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12019Computerized cytological features for papillary thyroid cancer diagnosis—preliminary reportShih S.-R.; Jan I.-S.; Chen K.-Y.; Chuang W.-Y.; Wang C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen A.journal article00
22019The surgery and repeat aspiration outcomes of the atypia of undetermined significance/follicular lesion of undetermined significance category in The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid CytopathologyJan I.-S.; Lee Y.-T.; Wang C.-M.; Cheng T.-Y.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Shih S.-R.journal article15
32019Prognostic factors on outcomes of follicular thyroid cancerSu D.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chang S.-H.journal article21
42019A registry of acromegaly patients and one year following up in TaiwanTseng F.-Y.; Huang T.-S.; Lin J.-D.; Chen S.-T.; Wang P.-W.; Chen J.-F.; Huey-Herng Sheu W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Acromegaly Registry Study Groupjournal article21
52019Correlations of clinical parameters with quality of life in patients with acromegaly: Taiwan Acromegaly RegistryTseng F.-Y.; Chen S.-T.; Chen J.-F.; Huang T.-S.; Lin J.-D.; Wang P.-W.; Huey-Herng Sheu W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Acromegaly Registry Study Groupjournal article33
62018Dual effects for lovastatin in anaplastic thyroid cancer: The pivotal effect of transketolase (TKT) on lovastatin and tumor proliferationWang C.-Y.; Shui H.-A.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article32
72018Extramedullary hematopoiesis involving the thyroid: A rare cytologic finding in otherwise healthy patients and review of literatureJan I.-S.; Weng M.-H.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Shih S.-R.journal article32
82018Low total and free triiodothyronine levels are associated with insulin resistance in non-diabetic individualsWang C.-Y.; Yu T.-Y.; Shih S.-R.; Huang K.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article12
92018Thyrotropin receptor antibodies and a genetic hint in antithyroid drug-induced adverse drug reactionsChang L.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Chen P.-L.; Wang S.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Tsai Y.-H.; Shih S.-R.; Chiu W.-Y.; Fann C.S.-J.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article12
102017Adrenocorticotropic hormone levels before treatment predict recurrence of Cushing's diseaseKuo C.-H.; Shih S.-R.; Li H.-Y.; Chen S.-C.; Hung P.-J.; Tseng F.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article76
112016First step towards precision medicine for antithyroid drug-induced agranulocytosisChen P.-L.; Fann C.S.-J.; Shih S.-R.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG Note11
122016Expert's consensus on management of acromegaly in TaiwanTIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article00
132016Expert's consensus on management of Cushing's disease in TaiwanTIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article00
142016Serial follow-up of presurgical treatment using pasireotide long-acting release with or without octreotide long-acting release for na?ve active acromegalyChang J.-S.; Tseng H.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article43
152016Follicular thyroid carcinoma with NRAS Q61K and GNAS R201H mutations that had a good 131I treatment responseLu J.-Y.; Hung P.-J.; Chen P.-L.; Yen R.-F.; Kuo K.-T.; Yang T.-L.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Huang T.-S.; Chang C.-C.journal article32
162015Biomarkers of medullary thyroid cancer in the prediction of cure after thyroidectomyNien F.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article21
172015The impact of locoregional recurrences and distant metastases on the survival of patients with papillary thyroid carcinomaSu D.-H.; Chang S.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1716
182015Multimodality treatment of anaplastic thyroid cancer with nearly resolved effectTseng Y.-T.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article11
192015The Role of Computer-aided Detection and Diagnosis System in the Differential Diagnosis of Thyroid Lesions in UltrasonographyTIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article76
202015Genetic determinants of antithyroid drug-induced agranulocytosis by human leukocyte antigen genotyping and genome-wide association studyChen P.-L.; Shih S.-R.; Wang P.-W.; Lin Y.-C.; Chu C.-C.; Lin J.-H.; Chen S.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Huang T.-S.; Tsai K.S.; Tseng F.-Y.; Wang C.-Y.; Lu J.-Y.; Chiu W.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; Chen Y.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Fann C.S.-J.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article4745
212015The roles of ultrasonography and ultrasonography-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology in the planning of management of thyroid cancersTIEN-CHUN CHANG Review11
222014Predicting HLA genotypes using unphased and flanking single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Han Chinese populationHsieh A.-R.; Chang S.-W.; Chen P.-L.; Chu C.-C.; Hsiao C.-L.; Yang W.-S.; Chang C.-C.; Wu J.-Y.; Chen Y.-T.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Fann C.S.J.journal article88
