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12019A clinical and genetic study of early-onset and familial parkinsonism in taiwan: An integrated approach combining gene dosage analysis and next-generation sequencingCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Lin, Hang-I; Chen, Chih-Shan; Chen, Meng-Ling; RUEY-MEEI WU journal article33
22016Pathophysiology of Small-Fiber Sensory System in Parkinson's Disease: Skin Innervation and Contact Heat Evoked Potential.SUNG-TSANG HSIEH ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; YA-MEI CHEN ; Chao, Chi-Chao; Wu, Shao-Wei; Hsieh, Paul-Chen; Feng, Fang-Ping; Lin, Yea-Huey; Chen, Ya-Mei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Hsieh, Sung-Tsang journal article75
32016Home-based virtual reality balance training and conventional balance training in Parkinson's disease: A randomized controlled trialYang, Wen-Chieh; HSING-KUO WANG ; Yang, Wen-Chieh; Wang, Hsing-Kuo ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Lo, Chien-Shun; Lo, Chien-Shun; Lin, Kwan-Hwajournal article2824
42016Immediate effects of clock-turn strategy on the pattern and performance of narrow turning in persons with Parkinson diseaseYang, Wen-Chieh; WEI-LI HSU ; Yang, Wen-Chieh; Hsu, Wei-Li ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Lin, Kwan-Hwajournal article54
52016Motion analysis of axial rotation and gait stability during turning in people with Parkinson's diseaseWEI-LI HSU ; Hung, Chia-Cheng; Yang, Wen-Chieh; Lin, Chia-Hui; Hsu, Wei-Li ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Lu, Tung-Wu; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Shin, Jin-Chung; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Lin, Kwan-Hwa ; Lee, Chien-Nan; Lin, Kwan-Hwa; Su, Yi-Ning; �L��?; Ĭ�ɹ�; ���ثn; �L�μzjournal article1617
62015Cumulative cardiovascular polypharmacy is associated with the risk of acute kidney injury in elderly patientsNIN-CHIEH HSU ; Chao, Chia-Ter; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Chao, Chi-Chao ; Tsai, Hung-Bin; YU-FENG LIN ; Wu, Shao-Wei; HUNG-BIN TSAI ; Wu, Chia-Yi; Lin, Yu-Feng; Hsieh, Paul-Chen; CHIA-TER CHAO ; CHIA-YI WU ; Hsu, Nin-Chieh; Feng, Fang-Ping; KUAN-YU HUNG ; Chen, Jin-Shin; Lin, Yea-Huey; Hung, Kuan-Yu; Chen, Ya-Mei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Hsieh, Sung-Tsang ; 謝松蒼 ; 趙啟超 ; 陳雅美 ; 林靜嫻 ; 林雅惠journal article2727
72014HIV-associated parkinsonism reversed with antiretroviral therapyRuey-Meei Wu journal article
82014The p.L302P mutation in the lysosomal enzyme gene SMPD1 is a risk factor for Parkinson disease.Ruey-Meei Wu other
92014Antihypertensive agents and risk of Parkinson's disease: A nationwide cohort studyRuey-Meei Wu ; CHIA-HSUIN CHANG ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article4094
102014Association of candidate genetic variants with restless legs syndrome in end stage renal disease: A multicenter case-control study in TaiwanRuey-Meei Wu ; VIN-CENT WU ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; YUNG-MING CHEN journal article1616
112014The protective effect of LRRK2 p.R1398H on risk of Parkinson's disease is independent of MAPT and SNCA variantsRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article228
122014Vitamin D receptor genetic variants and Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; KAI-HSIANG CHEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article2119
132014Application of the University of pennsylvania smell identification test (Traditional Chinese Version) for detecting olfactory deficits in early Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese cohortRuey-Meei Wu journal article98
142014COQ2 p.V393A variant, rs148156462, is not associated with Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article32
152014Restless legs syndrome is associated with cardio/cerebrovascular events and mortality in end-stage renal diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; VIN-CENT WU ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; YUNG-MING CHEN journal article2527
162014BST1 rs11724635 interacts with environmental factors to increase the risk of Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; MING-JEN LEE journal article1510
172014Lack of C9orf72 repeat expansion in Taiwanese patients with mixed neurodegenerative disordersRuey-Meei Wu ; Ta-Fu Chen ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Ming-Jang Chiu journal article912
182013Preceding pain symptoms and Parkinson's disease: A nationwide population-based cohort studyRuey-Meei Wu ; HSIEN-HO LIN ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article3330
