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12023PET/MRI in Endometrial Cancer: Imaging Biomarkers are Associated with Disease Progression and Overall SurvivalI-LUN SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Zheng, Quan-Yin; MEI-FANG CHENG ; JENNY LING-YU CHEN ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH Academic radiology00
22022Develop companion radiopharmaceutical YKL40 antibodies as potential theranostic agents for epithelial ovarian cancerChang, Ming-Cheng; Chiang, Ping-Fang; Kuo, Yu-Jen; Peng, Cheng-Liang; I-CHUN CHEN ; Huang, Chia-Yen; CHI-AN CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie11
32021A DNA Damage Response Gene Panel for Different Histologic Types of Epithelial Ovarian Carcinomas and Their OutcomesYING-CHENG CHIANG ; PO-HAN LIN ; TZU-PIN LU ; KUAN-TING KUO ; YI-JOU TAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; CHIA-YING WU ; Lee, Chia-Yi; Shen, Hung; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Biomedicines33
42021PET/MRI in Cervical Cancer: Associations Between Imaging Biomarkers and Tumor Stage, Disease Progression, and Overall SurvivalI-LUN SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Chang, Yu-Hsuan; MEI-FANG CHENG ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI108
52021Real‐world evaluation of modern adjuvant radiotherapy in women with stage ib endometrial cancerJENNY LING-YU CHEN ; CHAO YUAN HUANG ; YU-SEN HUANG ; CHE-YU HSU ; KENG-HSUEH LAN ; I-LUN SHIH ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; BOR-CHING SHEU ; SUNG-HSIN KUO Cancers11
62021Increased risk of second primary malignancies among endometrial cancer survivors receiving surgery alone: A population-based analysisYEN-LING LAI ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; YU-LI CHEN ; You, San-Lin; Chen, Yun-Yuan; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YI-JOU TAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancer medicine33
72019Primary Ewing Family of Tumor Arising in the Ovary: A Case ReportLi, Yi-Ping; Chang, Koping; WEI-WU CHEN ; Lee, Shu-Ping; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG International journal of gynecological pathology : official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists42
82019Developing a Prognostic Gene Panel of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Patients by a Machine Learning ModelTZU-PIN LU ; KUAN-TING KUO ; Chen, Ching-Hsuan; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Lin, Hsiu-Ping; Hu, Yu-Hao; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN Cancers1714
92019Immune checkpoint Ab enhances the antigen-specific anti-tumor effects by modulating both dendritic cells and regulatory T lymphocytesSun N.-Y.; U-LI CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chang C.-F.; YI-JOU TAI ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancer Letters1213
102019Bevacizumab dose affects the severity of adverse events in gynecologic malignanciesLee S.-P.; HENG-CHENG HSU ; YI-JOU TAI ; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Frontiers in Pharmacology1517
112019Clear cell carcinoma of the abdominal wall as a rare complication of general obstetric and gynecologic surgeries: 15 years of experience at a large academic institutionYEN-LING LAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; KUAN-TING KUO ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1510
122019BTLA blockade enhances Cancer therapy by inhibiting IL-6/IL-10-induced CD19high B lymphocytesYU-LI CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; YEN-LING LAI ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer6648
132019mTOR inhibitors can enhance the anti-tumor effects of DNA vaccines through modulating dendritic cell function in the tumor microenvironmentYU-LI CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; Sun N.-Y.; JR-CHI YIE ; Hung H.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancers1111
142019Blockade of PD-L1 enhances cancer immunotherapy by regulating dendritic cell maturation and macrophage polarizationSun N.-Y.; YU-LI CHEN ; Wu W.-Y.; Lin H.-W.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chang C.-F.; YI-JOU TAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancers3938
