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12021Atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment enhances the effect of Alloy Primer on the bond strength between polymethyl methacrylate and stainless steels: application for retention of magnetic attachment to resin denture baseHsu C.-T.; Tsai J.-H.; Huang T.-M.; Hsin J.-C.; Chen J.-Z.; Lee B.-S.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces0
22020Effects of fabrication techniques on denture base adaptation: An in vitro studyHsu C.-Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Wang T.-M.; Lin L.-D.Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry8
32018Influence of rigid bar and nonrigid double crown attachments on maxillary implant overdentures: An in vitro study with differential bone qualityKimura T.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants1
42017Influence of implant number and location on strain around an implant combined with force transferred to the palate in maxillary overdenturesTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Chen Y.-C.; Wang T.-M.; Lin L.-D.International Journal of Prosthodontics1
52017Support ratio between abutment and soft tissue under overdentures: A comparison between use of two and four abutmentsAbe M.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.; Ando T.; Wada M.International Journal of Prosthodontics0
62015Development of new tissue conditioner using acetyl tributyl citrate and novel hyperbranched polyester to improve viscoelastic stabilityTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Cheng K.-C.; Huang C.-C.; Lee B.-S.Dental Materials7
72015Distribution of forces in distal-extension removable partial dentures with and without retromolar pad coverage: A pilot in vivo studyTauchi Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.International Journal of Prosthodontics1
82015Prevention of orofacial injury via the use of mouthguards among young male rugby playersTanaka Y.; Maeda Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Ando T.; Tauchi Y.; Miyanaga H.International Journal of Sports Medicine13
92014Using acrylic resin tooth veneers in patients with an abnormal jaw relationship: A case reportTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Lan Y.-H.; Wang T.-M.; Tu C.-Y.; Lin L.-D.International Journal of Prosthodontics0
102014Frequency of relining procedures during the maintenance period of removable prostheses: An experiential reportMaeda Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Ikebe K.; Andoh T.International Journal of Prosthodontics2
112014Clinical performance and satisfaction of removable prostheses with self-adjusting magnetic attachmentsTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.; Gonda T.Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry5
122014Mouthguard and sports drinks on tooth surface pHMaeda Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Miyanaga H.; Tanaka Y.; Ikebe K.; Akimoto N.International journal of sports medicine1
132013Five-year multicenter study of magnetic attachments used for natural overdenture abutmentsGonda T.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.Journal of Oral Rehabilitation11
142013Magnetic attachment for implant overdentures: Influence of contact relationship with the denture base on stability and bending strainTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.; Gonda T.; Wada M.International Journal of Prosthodontics4
152013The biomechanical effect of platform switching on external-and internal-connection implantsTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants7
162012Assessment of Bone Density in the Posterior Maxilla Based on Hounsfield Units to Enhance the Initial Stability of ImplantsSogo M.; Ikebe K.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Wada M.; Maeda Y.Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research25
172012Effects of different root coping materials for abutment teeth on secondary caries and periodontal conditions: A retrospective studyTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Sugie M.; Maeda Y.; Ikebe K.International Journal of Prosthodontics4
182012Biomechanical rationale for six splinted implants in bilateral canine, premolar, and molar regions in an edentulous maxillaSano M.; Ikebe K.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.Implant Dentistry5
192011Attachment systems for implant overdenture: Influence of implant inclination on retentive and lateral forcesTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.; Gonda T.; Kotecha S.Clinical Oral Implants Research44
202011Development of a self-adjusting magnetic attachment for implant overdenturesMaeda Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Kinoshita Y.International Journal of Prosthodontics2
212011Biomechanical rationale for short implants in splinted restorations: An in vitro studyTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Maeda Y.; Gonda T.International Journal of Prosthodontics14
222008Influence of bonded composite resin cingulum rest seats on abutment tooth periodontal tissues: A longitudinal prospective studyMaeda Y.; Kinoshita Y.; Satho H.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG International Journal of Prosthodontics5