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12019Reciprocal activation of cancer-associated fibroblasts and oral squamous carcinoma cells through CXCL1Wei, Ling-Ying; JANG-JAER LEE ; Yeh, Chiou-Yueh; Yang, Chia-Ju; SANG-HENG KOK ; Ko, Jenq-Yuh; FENG-CHIAO TSAI ; JEAN-SAN CHIA journal article02
22013XThe proliferation-quiescence decision is controlled by a bifurcation in CDK2 activity at mitotic exitFENG-CHIAO TSAI journal article200191
32006Splenic vein thrombosis and Klebsiella pneumoniae septicemia after endoscopic gastric variceal obturation therapy with N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylatePO-CHIN LIANG ; CHEN-HUA LIU ; PEI-MING YANG ; FENG-CHIAO TSAI journal article1916
42006Successful colonoscopic drainage of appendiceal pus in acute appendicitisCHEN-HUA LIU ; PEI-MING YANG ; FENG-CHIAO TSAI journal article107