192013Restless legs syndrome in end-stage renal disease: A multicenter study in TaiwanRuey-Meei Wu ; Lin, C. -H.; Wu, V. -C.; VIN-CENT WU ; Li, W. -Y.; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Sy, H. -N.; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Wu, S. -L.; Chang, C. -C.; Chiu, P. -F.; Lion, H. -H.; Lin, C. -Y.; Chang, H. -W.; Lin, S. -Y.; Wu, K. -D.; Chen, Y. -M.; Wu, R. -M.journal article3230
202013Dopaminergic Neuronal Imaging in Genetic Parkinson's Disease: Insights into PathogenesisRuey-Meei Wu ; KAI-YUAN TZEN journal article3636
212013Discontinuation of statin therapy associates with Parkinson disease: A population-based studyRuey-Meei Wu ; CHIA-HSUIN CHANG ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article7977
222013Mystery Case: Hemiballism in a patient with parietal lobe infarctionRuey-Meei Wu ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article32
232013Population-specific frequencies for LRRK2 susceptibility variants in the genetic epidemiology of Parkinson's disease (GEO-PD) consortiumRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article1211
242013Predictors of road crossing safety in pedestrians with Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article76
252013Reaffirmation of GAK, but not HLA-DRA, as a Parkinson's disease susceptibility gene in a Taiwanese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article109
262013RIT2 variant is not associated with Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article101
272013Social brain dysfunctions in patients with Parkinson's disease: A review of theory of mind studiesRuey-Meei Wu journal article150
282013STX6 rs1411478 is not associated with increased risk of Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article1414
292013Mutational analysis of FBXO7 gene in Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article1713
302012Exploring orthostatic hypotension in patients with multiple system atrophy by a non-invasive cardiac output systemChang, Ke Vin; RUEY-MEEI WU ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Shen, Hsiu Yu; CHING LAN ; Wang, Yen Ho1
312012Pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound is useful to assess vasomotor response in patients with multiple system atrophy and well correlated with tilt table studyChang, Ke Vin; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; Shen, Hsiu Yu; CHING LAN ; Wang, Yen Ho178
322012Advanced Theory of Mind in patients at early stage of Parkinson's diseaseCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Yu, Rwei-Ling; Yu, Rwei-Ling; Ruey-Meei Wu ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Chiu, Ming-Jang ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Tai, Chun-Hwei ; Ming-Jang Chiu ; Tai, Chun-Hwei ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Hua, Mau-Sun; Hua, Mau-Sunjournal article2527
332012Unusual association of diseases/symptoms: Psychotic-affective symptoms and multiple system atrophy expand phenotypes of spinocerebellar ataxia type 2Ruey-Meei Wu ; KAI-HSIANG CHEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article30
342012Exploring orthostatic hypotension in patients with multiple system atrophy by a non-invasive cardiac output systemRuey-Meei Wu journal article
352012Neuropsychological profile in patients with early stage of Parkinson's disease in TaiwanRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article2424
362012Gene therapy for aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; NI-CHUNG LEE ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article9995
372012Psychotic-affective symptoms and multiple system atrophy expand phenotypes of spinocerebellar ataxia type 2.Ruey-Meei Wu journal article
382012Early-onset autosomal-recessive parkinsonian-pyramidal syndromeRuey-Meei Wu journal article
392012Ectopic Pregnancy-Derived Human Trophoblastic Stem Cells Regenerate Dopaminergic Nigrostriatal Pathway to Treat Parkinsonian RatsRuey-Meei Wu journal article64
402012PLA2G6 mutations in PARK14-linked young-onset parkinsonism and sporadic Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article4035
412012Pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound is useful to assess vasomotor response in patients with multiple system atrophy and well correlated with tilt table studyRuey-Meei Wu ; SSU-YUAN CHEN ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article11