232014Risk factors of depression after prolonged low-dose rate environmental radiation exposureYen P.N.; Lin I.-F.; Chang W.P.; Wang J.-D.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Kuo K.-L.; Hwang J.-S.; Liu I.-C.; Chen Y.-T.; Yang C.-C.journal article108
242014Hashimoto's encephalopathy: Report of three casesChang J.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article98
252014Enigmatic ectopic fat: prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty pancreas disease and its associated factors in a Chinese population.Wang C.Y.; Ou H.Y.; Chen M.F.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chang C.J.journal article7067
262013Evaluating self-management behaviors of diabetic patients in a telehealthcare program: Longitudinal study over 18 monthsChen L.; Chuang L.-M.; Chang C.H.; Wang C.-S.; Wang I-C.; Chung Y.; Peng H.-Y.; Chen H.-C.; Hsu Y.-L.; Lin Y-S.; Chen H.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Jiang Y.-D.; Lee H-C.; Tan C.-T.; Chang H.-L.; Lai F.journal article3223
272013Identification of a novel HLA-B allele, B*07:162, in a Taiwanese individualChen P.-L.; Lai S.-K.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chu C.-C.journal article22
282013Late effects on the health-related quality of life in a cohort population decades after environmental radiation exposureYen P.N.; Yang C.-C.; Chang W.P.; Wang J.-D.; Hwang J.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Kuo K.-L.; Lin I.-F.journal article33
292013Graves' ophthalmopathy: From pathogenesis to managementTIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
302013Preoperative prediction of papillary thyroid carcinoma prognosis with the assistance of computerized morphometry of cytology samples obtained by fine-needle aspiration: Preliminary reportShih S.-R.; Chang Y.-C.; Li H.-Y.; Liau J.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen C.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article98
312013The relationship between thyrotropin receptor antibody levels and intrathyroid vascularity in patients with graves' diseaseShih S.-R.; Chang J.-S.; Lin L.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Li H.-Y.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen C.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article20
322012Proteomics and bioinformatics analysis of lovastatin-induced differentiation in ARO cellsShui H.-A.; Hsia C.-W.; Chen H.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wang C.-Y.journal article77
332012A case of left homonymous upper quadrantanopia after inferior petrosal sinus sampling to investigate acromegaly with empty sellaYu T.-Y.; Jou J.-R.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article00
342012Reversine, a 2,6-disubstituted purine, as an anti-cancer agent in differentiated and undifferentiated thyroid cancer cellsHua S.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen H.-R.; Lu C.-H.; Liu Y.-W.; Chen S.-H.; Yu H.-I.; Chang Y.-P.; Lee Y.-R.journal article3129
352012Lingual thyroidYu T.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article21
362012Associations between subclinical thyroid disease and metabolic syndromeWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen M.-F.journal article5346
372012Diabetes and thyroid cancer risk: Literature reviewShih S.-R.; Chiu W.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Tseng C.-H.Review4338
382011Authors' responseTIEN-CHUN CHANG letter00
392011Lovastatin inhibits proliferation of anaplastic thyroid cancer cells through up-regulation of p27 by interfering with the Rho/ROCK-mediated pathwayZhong W.-B.; Hsu S.-P.; Ho P.-Y.; Liang Y.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lee W.-S.journal article2725
402011Lower urinary tract symptoms and urinary flow rates in female patients with hyperthyroidismHo C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Guo Y.-J.; Chen S.-C.; Yu H.-J.; Huang K.-H.journal article99
412011Recurrent renal hyperparathyroidism due to a subcutaneous parathyroid lesion: Report of a caseYu T.-Y.; Shin S.-R.; Wu M.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
422011Comprehensive genotyping in two homogeneous Graves' disease samples reveals major and novel HLA association allelesChen P.-L.; Fann C.-S.-J.; Chu C.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Chang S.-W.; Hsieh H.-Y.; Lin M.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article4442
432011Observing pretibial myxedema in patients with Graves' disease using digital infrared thermal imaging and high-resolution ultrasonography: For better records, early detection, and further investigationShih S.-R.; Lin M.-S.; Li H.-Y.; Yang H.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Chang M.-T.; Chen C.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1110
442011The relationship of cytomorphology of medullary thyroid carcinomas between family members with the same RET proto-oncogene mutationChang J.-S.; Chang C.-F.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article11
