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12019The Relationship Between Air Pollution and Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers in TaiwanTseng, Chien-Hua; Tsuang, Ben Jei; CHUN-JU CHIANG ; Ku, Kai Chen; Tseng, Jeng-Sen; Yang, Tsung-Ying; Hsu, Kuo-Hsuan; Chen, Kun-Chieh; SUNG-LIANG YU ; WEN-CHUNG LEE ; Liu, Tsang-Wu; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chang, Gee Chenjournal article67
22019Association between urinary thiodiglycolic acid level and hepatic function or fibrosis index in school-aged children living near a petrochemical complexWang, Chih-Wen; Liao, Kai-Wei; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Yu, Ming-Lung; Chuang, Hung-Yi; Chiang, Hung-Che; Huang, Po-Chinjournal article34
32018Increased cancer incidence of Changhua residents living in Taisi Village north to the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking ComplexCHEN-FANG CHEN ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Yeh, Yen-Po; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article31
42018Cluster analysis of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions and its bioreactivity in the vicinity of a petrochemical complexChuang, Hsiao-Chi; Shie, Ruei-Hao; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Lee, Jui-Huan; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article75
52018Traffic-related air pollution associated with chronic kidney disease among elderly residents in Taipei CityChen, Szu-Ying; Chu, Da-Chen; Lee, Jui-Huan; Yang, Ya-Ru; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article129
62018Application of Positive Matrix Factorization in the Identification of the Sources of PM2.5 in Taipei CityHo, Wen-Yuan; Tseng, Kuo-Hsin; Liou, Ming-Lone; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Wang, Chia-Hungjournal article43
72018Increased cancers among residents living in the neighborhood of a petrochemical complex: A 12-year retrospective cohort studyTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Shen, Yu-Cheng; Shie, Ruei-Hao; Hung, Shou-Hung; CHEN-FANG CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article55
82018Traffic-related air pollution associated with chronic kidney disease among elderly residents in Taipei CityCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article109
92017Linking sources to early effects by profiling urine metabolome of residents living near oil refineries and coal-fired power plantsChen, Chi-Hsin Sally; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Shie, Ruei-Hao; KUEN-YU WU 吳焜裕 ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1818
102017Associations between Long-Term Particulate Matter Exposure and Adult Renal Function in the Taipei Metropolis.CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YUNG-MING CHEN journal article2224
112017Increased cancers among residents living in the neighborhood of a petrochemical complex: A 12-year retrospective cohort studyTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHEN-FANG CHEN journal article55
122017Adult mortality of diseases and injuries attributable to selected metabolic, lifestyle, environmental, and infectious risk factors in Taiwan: A comparative risk assessmentHSIEN-HO LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article107
132017Burden of disease attributable to ambient fine particulate matter exposure in TaiwanHSIEN-HO LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3631
142017Regulation of fine particulate matter (PM<inf>2.5</inf>) in the Pacific Rim: perspectives from the APRU Global Health ProgramCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-FU WU ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article76
152017Linking sources to early effects by profiling urine metabolome of residents living near oil refineries and coal-fired power plantsTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1618
162017Particulate and gaseous pollutants on inflammation, thrombosis, and autonomic imbalance in subjects at risk for cardiovascular diseaseTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1514
172016Metabolic profiling of residents in the vicinity of a petrochemical complexTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Chung, Ming-Kei; CHING-YU LIN ; Chen, Shu-Ting; KUEN-YU WU 吳焜裕 ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article88
182016Corrigendum to "metabolic profiling of residents in the vicinity of a petrochemical complex" [Sci. Total environ. 548-549 (2016) 260-269]TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Chung, Ming-Kei; CHING-YU LIN ; Chen, Shu-Ting; KUEN-YU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article00
192016Ambient air pollution and risk of tuberculosis: A cohort studyCHANG-FU WU ; HSIEN-HO LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3332
202016Assessment of urinary thiodiglycolic acid exposure in school-aged children in the vicinity of a petrochemical complex in central TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Huang, Po-Chin; Liu, Li-Hsuan; Shie, Ruei-Hao; Tsai, Chih-Hsin; Liang, Wei-Yen; Wang, Chih-Wen; Tsai, Cheng-Hsien; Chiang, Hung-Che; Chan, Chang-Chuan journal article78
212016Erratum: Corrigendum to “metabolic profiling of residents in the vicinity of a petrochemical complex” (Science of the Total Environment (2016) 548-549 (260–269))TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHING-YU LIN journal article00
222016Increased incidence of allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma, in children living near a petrochemical complex with SO<inf>2</inf>pollutionTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHEN-FANG CHEN journal article2118
232016A 10-year follow-up study on suicidal mortality after 1999 Taiwan earthquakeHSIU-HSI CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article87
242016Increased risk of respiratory mortality associated with the high-tech manufacturing industry: A 26-year studyCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article32
252016Training the next generation of global health experts: Experiences and recommendations from Pacific Rim universitiesCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article67
