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12023The analysis and feedback from the performance of pre-clinical operation skills tests for clerkship in School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University in 2022WAN-YU TSENG ; YI-LING TSAI ; EDDIE HSIANG HUA LAI ; CHEN-YING WANG ; Lin, Ting-Fang; LI-DEH LIN ; TONG-MEI WANG Journal of dental sciences00
22023The multi-factor analysis of computer-based test scores in objective structured clinical examination of clerkship in school of dentistry, National Taiwan UniversityWAN-YU TSENG ; EDDIE HSIANG HUA LAI ; TONG-MEI WANG ; CHEN-YING WANG ; Lin, Ting-Fang; LI-DEH LIN ; YI-LING TSAI Journal of dental sciences10
32022Resolution of Excessive Interocclusal Restoration Space Post-Mandibulectomy Using a Two-Layer Retrievable Fixed Implant-Supported Prosthesis: A Case ReportLan Y.-H.; Yang H.-Y.; HAO-HUENG CHANG ; LI-DEH LIN ; TONG-MEI WANG Journal of Prosthodontics00
42022Evaluation of sawbones training protocol in bone quality classification using tactile sensationTONG-MEI WANG ; Lin Y.-C.; Lan Y.-H.; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Dental Sciences00
52022Effect of scan delay on measurements of an occlusal pressure sensitive film: An in-vitro studyTONG-MEI WANG ; Chang Y.-H.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Dental Sciences22
62022Effect of butyrate, a bacterial by-product, on the viability and ICAM-1 expression/production of human vascular endothelial cells: Role in infectious pulpal/periapical diseasesChang M.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chien H.-H.; Pan Y.-H.; YI-LING TSAI ; Jeng P.-Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal55
72021Preliminary evaluation of BMP-2-derived peptide in repairing a peri-implant critical size defect: A canine modelChao Y.-L.; LI-DEH LIN ; HAO-HUENG CHANG ; TONG-MEI WANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association108
82021Effects of low-dose rhBMP-2 on peri-implant ridge augmentation in a canine modelChao Y.-L.; TONG-MEI WANG ; HAO-HUENG CHANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Clinical Periodontology97
92021Dimensional changes of complete dentures fabricated by milled and printed techniques: An in vitro studyTsai F.-C.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry40
102021Toxic mechanisms of Roth801, Canals, microparticles and nanoparticles of ZnO on MG-63 osteoblastsChang M.-C.; Tang C.-M.; Lin Y.-H.; Liu H.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lan W.-C.; Cheng R.-H.; Lin Y.-R.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Materials Science and Engineering C1111
112020Effects of fabrication techniques on denture base adaptation: An in vitro studyHsu C.-Y.; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry2317
122020Regulation of the regenerative activity of dental pulp stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED) of children by TGF-β1 is associated with ALK5/Smad2, TAK1, p38 and MEK/ERK signalingHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chen I.-L.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Chang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Lan W.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Aging1513
132018OSC31: Evaluation of the Bond Strength of New Tissue Conditioner with Addition of PMMA ResinWang, Wan-Ting; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society10
142018OSC33: Correlation between Applied Occlusal Load and Force Measured from Dental Prescale SystemChen, Szu-Han; Yu, Chun-Ying; TONG-MEI WANG ; TSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society00
152017Ontology-based technology function matrix for patent analysis of additive manufacturing in the dental industryTrappey A.J.C.; Trappey C.V.; Prof.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Tang M.Y.L.International Journal of Manufacturing Research90
162017Influence of implant number and location on strain around an implant combined with force transferred to the palate in maxillary overdenturesTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Chen Y.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN International Journal of Prosthodontics21
172016Effect of butyrate on collagen expression, cell viability, cell cycle progression and related proteins expression of MG-63 osteoblastic cellsChang M.-C.; YI-LING TSAI ; Liou E.J.-W.; Tang C.-M.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Liu H.-C.; Liao M.-W.; Yeung S.-Y.; Chan C.-P.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE1413
182016Prostaglandin E2 stimulates EP2, adenylate cyclase, phospholipase C, and intracellular calcium release to mediate cyclic adenosine monophosphate production in dental pulp cellsChang M.-C.; Lin S.-I.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chan C.-P.; Lee M.-S.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Jeng P.-Y.; Yeung S.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics1010