452010In vivo evidence of duality effects for lovastatin in a nude mouse cancer modelWang C.-Y.; Shui H.-A.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article2524
462010Toxic nodular goiter with thyroid papillary microcarcinomaWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG letter22
472010Ultrasonic Features of Thyroid Cancers and Benign Thyroid Nodules for Determining the Necessity of Fine Needle Aspiration CytologyTIEN-CHUN CHANG Review30
482010The application of temperature measurement of the eyes by digital infrared thermal imaging as a prognostic factor of methylprednisolone pulse therapy for Graves' ophthalmopathyShih S.-R.; Li H.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1616
492010The effects of growth inhibitory peptide on follicular thyroid cancer cell growth, migration, and invasionHua S.-C.; Chen S.-Y.; Lu C.-H.; Kao Y.-T.; Yu H.-I.; Chen P.-T.; Lee Y.-R.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article21
502009Mutational spectrum of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma in TaiwanChang C.-F.; Yang W.-S.; Su Y.-N.; Wu I.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1710
512008Exploration in emotion and visual information uncertainty of websites in culture relationsTsai T.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chuang M.-C.; Wang D.-M.journal article11
522008Estimates of relative risks for cancers in a population after prolonged low-dose-rate radiation exposure: A follow-up assessment from 1983 to 2005Hwang S.-L.; Hwang J.-S.; Yang Y.-T.; Hsieh W.A.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Guo H.-R.; Tsai M.-H.; Tang J.-L.; Lin I.-F.; Chang W.P.journal article4131
532008Results and Predictability of Fat-Removal Orbital Decompression for Disfiguring Graves Exophthalmos in an Asian Patient PopulationWu C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Liao S.-L.journal article3332
542008Family-based association study of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 with susceptibility to Graves' disease in Han population of TaiwanChen P.-L.; Fann C.S.-J.; Chang C.-C.; Wu I.-L.; Chiu W.-Y.; Lin C.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1010
552008Lysosome-related genes are regulated in the orbital fat of patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyChen M.-H.; Liao S.-L.; Chen M.-H.; Tsou P.-L.; Shih M.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chuang L.-M.journal article88
562008The mechanism of cancer metastasis and advances in potential treatment for anaplastic thyroid cancerHua S.-C.; Lu C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
572008Application of digital infrared thermal imaging in determining inflammatory state and follow-up effect of methylprednisolone pulse therapy in patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao Y.-L.; Liao S.-L.journal article3527
582008Role of macrophage infiltration in the orbital fat of patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyChen M.-H.; Chen M.-H.; Liao S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chuang L.-M.journal article2625
592008Fine needle aspiration cytology of mixed medullary-follicular thyroid carcinoma: A case reportHsieh M.-H.; Lin M.-C.; Shun C.-T.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article68
602008Simultaneous separation of four types of steroid hormones by micellar electrokinetic chromatography with cetyltrimethylammonium bromideChang L.-C.; Chiu T.-C.; Lee S.-S.; Kuo C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article33
612007Squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx or hypopharynx clinically manifestating as thyroid tumor - A case reportYang C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
622007Cancer risk analysis of low-dose radiation exposureHwang S.; Guo H.-R.; Hsieh W.; Hwang J.-S.; Lee S.-D.; Tang J.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wang J.-D.; Chang W.P.journal article30
632007Diabetic ketoachidosis in a patient with acromegalyChen Y.-L.; Wei C.-P.; Lee C.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article139
642007Evidence for thiazolidinedione, insulin sensitizers in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitusWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG Review0
652007Linkage of Graves' disease to the human leucocyte antigen region in the Chinese-Han population in TaiwanChen P.-L.; Fann C.S.-J.; Chang C.-C.; Wu I.-L.; Chiu W.-Y.; Lin C.-Y.; Yang W.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article78
662007A prospective, multicentre study to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of octreotide LAR? (long-acting repeatable octreotide) in the primary therapy of patients with acromegalyMercado M.; Borges F.; Bouterfa H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chervin A.; Farrall A.J.; Patocs A.; Petersenn S.; Podoba J.; Safari M.; Wardlaw J.journal article164153
672007Clinical application of thyroid and parathyroid ultrasonography in the outpatient clinicTIEN-CHUN CHANG Review10
682007Fine needle aspiration cytology stained with riu's method in quicker diagnosis of medullary thyroid carcinomaHsieh M.-H.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article68
