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12022Multidimensional Development and Adaptive Behavioral Functioning in Younger and Older Children with Rett SyndromeWang, Shih-Ya; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh, Jeng-Yi; Huang, Yen-Hsun; Wong, Lee-Chin; Tsao, Chih-Hsuan; Chiu, Yi-Lun; Wu, Yen-TzuPhysical therapy11
22021Natural history in spinal muscular atrophy Type I in Taiwanese population: A longitudinal studyOu S.-F.; Ho C.-S.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lin K.-L.; Jones C.C.; Jong Y.-J.Brain and Development11
32021Immunological dysfunction in tourette syndrome and related disordersHsu C.-J.; Wong L.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE International Journal of Molecular Sciences57
42021Dyt6 dystonia mimicking adolescent idiopathic scoliosis successfully treated by pallidal stimulationTai C.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Tseng S.-H.International Medical Case Reports Journal00
52021Electroencephalography complexity in infantile spasms and its association with treatment responseChu Y.-J.; Chang C.-F.; Weng W.-C.; Fan P.-C.; Shieh J.-S.; WANG-TSO LEE Clinical Neurophysiology42
62021Neuropsychiatric disorders due to limbic encephalitis: Immunologic aspectKao Y.-C.; Lin M.-I.; Weng W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE International Journal of Molecular Sciences24
72021Correlation of dystonia severity and iron accumulation in Rett syndromeJan T.-Y.; Wong L.-C.; Yang M.-T.; Huang C.-F.J.; Hsu C.-J.; Peng S.S.-F.; Tseng W.-Y.I.; WANG-TSO LEE Scientific Reports11
82021Dietary intake and growth deficits in Rett syndrome—A cross-section studyWong L.C.; Chen Y.-T.; Tsai S.-M.; Lin Y.-J.; Hsu C.-J.; Wang H.-P.; Hu S.-C.; Shen H.-Y.; Tsai W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Autism Research00
92021Clinical spectrum and the comorbidities of Dravet syndrome in Taiwan and the possible molecular mechanismsHuang C.-H.; Hung P.-L.; Fan P.-C.; Lin K.-L.; Hsu T.-R.; Chou I.-J.; Ho C.-S.; Chou I.-C.; Lin W.-S.; Lee I.-C.; Fan H.-C.; Chen S.-J.; Liang J.-S.; Tu Y.-F.; Chang T.-M.; Hu S.-C.; Wong L.-C.; Hung K.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE Scientific Reports00
102021Eye motor manifestations in children with neurometabolic disordersWang H.-P.; Wong L.-C.; Hsu C.-J.; Hu S.-C.; Chu Y.-J.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
112021Associations between daytime physical activity and sleep patterns in children with epilepsyLin Y.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; Tsai S.-Y.Journal of Nursing00
122021Randomized controlled trial of probiotic ps128 in children with tourette syndromeWu C.-C.; Wong L.-C.; Hsu C.-J.; Yang C.-W.; Tsai Y.-C.; Cheng F.-S.; Hu H.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE Nutrients00
132021Editorial: Pediatric Neurometabolic DisordersTabarki B.; Ortigoza-Escobar J.D.; WANG-TSO LEE ; AlFadhel M.Frontiers in Neurology00
142020Epidemiology of pediatric multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica, and optic neuritis in TaiwanLin W.-S.; Wang H.-P.; Chen H.-M.; Lin J.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Neurology36
152020The multimodality neuroimage findings in individuals with Tourette syndromeHsu C.-J.; Wong L.C.; Wang H.-P.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatrics and Neonatology33
162020Multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica after optic neuritis: A nationwide cohort study in TaiwanLin W.-S.; Chen H.-M.; Yang C.-C.; Chen T.-C.; Lin J.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders11
172020The efficacy of perampanel in young children with drug-resistant epilepsyChang F.-M.; Fan P.-C.; Weng W.-C.; Chang C.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE Seizure1414
182020Screen Time Exposure and Altered Sleep in Young Children With EpilepsyLin Y.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Tsai S.-Y.Journal of Nursing Scholarship00