152019Impact of adjuvant modalities on survival in patients with advanced stage endometrial carcinoma: A retrospective analysis from a tertiary medical centerYI-JOU TAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health98
162019CHI3L1 results in poor outcome of ovarian cancer by promoting properties of stem-like cellsLin H.-W.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Sun N.-Y.; YU-LI CHEN ; Chang C.-F.; YI-JOU TAI ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Endocrine-Related Cancer1213
172019Erratum: A novel peptide specifically binding to interleukin-6 receptor (gp80) inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth (Cancer Research (2005) 65 (4827–4835) DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-05-0188)Su J.-L.; Lai K.-P; CHI-AN CHEN ; CHING-YAO YANG ; Chen P.-S; Chang C.-C; Chou C.-H; Hu C.-L; Kuo M.-L; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; LING-HUNG WEI Cancer Research11
182018CDH1, DLEC1 and SFRP5 methylation panel as a prognostic marker for advanced epithelial ovarian cancerLin, Han-Wei; Fu, Chi-Feng; Chang, Ming-Cheng; TZU-PIN LU ; Lin, Hsiu-Ping; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Epigenomics109
192018Risks of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 or invasive cancers in ASCUS women with different management: a population-based cohort studyYI-JOU TAI ; Chen, Yun Yuan; HENG-CHENG HSU ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; You, San Lin; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Journal of gynecologic oncology22
202018Factors predicting parametrial invasion in patients with early-stage cervical carcinomasHENG-CHENG HSU ; YI-JOU TAI ; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG PLoS ONE1414
212018Torsion of pedunculated subserous uterine leiomyoma: A rare complication of a common diseaseYEN-LING LAI ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1111
222018Irradiation Enhances Abscopal Anti-tumor Effects of Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy through Regulating Tumor MicroenvironmentChang M.-C.; YU-LI CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chang C.-F.; Hsieh S.-F.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Molecular Therapy3128
232018Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the endometrium: A case report and literature reviewYI-AN TU ; YU-LI CHEN ; Lin M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1413
242018Long-term outcomes of surgical treatment for intravascular leiomyomatosisHSI-YU YU ; Tsai H.-E.; NAI-HSIN CHI ; KUAN-TING KUO ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association58
252018Efficacy, Immunogenicity, and Safety of a 9-Valent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: Subgroup Analysis of Participants from Asian CountriesGarland S.M.; Pitisuttithum P.; Ngan H.Y.S.; Cho C.-H.; Lee C.-Y.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Yang Y.C.; Chu T.-Y.; Twu N.-F.; Samakoses R.; Takeuchi Y.; Cheung T.H.; Kim S.C.; LI-MIN HUANG ; Kim B.-G.; Kim Y.-T.; Kim K.-H.; Song Y.-S.; Lalwani S.; Kang J.-H.; Sakamoto M.; Ryu H.-S.; Bhatla N.; Yoshikawa H.; Ellison M.C.; Han S.R.; Moeller E.; Murata S.; Ritter M.; Sawata M.; Shields C.; Walia A.; Perez G.; Luxembourg A.Journal of Infectious Diseases3023
262018Immuno-modulators enhance antigen-specific immunity and anti-tumor effects of mesothelin-specific chimeric DNA vaccine through promoting DC maturationYU-LI CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Lin H.-W.; Sun N.-Y.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancer Letters3129
272017Radical trachelectomy for early stage cervical cancer: A case series and literature reviewCHIN-JUI WU ; WEN-CHUN CHANG ; CHI-HAU CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Huang S.-C.; BOR-CHING SHEU Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1011
282017Clinical management and risk reduction in women with low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion cytology: A population-based cohort studyYI-JOU TAI ; Chen Y.-Y.; HENG-CHENG HSU ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; You S.-L.; Chen H.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Taiwan Cervical Cancer Control Task ForcePLoS ONE54