422011Effects of virtual reality-augmented balance training on sensory organization and attentional demand for postural control in people with Parkinson disease: A randomized controlled trialRuey-Meei Wu ; MING-HSIA HU journal article8575
432011Meige syndrome relieved by bilateral pallidal stimulation with cycling mode: Case reportCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; HON-MAN LIU journal article98
442011Lrrk2 S1647T and BDNF V66M interact with environmental factors to increase risk of Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article2725
452011Author responseRuey-Meei Wu ; MING-HSIA HU journal article02
462011Erratum: VPS35 mutations in Parkinson disease (American Journal of Human Genetics (2011) 89 (162-167))Ruey-Meei Wu journal article12
472011Death-associated protein kinase 1 variation and Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article56
482011Novel variant Pro143Ala in HTRA2 contributes to Parkinson's disease by inducing hyperphosphorylation of HTRA2 protein in mitochondriaRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article3717
492011LRRK2 Parkinson's disease: From animal models to cellular mechanismsRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article910
502011VPS35 mutations in parkinson diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; Vilariño-Güell, Carles; Wider, Christian; Ross, Owen A.; Dachsel, Justus C.; Kachergus, Jennifer M.; Lincoln, Sarah J.; Soto-Ortolaza, Alexandra I.; Cobb, Stephanie A.; Wilhoite, Greggory J.; Bacon, Justin A.; Behrouz, Bahareh; Melrose, Heather L.; Hentati, Emna; Puschmann, Andreas; Evans, Daniel M.journal article448435
512011Association of LRRK2 exonic variants with susceptibility to Parkinson's disease: A case-control studyRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article181178
522011Minimal detectable change of the timed "up & go" test and the dynamic gait index in people with parkinson diseaseSHEAU-LING HUANG ; Yang, C. A.; Huang, Sheau-Ling; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Hsieh, Ching-Lin ; Huang, S. T.; Chiang, B. L.; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; 江伯倫 ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; Tai, Chun-Hwei ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Lu, Wen-Shianjournal article125124
532010Feeling-of-knowing in episodic memory in patients with Parkinson's disease with various motor symptomsYu, Rwei-Ling; Ruey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Tai, Chun-Hwei ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Hua, Mau-Sunjournal article1212
542010Analysis of the UCHL1 genetic variant in Parkinson's disease among ChineseRuey-Meei Wu journal article1112
552010Deep brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson's disease using frameless stereotaxy: Comparison with frame-based surgeryRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Ming-Kai Pan ; YA-FANG CHEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; HON-MAN LIU journal article1613
562010Association of pyridoxal kinase and parkinson diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article77
572010Multiple LRRK2 variants modulate risk of Parkinson disease: A Chinese multicenter studyRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article7876
582010A novel neuropsychiatric phenotype of KCNJ2 mutation in one Taiwanese family with Andersen-Tawil syndromeRuey-Meei Wu ; Jen-Jen Su ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article2017
592010Rapid screening of ATP13A2 variant with highresolution melting analysisRuey-Meei Wu journal article57
602010LRRK2 G2019S mutation induces dendrite degeneration through mislocalization and phosphorylation of tau by recruiting autoactivated GSK3βRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article105105
612010O6-Methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase expression and prognostic value in brain metastases of lung cancersWu, Pei-Fang; Ruey-Meei Wu ; Lu-Ting Kuo ; Kuo, Kuan-Ting ; Kuo, Lu-Ting ; Yong-Kwang Tu ; Lin, Yi-Ting; CHING-HUNG LIN ; KUAN-TING KUO ; Lee, Wei-Chung; ANN-LII CHENG ; Lu, Yen-Shen; Yang, Chih-Hsin; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Tu, Yong-Kwang; Tasi, Jui-Chang; Tseng, Ham-Min; Tseng, Sheng-Hong ; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Lin, Ching-Hungjournal article2324
622010An independent replication of park16 in asian samplesRuey-Meei Wu ; Vilarino-Guell, C.; Ross, O. A.; Aasly, J. O.; White, L. R.; Rajput, A.; Rajput, A. H.; Lynch, T.; Krygowska-Wajs, A.; Jasinska-Myga, B.; Opala, G.; Barcikowska, M.; Lee, M.- C.; Hentati, F.; Uitti, R. J.; Wszolek, Z. K.journal article1818