192020Sleep in mothers of children with epilepsy and its relation to their children's sleepTsai S.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Research in Nursing and Health21
202020A prospective, multicenter, noninterventional study in Taiwan to evaluate the safety and tolerability of lacosamide as adjunctive therapy for epilepsy in clinical practiceWu T.; Chuang Y.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Lim S.-N.; Hsieh P.F.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Cheng M.-Y.; Tsai M.-H.; Jou S.-B.; Chang C.-W.; Hsieh H.-Y.; Du X.; Hellot S.; McClung C.; Hung C.Epilepsy and Behavior00
212020The role of targeted gene panel in pediatric drug-resistant epilepsyWu C.-C.; Tsai M.-H.; Chu Y.-J.; Weng W.-C.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Epilepsy and Behavior12
222020AKR1D1 and CYP7B1 mutations in patients with inborn errors of bile acid metabolism: Possibly underdiagnosed diseasesChen J.-Y.; Wu J.-F.; Kimura A.; Nittono H.; Liou B.-Y.; Lee C.-S.; Chen H.-S.; Chiu Y.-C.; Ni Y.-H.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Tsai I.-J.; Chang M.-H.; Chen H.-L.Pediatrics and Neonatology75
232020CMAP changes upon symptom onset and during treatment in spinal muscular atrophy patients: lessons learned from newborn screeningWeng W.-C.; Hsu Y.-K.; Chang F.-M.; Lin C.-Y.; Hwu W.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee N.-C.; Chien Y.-H.Genetics in Medicine11
242020Vagus nerve stimulation in pediatric patients with failed epilepsy surgeryTsai J.-D.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hung P.-L.; Hung K.-L.; Wang H.-S.; Lin K.-L.; the VNS TCNSActa Neurologica Belgica32
252020Therapeutic effects of children with refractory epilepsy after vagus nerve stimulation in TaiwanLi S.-T.; Chiu N.-C.; Hung K.-L.; Ho C.-S.; Kuo Y.-T.; Wu W.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; Wang H.-S.; Lin K.-L.; Hung P.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Hung P.-L.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang R.-C.; Ko F.-J.; Lin L.-C.; Chou P.-C.; Tsai J.-D.; Chen H.-J.; Chang K.-P.; Hsu T.-R.; Chen S.-J.; Fan H.-C.; Lee H.-T.; Shen E.-Y.; Kuo H.-T.; Chang M.-Y.; Chang T.-M.; Yeh G.-C.; the VNS TCNSPediatrics and Neonatology44
262020Intracerebral large artery disease in Aicardi-Gouti?res syndrome with TREX1 mutation: a case reportWu C.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE Neurological Sciences11
272020Behavioral-educational sleep interventions for pediatric epilepsy: A randomized controlled trialTsai S.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep44
282020Intracerebral large artery disease in Aicardi-Gouti?res syndrome with TREX1 mutation: a case reportWu C.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE Neurological Sciences11
292019Cognition and evolution of movement disorders of FOXG1-related syndromeWong L.-C.; Wu Y.-T.; Hsu C.-J.; Weng W.-C.; Tsai W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Frontiers in Neurology67
302019TBC1D24-TLDc-related epilepsy exercise-induced dystonia: Rescue by antioxidants in a disease modelL?thy K.; Mei D.; Fischer B.; De Fusco M.; Swerts J.; Paesmans J.; Parrini E.; Lubarr N.; Meijer I.A.; Mackenzie K.M.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Cittaro D.; Aridon P.; Schoovaerts N.; Vers?es W.; Verstreken P.; Casari G.; Guerrini R.Brain3130
312019The effectiveness of music therapy for individuals with Rett syndrome and their familiesChou M.-Y.; Chang N.-W.; Chen C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsin Y.-J.; Siu K.-K.; Chen C.-J.; Wang L.-J.; Hung P.-L.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association66
322019Lactobacillus plantarum PS128 ameliorates 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine-induced tic-like behaviors via its influences on the microbiota–gut-brain-axisLiao J.-F.; Cheng Y.-F.; Li S.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsu C.-C.; Wu C.-C.; Jeng O.-J.; Wang S.; Tsai Y.-C.Brain Research Bulletin1816
