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12022Long-term safety and efficacy of ferric citrate in phosphate-lowering and iron-repletion effects among patients with on hemodialysis: A multicenter, open-label, Phase IV trialLee, Chien-Te; Lee, Chin-Chan; Wu, Ming-Ju; Chiu, Yi-Wen; Leu, Jyh-Gang; MING-SHIOU WU ; Peng, Yu-Sen; Wu, Mai-Szu; Tarng, Der-CherngPloS one00
22022Detecting Volemic, Cardiac, and Autonomic Responses From Hypervolemia to Normovolemia via Non-Invasive ClearSight Hemodynamic Monitoring During Hemodialysis: An Observational InvestigationLai, Chih-Jun; CHUNG-CHIH SHIH ; Huang, Hsing-Hao; Chien, Ming-Hung; MING-SHIOU WU ; Cheng, Ya-JungFrontiers in physiology00
32021Associations between urinary cysteine-rich protein 61 excretion and kidney function decline in outpatients with chronic kidney disease: a prospective cohort study in TaiwanLai, Chun-Fu; Wang, Jian-Jhong; Tu, Ya-Chun; Hsu, Chia-Yu; Wu, Hon-Yen; Fang, Cheng-Chung; Chen, Yung-Ming; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai, Tun-JunBMJ open00
42021Alternative Complement Pathway Is Activated and Associated with Galactose-Deficient IgA1 Antibody in IgA Nephropathy PatientsChiu, Yen-Ling; Lin, Wei-Chou; Shu, Kai-Hsiang; Fang, Yi-Wen; Chang, Fan-Chi; Chou, Yu-Hsiang; Wu, Ching-Fang; Chiang, Wen-Chih; Lin, Shuei-Liong; Chen, Yung-Ming; MING-SHIOU WU Frontiers in immunology77
52019Extracorporeal Life Support Enhances the Forward Pressure Wave to Cause a Mismatch between Cardiac Oxygen Demand and SupplyWang C.-H.; Chang R.-W.; Wu E.-T.; Hsiao Y.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yu H.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Lai L.-C.; Yu S.-L.Scientific Reports00
62019The relationship of anti-phospholipase A2 receptor antibody and C5a complement with disease activity and short-term outcome in idiopathic membranous nephropathyChi J.N.; Lai T.S.; Wu C.F.; Fu T.Y.; Chou Y.H.; Chiu Y.L.; Lin W.C.; Chiang W.C.; Chen Y.M.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association46
72019Quantification of cardiac pumping mechanics in rats by using the elastance–resistance model based solely on the measured left ventricular pressure and cardiac outputWang C.-H.; Chang R.-W.; Wu E.-T.; Chang C.-Y.; Kao H.-L.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Cheng Y.-J.; Chen Y.-S.; Chang K.-C.Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology00
82017Defects in vascular mechanics due to aging in rats: Studies on arterial wave properties from a single aortic pressure pulseChang C.-Y.; Chang R.-W.; Hsu S.-H.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Cheng Y.-J.; Kao H.-L.; Lai L.-C.; Wang C.-H.; Chang K.-C.Frontiers in Physiology22
92017Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitor is Associated with Lower Risk of Ensuing Chronic Kidney Disease after Functional Recovery from Acute Kidney InjuryChou Y.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Pan S.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; Lai C.-F.; Wu V.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.; Chu T.-S.; Lin S.-L.Scientific Reports3435
102017Quantification of contractile mechanics in the rat heart from ventricular pressure aloneWang C.-H.; Chang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Kao H.-L.; Lai L.-C.; Young T.-H.; Yu H.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Chang K.-C.Oncotarget10
112017Determining arterial wave transit time from a single aortic pressure pulse in rats: Vascular impulse response analysisChang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; Lai L.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Young T.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Wang C.-H.; Chang K.-C.Scientific Reports64
122016Risk factors for development and progression of chronic kidney disease: A systematic review and exploratory meta-analysisTsai W.-C.; Wu H.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.; Ko M.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hung K.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; Chu T.-S.; Chien K.-L.Medicine (United States)8078
132016Repeated cycles of high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin and plasmapheresis for treatment of late antibody-mediated rejection of renal transplantsLee C.-Y.; Lin W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Yeh C.-C.; Tsai M.-K.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association99
142016DNA methyltransferase inhibition restores erythropoietin production in fibrotic murine kidneysChang Y.-T.; Yang C.-C.; Pan S.-Y.; Chou Y.-H.; Chang F.-C.; Lai C.-F.; Tsai M.-H.; Hsu H.-L.; Lin C.-H.; Chiang W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Lin S.-L.Journal of Clinical Investigation5346