692007Serum C-reactive protein levels correlates better to metabolic syndrome defined by International Diabetes Federation than by NCEP ATP III in menLin M.-S.; Shih S.-R.; Li H.-Y.; Chuang L.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wei J.-N.; Shieh G.-J.; Chien Y.-F.; Hua C.-H.; Hwang J.-J.journal article1010
702006Secondary infection and ischemic necrosis after fine needle aspiration for a painful papillary thyroid carcinoma: A case reportChen H.-W.; Tseng F.-Y.; Su D.-H.; Chang Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1416
712006Intriguing young people on websiteTsai T.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen K.-S.; Tsai I.-C.conference paper0
722006Prognostic significance of cytologic features in fine-needle aspiration cytology samples of papillary thyroid carcinoma: Preliminary reportShih S.-R.; Li H.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG conference paper76
732006ReplyLiao S.L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin L.L.-K.letter00
742006ReplyLiao S.L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin L.L.-K.letter02
752006Slow-release lanreotide in Graves' ophthalmopathy: A double-bline randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trialTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Liao S.-L.journal article4136
762006Graves' hyperthyroidism with incidental ossified nodular lesionLee M.-T.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article00
772006Cancer risks in a population with prolonged low dose-rate γ-radiation exposure in radiocontaminated buildings, 1983-2002Hwang S.-L.; Guo H.-R.; Hsieh W.-A.; Hwang J.-S.; Lee S.-D.; Tang J.-L.; Chen C.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wang J.-D.; Chang W.P.journal article4340
782006Long-term primary medical therapy with somatostatin analogs in acromegalySu D.-H.; Liao K.-M.; Chen H.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article33
792006Transforniceal lateral deep bone decompression - A modified techique to prevent postoperative diplopia in patients with disfiguring exophthalmos due to dysthyroid orbitopathyLiao S.-L.; Shih M.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin L.L.-K.journal article1313
802006Associations of remission status and lanreotide treatment with quality of life in patients with treated acromegalyHua S.-C.; Yan Y.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article4845
812006Transcaruncular Orbital Decompression: An Alternate Procedure for Graves Ophthalmopathy With Compressive Optic NeuropathyLiao S.L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin L.L.-K.journal article5047
822006Primary thyroid lymphoma mimicking subacute thyroiditis [4]Yang Y.-S.; Wu M.-Z.; Cheng A.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG letter8
832005Increased serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level is associated with a reduction in peripheral monocyte count in normal individualsHuang Z.-S.; Hsu K.-L.; Chien K.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wang C.-H.journal article00
842005Hyperemesis gravidarum presenting as jaundice and transient hyperthyroidism complicated with acute pancreatitisWeng M.-T.; Wei S.-C.; Wong J.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article65
852005Clinical presentation and fine needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid in disseminated tuberculosisShih S.-R.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article11
862005Solitary lung metastasis found nine years after surgery for a thyroid tumorWeng S.-F.; Liao K.-M.; Su D.-H.; Mao T.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
872005Thyroid carcinomas with brain or skull metastasesChen H.-W.; Su D.-H.; Chen H.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG Review11
882005Lanreotide treatment in a patient with interferon-associated Graves' ophthalmopathySu D.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Liao S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article63
892005Lovastatin suppresses invasiveness of anaplastic thyroid cancer cells by inhibiting Rho geranylgeranylation and RhoA/ROCK signalingZhong W.-B.; Liang Y.-C.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lee W.-S.journal article6157
902005Computed tomography diagnosis of primary thyroid teratomaChen B.-B.; Yeh C.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao C.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; Liu K.-L.journal article22
912005Follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma: Diagnostic limitations of fine needle aspiration cytologyShih S.-R.; Shun C.-T.; Su D.-H.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article2831
922005Reactive plasmacytosis of the thyroid gland in a patient with disseminated tuberculosis [6]Shih S.-R.; Su D.-H.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG letter0
932005Medullary thyroid carcinoma: Pitfalls in diagnosis by fine needle aspiration cytology and relationship of cytomorphology to RET proto-oncogene mutationsTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wu S.-L.; Hsiao Y.-L.Review4841
