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12016Healthcare utilization and costs in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A population-based studyCHAO-YUAN HUANG ; Chen, Chien-Chih; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Tzeng, Ya-Mei; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Lin, Herng-Ching; Huang, Chao-Yuan ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Huang, Chun-Yu; 陳韻之 ; 呂東武journal article22
22014Evaluation of the root and root canal systems of mandibular first premolars in northern Taiwanese patients using cone-beam computed tomographyALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article1211
32014Measurement of mandibular growth using cone-beam computed tomography: A miniature pig model studyALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; Lin, Hsien-Shu; Chao, Qiao-Ting; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Lee, Tai-Fen; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Li, Jia-Da; Li, Jia-Da; Teng, Shih-Hua; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Lu, Tung-Wu; Peng, Li-Yun; Chang, Hau-Hung; Chen, Ping-Hung; Chang, Hau-Hung; Hu, Chih-Chung; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Hsueh, Po-Ren ; 薛博仁 ; 鄧麗珍 ; 李岱芬journal article55
42014Comparison of measurements of mandible growth using cone beam computed tomography and its synthesized cephalogramsLin, Hsien-Shu; ALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; Lin, Hsien-Shu; Li, Jia-Da; Li, Jia-Da; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Lu, Tung-Wu; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Chen, Mu-Hsiung; Chen, Mu-Hsiungjournal article22
52013Feasibility of differential quantification of 3D temporomandibular kinematics during various oral activities using a cone-beam computed tomography-based 3D fluoroscopic methodALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article66
62013A method for measuring three-dimensional mandibular kinematics in vivo using single-plane fluoroscopyALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article66
72013Accuracy assessment of marker-cluster registration method for measuring temporomandibular kinematics using cone-beam computed tomography with fluoroscopyChen, Chien-Chih; ALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Chen, Yunn-Jy; Lu, Tung-Wu ; Huang, Chun-Yujournal article33
82013Erratum: A method for measuring three-dimensional mandibular kinematics in vivo using single-plane fluoroscopy (Dentomaxillofacial Radiology (2013) 42 (20110326) DOI: 10.1259/dmfr.20110326)ALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article00
92012Temporomandibular joint structural derangement and general joint hypermobility.ALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article
102012Tissue reaction surrounding miniscrews for orthodontic anchorage: An animal experimentALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; YI-JANE CHEN journal article66
112011Evaluation of soft-tissue artifacts when using anatomical and technical markers to measure mandibular motionALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article66
122008Epigallocatechin-3-gallate diminishes CCL2 expression in human osteoblastic cells via up-regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt/Raf-1 interaction: A potential therapeutic benefit for arthritisALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; SZE-KWAN LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK journal article4441
132008MMP-3 response to compressive forces in vitro and in vivoALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; JANE CHUNG-CHEN YAO ; MIN-HUEY CHEN ; YI-JANE CHEN ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG journal article1918
142007Low bone mineral density and temporomandibular joint derangement in young femalesALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article
152005Magnetic resonance images of the temporomandibular joints of patients with acquired open biteALEX YUNN-JY CHEN ; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH journal article1615
162004A comparative study between clinical and instrumental methods for the recognition of internal derangements with a clicking sound on condylar movementALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article
172002The mediolateral temporomandibular joint disc position: An in vivo quantitative studyALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article
182000Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique for the Study of the Temporomandibular JointALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article
192000Individualized Oblique-Axial Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Improved Visualization of Mediolateral TMJ Disc DisplacementALEX YUNN-JY CHEN journal article