152016Losartan reduces ensuing chronic kidney disease and mortality after acute kidney injuryCheng S.-Y.; Chou Y.-H.; Liao F.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Chang F.-C.; Liu C.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Lai C.-F.; Lin Y.-F.; Wu V.-C.; Chu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lin S.-L.Scientific Reports3432
162016Factors associated with serum fetuin-A concentrations after long-term use of different phosphate binders in hemodialysis patientsLin H.-H.; Liou H.-H.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Huang C.-C.BMC Nephrology55
172015Multidisciplinary care program for advanced chronic kidney disease: Reduces renal replacement and medical costsChen P.M.; Lai T.S.; Chen P.Y.; Lai C.F.; Yang S.Y.; Wu V.; Chiang C.K.; Kao T.W.; Huang J.W.; Chiang W.C.; Lin S.L.; Hung K.Y.; Chen Y.M.; Chu T.S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.D.; Tsai T.J.American Journal of Medicine6162
182015Systolic aortic pressure-time area is a useful index describing arterial wave properties in rats with diabetesChang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yu H.-Y.; Luo J.-M.; Chen Y.-S.; Lin F.-Y.; Lai L.-C.; Wang C.-H.; Chang K.-C.Scientific Reports35
192015B cells and immunoglobulin in ABO-incompatible renal transplant patients receiving rituximab and double filtration plasmapheresisTsai M.-K.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yang C.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Yeh C.-C.; Hu R.-H.; Lee P.-H.; Lai H.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association87
202015Methylprednisolone protects cardiac pumping mechanics from deteriorating in lipopolysaccharide-treated ratsKo Y.-H.; Tsai M.-S.; Chang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; Wang C.-H.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Liang J.-T.; Chang K.-C.Frontiers in Physiology12
212014Long-term sevelamer treatment lowers serum fibroblast growth factor 23 accompanied with increasing serum Klotho levels in chronic haemodialysis patientsLin H.-H.; Liou H.-H.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lin C.-Y.; Huang C.-C.Nephrology3129
222014Pyridoxamine protects against mechanical defects in cardiac ageing in rats: Studies on load dependence of myocardial relaxationWang C.-H.; Wu E.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai M.-S.; Ko Y.-H.; Chang R.-W.; Chang C.-Y.; Chang K.-C.Experimental Physiology86
232013Fermentation product of soybean, black bean, and green bean mixture induces apoptosis in a wide variety of cancer cellsChia J.-S.; Du J.-L.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hsu W.-B.; Chiang C.-P.; Sun A.; Lu J.J.-Y.; Wang W.-B.Integrative Cancer Therapies1312
242013Angiopoietin-2 Is Associated with Albuminuria and Microinflammation in Chronic Kidney DiseaseChang F.-C.; Lai T.-S.; Chiang C.-K.; Chen Y.-M.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Lin S.-L.PLoS ONE3129
252012Pyridoxamine ameliorates the effects of advanced glycation end products on subtotal nephrectomy induced chronic renal failure ratsChuang Y.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu T.-H.; Su Y.-K.; Lee Y.-M.Journal of Functional Foods66
262012Dialysis elbowChao C.T.; MING-SHIOU WU QJM22
272012Advanced age affects the outcome-predictive power of RIFLE classification in geriatric patients with acute kidney injuryChao C.-T.; Wu V.-C.; Lai C.-F.; Shiao C.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Wu P.-C.; Tsai I.-J.; Hou C.-C.; Wang W.-J.; Tsai H.-B.; Lin Y.-F.; Chiang W.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.Kidney International5752
282012Effects of olmesartan on arterial stiffness in rats with chronic renal failureChuang Y.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Su Y.-K.; Fang K.-M.Cardiovascular Diabetology89
292012Early return of augmented wave reflection impairs left ventricular relaxation in aged Fisher 344 ratsMING-SHIOU WU ; Chang C.-Y.; Chang R.-W.; Chang K.-C.Experimental Gerontology87
302011Pyridoxamine prevents age-related aortic stiffening and vascular resistance in association with reduced collagen glycationWu E.-T.; Liang J.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chang K.-C.Experimental Gerontology1413
312011Pleiotropic effects of sevelamer beyond phosphate binding in end-stage renal disease patients: A randomized, open-label, parallel-group studyLin Y.-F.; Chien C.-T.; Kan W.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; Chu T.-S.; Hung K.-Y.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.; MING-SHIOU WU Clinical Drug Investigation1815
322011Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis: Critical analysis of 30 patientsKuo C.-C.; Wu C.-F.; Huang C.-C.; Lee Y.-J.; Lin W.-C.; Tsai C.-W.; Wu V.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.International Urology and Nephrology2833
