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12022Cracked teeth: Distribution and survival at 6 months, 1 year and 2 years after treatmentLiao W.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Chen K.-L.; Blicher B.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; Chang M.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
22021Laser doppler for accurate diagnosis of oehler’s type iii dens invaginatus: A case reportLee H.-N.; Yan D.-Y.; Huang C.-Y.; Chen S.-C.; Pan C.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chen Y.-K.; Chuang F.-H.Applied Sciences (Switzerland)22
32021Toxic mechanisms of Roth801, Canals, microparticles and nanoparticles of ZnO on MG-63 osteoblastsChang M.-C.; Tang C.-M.; Lin Y.-H.; Liu H.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lan W.-C.; Cheng R.-H.; Lin Y.-R.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Materials Science and Engineering C88
42020Effect of bFGF on the growth and matrix turnover of stem cells from human apical papilla: Role of MEK/ERK signalingChang M.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; Zhong B.-H.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association54
52020Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of DMABEE, a co-photoinitiator of resin polymerization, on CHO-K1 cells: Role of redox and carboxylesteraseHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Shih W.-C.; YIN-LIN WANG ; YI-LING TSAI ; Chen Y.-J.; Chang M.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials11
62020Invasive Cervical Resorption—Distribution, Potential Predisposing Factors, and Clinical CharacteristicsJeng P.-Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; SHU-HUI CHANG ; YUAN-LING LEE ; Wang C.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; YI-LING TSAI Journal of Endodontics108
72020Regulation of the regenerative activity of dental pulp stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) of children by TGF-β1 is associated with ALK5/Smad2, TAK1, p38 and MEK/ERK signalingHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chen I.-L.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Chang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Lan W.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Aging106
82020Effects of transforming growth factor-β1 on plasminogen activation in stem cells from the?apical papilla: role of activating receptor-like kinase 5/Smad2 and?mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK)/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) signallingChang M.C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Hsieh W.C.; Huang W.L.; Lian Y.C.; Jeng P.Y.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Yeung S.Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal65
92020Genetic susceptibility and protein expression of extracellular matrix turnover-related genes in oral submucous fibrosisCheng R.-H.; YI-PING WANG ; JULIA YU-FONG CHANG ; Pan Y.-H.; Chang M.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Journal of Molecular Sciences1512
102020Analysis of root canal system of maxillary first and second molars and their correlations by cone beam computed tomographyTzeng L.-T.; Chang M.-C.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Huang C.-C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1310
112019Antiplatelet, antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory effects of hydroquinoneChang M.-C.; BEI-EN CHANG ; Pan Y.-H.; BOR-RU LIN ; Lian Y.-C.; Lee M.-S.; Yeung S.-Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Cellular Physiology1313
122019IL-1β-induced ICAM-1 and IL-8 expression/secretion of dental pulp cells is differentially regulated by IRAK and p38Chang M.-C.; Lin S.-I.; Pan Y.-H.; LI-DEH LIN ; YIN-LIN WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association87
132019Outcome assessment of apical surgery: A study of 234 teethLiao W.-C.; YUAN-LING LEE ; YI-LING TSAI ; Lin H.-J.; Chang M.-C.; Chang S.-F.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association910
142019Stimulation of MMP-9 of oral epithelial cells by areca nut extract is related to TGF-?/Smad2-dependent and -independent pathways and prevented by betel leaf extract, hydroxychavicol and melatoninChang M.-C.; Pan Y.-H.; Wu H.-L.; Lu Y.-J.; Liao W.-C.; Yeh C.-Y.; Lee J.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Aging109
152018Cemental tear: To know what we have neglected in dental practiceJeng P.-Y.; Luzi A.L.; Pitarch R.M.; Chang M.-C.; Wu Y.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1012
162018IL-1β induced IL-8 and uPA expression/production of dental pulp cells: Role of TAK1 and MEK/ERK signalingLin S.-I.; LI-DEH LIN ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Pan Y.-H.; Huang G.-F.; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1210
172018Effects of TGF-β1 on plasminogen activation in human dental pulp cells: Role of ALK5/Smad2, TAK1 and MEK/ERK signallingChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Lin P.-S.; Huang Y.-A.; Chan C.-P.; YI-LING TSAI ; Lee S.-Y.; Jeng P.-Y.; HAN-YUEH KUO ; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine1010