632009Clinical features of AADC-deficient children and therapeutic prospectsYIN-HSIU CHIEN ; HWU, WUH-LIANG ; CHIEN, YIN-HSIU ; LEE, NI-CHUNG ; LEE, WANG-TSO ; WU, RUEY-MEEI journal article00
642009LRRK2 G2385R modulates age at onset in Parkinson's disease: A multi-center pooled analysisRuey-Meei Wu ; Tan, E.K.; Peng, R.; Wu, Y.R.; Wu, R.M.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Tan, L.C.; An, X.K.; Chen, C.M.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lu, C.S.journal article2119
652009Analysis of PArkin Co-Regulated Gene in a Taiwanese-Ethnic Chinese cohort with early-onset Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article85
662009GCH1 in early-onset Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article1212
672009Lack of evidence for association of a parkin promoter polymorphism with early-onset Parkinson's disease in a Chinese populationRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Taylor, Juliet M.; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Delatycki, Martin B.; Lockhart, Paul J.journal article22
682009Haplotype analysis of Lrrk2 R1441H carriers with parkinsonismRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article30
692009Non-synonymous GIGYF2 variants in Parkinson's disease from two Asian populationsRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI journal article1614
702009Focal brain glucose hypermetabolism in myoclonus-dystonia syndrome caused by an epsilon-sarcoglycan gene mutationTai, Chun-Hwei ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Yen, Ruoh-Fan; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Yen, Kuo-Yang; Yip, Ping-Keung; MING-JEN LEE ; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Lee, Ming-Jenjournal article32
712009Genotype-phenotype correlates in Taiwanese patients with early-onset recessive ParkinsonismRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; MING-JEN LEE ; Lee, Ming-Jen; Mata, Ignacio F.; Lin, Chin-Hsien ; Tzen, Kai-Yuan; Lincoln, Sarah J.; Bounds, Rebecca; Lockhart, Paul J.; Hulihan, Mary M.; Farrer, Matthew J.; Wu, Ruey-Meei journal article2319
722008LRRK2 mutation in familial Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese population: Clinical, PET, and functional studiesRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article3731
732008Lrrk2 R1628P in non-Chinese Asian racesRuey-Meei Wu ; Tan, Eng-King; Tang, Michelle; Tan, Louis C.; Wu, Yih-Ru; Wu, Ruey-Meei ; Ross, Owen A.; Zhao, Yijournal article2019
742008Analysis of Lrrk2 R1628P as a risk factor for Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; Ross, Owen A.; Wu, Yih-Ru; Lee, Mei-Ching; Funayama, Manabu; Chen, Meng-Ling; Soto, Alexandra I.; Mata, Ignacio F.; Lee-Chen, Guey-Jen; Chen, Chiung Mei; Tang, Michelle; Zhao, Yi; Hattori, Nobutaka; Farrer, Matthew J.; Tan, Eng-King; Wu, Ruey-Meei journal article141134
752008Neurocysticercosis presenting with epilepsia partialis continua: A clinicopathologic report and literature reviewRuey-Meei Wu ; Shin-Joe Yeh ; YEH, SHIN-JOE ; WU, RUEY-MEEI journal article65
762008Novel ATP13A2 variant associated with Parkinson disease in Taiwan and SingaporeRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article6663
772007The SCA17 phenotype can include features of MSA-C, PSP and cognitive impairmentRuey-Meei Wu journal article4639
782007Lack of mutations in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 and 3 genes in a Taiwanese (Ethnic Chinese) cohort of familial and early-onset parkinsonismRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article87
792007Transcranial color-coded sonography helps differentiation between idiopathic Parkinson's disease and vascular parkinsonismRuey-Meei Wu ; JIANN-SHING JENG journal article5850
802007Lrrk2 G2385R is an ancestral risk factor for Parkinson's disease in AsiaRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article150135
812007Transcranial imaging of substantia nigra hyperechogenicity in a Taiwanese cohort of Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu ; JIANN-SHING JENG journal article7254
822007Common variants in Parkinson's disease [2]Ruey-Meei Wu journal article22
832007Pesticide exposure on southwestern Taiwanese with MnSOD and NQO1 polymorphisms is associated with increased risk of Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article5858
