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12019Nonparametric Activity Recognition System in Smart Homes Based on Heterogeneous Sensor DataTsai, Ming Je; Li, Ting Ying; Chen, Ya Hung; CHAO-LIN WU; LI-CHEN FU; Chien, Yi Wei; Cheng, Pei Hsuan; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN Article
22019Nonparametric Activity Recognition System in Smart Homes Based on Heterogeneous Sensor DataCHAO-LIN WU; Chen, Ya Hung; Chien, Yi Wei; Tsai, Ming Je; Li, Ting Ying; Cheng, Pei Hsuan; LI-CHEN FU; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; CHAO-LIN WU; Chen, Ya Hung; Chien, Yi Wei; Tsai, Ming Je; Li, Ting Ying; Cheng, Pei Hsuan; LI-CHEN FU
32019Effects of sarcopenia on functional improvement over the first year after cardiac surgery: a cohort studyTeng, Chiao-Hsin; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Wei, Yu-Chung; RON-BIN HSU ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; YIH-SHARNG CHEN; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
42018Bedside screen for oral cavity structure, salivary flow, and vocal production over the 14days following endotracheal extubationCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Wu, Kuo-Hsiang; Ku, Shih-Chi; DING-CHENG CHAN ; JANG-JAER LEE ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; TZU-YU HSIAO journal article
52017Effect of a Modified Hospital Elder Life Program on Delirium and Length of Hospital Stay in Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery: A Cluster Randomized Clinical TrialCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Li, Hsiu-Ching; JIN-TUNG LIANG ; I-RUE LAI ; Purnomo, Jerry Dwi Trijoyo; Yang, Yi-Ting; BEEN-REN LIN ; Huang, John; Yang, Ching-Yao; YU-WEN TIEN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; MING-TSAN LIN ; Huang, Guan-Hua; Inouye, Sharon Kjournal article
72016Swallowing dysfunction following endotracheal intubation: Age mattersTsai, Min-Hsuan; Ku, Shih-Chi; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; TZU-YU HSIAO ; JANG-JAER LEE ; DING-CHENG CHAN ; Huang, Guan-Hua; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
82015Pre-surgical Geriatric Syndromes, Frailty, and Risks for Postoperative Delirium in Older Patients Undergoing Gastrointestinal Surgery: Prevalence and Red FlagsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, Cheryl Chia-Hui; Jin-Tung Liang ; Lin, Ming-Tsan ; Lin, Ming-Tsan; Liang, Jin-Tung; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; Liang, Jin-Tung ; Chen, Chun-Min; Chen, Chun-Min; Yen, Chung-Jen ; Yen, Chung-Jen; Huang, Guan-Hua; Huang, Guan-Huajournal article
92015Tongue Weakness and Somatosensory Disturbance Following Oral Endotracheal ExtubationTYNG-GUEY WANG ; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; SHIH-CHI KU journal article
102015A walk-and-eat intervention improves outcomes for patients with esophageal cancer undergoing neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapyJANG-MING LEE ; Xu, Yu-Juan; Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien; PEI-MING HUANG ; Lee, Jang-Ming ; Huang, Pei-Ming ; Huang, Guan-Hua; Chen, Cheryl Chia-Hui ; 成佳憲 journal article
112014Older patients' depressive symptoms 6 months after prolonged hospitalization: Course and interrelationships with major associated factorsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
122014Motivating the motivators: Lessons learned from the design and evaluation of a social persuasion systemCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; POLLY HUANG journal article
132014The modified hospital elder life program: Adapting a complex intervention for feasibility and scalability in a surgical settingCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
142014Effects of a modified hospital elder life program on frailty in individuals undergoing major elective abdominal surgeryCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; I-RUE LAI journal article
152014Bioscope: An extensible bandage system for facilitating data collection in nursing assessmentsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; POLLY HUANG conference paper
162014Delirium, subsyndromal delirium, and cognitive changes in individuals undergoing elective coronary artery bypass graft surgeryCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Li, Hsiu-Ching; Li, Hsiu-Ching; Chen, Yih-Sharng; Ming-Jang Chiu ; Chen, Yih-Sharng; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Chiu, Ming-Jang ; Fu, Mei-Chiung; Fu, Mei-Chiung; Huang, Guan-Hua; Chen, Cheryl Chia-Hui journal article
172014Daily health assessment system using prediction model for self-rated health by vital sign patternCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; LI-CHEN FU conference paper
182012Development and evaluation of a modified hospital elder life programCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; I-RUE LAI journal article
192012Cognitive stimulation during hospitalization improves global cognition of older Taiwanese undergoing elective total knee and hip replacement surgeryJYH-HORNG WANG; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Ming-Jang Chiu journal article