942004Determining when to operate on patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis with nodular lesions: The role of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration cytologySu D.-H.; Liao K.-M.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1411
952004Three-Dimensional Cytomorphology in Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Subacute ThyroiditisTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Wen C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.journal article31
962004Subacute thyroiditis presenting as fever of unknown origin: A case report and literature reviewChen Y.-S.; Su D.-H.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
972004Non-HDL cholesterol level is reliable to be an early predictor for vascular inflammation in type 2 diabetes mellitusWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1714
982003Factors affecting long-term survival of Taiwanese patients with medullary thyroid carcinomaChen M.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Huang T.-S.; Tsai K.-S.; Chen M.-H.; Huang S.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article34
992003Magnolol induces apoptosis in human leukemia cells via cytochrome c release and caspase activationZhong W.-B.; Wang C.-Y.; Ho K.-J.; Lu F.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lee W.-S.journal article2523
1002003Characteristics of Cushing's syndrome in TaiwaneseSu D.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chang C.-C.; Tsai K.-S.; Huang T.-S.journal article71
1012003Peripheral differential leukocyte counts and subsequent mortality from all diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases in TaiwaneseHuang Z.-S.; Chien K.-L.; Yang C.-Y.; Wang C.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen C.-J.journal article2021
1022003Lovastatin, a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitor, induces apoptosis and differentiation in human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cellsWang C.-Y.; Zhong W.-B.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Tsai Y.-F.journal article6856
1032003Lovastatin induces apoptosis of anaplastic thyroid cancer cells via inhibition of protein geranylgeranylation and de novo protein synthesisZhong W.-B.; Wang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lee W.-S.journal article8780
1042003Betaxolol versus propranolol for the control of tachycardia of hyperthyroidismChang Y.-C.; Su D.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
1052003Intrathyroidal thymic carcinoma: A case reportTai C.-M.; Liang C.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1411
1062002Hypothalamic germinoma presented with central diabetes mellitus and extreme hypernatremia: A case reportChen Y.-L.; Wei C.-P.; Lai S.-M.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article00
1072002Tumor necrosis factor α induces three-dimensional cytomorphologic differentiation of human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells through activation of nuclear factor κBWang C.-Y.; Zhong W.-B.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Tsai Y.-F.journal article98
1082002Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration cytology of parathyroid lesions: A review of 72 casesTseng F.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article3523
1092002Ossification of the auricles: A forgotten sign in adrenal insufficiencyWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen F.-W.journal article23
1102002Three-dimensional cytomorphology in fine needle aspiration biopsy of parathyroid lesionsTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Wen C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Huang S.-H.journal article33
1112002Circulating soluble fas ligand correlates with disease activity in Graves' hyperthyroidismWang C.-Y.; Zhong W.-B.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Tsai Y.-F.journal article139
1122002Cytologic features of metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma in cervical lymph nodesTseng F.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article2216
1132002Ossification of the auricles - A forgotten sign of adrenal insufficiencyWang C.-Y.; Zhong W.-B.; Lee W.-S.; Tsai Y.-F.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
1142002Multinucleated giant cells in fine needle aspirates: Can they help differentiate papillary thyroid cancer from benign nodular goiter?Tsou P.-L.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1010
1152001Thyroidectomy or radioiodine? The value of ultrasonography and cytology in the assessment of nodular lesions in graves' hyperthyroidismWang C.-Y.; Chang T.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao Y.-L.; Chen M.-H.; Huang S.-H.journal article106
1162001Diagnostic pitfalls of fine-needle aspiration cytology and prognostic impact of chemotherapy in thyroid lymphomaLu J.-Y.; Lin C.-W.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen Y.-C.journal article128
1172001Thickened pituitary stalk with central diabetes insipidus: Report of three casesSheen K.-C.; Chang C.-C.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Liu H.-M.journal article105