182018Periostin inhibits mechanical stretch-induced apoptosis in osteoblast-like MG-63 cellsYu K.-W.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Shieh H.-Y.; YI-JANE CHEN Journal of the Formosan Medical Association88
192018Butyrate stimulates histone H3 acetylation, 8-isoprostane production, RANKL expression, and regulated osteoprotegerin expression/secretion in MG-63 osteoblastic cellsChang M.-C.; ALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; Lian Y.-C.; BEI-EN CHANG ; Huang C.-C.; Huang W.-L.; Pan Y.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Journal of Molecular Sciences2825
202017TGF-β1 stimulates cyclooxygenase-2 expression and PGE2 production of human dental pulp cells: Role of ALK5/Smad2 and MEK/ERK signal transduction pathwaysLin P.-S.; Cheng R.-H.; Chang M.-C.; JANG-JAER LEE ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Huang W.-L.; Yeung S.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1110
212017Transforming growth factor beta 1 increases collagen content, and stimulates procollagen I and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 production of dental pulp cells: Role of MEK/ERK and activin receptor-like kinase-5/Smad signalingLin P.-S.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Yeh C.-Y.; Chang M.-C.; Chan C.-P.; HAN-YUEH KUO ; Liu H.-C.; Liao W.-C.; Jeng P.-Y.; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association3023
222017Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Regulates Gene and Protein Expression Related to Proliferation, Differentiation, and Matrix Production of Human Dental Pulp CellsChang Y.-C.; Chang M.-C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; Liou J.-U.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Huang W.-L.; Liao W.-C.; Chan C.-P.; Jeng P.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics1716
232017Clinical and Radiographic Characteristics of Vertical Root Fractures in Endodontically and Nonendodontically Treated TeethLiao W.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; CHEN-YING WANG ; Chang M.-C.; Huang W.-L.; Lin H.-J.; Liu H.-C.; Chan C.-P.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics3028
242017Horizontal root fractures in posterior teeth without dental trauma: tooth/root distribution and clinical characteristicsYI-LING TSAI ; Liao W.-C.; CHEN-YING WANG ; Chang M.-C.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Chang S.-F.; Chang C.-W.; Huang Y.-D.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal42
252017Chemopreventive Potential of 2,3,5,4′-Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-D-glucoside on the Formation of Aberrant Crypt Foci in Azoxymethane-Induced Colorectal Cancer in RatsLin C.-L.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Wu C.-C.; Hsieh S.-L.; Huang G.-C.; Leung W.; Lee C.-T.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee C.-H.BioMed Research International99
262017Lysophosphatidylcholine induces cytotoxicity/apoptosis and IL-8 production of human endothelial cells: Related mechanismsChang M.-C.; JANG-JAER LEE ; YI-JANE CHEN ; Lin S.-I.; LI-DEH LIN ; Liou E.J.-W.; Huang W.-L.; Chan C.-P.; Huang C.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Oncotarget4136
272016Prostaglandin E2 stimulates EP2, adenylate cyclase, phospholipase C, and intracellular calcium release to mediate cyclic adenosine monophosphate production in dental pulp cellsChang M.-C.; Lin S.-I.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan C.-P.; Lee M.-S.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Jeng P.-Y.; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics88
2820162,3,5,4'-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-D-glucoside suppresses human colorectal cancer cell metastasis through inhibiting NF-B activationLin C.-L.; Hsieh S.-L.; Leung W.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Huang G.-C.; Lee C.-T.; Wu C.-C.International Journal of Oncology1512
292016Differences in oral habit and lymphocyte subpopulation affect malignant transformation of patients with oral precancerYeh C.-Y.; Lin C.-L.; Chang M.-C.; HSIN-MING CHEN ; SANG-HENG KOK ; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Kuo Y.-S.; Hahn L.-J.; Chan C.-P.; JANG-JAER LEE ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association87
3020167-Ketocholesterol induces ATM/ATR, Chk1/Chk2, PI3K/Akt signalings, cytotoxicity and IL-8 production in endothelial cellsChang M.-C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; Liou E.J.; WAN-YU TSENG ; Chan C.-P.; Lin H.-J.; Liao W.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Jeng P.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Oncotarget3028
312016IL-1β-induced MCP-1 expression and secretion of human dental pulp cells is related to TAK1, MEK/ERK, and PI3K/Akt signaling pathwaysChang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Lee S.-Y.; Lee M.-S.; Chang C.-W.; Chan C.-P.; Yeh C.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Archives of Oral Biology1716
322016Areca nut components stimulate ADAM17, IL-1α, PGE2 and 8-isoprostane production in oral keratinocyte: Role of reactive oxygen species, EGF and JAK signalingChang M.-C.; Chan C.-P.; YI-JANE CHEN ; Hsien H.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Yeung S.-Y.; Jeng P.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Oncotarget3229