332019Perampanel attenuates myoclonus in a patient with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses type 2 diseaseWong L.C.; Hsu C.-J.; WANG-TSO LEE Brain and Development45
342019FOXG1-related syndrome: From clinical to molecular genetics and pathogenic mechanismsWong L.-C.; Singh S.; Wang H.-P.; Hsu C.J.; Hu S.C.; WANG-TSO LEE International Journal of Molecular Sciences2018
352019The short-term and long-term outcome of febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome in childrenLam S.-K.; Lu W.-Y.; Weng W.-C.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Epilepsy and Behavior98
362019Alternating hemiplegia and paroxysmal torticollis caused by SCN4A mutation: A new phenotype?Duan B.C.; Wong L.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Neurology43
372019Sleep and Behavior Problems in Children With EpilepsyTsai S.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Jeng S.-F.; Lee C.-C.; Weng W.-C.Journal of Pediatric Health Care65
382018The etiology and prognosis of super-refractory convulsive status epilepticus in childrenLu W.-Y.; Weng W.-C.; Wong L.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Epilepsy and Behavior109
392018Cross-section and feasibility study on the non-invasive evaluation of muscle hemodynamic responses in duchenne muscular dystrophy by using a near-infrared diffuse optical techniqueWeng W.-C.; Chen J.-C.; Lee C.-Y.; Lin C.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh J.-Y.; Wang C.-C.; Chuang C.-C.Biomedical Optics Express44
402018Sleep in children with epilepsy: The role of maternal knowledge of childhood sleepTsai S.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Sleep99
412018Agreement Between Actigraphy and Diary-Recorded Measures of Sleep in Children With EpilepsyTsai S.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee C.-C.; Jeng S.-F.; Weng W.-C.Journal of Nursing Scholarship55
422018Seizure remission and improvement of neurological function in sialidosis with perampanel therapyHu S.-C.; Hung K.-L.; Chen H.-J.; WANG-TSO LEE Epilepsy and Behavior Case Reports1818
432017Everolimus is better than rapamycin in attenuating neuroinflammation in kainic acid-induced seizuresYang M.-T.; Lin Y.-C.; Ho W.-H.; Liu C.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Neuroinflammation2119
442017VEGF expression correlates with neuronal differentiation and predicts a favorable prognosis in patients with neuroblastomaWeng W.-C.; Lin K.-H.; Wu P.-Y.; Ho Y.-H.; Liu Y.-L.; Wang B.-J.; Chen C.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Liao Y.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsu W.-M.; Lee H.Scientific Reports53
452017Presymptomatic Diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Through Newborn ScreeningChien Y.-H.; Chiang S.-C.; Weng W.-C.; Lee N.-C.; Lin C.-J.; Hsieh W.-S.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Jong Y.-J.; Ko T.-M.; Hwu W.-L.Journal of Pediatrics7064
462017Parenting stress in parents of children with refractory epilepsy before and after vagus nerve stimulation implantationLi S.-T.; Chiu N.-C.; Kuo Y.-T.; Shen E.-Y.; Tsai P.-C.; Ho C.-S.; Wu W.-H.; Chen J.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; Kuo Y.-T.; Wang H.-S.; Lin K.-L.; Hung P.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Hung P.-L.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang R.-C.; Ko F.-J.; Lin L.-C.; Chou P.-C.; Tsai J.-D.; Hung K.-L.; Chen H.-J.; Chang K.-P.; Hsu T.-R.; Ho C.-S.; Chiu N.-C.; Chen S.-J.; Fan H.-C.; Lee H.-T.; Shen E.-Y.; Kuo H.-T.; Chang M.-Y.; Chang T.-M.; Li S.-T.; Yeh G.-C.; on behalf of, the VNS TCNSPediatrics and Neonatology78
472017The potential application of multiscale entropy analysis of electroencephalography in children with neurological and neuropsychiatric disordersChu Y.-J.; Chang C.-F.; Shieh J.-S.; WANG-TSO LEE Entropy1010
