu K.-C.; Tsai F.-Y.; Yen C.-Y.; Lee C.-N.Conference Paper0
1352008Artificial neural networks and computational neuroscience, 類神經網路與計算神經科學林啟萬 ; 魏志中book
1362008Label-Free In Vivo Imaging of Drosophila Melanogaster by Multiphoton MicroscopyCHII-WANN LIN ; JYH-HORNG CHEN ; SUNG-JAN LIN conference paper00
1372008Compact optical diagnostic device for isothermal nucleic acids amplificationLee, Szu-Yuan; Huang, Jhen-Gang; Chuang, Tsung-Liang; Sheu, Jin-Chuan ; Chuang, Yi-Kuang; Holl, Mark; Meldrum, Deirdre R.; Lee, Chun-Nan; Lin, Chii-Wann ; ���䤸; ������; ���z; �\���t ; ���H��; ���g�k; �L�ҸU journal article3935
1382008Chemiresistive NO gas sensor based on zinc oxide nanorodsCHII-WANN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article10
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2262002光生化形檢測儀(總計畫):多功光電生醫晶片儀之研究開發─光生化形檢測儀:晶片載具及複製產量林啟萬 report
2272002無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(3/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
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2372001無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(2/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
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2492000光生化形檢測儀(總計畫):多功光電生醫晶片儀之研究開發─光生化形檢測儀(子計畫二):晶片載具及複製量產林啟萬 report
2502000無障礙生活環境科技輔具之研發(1/3)─子計畫四:適用於弱視者之電子擴影系統之研發林啟萬 report
2512000醫療光電-Ch.2 Optical Properties of Biological Tissues林啟萬 text
2522000儀器總覽,”電擊去顫器”黃俊凱 ; 林啟萬 book
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