332016Effect of butyrate on collagen expression, cell viability, cell cycle progression and related proteins expression of MG-63 osteoblastic cellsChang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Liou E.J.-W.; Tang C.-M.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Liu H.-C.; Liao M.-W.; Yeung S.-Y.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE1211
342016Cytotoxicity and transformation of C3H10T1/2 cells induced by areca nut componentsYeh C.-Y.; HSIN-MING CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; SANG-HENG KOK ; JANG-JAER LEE ; BEI-EN CHANG ; Jeng P.-Y.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association43
352015Role of ALK5/Smad2/3 and MEK1/ERK Signaling in Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1-modulated Growth, Collagen Turnover, and Differentiation of Stem Cells from Apical Papilla of Human ToothHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; Wu I.-H.; Huang G.-F.; Huang W.-L.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Lee S.-Y.; Yeh C.-Y.; Guo M.-K.; Chan C.-P.; Hsien H.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics3536
362015Effects of camphorquinone on cytotoxicity, cell cycle regulation and prostaglandin E2 production of dental pulp cells: Role of ROS, ATM/Chk2, MEK/ERK and hemeoxygenase-1Chang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Wu M.-T.; Chan C.-P.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Lee M.-S.; Sun T.-Y.; Jeng P.-Y.; Yeung S.-Y.; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE3835
372015Effect of interleukin-1β on ICAM-1 expression of dental pulp cells: role of PI3K/Akt, MEK/ERK, and cyclooxygenaseChang M.-C.; Hung H.-P.; LI-DEH LIN ; Shyu Y.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin H.-J.; Chan C.-P.; Huang C.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Clinical Oral Investigations1717
382014Association of pocket epithelial cell proliferation in periodontitis with TLR9 expression and inflammatory responseChen, Yen-Chun; Liu, Cheing-Meei; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; CHIA-CHI KU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1110
392014Analysis of the width of vertical root fracture in endodontically treated teeth by 2 micro-computed tomography systemsHuang C.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Chuang M.-C.; Lin H.-J.; YI-LING TSAI ; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Chen J.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics2723
402014Urethane dimethacrylate induces cytotoxicity and regulates cyclooxygenase-2, hemeoxygenase and carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cellsHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; Wang H.-H.; Huang G.-F.; YUAN-LING LEE ; YIN-LIN WANG ; Chan C.-P.; Yeung S.-Y.; Tseng S.-K.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Acta Biomaterialia2830
412014Erratum: Stimulation of prostanoids and IL-8 production in human gingival fibroblasts by Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS is associated with MEK/ERK signaling (Journal of Dental Sciences (2014) 9 (78-84))YI-LING TSAI ; Chang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan C.-P.; CHEN-YING WANG ; Lin P.-S.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences20
422014Treatment outcome of the teeth with cemental tearsLin H.-J.; Chang M.-C.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Wu C.-T.; YI-LING TSAI ; Huang C.-C.; Chang S.-F.; Cheng Y.-W.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of endodontics1113
432014p-Cresol affects reactive oxygen species generation, cell cycle arrest, cytotoxicity and inflammation/atherosclerosis-related modulators production in endothelial cells and mononuclear cellsChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chan C.-P.; Yeung S.-Y.; Hsien H.-C.; BOR-RU LIN ; Yeh C.-Y.; WAN-YU TSENG ; Tseng S.-K.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE3936
442014Arecoline inhibits endothelial cell growth and migration and the attachment to mononuclear cellsTseng S.-K.; Chang M.-C.; Hsu M.-L.; Su C.-Y.; Chi L.-Y.; Lan W.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences86
452014Areca nut components affect COX-2, cyclin B1/cdc25C and keratin expression, PGE2 production in keratinocyte is related to reactive oxygen species, CYP1A1, Src, EGFR and Ras signalingChang M.-C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chan C.-P.; Yeh C.-Y.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Cheng R.-H.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE2423
462014Antiplatelet effect of catechol is related to inhibition of cyclooxygenase, reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A2 productionChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chan C.-P.; BOR-RU LIN ; Yeung S.-Y.; Yeh C.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE1913
472014Mechanoregulation of osteoblast-like MG-63 cell activities by cyclic stretchingYI-JANE CHEN ; Chang M.-C.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; EDDIE HSIANG HUA LAI ; JENNY ZWEI-CHIENG CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1110