292017Risk factors of hypersensitivity to carboplatin in patients with gynecologic malignanciesTai Y.-H.; YI-JOU TAI ; HENG-CHENG HSU ; Lee S.-P.; Chen Y.-Y.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Frontiers in Pharmacology109
302017Screening frequency and histologic type influence the efficacy of cervical cancer screening: A nationwide cohort studyYING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chen Y.-Y.; Hsieh S.-F.; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; You S.-L.; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Lai M.-S.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Taiwan Cervical Cancer Prevention Surveillance CenterTaiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1213
312016Anti-CD40 antibody and toll-like receptor 3 ligand restore dendritic cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity suppressed by morphineChang M.-C.; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Jen Y.-W.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; WEI-ZEN SUN American Journal of Cancer Research9
322016Mesothelin-specific cell-based vaccine generates antigen-specific immunity and potent antitumor effects by combining with IL-12 immunomodulatorChang M.-C.; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chen T.-C.; Tang Y.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Gene Therapy1616
332015Molecular alterations in endometrial and ovarian clear cell carcinomas: Clinical impacts of telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter mutationHuang H.-N.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lin M.-C.; KUAN-TING KUO Modern Pathology2522
342015Insulin-like growth factors inhibit dendritic cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity through regulating ERK1/2 phosphorylation and p38 dephosphorylationHuang C.-T.; Chang M.-C.; YU-LI CHEN ; Chen T.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Cancer Letters3634
352015Overexpression of CHI3L1 is associated with chemoresistance and poor outcome of epithelial ovarian carcinomaYING-CHENG CHIANG ; Lin H.-W.; Chang C.-F.; Chang M.-C.; Fu C.-F.; Chen T.-C.; Hsieh S.-F.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Oncotarget2626
362015Urokinase-type plasminogen activator resulting from endometrial carcinogenesis enhances tumor invasion and correlates with poor outcome of endometrial carcinoma patientsHuang C.-Y.; Chang M.-C.; Huang W.-Y.; Huang C.-T.; Tang Y.-C.; Huang H.-D.; KUAN-TING KUO ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Scientific Reports1310
372015Outcome of patients with recurrent adult-type granulosa cell tumors - A Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology Group studyWang P.-H.; Sun H.-D.; Lin H.; Wang K.-L.; Liou W.-S.; Hung Y.-C.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Lu C.-H.; Lai H.-C.; Chang T.-C.; Yen M.-S.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lai C.-H.; Yu M.-S.; Chou C.-Y.; Chang C.-L.; Huang K.-F.; Ho C.-M.; Chu T.-Y.; Wang P-H.; Liu F-S.; Kan Y.-Y.; Wu C.-H.; Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology GroupTaiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology1111
382015Distinguishing benign from malignant pelvic mass utilizing an algorithm with HE4, menopausal status, and ultrasound findingsWilailak S.; Chan K.K.L.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Nam J.-H.; Ochiai K.; Aw T.-C.; Sabaratnam S.; Hebbar S.; Sickan J.; Schodin B.A.; Charakorn C.; Sumpaico W.W.Journal of Gynecologic Oncology3636
392015Gene methylation profiles as prognostic markers in ovarian clear cell and endometrioid adenocarcinomasCHI-AN CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chang M.-C.; Hu Y.-H.; You S.-L.; Cheng Y.-Y.K.; Chou C.-Y.; WEN-FANG CHENG American Journal of Translational Research8
402015Establishment of a New Ovarian Cancer Cell Line CA5171YING-CHENG CHIANG ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Chang M.-C.; TZU-PIN LU ; KUAN-TING KUO ; Lin H.-P.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; CHI-AN CHEN Reproductive Sciences56
412015The H3K9 Methyltransferase G9a Represses E-cadherin and is Associated with Myometrial Invasion in Endometrial CancerHsiao S.-M; Chen M.-W; CHI-AN CHEN ; Chien M.-H; KUO-TAI HUA ; Hsiao M; Kuo M.-L; LING-HUNG WEI Annals of Surgical Oncology3128