482017Tourette syndrome as an independent risk factor for subsequent sleep disorders in children: A nationwide population-based case-control studyWANG-TSO LEE ; Huang H.-L.; Wong L.C.; Weng W.-C.; Vasylenko T.; Jong Y.-J.; Lin W.-S.; Ho S.-Y.Sleep1915
492017Consensus guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of aromatic l-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) deficiencyWassenberg T.; Molero-Luis M.; Jeltsch K.; Hoffmann G.F.; Assmann B.; Blau N.; Garcia-Cazorla A.; Artuch R.; Pons R.; Pearson T.S.; Leuzzi V.; Mastrangelo M.; Pearl P.L.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Kurian M.A.; Heales S.; Flint L.; Verbeek M.; Willemsen M.; Opladen T.Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases6294
502017Evaluation of muscular changes by ultrasound Nakagami imaging in Duchenne muscular dystrophyWeng W.-C.; Tsui P.-H.; Lin C.-W.; Lu C.-H.; Lin C.-Y.; Shieh J.-Y.; Lu F.L.; Ee T.-W.; Wu K.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE Scientific Reports1620
512017Variations of stereotypies in individuals with Rett syndrome: A nationwide cross-sectional study in TaiwanChin Wong L.; Hung P.-L.; Jan T.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Taiwan Rett Syndrome AssociationAutism Research814
522017Altered resting-state EEG complexity in children with tourette syndrome: A preliminary studyWeng W.-C.; Chang C.-F.; Wong L.C.; Lin J.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh J.-S.Neuropsychology014
532017Microstructural changes of brain in patients with aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyWANG-TSO LEE ; Lin J.-H.; Weng W.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.Human Brain Mapping710
542016Increased risks of tic disorders in children with epilepsy: A nation-wide population-based case-control study in TaiwanWeng W.-C.; Huang H.-L.; Wong L.C.; Jong Y.-J.; Yin Y.-J.; Chen H.-A.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Ho S.-Y.Research in Developmental Disabilities88
552016Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-related symptoms improved with allergic rhinitis treatment in childrenYang M.-T.; Chen C.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Liang J.-S.; Fu W.-M.; Yang Y.-H.American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy1312
562016Variations of movement disorders in anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis A nationwide study in TaiwanDuan B.-C.; Weng W.-C.; Lin K.-L.; Wong L.C.; Li S.-T.; Hsu M.-H.; Lin J.-J.; Fan P.-C.; Lin M.-I.; Chiu N.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Wang H.-S.; Hung K.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE Medicine (United States)2730
572016Intervention effects on emotion regulation in preterm infants with very low birth weight: A randomize controlled trialWu Y.-C.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-H.; Chang J.-H.; Chou H.-C.; Hsu H.-C.; Chiu N.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Chen W.-J.; Ho Y.-W.; Jeng S.-F.Research in Developmental Disabilities1312
582016Increased risk of epilepsy in children with Tourette syndrome: A population-based case-control studyWong L.C.; Huang H.-L.; Weng W.-C.; Jong Y.-J.; Yin Y.-J.; Chen H.-A.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Ho S.-Y.Research in Developmental Disabilities79
592016Review of clinical studies of perampanel in adolescent patientsKim H.D.; Chi C.-S.; Desudchit T.; Nikanorova M.; Visudtibhan A.; Nabangchang C.; Chan D.W.S.; Fong C.Y.; Chang K.-P.; Kwan S.-Y.; Reyes F.L.; Huang C.-C.; Likasitwattanakul S.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yung A.; Dash A.Brain and Behavior9
602015A novel mutation of aldh5a1 gene associated with succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiencyLin C.-Y.; Weng W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology1010
612015Comorbidity of childhood epilepsyWei S.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2320