482014Stimulation of prostanoids and IL-8 production in human gingival fibroblasts by Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS is associated with MEK/ERK signalingYI-LING TSAI ; Chang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan C.-P.; CHEN-YING WANG ; Lin P.-S.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences57
492013Toxicity of areca nut ingredients: Activation of CHK1/CHK2, induction of cell cycle arrest, and regulation of MMP-9 and TIMPs production in SAS epithelial cellsChang M.-C.; Chan C.-P.; Wang W.-T.; BEI-EN CHANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Tseng S.-K.; Yeung S.-Y.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Head and Neck1311
502013A fractal dimensional approach to successful evaluation of apical healingHuang, C.C.; Chen, J.C.; Chang, Y.C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; CHUNG-MING CHEN International Endodontic Journal1716
512013Differential regulation of collagen, lysyl oxidase and MMP-2 in human periodontal ligament cells by low- and high-level mechanical stretchingYI-JANE CHEN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chang H.-H.; Huang M.-Y.; Tsai F.-F.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO Journal of Periodontal Research2524
522013Areca nut-induced buccal mucosa fibroblast contraction and its signaling: A potential role in oral submucous fibrosis-a precancer conditionChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Wu H.-L.; Ho Y.-S.; Hsien H.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Jeng P.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Carcinogenesis3533
532013Growth and differentiation factor-5 regulates the growth and differentiation of human dental pulp cellsChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Tseng H.-C.; BEI-EN CHANG ; Chan C.-P.; Lee S.-Y.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Lin P.-S.; Tseng S.-K.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics78
542013Osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with the use of yearly zoledronic acid: Report of 2 casesJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; YI-PING WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chiang C.-P.; SANG-HENG KOK Head and Neck95
552013Butyrate induces reactive oxygen species production and affects cell cycle progression in human gingival fibroblastsChang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; YI-WEN CHEN ; Chan C.-P.; Huang C.-F.; Lan W.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Lan W.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Periodontal Research6360
562012Antiplatelet effect of phloroglucinol is related to inhibition of cyclooxygenase, reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A 2 productionChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chan C.-P.; Chou H.-Y.; BEI-EN CHANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology2319
572012Clinical fracture site, morphologic and histopathologic characteristics of cemental tear: Role in endodontic lesionsLin H.-J.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Chiang C.-P.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics1314
582012Effect of triethylene glycol dimethacrylate on the cytotoxicity, cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostanoids production in human dental pulp cellsHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; Huang G.-F.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Chan C.-P.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin P.-S.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal3534
592012Magnetic cryopreservation for dental pulp stem cellsLee S.-Y.; Huang G.-W.; Shiung J.-N.; Huang Y.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Kuo T.-F.; Yang J.-C.; Yang W.-C.V.Cells Tissues Organs5250
602012Repairing invasive cervical root resorption by glass ionomer cement combined with mineral trioxide aggregateChang Y.-C.; Lin H.-J.; YUAN-LING LEE ; Liu L.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences22
612012Carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cells: Role in regulation of BisGMA-induced prostanoid production and cytotoxicityChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chuang F.-H.; Chan C.-P.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Jeng P.-Y.; WAN-YU TSENG ; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Acta Biomaterialia5349
622012Cloning, expression and characterization of CCL21 and CCL25 chemokines in zebrafishLu I.-N.; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; Lou K.-L.; Huang P.-T.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; Wang J.-S.; LI-DEH LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; BEI-EN CHANG Developmental and Comparative Immunology2422
632012Regulation of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in dental pulp cells by interleukin-1β: The role of prostanoidsChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Zwei-Ching Chang J.; Huang C.-F.; Chuang F.-H.; JANG-JAER LEE ; Jeng P.-Y.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics1717
642012Arecoline induced cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, and cytotoxicity to human endothelial cellsTseng S.-K.; Chang M.-C.; Su C.-Y.; Chi L.-Y.; JENNY ZWEI-CHIENG CHANG ; WAN-YU TSENG ; Yeung S.-Y.; Hsu M.-L.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Clinical Oral Investigations5041