422015IL17a and IL21 combined with surgical status predict the outcome of ovarian cancer patientsYU-LI CHEN ; Chou C.-Y.; Chang M.-C.; Lin H.-W.; Huang C.-T.; Hsieh S.-F.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Endocrine-Related Cancer118
432015Standardized uptake value and apparent diffusion coefficient of endometrial cancer evaluated with integrated whole-body PET/MR: Correlation with pathological prognostic factorsI-LUN SHIH ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; BANG-BIN CHEN ; Wei S.-Y.; WEN-CHUN CHANG ; BOR-CHING SHEU ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; YAO-HUI TSENG ; Chen X.-J.; CHI-HAU CHEN ; LING-HUNG WEI ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; PAO-LING TORNG ; MEN-LUH YEN ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging4438
442014Screening frequency and atypical cells and the prediction of cervical cancer riskChen Y.-Y.; You S.-L.; Koong S.-L.; Liu J.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Chen C.-J.Obstetrics and Gynecology64
452014A prospective study of gynecological cancer risk in relation to adiposity factors: Cumulative incidence and association with plasma adipokine levelsWu M.-M.; Chen H.-C.; CHI-LING CHEN ; You S.-L.; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lee T.-C.; Chen C.-J.PLoS ONE1915
462014Superficial angiomyxoma on the vulva of an adolescentLee C.-C.; YU-LI CHEN ; JAU-YU LIAU ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology76
472014Solitary primary peritoneal carcinoma arising from the omentumYI-JOU TAI ; Lin M.-C.; CHIN-JUI WU ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology21
482014The correlations of sexual activity, sleep problems, emotional distress, attachment styles with quality of life: Comparison between gynaecological cancer survivors and noncancer womenHsieh C.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO ; Shun S.-C.Journal of Clinical Nursing119
492014Outcome of 3-day bleomycin, etoposide and cisplatin chemotherapeutic regimen for patients with malignant ovarian germ cell tumours: A Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology Group studyCHI-AN CHEN ; Lin H.; Weng C.-S.; Wen K.-C.; Lu C.-H.; Chou H.-H.; Huang Y.-F.; Kang C.-Y.; Ho C.-M.; Yu M.-H.; Chou C.-Y.European Journal of Cancer98
502014Arsenic Trioxide Inhibits CXCR4-Mediated Metastasis by Interfering miR-520h/PP2A/NF-κB Signaling in Cervical CancerChang Y.-W; Chen M.-W; Chiu C.-F; Hong C.-C; Cheng C.-C; Hsiao M; CHI-AN CHEN ; LING-HUNG WEI ; Su J.-L.Annals of Surgical Oncology2624
512014Genome-wide normalized score: A novel algorithm to detect fetal trisomy 21 during non-invasive prenatal testingYeang C.H.; Ma G.C.; Hsu H.W.; Lin Y.S.; Chang S.M.; Cheng P.J.; CHI-AN CHEN ; YEN-HSUAN NI ; MING CHEN Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology1212
522014Microdeletions/duplications involving TBX1 gene in fetuses with conotruncal heart defects which are negative for 22q11.2 deletion on fluorescence in-situ hybridizationMING CHEN ; YU-SHIH YANG ; JIN-CHUNG SHIH ; Lin W.-H.; Lee D.-J.; Lin Y.-S.; Chou C.-H.; Cameron A.D.; Ginsberg N.A.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lee M.-L.; Ma G.-C.Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology2021
532014Validating a rapid, real-time, PCR-based direct mutation detection assay for preimplantation genetic diagnosisHSIN-FU CHEN ; Chang S.-P.; Wu S.-H.; Lin W.-H.; Lee Y.-C.; YEN-HSUAN NI ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Ma G.-C.; Ginsberg N.A.; You E.-M.; Tsai F.-P.; MING CHEN Gene1313
542013Trends in incidence and survival outcome of epithelial ovarian cancer: 30-year national population-based registry in TaiwanYING-CHENG CHIANG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; Hsu T.-H.; Lin M.-C.; You S.-L.; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Lai M.-S.Journal of Gynecologic Oncology8689
552013Interferon-gamma in ascites could be a predictive biomarker of outcome in ovarian carcinomaYU-LI CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Chang M.-C.; Lin H.-W.; Huang C.-T.; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; CHI-AN CHEN Gynecologic Oncology2016