192015Computer Supported ontology-based patent analysis considering business processes and strategic patent portfolio managementTrappey A.J.C.; Tung J.T.C.; Trappey C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Tang M.Y.L.Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE 19th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, CSCWD 201520
202015Effect of interleukin-1β on ICAM-1 expression of dental pulp cells: role of PI3K/Akt, MEK/ERK, and cyclooxygenaseChang M.-C.; Hung H.-P.; LI-DEH LIN ; Shyu Y.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin H.-J.; Chan C.-P.; Huang C.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Clinical Oral Investigations1819
212015The effect of implant design and bone quality on insertion torque, resonance frequency analysis, and insertion energy during implant placement in low or low- to medium-density boneTONG-MEI WANG ; Lee M.-S.; Wang J.-S.; LI-DEH LIN International Journal of Prosthodontics4344
222014A knowledge centric methodology for dental implant technology assessment using ontology based patent analysis and clinical meta-analysisTrappey C.V.; Trappey A.J.C.; Peng H.-Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; TONG-MEI WANG Advanced Engineering Informatics2318
232014Using acrylic resin tooth veneers in patients with an abnormal jaw relationship: A case reportTSUNG-CHIEH YANG ; Lan Y.-H.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Tu C.-Y.; LI-DEH LIN International Journal of Prosthodontics00
242014Antiplatelet effect of catechol is related to inhibition of cyclooxygenase, reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A2 productionChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chan C.-P.; BOR-RU LIN ; Yeung S.-Y.; Yeh C.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG PLoS ONE1913
252013Ontology-based dental implant connection patent analysisTrappey A.J.C.; Trappey C.V.; Peng H.-Y.; TONG-MEI WANG Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE 17th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, CSCWD 201320
262013A novel field barrier method for patients with an impaired glossopalatal sealTONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry11
272013Constructing a dental implant ontology for domain specific clustering and life span analysisTrappey C.V.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Hoang S.; Trappey A.J.C.Advanced Engineering Informatics2117
282013Areca nut-induced buccal mucosa fibroblast contraction and its signaling: A potential role in oral submucous fibrosis-a precancer conditionChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Wu H.-L.; Ho Y.-S.; Hsien H.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Jeng P.-Y.; Cheng R.-H.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Carcinogenesis4136
292013Facile dental resin composites with tunable fluorescence by tailoring Cd-free quantum dotsChuang P.-H.; Lai Y.-J.; Lin C.C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yang H.; LI-DEH LIN ; Liu R.-S.RSC Advances33
302012Regulation of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in dental pulp cells by interleukin-1β: The role of prostanoidsChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Zwei-Ching Chang J.; Huang C.-F.; Chuang F.-H.; JANG-JAER LEE ; Jeng P.-Y.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Endodontics1919
312012Effect of triethylene glycol dimethacrylate on the cytotoxicity, cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostanoids production in human dental pulp cellsHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; Huang G.-F.; YIN-LIN WANG ; Chan C.-P.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Lin P.-S.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal3635
322012Evaluation of the slumping property of dental composites during modelingTONG-MEI WANG ; Lee M.-S.; Knezevic A.; Tarle Z.; YU-CHIH CHIANG ; Kunzelmann K.-H.Journal of Dental Sciences00
332012Carboxylesterase expression in human dental pulp cells: Role in regulation of BisGMA-induced prostanoid production and cytotoxicityChang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; Chuang F.-H.; Chan C.-P.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Jeng P.-Y.; WAN-YU TSENG ; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Acta Biomaterialia5653
342012Screw hole-positioning guide and plate-positioning guide: A novel method to assist mandibular reconstructionTONG-MEI WANG ; HAO-HUENG CHANG ; Ho Y.; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Dental Sciences10
352012Antiplatelet effect of phloroglucinol is related to inhibition of cyclooxygenase, reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A 2 productionChang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chan C.-P.; HAN-YI E. CHOU ; BEI-EN CHANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology2720
362011Antiplatelet effect by p-cresol, a uremic and environmental toxicant, is related to inhibition of reactive oxygen species, ERK/p38 signaling and thromboxane A 2 productionChang M.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yeung S.-Y.; Jeng P.-Y.; Liao C.-H.; Lin T.-Y.; Lin C.-C.; BOR-RU LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Atherosclerosis2718
