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12019Muscular Morphomechanical Characteristics After an Achilles RepairPeng, Wei-Chen; YUAN-HUNG CHAO ; Fu, Amy S N; Fong, Shirley S M; Rolf, Christer; HONG-SEN CHIANG ; Chen, Shiyi; HSING-KUO WANG 32
22018Effects of a multicomponent exercise on dual-task performance and executive function among older adultsYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article88
32018Hyperglycemia augments the adipogenic transdifferentiation potential of tenocytes and is alleviated by cyclic mechanical stretchJUI-SHENG SUN; HSING-KUO WANG ; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article23
42018Functional outcomes and quality of life after a 6-month early intervention program for oral cancer survivors: A single-arm clinical trialYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article11
52018Constructing a home-based knee replacement exercise monitoring system with G sensorYUAN-HUNG CHAO book10
62018A Hybrid Key Item Locating Method to Assist Elderly Daily Life Using Internet of ThingsYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article10
72017Morphomechanical alterations in the medial gastrocnemius muscle in patients with a repaired Achilles tendon: Associations with outcome measuresTIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH ; HSING-KUO WANG ; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article1313
82017High glucose alters tendon homeostasis through downregulation of the AMPK/Egr1 pathwayJUI-SHENG SUN; HSING-KUO WANG ; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article1311
92016Entry into vocational rehabilitation program following work-related hand injury: Potential candidatesYUAN-HUNG CHAO ; Chen, Yueh-Hsia; Hsu, Chung-Yin; Lien, Shwu-Huei; Yu, Shu-Jung; Chang, Jen-Mu; Su, Shanq-Wen; Chao, Yuan-Hung journal article30
102016Tissue transglutaminase is involved in mechanical load–induced osteogenic differentiation of human ligamentum flavum cellsChao, Yuan-Hung ; JUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO ; Huang, Shih-Yung; Yang, Ruei-Cheng; Sun, Jui-Shengjournal article31
112015Effects of combined exercise on gait variability in community-dwelling older adultsWang, Ray-Yau; YUAN-HUNG CHAO ; Wang, Yuan-Li; Cheng, Fang-Yu; Chao, Yuan-Hung ; Chen, Chien-Liang; Yang, Yea-Rujournal article1312
122014Second messengers mediating the proliferation and collagen synthesis of tenocytes induced by low-level laser irradiation.孫瑞昇; JUI-SHENG SUN; Chen, Mei-Hsiu; YUAN-HUNG CHAO ; Huang, Yun-Chien; Sun, Jui-Sheng; Chao, Yuan-Hung ; Chen, Ming-Hongjournal article1313
132014Integrating NFC Technology with Scheduling Algorithm to Construct the Dynamic Rehabilitation Scheduling MechanismYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article00
142012Elastin-derived peptides induce inflammatory responses through the activation of NF-κB in human ligamentum flavum cellsJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article66
152012Self-perceived health and return to work following work-related hand injuryYUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article85
162012Centrifugal force induces human ligamentum flavum fibroblasts inflammation through activation of JNK and p38 pathwaysJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article76
172011The cross-talk between transforming growth factor-beta1 and ultrasound stimulation during mechanotransduction of rat tenocytesJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article43
182011Effects of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound on Rat Schwann Cells MetabolismJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO journal article2423
192008Effects of Shock Waves on Tenocyte Proliferation and Extracellular Matrix MetabolismJUI-SHENG SUN; YUAN-HUNG CHAO ; TSUANG, YANG-HWEI; SUN, JUI-SHENG; CHEN, LI-TING; CHIANG, YUEH-FENG; WANG, CHIEN-CHE; CHEN, MING-HONGjournal article4339
202008Cross-cultural medical education: Can patientcentered cultural competency training be effective in non-Western countries?趙遠宏 ; 孫瑞昇; Chao, Yuan-Hung ; MING-JUNG HO ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Huang, Shih-Yung; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; Yao, Grace; Lee, Keng-Lin; Yang, Ruei-Cheng; Lee, Keng-Lin; Beach, Mary Catherine; Sun, Jui-Sheng; Green, Alexander; Green, Alexanderjournal article1517