562013Fusion Protein Vaccines Targeting Two Tumor Antigens Generate Synergistic Anti-Tumor EffectsWEN-FANG CHENG ; Chang M.-C.; WEI-ZEN SUN ; Jen Y.-W.; Liao C.-W.; Chen Y.-Y.; CHI-AN CHEN PLoS ONE55
572013Impact of lymphadenectomy in uterine endometrioid carcinomaHuang C.-Y.; Ho C.-M.; YU-LI CHEN ; You S.-L.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG European Journal of Surgical Oncology2526
582013Clinical features and outcomes of neck lymphatic metastasis in ovarian epithelial carcinomaChen C.-W; PAO-LING TORNG ; CHI-LING CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN World Journal of Surgical Oncology98
592013The use of HE4 in the prediction of ovarian cancer in Asian women with a pelvic massChan K.K.L.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Nam J.-H.; Ochiai K.; Wilailak S.; Choon A.-T.; Sabaratnam S.; Hebbar S.; Sickan J.; Schodin B.A.; Sumpaico W.W.Gynecologic Oncology7068
602013High-risk human papillomavirus, other than type 16/18, in predominantly older Taiwanese women with high-grade cervical preinvasive lesionsYING-CHENG CHIANG ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; YU-LI CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; Lin M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology99
612013Epigenetic silencing of BLU through interfering apoptosis results in chemoresistance and poor prognosis of ovarian serous carcinoma patientsYING-CHENG CHIANG ; Chang M.-C.; Chen P.-J.; Wu M.-M.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN Endocrine-Related Cancer1919
622012New primers for methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction enhance specificity of detecting STAT1 methylationChang M.-C.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Ho C.-M.; YU-LI CHEN ; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Chou C.-Y.Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology54
632012Depletion of Regulatory T Lymphocytes Reverses the Imbalance between Pro- and Anti-Tumor Immunities via Enhancing Antigen-Specific T Cell Immune ResponsesYU-LI CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN PLoS ONE3429
642012Mesothelin enhances invasion of ovarian cancer by inducing MMP-7 through MAPK/ERK and JNK pathwaysChang M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Chen P.-J.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YU-LI CHEN ; TSUI-LIEN MAO ; Lin H.-W.; Lin Chiang W.-H.; WEN-FANG CHENG Biochemical Journal113112
652012Serous ovarian carcinoma patients with high alpha-folate receptor had reducing survival and cytotoxic chemo-responseYU-LI CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; Huang C.-Y.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Lin H.-W.; CHI-AN CHEN ; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEN-FANG CHENG Molecular Oncology107103
662012Malignant struma ovarii complicated by Trousseau's syndrome and repeated episodes of cerebral ischemic strokes: A case reportYU-LI CHEN ; Lin K.-H.; Lin M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Gynecologic Oncology Reports60
672012Nationwide Surveillance in Uterine Cancer: Survival Analysis and the Importance of Birth Cohort: 30-Year Population-Based Registry in TaiwanHuang C.-Y.; CHI-AN CHEN ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; Hsu T.-H.; Lin M.-C.; Lai M.-S.; Chen C.-J.; You S.-L.; WEN-FANG CHENG PLoS ONE4544
682012Outcome analysis of cervical adenosquamous carcinoma compared with adenocarcinomaJENNY LING-YU CHEN ; CHIA-HSIEN CHENG ; SUNG-HSIN KUO ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lin M.-C.; CHAO YUAN HUANG Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica1313
692012Cord blood stem-cell-derived dendritic cells generate potent antigen-specific immune responses and anti-tumour effectsChang M.-C.; CHIEN-NAN LEE ; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; Hu Y.-H.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG Clinical Science1111
702011Impact of various treatment modalities on the outcome of stage IB1-IIA cervical adenocarcinomaYU-LI CHEN ; Ho C.-M.; CHI-AN CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Huang C.-Y.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEN-FANG CHENG International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics66