842007Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: A follow-up study in TaiwanRuey-Meei Wu ; Lin, CH; Jeng, JS; JIANN-SHING JENG ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH ; Hsieh, ST; Yip, PK; Chin-Hsien Lin ; Wu, RM.journal article4534
852006Bilateral deep brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus alleviates tardive dystoniaRuey-Meei Wu ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; HON-MAN LIU journal article01
862005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫期中進度報告:Parkin 基因多型性與巴金森氏病致病感受性的關聯性、以及DJ-1基因變異在巴金森氏病扮演之角色(1/2)吳瑞美 journal article
872005Parkin mutations and early-onset parkinsonism in a Taiwanese cohortRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article5853
882005Pesticides exposure and genetic polymorphism of paraoxonase in the susceptibility of Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article
892005Lrrk2 pathogenic substitutions in Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article174168
902004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:台灣家族性及早發型(年輕型)巴金森氏病之臨床與基因研究(2/2)吳瑞美 journal article
912004DNA haplotype analysis of CAG repeat in Taiwanese Huntington's disease patientsRuey-Meei Wu ; Ta-Fu Chen ; Ming-Jang Chiu ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Chih-Chao Yang journal article1515
922004Lack of mutations in DJ-1 in a cohort of Taiwanese ethnic Chinese with early-onset parkinsonismRuey-Meei Wu ; Chin-Hsien Lin journal article2815
932004Selegiline (l-deprenyl) as a unique neuroprotective agent for chronic neurodegenerative disorders - A lesson from MAO inhibitionWu, Ruey-Meei ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; Murphy, Dennis L; Chiueh, Chuang Cjournal article30
942002Clinical, 18F-dopa PET, and genetic analysis of an ethnic Chinese kindred with early-onset parkinsonism and Parkin gene mutationsCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Ruey-Meei Wu ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article3127
952002Catechol-O-methyltransferase and Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article
962002Genetic polymorphism of the CYP2E1 gene and susceptibility to Parkinson's disease in TaiwaneseRuey-Meei Wu ; YUNN-FANG HO journal article1514
972002Small-cell lung cancer presenting with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome and respiratory failureRuey-Meei Wu journal article
982002行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:COMT抑制劑entacapone對於巴金森氏病患者的血清catecholamine濃度及心臟血管系統的影響吳瑞美 journal article
992001The COMT L allele modifies the association between MAOB polymorphism and PD in TaiwaneseRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1002001多巴胺代謝酵素MAOB及COMT基因多型性與早發型巴金森氏病易感性之相關研究吳瑞美 journal article
1012000CYP1A1,CYP2E1,COMT及MAO-B基因之多形性與巴金森氏病易感性之相關研究吳瑞美 journal article
1022000Evaluation of L-DOPA biotransformation during repeated L-DOPA infusion into the striatum in freely-moving young and old ratsRuey-Meei Wu journal article21
1032000Monitoring of the levodopa concentration-response relationship in Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1042000Effect of MAO-B inhibitors on MPP+ toxicity in vivoRuey-Meei Wu book
1051999CPP antagonizes hypoxia-induced changes in dopamine metabolism in the striatum of newborn ratRuey-Meei Wu ; MENG-FAI KUO journal article23
1061999氧化氮在MPTP神經毒理作用中所扮演的角色吳瑞美 journal article
1071996Suppression of hydroxyl radical formation and protection of nigral neurons by l-deprenyl (selegiline)Ruey-Meei Wu book
1081995Neuronal protective and rescue effects of deprenyl against MPP+ dopaminergic toxicityRuey-Meei Wu journal article3232
1091994Antioxidant mechanism and protection of nigral neurons against MPP+ toxicity by deprenyl (Selegiline)Ruey-Meei Wu journal article
1101994[125I]CGP 42112 reveals a non-angiotensin II binding site in 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridine (MPP+)-induced brain injuryRuey-Meei Wu journal article1513
1111994Ferrous-citrate complier and nigral degeneration: Evidence for free-radical formation and lipid peroxidationRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1121994In vivo generation of hydroxyl radicals and MPTP-induced dopaminergic toxicity in the basal gangliaRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1131993Risk factors on the occurrence of response fluctuations and dyskinesias in Parkinson's diseaseRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1141993Apparent antioxidant effect of l-deprenyl on hydroxyl radical formation and nigral injury elicited by MPP+ in vivoRuey-Meei Wu journal article
1151990Acute triphenyltin intoxication: A case reportRuey-Meei Wu journal article