332011Associations of metabolic syndrome and its components with cardiovascular outcomes among non-diabetic patients undergoing maintenance peritoneal dialysisLiao C.-T.; Kao T.-W.; Chou Y.-H.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen Y.-M.; Chuang H.-F.; Hung K.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation2926
342010Green dialysateChen Y.-T.; Huang C.-C.; Kuo C.-C.; Chen H.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU Kidney International22
352010Benefits of Sevelamer on Markers of Bone Turnover in Taiwanese Hemodialysis PatientsLin Y.-F.; Chen Y.-M.; Hung K.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Kan W.-C.; Huang C.-Y.; Lin S.-L.; Kao T.-W.; Huang J.-W.; Chiang W.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1210
362010Life expectancy, expected years of life lost and survival of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patientsKao T.-W.; Huang J.-W.; Hung K.-Y.; Chang Y.-Y.; Chen P.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Chen Y.-M.; Chu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.; Wang J.-D.Journal of Nephrology2120
372010Sustained low-efficiency dialysis versus continuous veno-venous hemofiltration for postsurgical acute renal failureWu V.-C.; Wang C.-H.; Wang W.-J.; Lin Y.-F.; Hu F.-C.; Chen Y.-W.; Chen Y.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lin Y.-H.; Kuo C.-C.; Huang T.-M.; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Surgery4237
382010Effects of acetyl-L-carnitine and oxfenicine on aorta stiffness in diabetic ratsChang K.-C.; Tseng C.-D.; Lu S.-C.; Liang J.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai M.-S.; Hsu K.-L.European Journal of Clinical Investigation79
392009Recent update on acute kidney injury and critical dialysisKuo C.-C.; Chou Y.-H.; Lee P.-H.; Chen C.-H.; Wang C.-L.; Tsai P.-R.; Wu V.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Ko W.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of Internal Medicine of Taiwan0
402009Prevention of arterial stiffening by pyridoxamine in diabetes is associated with inhibition of the pathogenic glycation on aortic collagenChang K.-C.; Liang J.-T.; Tsai P-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hsu K.-L.British Journal of Pharmacology2824
412009Comparison of residual renal function in patients undergoing twice-weekly versus three-times-weekly haemodialysisLin Y.-F.; Huang J.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Lin S.-L.; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.Nephrology8478
422009Repetitive hypoxic preconditioning attenuates renal ischemia/reperfusion induced oxidative injury via upregulating HIF-1α-dependent bcl-2 signalingYang C.-C.; Lin L.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Lai M.-K.Transplantation5955
432009Seven-year follow-up of peritoneal dialysis patients in TaiwanShiao C.-C.; Kao T.-W.; Hung K.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.Peritoneal Dialysis International1515
442009Application of rituximab to hepatitis C-positive, ABO-incompatible renal transplantationTsai M.-K.; Yang C.-Y.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lee P.-H.International Journal of Artificial Organs22
452009Protection of ischemic preconditioning on renal neural function in rats with acute renal failureMING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Ma M.-C.; Chen C.-F.Chinese Journal of Physiology87
462009Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES)Kuo C.-C.; Huang C.-C.; Huang J.-W.; Cheng A.; Tsai C.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU BMJ Case Reports00
472009The 90-day mortality and the subsequent renal recovery in critically ill surgical patients requiring acute renal replacement therapyLin Y.-F.; Ko W.-J.; Chu T.-S.; Chen Y.-S.; Wu V.-C.; Chen Y.-M.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen Y.-W.; Tsai C.-W.; Shiao C.-C.; Li W.-Y.; Hu F.-C.; Tsai P.-R.; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Surgery7070
482008Randomized study of darbepoetin alfa and recombinant human erythropoietin for treatment of renal anemia in chronic renal failure patients receiving peroitoneal dialysisLi W.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Huang J.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1311
492008Early diagnosis and successful treatment of acute antibody-mediated rejection of a renal transplantYang Y.-W.; Lin W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lee P.-H.; Tsai M.-K.Experimental and Clinical Transplantation910
502008A modified sequential organ failure assessment score to predict hospital mortality of postoperative acute renal failure patients requiring renal replacement therapyLin Y.-F.; Ko W.-J.; Wu V.-C.; Chen Y.-S.; Chen Y.-M.; Hu F.-C.; Shiao C.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen Y.-W.; Li W.-Y.; Huang T.-M.; Wu K.-D.; Chu T.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Tsai P.-R.; Tsai H.-B.; Wang J.-Y.; Tsai C.-W.; Wu H.-Y.; Kuo C.-C.; Wu C.-F.Blood Purification2017