262016Web Server for Peak Detection, Baseline Correction, and Alignment in Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics DataTian, Tze-Feng; CHING-HUA KUO ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Wang, San-Yuan; Kuo, Tien-Chueh; YUFENG JANE TSENG ; Tan, Cheng-En; Chen, Guan-Yuan; Kuo, Ching-Hua ; Chen, Chi-Hsin Sally; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Lin, Olivia A.; Tseng, Y. Janejournal article910
272016Metabolic profiling of residents in the vicinity of a petrochemical complexTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHING-YU LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article88
282016Glycemic Control and the Risk of Tuberculosis: A Cohort StudyHSIEN-HO LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2527
292016Source apportionment of mass concentration and inhalation risk with long-term ambient PCDD/Fs measurements in an urban areaCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-FU WU ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article67
302015Effects of particulate air pollution and ozone on lung function in non-asthmatic children.Chi-Hsien CHEN ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YUE-LIANG GUO journal article4538
312015Associations between long-term air pollutant exposures and blood pressure in elderly residents of Taipei city: A cross-sectional studyCHANG-FU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2926
322015The distance-to-source trend in vanadium and arsenic exposures for residents living near a petrochemical complexCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article97
332015LUR models for particulate matters in the Taipei metropolis with high densities of roads and strong activities of industry, commerce and constructionCHANG-FU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2320
342015The influence of season and living environment on children's urinary 1-hydroxypyrene levels in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1212
352015Carotid intima-media thickness and long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution in middle-aged residents of Taiwan: A cross-sectional studyJUEY-JEN HWANG ; TA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2020
362015Land use regression modeling with vertical distribution measurements for fine particulate matter and elements in an urban areaCHANG-FU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2624
372015Assessment of the levels of urinary 1-hydroxypyrene and air polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in PM2.5 for adult exposure to the petrochemical complex emissionsTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2122
382014Governance matters: An ecological association between governance and child mortalityCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YA-MEI CHEN journal article1110
392014The impact of petrochemical industrialisation on life expectancy and per capita income in Taiwan: An 11-year longitudinal studyWAN-YU LIN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YA-MEI CHEN journal article108
402014Fine particulate matter results in hemodynamic changes in subjects with blunted nocturnal blood pressure dippingTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article77
412014Modeling horizontal and vertical variation in intraurban exposure to PM2.5 concentrations and compositionsCHANG-FU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2221
422014Assessing vanadium and arsenic exposure of people living near a petrochemical complex with two-stage dispersion modelsCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1314
432014A case-crossover analysis of forest fire haze events and mortality in MalaysiaCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article4442
442014Land use regression models for estimating individual NOx and NO2 exposures in a metropolis with a high density of traffic roads and populationCHANG-FU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article5453
452014Current asthma in schoolchildren is related to fungal spores in classroomsChi-Hsien CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YUE-LIANG GUO journal article2825
462014Increasing emergency room visits for stroke by elevated levels of fine particulate constituentsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; WEI-TIEN CHANG journal article1918
472013Urinary Heavy Metal levels of Residents in the Vicinity of a Petrochemical Complex in TaiwanTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN conference paper20
482013Corrigendum to " The influence of emission sources and meteorological conditions on SO2 pollution in Mongolia" [Atmos. Environ. 61C (2012) 542-549]CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article00
492013Using pollution roses to assess sulfur dioxide impacts in a township downwind of a petrochemical complexTZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1212
502013Tracking hazardous air pollutants from a refinery fire by applying on-line and off-line air monitoring and back trajectory modelingCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1715
512013Temporal and spatial variations in ambient air quality during 1996-2009 in Bangkok, ThailandCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article66
522013Land use patterns and SO2 and NO2 pollution in Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2121
532013Is the reporting timeliness gap for avian flu and H1N1 outbreaks in global health surveillance systems associated with country transparency?CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article99
542012The effects of transported Asian dust on the composition and concentration of ambient fungi in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1414
552012Vasoactive alteration and inflammation induced by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and trace metals of vehicle exhaust particlesCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3028
562012Office workers' sick building syndrome and indoor carbon dioxide concentrations.CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article4644
572012A modified Nordic prediction model of road traffic noise in a Taiwanese city with significant motorcycle trafficCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2118
582012Spatiotemporal modeling with temporal-invariant variogram subgroups to estimate fine particulate matter PM 2.5 concentrationsHWA-LUNG YU ; CHANG-FU WU ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2419