622015Rosiglitazone suppresses in vitro seizures in hippocampal slice by inhibiting presynaptic glutamate release in a model of temporal lobe epilepsyWong S.-B.; Cheng S.-J.; Hung W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Min M.-Y.PLoS ONE3036
632015Complexity of multi-channel electroencephalogram signal analysis in childhood absence epilepsyWeng W.-C.; Jiang G.J.A.; Chang C.-F.; Lu W.-Y.; Lin C.-Y.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh J.-S.PLoS ONE1717
642015Multiscale entropy of electroencephalogram as a potential predictor for the prognosis of neonatal seizuresLu W.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; Chang C.F.; Weng W.C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Shieh J.-S.PLoS ONE3028
652015Mortality, disability, and intensive care in patients with mitochondrial 3243A>G mutationHsiue H.-C.; Lee N.-C.; Tsai H.-B.; Yang C.-C.; Wu C.-S.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Weng W.-C.; Fan P.-C.; Chien Y.-H.; Hwu W.-L.; Hung K.-L.; Huang C.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Lin S.-J.; Chu S.-Y.; Wang T.-J.; Lu C.-J.; Lee P.-L.Intensive Care Medicine11
662015The relationship of neuroimaging findings and neuropsychiatric comorbidities in children with tuberous sclerosis complexHuang C.-H.; Peng S.S.F.; Weng W.-C.; Su Y.-N.; WANG-TSO LEE ; National Taiwan University Hospital Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (NTUH TSC) Study GroupJournal of the Formosan Medical Association1211
672015Attention deficits revealed by passive auditory change detection for pure tones and lexical tones in ADHD childrenYang M.-T.; Hsu C.-H.; Yeh P.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Liang J.-S.; Fu W.-M.; Lee C.-Y.Frontiers in Human Neuroscience13
682015Infantile basal ganglia stroke after mild head traumaYang S.-T.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hung K.-L.; Chang C.-L.Neurology77
692015Calreticulin Regulates VEGF-A in Neuroblastoma CellsWeng W.-C.; Lin K.-H.; Wu P.-Y.; Lu Y.-C.; Weng Y.-C.; Wang B.-J.; Liao Y.-F.; Hsu W.-M.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee H.Molecular Neurobiology1414
702014Hyperactivity and impulsivity in children with untreated allergic rhinitis: Corroborated by rating scale and continuous performance testYang M.-T.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Liang J.-S.; Lin Y.-J.; Fu W.-M.; Chen C.-C.Pediatrics and Neonatology1717
712014Early-onset seizures are correlated with late-onset seizures in children with arterial ischemic strokeHsu C.-J.; Weng W.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE Stroke2726
722014Variant non ketotic hyperglycinemia is caused by mutations in LIAS, BOLA3 and the novel gene GLRX5Baker P.R.; Friederich M.W.; Swanson M.A.; Shaikh T.; Bhattacharya K.; Scharer G.H.; Aicher J.; Creadon-Swindell G.; Geiger E.; Maclean K.N.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Deshpande C.; Freckmann M.-L.; Shih L.-Y.; Wasserstein M.; Rasmussen M.B.; Lund A.M.; Procopis P.; Cameron J.M.; Robinson B.H.; Brown G.K.; Brown R.M.; Compton A.G.; Dieckmann C.L.; Collard R.; Coughlin C.R.; Spector E.; Wempe M.F.; Van Hove J.L.K.Brain140133
732013The effect of in-hospital developmental care on neonatal morbidity, growth and development of preterm Taiwanese infants: A randomized controlled trialChen L.-C.; Wu Y.-C.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-H.; Leng C.-H.; Chen W.J.; Chiu N.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang M.C.; Fang L.-J.; Hsu H.-C.; Jeng S.-F.Early Human Development1414
742013Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Is Crucial for Brain Development and Motor FunctionsShih D.-F.; Hsiao C.-D.; Min M.-Y.; Lai W.-S.; Yang C.-W.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee S.-J.PLoS ONE2424