512008Impact of spiritual and religious activity on quality of sleep in hemodialysis patientsYang J.-Y.; Huang J.-W.; Kao T.-W.; Peng Y.-S.; Lu C.-S.; Chen D.-L.; Yang C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai D.-M.; Liao C.-S.; Chang H.-W.; Wu W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.; Chang C.-J.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.Blood Purification67
522007Endothelin-1 activates MAPKs and modulates cell cycle proteins in OKP CellsChu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association33
532007Quality of sleep and psychosocial factors for patients undergoing peritoneal dialysisYang J.-Y.; Huang J.-W.; Peng Y.-S.; Chiang S.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Chen H.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.Peritoneal Dialysis International3531
542007Hypoxic preconditioning attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced oxidative stress in rat kidneysYang C.-C.; Ma M.-C.; Chien C.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Sun W.-K.; Chen C.-F.Journal of Physiology3230
552007Sexual dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patientsLai C.-F.; Wang Y.-T.; Hung K.-Y.; Peng Y.-S.; Lien Y.-R.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chang C.-H.; Chiang S.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Shiah C.-J.; Lu C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Chuang H.-F.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.American Journal of Nephrology1917
562007Impact of Near-Death Experiences on Dialysis Patients: A Multicenter Collaborative StudyLai C.-F.; Kao T.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chiang S.-S.; Chang C.-H.; Lu C.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Yang C.-C.; Chang H.-W.; Lin S.-L.; Chang C.-J.; Chen P.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.American Journal of Kidney Diseases2017
572007Primary biliary cirrhosis associated with minimal change disease [19]Lai T.-S.; Lin W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai T.-J.; Wu K.-D.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation00
582007Chronic green tea extract supplementation reduces hemodialysisenhanced production of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid, atherosclerotic factors, and proinflammatory cytokinesHsu S.-P.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yang C.-C.; Huang K.-C.; Liou S.-Y.; Hsu S.-M.; Chien C.-T.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition8878
592006Quantitative Comparison of Skin Colors in Patients With ESRD Undergoing Different Dialysis ModalitiesLai C.-F.; Kao T.-W.; Tsai T.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Huang K.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.-D.American Journal of Kidney Diseases1511
602005Vasodilator agents inhibit opossum kidney proximal tubular cell growthChu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association44
612005Disseminated Nocardia farcinica infection in a uraemia patient with idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura receiving steroid therapyLai C.-C.; Lee L.-N.; Teng L.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai J.-C.; Hsueh P.-R.Journal of Medical Microbiology2119
622005Sexual dysfunction in female hemodialysis patients: A multicenter studyPeng Y.-S.; Chiang C.-K.; Kao T.-W.; Hung K.-Y.; Lu C.-S.; Chiang S.-S.; Yang C.-S.; Huang Y.-C.; Wu K.-D.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Lien Y.-R.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai D.-M.; Chen P.-Y.; Liao C.-S.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.Kidney International8982
632005Acute renal failure in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome.Huang J.W.; Chen K.Y.; Tsai H.B.; Wu V.C.; Yang Y.F.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.S.; Wu K.D.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi2019
642004Health-related quality of life of hemodialysis patients in Taiwan: A multicenter studyChiang C.-K.; Peng Y.-S.; Chiang S.-S.; Yang C.-S.; He Y.-H.; Hung K.-Y.; Wu K.-D.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Fang C.-C.; Tsai T.-J.; Chen W.-Y.Blood Purification5442
652004The physiological impact of wearing an N95 mask during hemodialysis as a precaution against SARS in patients with end-stage renal diseaseKao T.-W.; Huang K.-C.; Huang Y.-L.; Tsai T.-J.; Hsieh B.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association4648
662004Analysis of renal outcome in patients with acute on chronic renal failure requiring emergent hemodilysisChen J.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen Y.-M.; Tsai T.-J.Journal of Internal Medicine of Taiwan1
672003Hypoxic preconditioning enhances renal superoxide dismutase levels in ratsChen C.-F.; Tsai S.-Y.; Ma M.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of Physiology5244