372010Prostaglandin F2α stimulates MEK-ERK signalling but decreases the expression of alkaline phosphatase in dental pulp cellsChang M.C.; YI-JANE CHEN ; Lee M.Y.; LI-DEH LIN ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chan C.P.; YI-LING TSAI ; CHEN-YING WANG ; BOR-RU LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG International Endodontic Journal1414
382010The mechanisms of cytotoxicity of urethane dimethacrylate to Chinese hamster ovary cellsHSIAO-HUA CHANG ; Chang M.-C.; LI-DEH LIN ; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Huang C.-H.; Yang T.-T.; Lin H.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Biomaterials3736
392010The role of reactive oxygen species and hemeoxygenase-1 expression in the cytotoxicity, cell cycle alteration and apoptosis of dental pulp cells induced by BisGMAChang M.-C.; Chen L.-I.; Chan C.-P.; JANG-JAER LEE ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Yang T.-T.; Lin P.-S.; Lin H.-J.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Biomaterials8276
402009Areca nut-induced micronuclei and cytokinesis failure in Chinese hamsterovary cells is related to reactive oxygen species production and actin filament deregulationLin C.-C.; Chang M.-C.; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; WAN-YU TSENG ; Tai T.-F.; Yeh H.-W.; Yang T.-T.; Hahn L.-J.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis2423
412009Strategies for oral health care for people with disabilities in TaiwanJeng W.-L.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Cher T.-L.; CHUN-PIN LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Journal of Dental Sciences88
422009Comparative cytotoxicity of five current dentin bonding agents: Role of cell cycle deregulationYeh H.-W.; Chang M.-C.; CHUN-PIN LIN ; WAN-YU TSENG ; HSIAO-HUA CHANG ; TONG-MEI WANG ; YI-JANE CHEN ; Lin C.-C.; Yang T.-T.; LI-DEH LIN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Acta Biomaterialia1514
432006A technique to transfer screw-retained angled abutments before inserting a definitive prosthesisTONG-MEI WANG ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry21
442006Signaling mechanism of thrombin-induced gingival fibroblast-populated collagen gel contractionJIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Lan W.-H.; Wang J.-S.; Chan C.-P.; Ho Y.-S.; Lee P.-H.; Wang Y.-J.; TONG-MEI WANG ; YI-JANE CHEN ; Chang M.-C.British Journal of Pharmacology1918
452006Prolonged exposure to arecoline arrested human KB epithelial cell growth: Regulatory mechanisms of cell cycle and apoptosisLee P.-H.; Chang M.-C.; Chang W.-H.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Wang Y.-J.; Hahn L.-J.; Ho Y.-S.; Lin C.-Y.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Toxicology5649
462004Intrusion and reversal of a free-standing natural tooth bounded by two implant-supported prostheses: A clinical reportTONG-MEI WANG ; Lee M.-S.; SANG-HENG KOK ; LI-DEH LIN Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry53
472004The role of lipopolysaccharide in infectious bone resorption of periapical lesionHong C.-Y.; SZE-KWAN LIN ; SANG-HENG KOK ; SHIH-JUNG CHENG ; Lee M.-S.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Chen C.-S.; LI-DEH LIN ; Wang J.-S.Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine110105
482003Roles of keratinocyte inflammation in oral cancer: Regulating the prostaglandin E2, interleukin-6 and TNF-α production of oral epithelial cells by areca nut extract and arecolineJIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Wang Y.-J.; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; Lee P.-H.; Chan C.-P.; Ho Y.-S.; TONG-MEI WANG ; JANG-JAER LEE ; Hahn L.-J.; Chang M.-C.Carcinogenesis157145
492003Cytotoxicity of conventional and modified glass ionomer cementsLan W.-H.; Lan W.-C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; YUAN-LING LEE ; WAN-YU TSENG ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chang M.-C.; JIIANG-HUEI JENG Operative Dentistry3834
502003Antioxidative and antiplatelet effects of aqueous inflorescence Piper betle extractLei D.; Chan C.-P.; Wang Y.-J.; TONG-MEI WANG ; BOR-RU LIN ; Huang C.-H.; JANG-JAER LEE ; HSIN-MING CHEN ; JIIANG-HUEI JENG ; Chang M.-C.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry4940
512002Effects of Prosthesis Materials and Prosthesis Splinting on Peri-implant Bone Stress Around Implants in Poor-Quality Bone: A Numeric AnalysisTONG-MEI WANG ; Leu L.-J.; Wang J.-S.; LI-DEH LIN International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants130115
522000Prolonged and enhanced suppression of thymidylate synthase by weekly 24-h infusion of high-dose 5-fluorouracilKUN-HUEI YEH ; Yeh S.-H.; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; TONG-MEI WANG ; Ma I.-F.; ANN-LII CHENG British Journal of Cancer2622
532000Expression of p16(INK4A) induces dominant suppression of glioblastoma growth in situ through necrosis and cell cycle arrestHung K.-S.; Hong C.-Y.; Lee J.; SZE-KWAN LIN ; Huang S.C.; TONG-MEI WANG ; Tse V.; Sliverberg G.D.; Weng S.-C.; Hsiao M.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1817