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12021Hippocampal activation and connectivity in the aging brainBeason-Held, Lori L; Shafer, Andrea T; JOSHUA GOH ; Landman, Bennett A; Davatzikos, Christos; Viscomi, Brieana; Ash, Jessica; Kitner-Triolo, Melissa; Ferrucci, Luigi; Resnick, Susan MBrain imaging and behavior3
22021Integrity of the Prefronto-striato-thalamo-prefrontal Loop Predicts Tai Chi Chuan Training Effects on Cognitive Task-switching in Middle-aged and Older AdultsWu, Meng-Tien; Tang, Pei-Fang; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Hsu, Yung-Chin; Chen, Yu-Jen; JOSHUA GOH ; Chou, Tai-Li; Chang, Yu-Kai; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Lan, ChingFrontiers in aging neuroscience0
32021Effects and mechanisms of information saliency in enhancing value-based decision-making in younger and older adultsChen, Hsiang-Yu; Dix, Annika; JOSHUA GOH ; Smolka, Michael N; Thurm, Franka; Li, Shu-ChenNeurobiology of aging0
42020Neural responses reveal associations between personal values and value-based decisionsChuang, Yun-Shiuan; Su, Yu-Shiang; JOSHUA GOH Social cognitive and affective neuroscience1
52020Influence of culture and age on the self-reference effectZhang, Wanbing; Hung, I-Tzu; Jackson, Jonathan D; Tai, Tzu-Ling; JOSHUA GOH ; Gutchess, AngelaNeuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, Aging, neuropsychology and cognition3
62020Asynchronously Embedding Psychological Test Questions into Human-Robot Conversations for User ProfilingHuang, T.-R.; Liu, Y.-W.; Hsu, S.-M.; JOSHUA GOH ; Chang, Y.-L.; Yeh, S.-L.; Fu, L.-C.; Huang, T.-R.International Journal of Social Robotics1
72020Using Machine Theory of Mind to Learn Agent Social Network Structures from Observed Interactive Behaviors with TargetsChuang, Y.-S.; Hung, H.-Y.; Gamborino, E.; JOSHUA GOH ; Huang, T.-R.; Chang, Y.-L.; Yeh, S.-L.; Fu, L.-C.; Yeh, S.-L.29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, RO-MAN 20200
82019Default-mode network activation underlies accurate contextual processing of exclusive disjunctions in older but not younger adultsChen, Chi-Chuan; Su, Yu-Shiang; Tu, Yu-Zhen; JOSHUA GOH NeuroImage00
92018East Asian young and older adult perceptions of emotional faces from an age- and sex-fair East Asian facial expression databaseTu, Yu Zhen; Lin, Dong Wei; Suzuki, Atsunobu; GOH, JOSHUA Frontiers in Psychology 10
102018Task-switching performance improvements after Tai Chi Chuan training are associated with greater prefrontal activation in older adultsWu, Meng Tien; PEI-FANG TANG; GOH, JOSHUA ; TAI-LI CHOU; Chang, Yu Kai; Hsu, Yung Chin; YU-JEN CHEN; Chen, Nai Chi; Tseng, Wen Yih Isaac; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU; MING-JANG CHIU; CHING LAN ; Wu, Meng Tien; PEI-FANG TANG; GOH, JOSHUA ; TAI-LI CHOU ; Chang, Yu Kai; Hsu, Yung Chin; YU-JEN CHEN; Chen, Nai Chi; Tseng, Wen Yih Isaac; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU; MING-JANG CHIU; CHING LAN Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 723
112018Age-related differences in striatal, medial temporal, and frontal involvement during value-based decision processingSu, Yu Shiang; Chen, Jheng Ting; Tang, Yong Jheng; Yuan, Shu Yun; McCarrey, Anna C.; GOH, JOSHUA Neurobiology of Aging 20
122018Financial incentives differentially regulate neural processing of positive and negative emotions during value-based decision-makingFarrell, Anne M.; GOH, JOSHUA ; White, Brian J.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 00
132018A conceptual consideration of the free energy principle in cognitive maps: How cognitive maps help reduce surpriseGOH, JOSHUA ; Hung, Hsin Yi; Su, Yu ShiangPsychology of Learning and Motivation - Advances in Research and Theory 00
142018Corrigendum to "Age-related differences in striatal, medial temporal, and frontal involvement during value-based decision processing" [Neurobiol. Aging 69 (2018) 185-198]Su, Yu-Shiang; CHUNG-JUN TSAI; YUFENG JANE TSENG; Yuan, Shu-Yun; McCarrey, Anna C; JOSHUA GOH Neurobiology of aging00
152017Vascular burden and brain aging in a senior volunteer cohort: A pilot studyLo, Raymond Y.; Lo, Yen Chieh; Chen, Shu Cin; Li, Yu Ying; YA-LING YANG ; YU-LING CHANG; Sung, Huei Chuan; Chiu, Tina H.T.; GOH, JOSHUA ; Lo, Raymond Y.; Lo, Yen Chieh; Chen, Shu Cin; Li, Yu Ying; YA-LING YANG ; YU-LING CHANG ; Sung, Huei Chuan; Chiu, Tina H.T.; GOH, JOSHUA Tzu Chi Medical Journal 12
162016Better not to know? Emotion regulation fails to benefit from affective cueingLiu, Siwei; Vanderhasselt, Marie Anne; Zhou, Juan; Schirmer, Annett; JOSHUA GOH ; Fareri, Dominic S.; Thurm, FrankaFrontiers in Human Neuroscience4
172016Frontal, striatal, and medial temporal sensitivity to value distinguishes risk-taking from risk-aversive older adults during decision makingGoh, Joshua O. S.; JOSHUA GOH ; Su, Yu-Shiang; Tang, Yong-Jheng; McCarrey, Anna C.; Tereshchenko, Alexander; Elkins, Wendy; Resnick, Susan M.Journal of Neuroscience 1014
182016Distinct and overlapping brain areas engaged during value-based, mathematical, and emotional decision processingHsu, Chun-Wei; Goh, Joshua O. S.; 吳恩賜 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13