682002Rhabdomyolysis associated with streptococcus pneumoniae bacteremia in a splenectomized patientShih K.-Y.; Chu T.-S.; Hung C.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association53
692002Thrombotic microangiopathy in hemophagocytic syndrome: A case reportChiang W.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai C.-C.; Lin S.-L.; Tsai T.-J.; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1313
702002Temporal decrease in renal sensory responses in rats after chronic ligation of the bile ductMing-Chieh Ma.; Huang H.-S.; Chien C.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen C.-F.American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology1915
712002Enhanced expression of nitric oxide synthase in the early stage after increased pulmonary blood flow in ratsChou T.-F.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Yu C.-C.; Chen C.-F.European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery108
722002Impaired renal sensory responses after renal ischemia in the ratMa M.-C.; Huang H.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Chen C.-F.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology3329
732000Visible penicillium spp. colonization plaques on a Tenckhoff catheter without resultant peritonitis in a peritoneal dialysis patientHuang J.-W.; Chu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Peng Y.-S.; Hsieh B.-S.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation109
742000Reduction in renal haemodynamics by exaggerated vesicovascular reflex in rats with acute urinary retentionChien C.-T.; Yu H.-J.; Cheng Y.-J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen C.-F.; Hsu S.-M.Journal of Physiology2221
752000Endothelin-1 chronically inhibits Na/H exchanger-3 in ET(B)-overexpressing OKP cellsChu T.-S.; Wu K.-D.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hsieh B.-S.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1112
761999Pneumoperitoneum caused by a perforated peptic ulcer in a peritoneal dialysis patient: difficulty in diagnosis.Huang J.W.; Peng Y.S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai T.J.American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation30
771999Effects of norepinephrine on renal function in chronically hypoxic ratsMING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Ma M.-C.; Chen C.-F.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association00
781999Pentoxifylline attenuates experimental mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritisChen Y.-M.; Chien C.-T.; Hu-Tsai M.-I.; Wu K.-D.; Tsai C.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai T.-J.Kidney International7569
791999Hepatic aneurysm and portal vein thrombosis in a patient with lupus erythematosus on dialysisHuang J.-W.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chu T.-S.; Tsai T.-J.Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation88
801998Urinary endothelin-1 in patients with renal diseaseChu T.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association77
811998Pharmacologic agents inhibit rat mesangial cell proliferation and collagen synthesisFang C.-C.; Yen C.-J.; Shyu R.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Tsai T.-J.; Hsieh B.-S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association31
821997Attenuated response of renal mechanoreceptors to volume expansion in chronically hypoxic ratsChien C.-T.; Fu T.-C.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen C.-F.American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology2217
831997Renal function of substance P in rats chronically exposed to hypoxiaChen C.-F.; Chen L.-W.; Chien C.-T.; MING-SHIOU WU Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine33
841997Renal R2 chemoreceptor activity is attenuated after back heating in the ratMING-SHIOU WU ; Chien C.-T.; Chen C.-F.Neuroscience Letters12
851995Serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor in patients with end-stage renal disease on hemodialysisChen H.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen W.-Y.; Lee S.-H.; Yang C.-S.Dialysis and Transplantation5
861995Soluble interleukin-2 receptor in patients with glomerular diseasesChen H.-S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Yen T.-S.; Chen W.-Y.Postgraduate Medical Journal76
871992Blood pressure and metabolic response to converting enzyme inhibitor in hypertensive patients: comparison between delapril and captoprilChu T.S.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Chen Y.M.; Wu K.D.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi00
881991A plasma factor participates in the cryoactivation of plasma inactive renin.Tsai T.J.; MING-SHIOU WU ; Wu K.D.; Yen T.S.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association = Taiwan yi zhi10