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12022Investigating DYT1 in a Taiwanese dystonia cohortMENG-CHEN WU ; Chang, Yung-Yee; Chen, Ying-Fa; Lan, Min-Yu; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
22021A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial of Lovastatin in Early-Stage Parkinson's DiseaseCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Chang, Chin-Hao; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; MEI-FANG CHENG ; Chen, Yi-Chieh; Chao, Ying-Ting; Huang, Tse-Le; RUOH-FANG YEN ; RUEY-MEEI WU Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society1818
32021Dyt6 dystonia mimicking adolescent idiopathic scoliosis successfully treated by pallidal stimulationCHUN-HWEI TAI ; WANG-TSO LEE ; SHENG-HONG TSENG International Medical Case Reports Journal00
42021Generation of a human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line (IBMS-iPSC-070-02) from a patient with neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) having compound heterozygous mutations in PANK2 geneOu-Yang C.-H.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Lin H.-Y.; Huang C.-Y.; CHIN-HSIEN LIN Stem Cell Research11
52021Reliability of using foot-worn devices to measure gait parameters in people with Parkinson's diseaseYA-YUN LEE ; Li, Min-Hao; Luh, Jer-Junn; CHUN-HWEI TAI NeuroRehabilitation21
62021Updates on the genetics of parkinson’s disease: Clinical implications and future treatmentChu Y.-T.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Wu R.-M.Acta Neurologica Taiwanica50
72021Eye-of-Tiger Sign in Globus Pallidus: A Novel Radiological Feature of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 28Chen P.-S.; NI-CHUNG LEE ; Fan S.-P.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Huang C.-J.; Huang W.-H.; Jeng P.-W.; Chen J.-H.; JYH-HORNG CHEN Movement Disorders00
82020Author Correction: Hyperpolarization of the subthalamic nucleus alleviates hyperkinetic movement disorders (Scientific Reports, (2020), 10, 1, (8278), 10.1038/s41598-020-65211-w)CHUN-HWEI TAI ; MING-KAI PAN ; SHENG-HONG TSENG ; Wang T.-R.; Chung-Chin Kuo Scientific Reports00
92020Corticomotor Excitability Changes Associated With Freezing of Gait in People With Parkinson DiseaseYA-YUN LEE ; Li M.-H.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; JER-JUNN LUH Frontiers in Human Neuroscience33
102020Correction to: Feasibility of Smartphone-Based Gait Assessment for Parkinson's Disease (Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, (2020), 40, 4, (582-591), 10.1007/s40846-020-00551-6)Tang S.T.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Yang C.Y.; Lin J.H.Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering00
112020The Development of the Social Functioning Scale for Patients with Parkinson's DiseaseSu F.-T.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Tan C.-H.; Hwang W.-J.; Yu R.-L.Journal of Parkinson's Disease44
122020Hyperpolarization of the subthalamic nucleus alleviates hyperkinetic movement disordersCHUN-HWEI TAI ; MING-KAI PAN ; SHENG-HONG TSENG ; Wang T.-R.; Chung-Chin Kuo Scientific Reports67
132020Complications of erythropoietin in navigated brain gene therapy: A case reportSHENG-HONG TSENG ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; WUH-LIANG HWU Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management11
142020Modified frameless stereotactic system for intracerebral delivery of viral vector in young childrenCHUN-HWEI TAI ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; SHENG-HONG TSENG Operative Neurosurgery00
152020Feasibility of Smartphone-Based Gait Assessment for Parkinson's DiseaseTang S.-T.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Yang C.-Y.; Lin J.-H.Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering44
162019A clinical and genetic study of early-onset and familial parkinsonism in taiwan: An integrated approach combining gene dosage analysis and next-generation sequencingCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Lin H.-I.; Chen C.-S.; Chen M.-L.; RUEY-MEEI WU Movement Disorders5351
172019A new avenue for treating neuronal diseases: Ceftriaxone, an old antibiotic demonstrating behavioral neuronal effectsCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Bellesi M.; Chen A.-C.; Lin C.-L.; Li H.-H.; Lin P.-J.; Liao W.-C.; Hung C.-S.; Schwarting R.K.; Ho Y.-J.Behavioural Brain Research1919
182019Use of ceftriaxone in treating cognitive and neuronal deficits associated with dementia with lewy bodiesHo Y.-J.; Shen M.-S.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Li H.-H.; Chen J.-H.; Liao W.-C.; Chiu P.-Y.; Lee I.-Y.; Lin C.-L.; Hung C.-S.Frontiers in Neuroscience88
192019Context-Dependent Behavior in Parkinson’s Disease With Freezing of GaitYA-YUN LEE ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Fisher B.E.Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair22