202011Prevalence of geriatric conditions: A hospital-wide survey of 455 geriatric inpatients in a tertiary medical centerCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, C.C-H.; Yen, C.J.; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; YU-TZU DAI ; Dai, Y.T.; Wang, Charlotte.; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; Huang, G.H; YEN, CHUNG-JEN ; DAI, YU-TZU ; HUANG, GUAN-HUAjournal article
212011Patterns of cognitive change in elderly patients during and 6 months after hospitalisation: A prospective cohort studyCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Ming-Jang Chiu ; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; CHIU, MING-JANG ; CHENG, CHIA- MIN; HUANG, GUAN-HUAjournal article
222011A mobile mediation tool for improving interaction between depressed individuals and caregiversCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Yu, Sheng-Hsiang; POLLY HUANG ; Wang, Li-Shan; Chu, Hao-Hua; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Chen, Sue-Huei ; Chen, Cheryl Chai-Hui; You, Chuang-Wen ; Huang, Polly ; YU, SHENG-HSIANG; WANG, LI-SHAN; CHU, HAO-HUA; CHEN, SUE-HUEI ; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; YOU, CHUANG-WEN ; HUANG, POLLY journal article
232011Brushing teeth with purified water to reduce ventilator-associated pneumoniaCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
242011Modified hospital elder life program: Effects on abdominal surgery patientsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; MING-TSAN LIN ; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; YU-WEN TIEN journal article
252011Cognitive Function and Application of Cognitive Stimulation in Older Hospitalized Patients鄭嘉旻; 曾建寧; 陳佳慧; CHENG, CHIA-MIN; TSENG, CHIEN-NING; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI 
262010A Smart Kitchen for Nutrition-Aware CookingCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; POLLY HUANG journal article
272010Determinants of patient-family caregiver congruence on preferred place of death in TaiwanCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
282010Persistent cognitive decline in older hospitalized patients in TaiwanCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
292010Shared risk factors for distinct geriatric syndromes in older Taiwanese inpatientsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Chen, C.C.; CHUNG-JEN YEN ; Dai, Y.T.; YU-TZU DAI ; Yen, C.J.; Huang, C.H.; Wang, Charlottejournal article
302009Playful bottle: A mobile social persuasion system to motivate healthy water intakeCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO conference paper
312009Executive function in adolescence among children with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder in TaiwanSUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; CHI-YUNG SHANG ; Chen, Cheryl Chia-Hui ; GAU, SUSAN SHUR-FEN ; CHIU, CHUI-DE; SHANG, CHI-YUNG ; CHENG, ANDREW TAI-ANN; SOONG, WEI-TSUENjournal article
322009Trajectory and determinants of nutritional health in older patients during and six-month post-hospitalisationCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; TANG, SIEW-TZUH; HUANG, GUAN-HUAjournal article
332009Geochronology and petrogenesis of granitic rocks in Gangdese batholith, southern TibetChen, Cheryl Chia-Hui ; Ji, WeiQiang; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; Wu, FuYuan; Liu, ChuanZhou; Chung, SunLin journal article
342008Functional trajectory 6 months posthospitalization: A cohort study of older hospitalized patients in TaiwanCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
352008Trajectory and determinants of the quality of life of family caregivers of terminally ill cancer patients in TaiwanCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Tang, S-T; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Li, C. Y.; Fang, Chi-Tai ; Lee, Keng-Lin; Chen, C. C-H; Sheng, Wang-Huei ; TANG, SIEW-TZUH; LI, CHUNG-YI; Wu, Chia-Yun; Wang, Jung-Der; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; Yao, Gracejournal article
362007Effects of a range-of-motion exercise programmeCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
372007Revisiting the concept of malnutrition in older peopleChen, C. C-H.; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Bai, Y-I.; Huang, G-H.; Tang, S-Z.journal article
382005老年住院病患營養狀況及其影響之追蹤研究陳佳慧 journal article
392005A framework for studying the nutritional health of community-dwelling eldersCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
402005Dynamics of nutritional health in a community sample of American elders: A multidimensional approach using Roy Adaptation ModelCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
412004遠距居家照護系統陳佳慧 ; 蘇美如; 黃秀梨; 陳少傑 ; 戴玉慈 ; 陳恆順journal article
422004Utilization of comprehensive geriatric assessment in cancer patientsCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
432003溫度與激勃酸對粗肋草開花之影響葉德銘 ; 陳佳慧 journal article
442003粗肋草品種之耐寒性與葉尖反捲原因之探討葉德銘 ; 陳佳慧 journal article
452001A concept analysis of malnutrition in the elderlyCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
461992A typology of alcoholism in Taiwan aborigines: A study on evolving process of community casesCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article
471988A comparative study on schizophrenia diagnosed by ICD-9 and DSM-III: Course, family history and stability of diagnosisCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN journal article