1182001Effect of prolonged radiation exposure on the thyroid gland of residents living in 60Co-contaminated rebar buildingsTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chen W.-L.; Chang W.P.; Chen C.-J.journal article1412
1192001Hyperandrogenism and gestational diabetes insipidus: The report of one caseSheen K.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Huang T.-S.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article21
1202001Progress in genetic study on graves' diseaseChen P.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article0
1212001Thyroid Doppler ultrasonography and resistive index in the evaluation of the need for ablative or antithyroid drug therapy in Graves' hyperthyroidismWang C.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article1413
1222001Ultrasonographic and cytologic findings of metastatic cancer in the thyroid glandTsou P.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article107
1232001Three-dimensional cytomorphology in fine needle aspiration biopsy of medullary thyroid carcinomaTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Wen C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Huang S.-H.journal article44
1242000Factors affecting the outcome of surgical treatment of acromegalyEr L.-K.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin S.-M.; Huang K.-M.; Chang C.-C.journal article11
1252000Three-dimensional cytomorphology and its relationship with clinical stage in fine needle aspiration biopsy of papillary thyroid carcinomaTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai S.-M.; Wen C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Huang S.-H.journal article99
1261999Adrenal cancer with hypertension but low plasma renin and aldosteroneCheng W.-Y.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chu T.-S.; Tsai T.-C.; Hsieh H.-C.journal article00
1271999Combination of color Doppler ultrasonography and ultrasound-guided fine- needle aspiration cytology for localization of parathyroid lesionsChen M.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao Y.-L.; Chang T.-J.; Huang S.-H.journal article54
1281999Demonstration of thyrotropin receptor mRNA in orbital fat and eye muscle tissues from patients with Graves' ophthalmopathy by in situ hybridizationWu S.-L.; Yang C.-S.J.; Wang H.-J.; Liao C.-L.; Chang T.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article3017
1291999De novo RET proto-oncogene mutation in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2BChang T.-J.; Wu S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Huang S.-H.; Chang T.-J.journal article32
1301999A case of extraadrenal pheochromocytoma associated with adrenal cortical nodular hyperplasia and papillary thyroid carcinomaTseng F.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; Peng W.-J.; Chan K.-C.; Chang S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lai M.-K.; Huang S.-H.; Shun C.-T.journal article65
1311999Fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroglossal duct cyst: An analysis of 10 cases [1]TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Hsiao Y.-L.letter8
1321998Preoperative localization procedures for initial surgery in primary hyperparathyroidismHuang S.-H.; Lai I.-R.; Liaw K.-Y.; Cheng Y.-C.; Hsiao Y.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG journal article86
1331998Effectiveness of slow-release lanreotide, a long-acting somatostatin analogue, in the treatment of acromegalyTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chang T.-J.; Chen M.-H.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Tsai K.-S.journal article10
1341998Thyrotropin-secreting pituitary adenomaChang T.-J.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Lin S.-M.; Huang S.-F.; Pai Y.-H.journal article10
1351998Germline RET proto-oncogene mutations in two Taiwanese families with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2AWu S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Huang C.-N.; Chuang L.-M.; Chang T.-J.journal article75
1361998Immunoperoxidase staining in the differential diagnosis of parathyroid from thyroid origin in fine needle aspirates of suspected parathyroid lesionsTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Tung C.-C.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Chen M.-H.journal article1614
1371998RET protooncogene mutations in patients with apparently sporadic medullary thyroid carcinomaHuang C.-N.; Wu S.-L.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Huang S.-H.; Chang T.-J.journal article119
1381997Relationships of orbital computed tomographic findings and activity scores to the prognosis of corticosteroid therapy in patients with Graves' ophthalmopathyTIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Huang K.-M.; Hsiao Y.-L.; Tzeng S.-S.; Kao S.C.S.journal article1614
1391997Nuclear area measurements on parathyroid adenoma, parathyroid hyperplasia and thyroid follicular adenoma: A comparisonTsai T.-H.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Chiang C.-P.journal article77
1401997Serial changes in ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration cytology in subacute thyroiditisLu C.-P.; TIEN-CHUN CHANG ; Wang C.-Y.; Hsiao Y.-L.journal article2217
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