712011Brain metastasis as a late manifestation of ovarian carcinomaYU-LI CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; CHI-AN CHEN European Journal of Cancer Care2418
722011Risk of gynaecological malignancies in cytologically atypical glandular cells: Follow-up study of a nationwide screening populationWEN-FANG CHENG ; Chen Y.-L.; You S.-L.; Chen C.-J.; YEN-CHING CHEN ; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; CHI-AN CHEN BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology2421
732011Post-coital vaginal douching is risky for non-regression of low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion of the cervixChu T.-Y.; Hsiung C.A.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Chou H.-H.; Ho C.-M.; Chien T.-Y.; Chang H.-J.; Chou C.-Y.; Liou J.-D.; Kan Y.-Y.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH Gynecologic Oncology119
742011Histone Deacetylase 6 Regulates Estrogen Receptor α in Uterine LeiomyomaLING-HUNG WEI ; PAO-LING TORNG ; Hsiao S.-M; YUNG-MING JENG ; Chen M.-W; CHI-AN CHEN Reproductive Sciences2322
752011IL-6 trans-signaling in formation and progression of malignant ascites in ovarian cancerLo C.-W; Chen M.-W; Hsiao M; Wang S; CHI-AN CHEN ; Hsiao S.-M; Chang J.-S; Lai T.-C; Rose-John S; Kuo M.-L; LING-HUNG WEI Cancer Research153129
762010Morphine-sparing effect by cox-1 inhibitor sustains analgesic function without compromising antigen-specific immunity and anti-tumor effect of naked DNA vaccineWEI-ZEN SUN ; Chang M.-C.; PO-NI HSIAO ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Hsu Y.-T.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEN-FANG CHENG International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology119
772010Quality of life of patients with ovarian cancer in Taiwan: Validation and application of the Taiwan Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-OV28WEI-CHU CHIE ; Lan C.-Y.; Chiang C.; CHI-AN CHEN Psycho-Oncology78
782010Cost-effectiveness analysis of human papillomavirus DNA testing and Pap smear for cervical cancer screening in a publicly financed health-care systemChow I.H.-I.; Tang C.-H.; You S.-L.; Liao C.-H.; Chu T.-Y.; Chen C.-J.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Pwu R.-F.British Journal of Cancer1517
792010Costs of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions treatment in a publicly financed health care systemTang C.-H.; Pwu R.-F.; Tsai I.-C.; Wang H.I.; You S.-L.; CHI-AN CHEN ; Scuffham P.A.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; Chou C.-Y.; Lin S.-R.; Chen Y.-D.; Chen C.-J.Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics107
802010Metronomic chemotherapy enhances antitumor effects of cancer vaccine by depleting regulatory T lymphocytes and inhibiting tumor angiogenesisCHI-AN CHEN ; Ho C.-M.; Chang M.-C.; WEI-ZEN SUN ; YU-LI CHEN ; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; Syu M.-H.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEN-FANG CHENG Molecular Therapy8272
812010The psychological impact of illness among women experiencing human papillomavirus-related illness or screening interventionsWang K.-L.; Jeng C.-J.; Yang Y.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; Chen T.-C.; Mast T.C.; Wang Y.-C.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology4641
822009Morphine induces apoptosis of human endothelial cells through nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species pathwaysPO-NI HSIAO ; Chang M.-C.; WEN-FANG CHENG ; CHI-AN CHEN ; Lin H.-W.; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; WEI-ZEN SUN Toxicology7470
832009Mesothelin inhibits paclitaxel-induced apoptosis through the PI3K pathwayChang M.-C.; CHI-AN CHEN ; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; CHIEN-NAN LEE ; Su Y.-N.; Hu Y.-H.; WEN-FANG CHENG Biochemical Journal5755
842009High mesothelin correlates with chemoresistance and poor survival in epithelial ovarian carcinomaWEN-FANG CHENG ; Huang C.-Y.; Chang M.-C.; Hu Y.-H.; YING-CHENG CHIANG ; YU-LI CHEN ; CHANG-YAO HSIEH ; CHI-AN CHEN British Journal of Cancer117112
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