652012Determination of cryoprotectant for magnetic cryopreservation of dental pulp tissueLee S.-Y.S.; Sun C.-H.B.; Kuo T.-F.; Huang Y.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Yang J.-C.; Yang W.-C.V.Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods1012
662012The effects of acellular amniotic membrane matrix on osteogenic differentiation and ERK1/2 signaling in human dental apical papilla cellsYI-JANE CHEN ; Chung M.-C.; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; Huang C.-H.; Chang H.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Tai-Horng Young Biomaterials4743
672011Cemental tear: Clinical characteristics and its predisposing factorsLin H.-J.; Chan C.-P.; Yang C.-Y.; Wu C.-T.; YI-LING TSAI ; Huang C.-C.; Yang K.-D.; Lin C.-C.; SHU-HUI CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics3232
682011Transforming growth factor β1 down-regulates Runx-2 and alkaline phosphatase activity of human dental pulp cells via ALK5/Smad2/3 signalingLin P.-S.; Chang M.-C.; Chan C.-P.; Lee S.-Y.; JANG-JAER LEE ; YI-LING TSAI ; Tseng H.-C.; Tai T.-F.; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and Endodontology2221
692011Successful treatment of advanced bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the mandible with adjunctive teriparatide therapyJANG-JAER LEE ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chiang C.-P.; Lau H.-P.; SANG-HENG KOK Head and Neck5340
702011Antiplatelet effect by p-cresol, a uremic and environmental toxicant, is related to inhibition of reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A 2 productionChang M.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; Jeng P.-Y.; Liao C.-H.; Lin T.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; BOR-RU LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Atherosclerosis2517
712010Cemental tear on a mandibular second molar: A case reportLin H.-J.; Chan C.-P.; Wu C.-T.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Odontology68
722010Changes in peripheral blood lymphocyte phenotypes distribution in patients with oral cancer/oral leukoplakia in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; Lin C.L.; Chen, Tony Hsiu Hsi ; SANG-HENG KOK ; Chang M.C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery1411
732010Glucosamine promotes osteogenic differentiation of dental pulp stem cells through modulating the level of the transforming growth factor-β type I receptorHuang C.-H.; WAN-YU TSENG ; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Tai-Horng Young ; YI-JANE CHEN Journal of Cellular Physiology1112
742010Prostaglandin F2α stimulates MEK-ERK signalling but decreases the expression of alkaline phosphatase in dental pulp cellsChang M.C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; Lee M.Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chan C.P.; YI-LING TSAI ; CHEN-YING WANG ; BOR-RU LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal1313
752010The mechanisms of cytotoxicity of urethane dimethacrylate to Chinese hamster ovary cellsHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Huang C.-H.; Yang T.-T.; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Biomaterials3736
762010Comparative cytotoxicity of five root canal sealers on cultured human periodontal ligament fibroblastsChang M.C.; LI-DEH LIN ; YI-JANE CHEN ; YI-LING TSAI ; Cheng Y.A.; Kuo C.S.; Chang H.H.; Tai T.F.; Lin H.J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal1916
772010Effects of Cryopreservation of intact teeth on the isolated dental pulp stem cellsLee S.-Y.; Chiang P.-C.; Tsai Y.-H.; Tsai S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Kawata T.; Huang H.-M.Journal of Endodontics5346
782010The role of reactive oxygen species and hemeoxygenase-1 expression in the cytotoxicity, cell cycle alteration and apoptosis of dental pulp cells induced by BisGMAChang M.-C.; Chen L.-I.; Chan C.-P.; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yang T.-T.; Lin P.-S.; Lin H.-J.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Biomaterials8274
792009Strategies for oral health care for people with disabilities in TaiwanJeng W.-L.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Cher T.-L.; CHUN-PIN LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences88
802009Post-tooth extraction sepsis without locoregional infection - A population-based study in TaiwanJANG-JAER LEE ; Hahn L.-J.; Kao T.-P.; Liu C.-H.; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Cheng S.-L.; Chang H.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; SANG-HENG KOK Oral Diseases119
812009The effect of BisGMA on cyclooxygenase-2 expression, PGE2 production and cytotoxicity via reactive oxygen species- and MEK/ERK-dependent and -independent pathwaysChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan C.-P.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chen L.-I.; Lin H.-J.; Yeh H.-W.; WAN-YU TSENG ; Lin P.-S.; Lin C.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Biomaterials5854
822009Inhibitory effects of chitooligosaccharides on tumor growth and metastasisShen K.-T.; Chen M.-H.; Chan H.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Wang Y.-J.Food and Chemical Toxicology166146
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