202018Pedunculopontine nucleus deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease: A clinical reviewThevathasan W.; Debu B.; Aziz T.; Bloem B.R.; Blahak C.; Butson C.; Czernecki V.; Foltynie T.; Fraix V.; Grabli D.; Joint C.; Lozano A.M.; Okun M.S.; Ostrem J.; Pavese N.; Schrader C.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Krauss J.K.; Moro E.; on behalf of the Movement Disorders Society PPN DBS Working Groupin collaboration with the World Society for Stereotactic; Functional NeurosurgeryMovement Disorders123110
212017Lack of RAB39B mutations in early-onset and familial Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese cohortLin H.-H.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; Lin H.-I.; Chen M.-L.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN Neurobiology of Aging98
222017Efficacy and safety of AAV2 gene therapy in children with aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency: an open-label, phase 1/2 trialYIN-HSIU CHIEN ; NI-CHUNG LEE ; SHENG-HONG TSENG ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Muramatsu S.-I.; Byrne B.J.; WUH-LIANG HWU The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health7773
232017Antiarrhythmics cure brain arrhythmia: The imperativeness of subthalamic ERG K+ channels in Parkinsonian dischargesHuang C.-S.; Wang G.-H.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Hu C.-C.; Yang Y.-C.Science Advances78
242016Neuronal firing patterns outweigh circuitry oscillations in parkinsonian motor controlMING-KAI PAN ; Kuo, S.-H.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Liou, J.-Y.; Pei, J.-C.; Chang, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-M.; Liu, W.-C.; Wang, T.-R.; WEN-SUNG LAI ; CHUNG-CHIN KUO Journal of Clinical Investigation2625
252016Clinical heterogeneity of LRRK2 p.I2012T mutationFan T.-S.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; PEI-LUNG CHEN ; TA-FU CHEN ; Li H.-Y.; Lin Y.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Chen M.-L.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Lin H.-I.; CHIEN-YU CHEN Parkinsonism and Related Disorders1313
262015Mutational analysis of SYNJ1 gene (PARK20) in Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationKAI-HSIANG CHEN ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; Lin H.-I.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN Neurobiology of Aging1311
272015The impact of nonmotor symptoms on quality of life in patients with parkinson's disease in TaiwanLiu W.-M.; Lin R.-J.; Yu R.-L.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; RUEY-MEEI WU Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment2929
282014Speech rehabilitation platform for parkinson's diseaseTang S.-T.; Chang C.-F.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Lin K.-P.; Huang Y.-F.Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, BioMed 201400
292014The T-type calcium channel as a new therapeutic target for Parkinson's diseaseYang Y.-C.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; MING-KAI PAN ; Chung-Chin Kuo Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology3333
302014Mutational analysis of Angiogenin gene in Parkinson's diseaseChen M.-L.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN PLoS ONE55
312014Deranged NMDAergic cortico-subthalamic transmission underlies parkinsonian motor deficitsMING-KAI PAN ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Liu, W.-C.; Pei, J.-C.; WEN-SUNG LAI ; CHUNG-CHIN KUO Journal of Clinical Investigation2525
322013Mutational analysis of FBXO7 gene in Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese populationCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Chen M.-L.; Lai T.-T.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU Neurobiology of Aging1814
332012Advanced Theory of Mind in patients at early stage of Parkinson's diseaseYu R.-L.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; MING-JANG CHIU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Hua M.-S.Parkinsonism and Related Disorders4037
342012Neuropsychological profile in patients with early stage of Parkinson's disease in TaiwanYu R.-L.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Cheng T.-W.; Hua M.-S.Parkinsonism and Related Disorders4036
352012Intracranial hemorrhage in adult patients with hematological malignanciesChen C.-Y.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; ARISTINE CHENG ; Wu H.-C.; Tsay W.; JIA-HAU LIU ; Chen P.-Y.; SHANG-YI HUANG ; MING YAO ; JIH-LUH TANG ; HWEI-FANG TIEN BMC Medicine4544
362012Subthalamic discharges as a causal determinant of parkinsonian motor deficitsCHUN-HWEI TAI ; MING-KAI PAN ; Lin J.J.; Huang C.-S.; Yang Y.-C.; Chung-Chin Kuo Annals of Neurology2524
372012Gene therapy for aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyWUH-LIANG HWU ; Muramatsu S.-I.; SHENG-HONG TSENG ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; NI-CHUNG LEE ; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Snyder R.O.; Byrne B.J.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU Science Translational Medicine163157
382011Lrrk2 S1647T and BDNF V66M interact with environmental factors to increase risk of Parkinson's diseaseCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chen M.-L.; Hu F.-C.Parkinsonism and Related Disorders2927