752013Genetic analysis of PRRT2 for benign infantile epilepsy, infantile convulsions with choreoathetosis syndrome, and benign convulsions with mild gastroenteritisIshii A.; Yasumoto S.; Ihara Y.; Inoue T.; Fujita T.; Nakamura N.; Ohfu M.; Yamashita Y.; Takatsuka H.; Taga T.; Miyata R.; Ito M.; Tsuchiya H.; Matsuoka T.; Kitao T.; Murakami K.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Kaneko S.; Hirose S.Brain and Development2522
762013Potential application of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in the treatment of neurological diseasesWANG-TSO LEE Pediatrics and Neonatology00
772013A psychometric study of the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development - 3rd Edition for term and preterm Taiwanese infantsYu Y.-T.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-H.; Chen L.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Chiu N.-C.; Wu Y.-C.; Jeng S.-F.Research in Developmental Disabilities5754
782013ADHD-related symptoms, emotional/behavioral problems, and physical conditions in Taiwanese children with epilepsyTsai F.-J.; Liu S.-T.; Lee C.-M.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Fan P.-C.; Lin W.-S.; Chiu Y.-N.; Gau S.S.F.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1314
792012Early pathologic changes and responses to treatment in patients with later-onset Pompe diseaseChien Y.-H.; Lee N.-C.; Huang P.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Thurberg B.L.; Hwu W.-L.Pediatric Neurology1815
802012A novel 3670-base pair mitochondrial DNA deletion resulting in multi-systemic manifestations in a childLiu H.-M.; Tsai L.-P.; Chien Y.-H.; Wu J.-F.; Weng W.-C.; Peng S.-F.; Wu E.-T.; Huang P.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Tsai I.-J.; Hwu W.-L.; Lee N.-C.Pediatrics and Neonatology109
812012Dextromethorphan in the treatment of early myoclonic encephalopathy evolving into migrating partial seizures in infancyChien Y.-H.; Lin M.-I.; Weng W.-C.; Du J.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association77
822012Sleep problems in children with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and epilepsyTsai F.-J.; Chiang H.-L.; Lee C.-M.; Gau S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Fan P.-C.; Wu Y.-Y.; Chiu Y.-N.Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders2219
832011Unusual spinal cord lesions in late-onset non-ketotic hyperglycinemiaWei S.-H.; Weng W.-C.; Lee N.-C.; Hwu W.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology1011
842011Attentional processes and ADHD-related symptoms in pediatric patients with epilepsyLiu S.-T.; Tsai F.-J.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Lee C.-M.; Fan P.-C.; Lin W.-S.; Chiu Y.-N.; Gau S.S.F.Epilepsy Research1514
852011An unusual cause of abdominal distension in a 4-year-old boyPeng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsui W.-M.Gastroenterology22
862011Cyclic vomiting syndrome and migraine in childrenLin Y.-P.; Ni Y.-H.; Weng W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2317
872011Evaluation of white matter changes in agyria-pachygyria complex using diffusion tensor imagingKao Y.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; Weng W.-C.; Lin M.-I.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology77
882011Benign epilepsy in childrenChan S.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1010
892011Disorders of amino acid metabolism associated with epilepsyWANG-TSO LEE Brain and Development2521
902011Role of glucose-regulated protein 78 in embryonic development and neurological disordersWeng W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Hsu W.-M.; Chang B.-E.; Lee H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2017
912010Benign convulsions with mild gastroenteritis: Is it associated with sodium channel gene SCN1A mutation?Weng W.-C.; Hirose S.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology2114
922010Acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood with spinal cord involvement: A case reportWeng W.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology66
