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12019Children's environmental health based on birth cohort studies of Asia (2) - air pollution, pesticides, and heavy metalsTsai, Meng-Shan; Chen, Mei-Huei; Lin, Ching-Chun; CHEN-YU LIU ; Chen, Pau-Chungjournal article21
22018Prenatal Perfluorooctyl Sulfonate Exposure and Alu DNA Hypomethylation in Cord BloodCHEN-YU LIU ; PAU-CHUNG CHEN  ; Lien, Pei-Chen; Liao, Yi-Pengjournal article43
32017Children's environmental health based on birth cohort studies of AsiaTsai, Meng-Shan; Chen, Mei-Huei; Lin, Ching-Chun; Ng, Sharon; Hsieh, Chia-Jung; CHEN-YU LIU ; WU-SHIUN HSIEH ; PAU-CHUNG CHEN  journal article99
42015Polymorphisms in ERCC1 and ERCC2/XPD genes and carcinogen DNA adducts in human lungCHEN-YU LIU journal article97
52015Genome-wide gene-asbestos exposure interaction association study identifies a common susceptibility variant on 22q13.31 associated with lung cancer riskCHEN-YU LIU journal article76
62012Design and analysis issues in gene and environment studiesCHEN-YU LIU journal article1813
72012A single-nucleotide polymorphism in the methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene is associated with risk of radiation pneumonitis in lung cancer patients treated with thoracic radiation therapyCHEN-YU LIU journal article2017
82011Interactions between genetic polymorphisms in the apoptotic pathway and environmental factors on esophageal adenocarcinoma riskCHEN-YU LIU journal article1815
92011Genetic associations with sporadic neuroendocrine tumor riskCHEN-YU LIU journal article1718
102011Association between polymorphisms in cancer-related genes and early onset of esophageal adenocarcinomaCHEN-YU LIU journal article2623
112011Enhanced performance of ionic liquid-based dye-sensitized solar cells using 15-crown-5-functionalized MWCNTs in the electrolytesHuang, Kuan-Chieh; Chang, Yu-Hsun; Liu, Chen-Yu; Lin, King-Fu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan; Huang, Kuan-Chieh; Chang, Yu-Hsun; Liu, Chen-Yu ; Lin, King-Fu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan conference paper
122010A Large-scale genetic association study of esophageal adenocarcinoma riskCHEN-YU LIU journal article3639
132010Synthesis and evaluation of a new fluorescent transglycosylase substrate: Lipid II-based molecule possessing a dansyl-C20 polyprenyl moietyJIM-MIN FANG ; Liu, Chen-Yu ; Guo, Chih-Wei; Chang, Yi-Fan; Wang, Jen-Tsung; Shih, Hao-Wei; Hsu, Yu-Fang; Chen, Chia-Wei; Chen, Shao-Kang; Wang, Yen-Chih; Cheng, Ting-Jen R.; Ma, Che; Wong, Chi-Huey; Fang, Jim-Min ; Cheng, Wei-Chiehjournal article3836
142009Cured meat, vegetables, and bean-curd foods in relation to childhood acute leukemia risk: A population based case-control studyCHEN-YU LIU journal article1914
152009A population-based, case-control study of green tea consumption and leukemia risk in southwestern TaiwanCHEN-YU LIU journal article2020
162008Solid-phase organic synthesis of polyisoprenoid alcohols with traceless sulfone linkerJIM-MIN FANG ; Chang, Yi-Fan; Liu, Chen-Yu ; Guo, Chih-Wei; Wang, Yen-Chih; Fang, Jim-Min ; Cheng, Wei-Chiehjournal article2121
172008Maternal and offspring genetic variants of AKR1C3 and the risk of childhood leukemiaCHEN-YU LIU journal article2017
182008No association between parental or subject occupation and brain tumor riskCHEN-YU LIU journal article64
192006Aflatoxin B1 and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon adducts, p53 mutations and p16 methylation in liver tissue and plasma of hepatocellular carcinoma patientsPO-HUANG LEE ; Zhang, Yu-Jing; Rossner, Pavel; MING-WHEI YU ; Chen, Yu ; Agrawal, Meenakshi; Wang, Qiao; Wang, Lillian; Ahsan, Habibul; Yu, Ming-Whei ; Lee, Po-Huang ; Santella, Regina M.journal article6263
202005Silencing of glutathione S-transferase P1 by promoter hypermethylation and its relationship to environmental chemical carcinogens in hepatocellular carcinomaHuang, Ching-Ting; PO-HUANG LEE ; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Chen, Yu-Li; Chen, Tsung-Ching; Chen, Chi-An ; Zhang, Yu-jing; Chen, Yu ; Cheng, Wen-Fang; Ahsan, Habibul; Lunn, Ruth M.; Chen, Shu-Yuan; Lee, Po-huang; Chen, Chien-Jen; Santella, Regina M.; �G���; ����w journal article7773