392011Modulation of subthalamic T-type Ca2+ channels remedies locomotor deficits in a rat model of Parkinson diseaseCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Yang Y.-C.; MING-KAI PAN ; Huang C.-S.; Chung-Chin Kuo Journal of Clinical Investigation5456
402011Novel variant Pro143Ala in HTRA2 contributes to Parkinson's disease by inducing hyperphosphorylation of HTRA2 protein in mitochondriaCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Chen M.-L.; Chen G.S.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU Human Genetics4525
412011Meige syndrome relieved by bilateral pallidal stimulation with cycling mode: Case reportCHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; HON-MAN LIU ; Tsai C.-W.; SHENG-HONG TSENG Neurosurgery1411
422011Minimal detectable change of the timed "up & go" test and the dynamic gait index in people with parkinson diseaseSHEAU-LING HUANG ; CHING-LIN HSIEH ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Lu W.-S.Physical Therapy216213
432010Parkinson's disease and cortico-basal ganglia circuitsMING-KAI PAN ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHUNG-CHIN KUO Acta Neurologica Taiwanica20
442010Deep brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson's disease using frameless stereotaxy: Comparison with frame-based surgeryCHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; MING-KAI PAN ; YA-FANG CHEN ; HON-MAN LIU ; Lu H.-H.; Tsai C.-W.; SHENG-HONG TSENG European Journal of Neurology2522
452010Feeling-of-knowing in episodic memory in patients with Parkinson's disease with various motor symptomsYu R.-L.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Hua M.-S.Movement Disorders1717
462009Intrapallidal injection of 6-hydroxydopamine induced changes in dopamine innervation and neuronal activity of globus pallidusBouali-Benazzouz R.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chetrit J.; Benazzouz A.Neuroscience1918
472009Non-synonymous GIGYF2 variants in Parkinson's disease from two Asian populationsTan E.-K.; Lin C.-H.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Tan L.C.; Chen M.-L.; Li R.; Lim H.-Q.; Pavanni R.; Yuen Y.; Prakash K.M.; Zhao Y.; RUEY-MEEI WU Human Genetics1715
482009Prediction of fatal intracranial hemorrhage in patients with acute myeloid leukemiaChen C.-Y.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Tsay W.; Chen P.-Y.; HWEI-FANG TIEN Annals of Oncology6052
492009Focal brain glucose hypermetabolism in myoclonus-dystonia syndrome caused by an epsilon-sarcoglycan gene mutationCHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUOH-FANG YEN ; CHIN-HSIEN LIN ; Yen K.-Y.; Yip P.-K.; RUEY-MEEI WU ; MING-JEN LEE Parkinsonism and Related Disorders32
502008LRRK2 mutation in familial Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese population: Clinical, PET, and functional studiesCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; Yu C.-Y.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Farrer M.J.; RUEY-MEEI WU Journal of Biomedical Science4945
512007Lack of mutations in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 and 3 genes in a Taiwanese (Ethnic Chinese) cohort of familial and early-onset parkinsonismCHIN-HSIEN LIN ; WUH-LIANG HWU ; Chiang S.-C.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics87
522006Electrophysiology of subthalamic nucleus in normal and Parkinson's diseaseCHUN-HWEI TAI ; CHUNG-CHIN KUO Acta Neurologica Taiwanica30
532006Erratum: Electrophysiology of subthalamic nucleus in normal and Parkinson's disease (Acta Neurologica Taiwanica (September 2006) 15 (206-216))CHUN-HWEI TAI Acta Neurologica Taiwanica0
542006Bilateral deep brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus alleviates tardive dystoniaCHUN-HWEI TAI ; SHENG-HONG TSENG ; HON-MAN LIU ; RUEY-MEEI WU Neurology01
552004High-frequency stimulation of both zona incerta and subthalamic nucleus induces a similar normalization of basal ganglia metabolic activity in experimental parkinsonism.Benazzouz A.; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Meissner W.; Bioulac B.; Bezard E.; Gross C.The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology4745
562003Electrophysiological and metabolic evidence that high-frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus bridles neuronal activity in the subthalamic nucleus and the substantia nigra reticulataCHUN-HWEI TAI ; Boraud T.; Bezard E.; Bioulac B.; Gross C.; Benazzouz A.FASEB Journal198196
572002Clinical, 18F-dopa PET, and genetic analysis of an ethnic Chinese kindred with early-onset parkinsonism and Parkin gene mutationsRUEY-MEEI WU ; Shan D.-E.; Sun C.-M.; Liu R.-S.; WUH-LIANG HWU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Hussey J.; West A.; Gwinn-Hardy K.; Hardy J.; Chen J.; Farrer M.; Lincoln S.Movement Disorders3327
582002Catechol-O-methyltransferase and Parkinson's diseaseCHUN-HWEI TAI ; RUEY-MEEI WU Acta Medica Okayama2618
592000Monitoring of the levodopa concentration-response relationship in Parkinson's diseaseRUEY-MEEI WU ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Chen R.-C.Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences30
601998慢性脫髓鞘性神經炎戴春暉 ; 謝松蒼 當代醫學