932010Severity of bronchopulmonary dysplasia and increased risk of feeding desaturation and growth delay in very low birth weight preterm infantsWang L.-Y.; Luo H.-J.; Hsieh W.-S.; Hsu C.-H.; Hsu H.-C.; Chen P.-S.; Chiu N.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Jeng S.-F.Pediatric Pulmonology2726
942010Urinary dopamine in aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency: The unsolved paradoxWassenberg T.; Willemsen M.A.A.P.; Geurtz P.B.H.; Lammens M.; Verrijp K.; Wilmer M.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Wevers R.A.; Verbeek M.M.Molecular Genetics and Metabolism2623
952010Clinical experience with open-Label topiramate use in epileptic children with CNS anomaliesYang M.-T.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Yang Y.-J.; Chang W.-C.; Lian J.-S.Epilepsy and Seizure00
962010Novel neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 1 gene mutation associated with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosisLin Y.-P.; Su Y.-N.; Weng W.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Journal of Child Neurology1615
972010Disorders of monoamine metabolism: Inherited disorders frequently misdiagnosed as epilepsyWANG-TSO LEE Epilepsy and Seizure00
982010Clinical and biochemical features of aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiencyBrun L.; Ngu L.H.; Keng W.T.; Ch'Ng G.S.; Choy Y.S.; Hwu W.L.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Willemsen M.A.A.P.; Verbeek M.M.; Wassenberg T.; R?gal L.; Orcesi S.; Tonduti D.; Accorsi P.; Testard H.; Abdenur J.E.; Tay S.; Allen G.F.; Heales S.; Kern I.; Kato M.; Burlina A.; Manegold C.; Hoffmann G.F.; Blau N.Neurology139125
992009Neuroimaging findings in children with paediatric neurotransmitter diseasesWANG-TSO LEE ; Weng W.-C.; Peng S.-F.; Tzen K.-Y.Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease2017
1002009Mycoplasma pneumoniae-Associated Transverse Myelitis and RhabdomyolysisWeng W.-C.; Peng S.S.-F.; Wang S.-B.; Chou Y.-T.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatric Neurology1813
1012009Plasma calcitonin gene-related peptide in diagnosing and predicting paediatric migraineFan P.-C.; Kuo P.-H.; Chang S.-H.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Wu R.-M.; Chiou L.-C.Cephalalgia3633
1022008Levetiracetam in Continuous Spike Waves During Slow-Wave Sleep SyndromeWang S.-B.; Weng W.-C.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatric Neurology3335
1032008Mutation of Mitochondrial DNA G13513A Presenting with Leigh Syndrome, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and CardiomyopathyWang S.-B.; Weng W.-C.; Lee N.-C.; Hwu W.-L.; Fan P.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatrics and Neonatology410
1042008Bronchopulmonary dysplasia predicts adverse developmental and clinical outcomes in very-low-birthweight infantsJeng S.-F.; Hsu C.-H.; Tsao P.-N.; Chou H.-C.; WANG-TSO LEE ; Kao H.-A.; Hung H.-Y.; Chang J.-H.; Chiu N.-C.; Hsieh W.-S.Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology6458
1052007The correlation between neurological evaluations and neurological outcome in acute encephalitis: A hospital-based studyWang I.-J.; Lee P.-I.; Huang L.-M.; Chen C.-J.; Chen C.-L.; WANG-TSO LEE European Journal of Paediatric Neurology4940
1062007Clinical Analysis of Childhood Occipital Lobe Epilepsy in 43 Taiwanese PatientsDu J.-C.; Chien Y.-H.; Weng W.-C.; Shen Y.-Z.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatric Neurology67
1072007Seizure Associated With Total Parenteral Nutrition-Related HypermanganesemiaHsieh C.-T.; Liang J.-S.; Peng S.S.-F.; WANG-TSO LEE Pediatric Neurology3031
1082007Risk factors for postencephalitic epilepsy in children: A hospital-based study in TaiwanWANG-TSO LEE ; Yu T.-W.; Chang W.-C.; Shau W.-Y.European Journal of Paediatric Neurology4434
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