192015Region of interest correction factors improve reliability of diffusion imaging measures within and across scanners and field strengthsJOSHUA GOH ; Venkatraman, Vijay K.; Chen, Mei-Huei; Gonzalez, Christopher E.; Landman, Bennett; Goh, Joshua ; Reiter, David A.; An, Yang; Resnick, Susan M.NeuroImage 1920
202015Voxelwise relationships between distribution volume ratio and cerebral blood flow: Implications for analysis of b-amyloid imagesJOSHUA GOH Journal of Nuclear Medicine 77
212015Greater cortical thinning in normal older adults predicts later cognitive impairmentPacheco, Jennifer; JOSHUA GOH ; Goh, Joshua O.; Kraut, Michael A.; Ferrucci, Luigi; Resnick, Susan M.Neurobiology of Aging 3645
222014Association of hearing impairment with brain volume changes in older adultsLin, F. R.; JOSHUA GOH ; Ferrucci, L.; An, Y.; Goh, J. O.; Doshi, Jimit; Metter, E. J.; Davatzikos, C.; Kraut, M. A.; Resnick, S. M.NeuroImage 163207
232014The effect of performance-based incentive contracts on system 1 and system 2 processing in affective decision contexts: FMRI and behavioral evidenceJOSHUA GOH Accounting Review 2729
242013Erratum to Refining Concepts and Uncovering Biological Mechanisms for Cultural Neuroscience (Psychological Inquiry, 24, 1 (31-36))JOSHUA GOH Psychological Inquiry 00
252013Imaging-based biomarkers of cognitive performance in older adults constructed via high-dimensional pattern regression applied to MRI and PETJOSHUA GOH PLoS ONE 79
262013Culture-related differences in default network activity during visuo-spatial judgmentsJOSHUA GOH Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 1416
272013Neural correlates of conceptual object priming in young and older adults: An event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging studyJOSHUA GOH Neurobiology of Aging 2825
282013Refining Concepts and Uncovering Biological Mechanisms for Cultural NeuroscienceJOSHUA GOH Psychological Inquiry 44
292013Frontal function and executive processing in older adults: Process and region specific age-related longitudinal functional changesJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 1622
302013Changes in brain function occur years before the onset of cognitive impairmentJOSHUA GOH Journal of Neuroscience 5290
312012Differential trajectories of age-related changes in components of executive and memory processesJOSHUA GOH Psychology and Aging 6065
322012Both left and right posterior parietal activations contribute to compensatory processes in normal agingJOSHUA GOH Neuropsychologia 4960
332012Cerebrospinal fluid Aβ and tau level fluctuation in an older clinical cohortJOSHUA GOH Archives of Neurology 3839
342011Functional dedifferentiation and altered connectivity in older adults: Neural accounts of cognitive agingJOSHUA GOH Aging and Disease 
352011Brain structure in young and old east asians and westerners: Comparisons of structural volume and cortical thicknessJOSHUA GOH Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 6571
362011Sustained happiness? Lack of repetition suppression in right-ventral visual cortex for happy facesJOSHUA GOH Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 1615
372010Cultural differences in the lateral occipital complex while viewing incongruent scenesJOSHUA GOH Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 4333
382010Culture differences in neural processing of faces and houses in the ventral visual cortexJOSHUA GOH Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 4540
392010Reduced neural selectivity increases fMRI adaptation with age during face discriminationJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 9098
402009Neuroplasticity and cognitive aging: The scaffolding theory of aging and cognitionJOSHUA GOH Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience 114111
412009Culture modulates eye-movements to visual noveltyJOSHUA GOH PLoS ONE 400
422009Culture sculpts the perceptual brainJOSHUA GOH Progress in Brain Research 3432
432008Investigation and validation of intersite fMRI studies using the same imaging hardwareJOSHUA GOH Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3236
442007Contextual interference in recognition memory with ageJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 4446
452007Age and culture modulate object processing and object-scene binding in the ventral visual areaJOSHUA GOH Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience 10395
462006Age-related changes in object processing and contextual binding revealed using fMR adaptationJOSHUA GOH Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 9798
472004Recognition memory for studied words is determined by cortical activation differences at encoding but not during retrievalJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 1615
482004Cortical areas involved in object, background, and object-background processing revealed with functional magnetic resonance adaptationJOSHUA GOH Journal of Neuroscience 104105
492003Word frequency and subsequent memory effects studied using event-related fMRIJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 4545
502002Frequency of concrete words modulates prefrontal activation during semantic judgmentsJOSHUA GOH NeuroImage 6767