592012Political and social determinants of life expectancy in less developed countries: A longitudinal studyCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YA-MEI CHEN journal article2932
602012The association of ambient air pollution with airway inflammation in schoolchildrenTSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YUE-LIANG GUO journal article2323
612012Short-term effects of air pollution on pulse pressure among nonsmoking adultsChen, Szu-Ying; TA-CHEN SU ; Su, Ta-Chen ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Lin, Yu-Lun; Chan, Chang-Chuan journal article3232
622012The risk factors and quality of life in children with allergic rhinitis in relation to seasonal attack patternsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YUE-LIANG GUO journal article55
632012Meteorological factors and ambient bacterial levels in a subtropical urban environmentCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1111
642012The influence of emission sources and meteorological conditions on SO 2 pollution in MongoliaCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3231
652012Asian forum on environmental health policy: Challenges and perspectives of environmental health problems in the region in the next 30 yearsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article10
662011Analysis of biomass co-firing systems in Taiwan power markets using linear complementarity modelsHuang, Po-Chin; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; Hu, Ming-Che ; SHAO-YIU HSU ; Liu, Li-Hsuan; Lin, Chun-Hung; Chou, Chun-An; Shie, Ruei-Hao; MING-CHE HU ; Tsai, Chih-Hsin; Hsu, Shao-Yiu ; Wen, Tzai-Hung ; Liang, Wei-Yen; Wang, Chih-Wen; Tsai, Cheng-Hsien; Chiang, Hung-Che; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; 詹長權 ; 蔡政憲journal article86
672011Computational fluid dynamics simulation of air exhaust dispersion from negative isolation wards of hospitalsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
682011Reduction of cooking oil fume exposure following an engineering intervention in Chinese restaurantsKUEN-YU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; PAN, CHIH-HONG; SHIH, TUNG-SHENG; CHEN, CHIOU-JONG; HSU, JIN-HUEI; WANG, SHUN-CHIH; KUO, CHING-TANG; WU, KUEN-YUH; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN journal article98
692011A fukushima-like nuclear crisis in Taiwan or a nonnuclear Taiwan?CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YA-MEI CHEN journal article60
702011Gender differences in occupational stress and health among legal professionals in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
712011Urinary levels of 1-hydroxypyrene in children residing near a coal-fired power plantKUEN-YU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; HU, SUH-WOAN; CHAN, YUN-JUNG; HSU, HUI-TSUNG; WU, KUEN-YUH; CHANGCHIEN, GUO-PING; SHIE, RUEI-HAO; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN journal article2323
722011A case-crossover analysis of Asian dust storms and mortality in the downwind areas using 14-year data in TaipeiCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article4445
732011The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on psychological work stress among financial workers and lawyersCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; TSAI, FENG-JEN; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN journal article1411
742011Effects of ambient particulate matter and fungal spores on lung function in schoolchildrenTSUN-JEN CHENG ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; CHEN, BING-YU ; CHAO, HSING JASMINE; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; LEE, CHUNG-TE; WU, HUNG-PIN; CHENG, TSUN-JEN ; CHEN, CHU-CHIH; GUO, YUE-LIANGjournal article1616
752011Applying the Global Positioning System and Google Earth to Evaluate the Accessibility of Birth Services for Pregnant Women in Northern MalawiCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article98
762011The effectiveness of continuing training for traditional birth attendants on their reproductive health-care knowledge and performancePau-Chung CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHEN, CHIH-CHENG; WANG, JUNG-DER; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; CHEN, PAU-CHUNG ; CHIANG, HUNG-CHE; YU, JOSEPH KWONG-LEUNGjournal article66
772011C-reactive protein and particulate matter predict plasma fibrinogen levelsTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article33
782011Progress of Ambient Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Research in AsiaTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2923
792011A hierarchical Bayesian approach for risk assessment of melamine in infant formula based on cases of related nephrolithiasis in childrenKUEN-YU WU ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; WANG, I-JEN; CHEN, CHU-CHIH; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; CHEN, PAU-CHUNG ; WU, KUEN-YUHjournal article56
802010Effects of personal exposure to particulate matter and ozone on arterial stiffness and heart rate variability in healthy adultsCHANG-FU WU ; LIAN-YU LIN ; TA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; WU, CHANG-FU ; KUO, I-CHUN; SU, TA-CHEN ; LI, YA-RU; LIN, LIAN-YU ; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; HSU, SHIH- CHIEHjournal article4946
812010Ambient influenza and avian influenza virus during dust storm days and background daysCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article7571
822010Temporal characteristics from continuous measurements of PM2.5 and speciation at the Taipei Aerosol Supersite from 2002 to 2008CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHANG, SHUENN-CHIN; CHOU, CHARLES C-K; CHAN, CHANG- CHUAN ; LEE, CHUNG-TEjournal article3029
832010The perception of benefit, risk, and regulatory trust of various sources of electromagnetic fields in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
842010Traffic-related air pollution and cardiovascular mortality in central TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; TSAI, DAI-HUA; WANG, JIA-LIN; CHUANG, KAI-JEN; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN journal article4243
852010Occupational stress and burnout of judges and procuratorsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; TSAI, FENG-JEN; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN journal article2120
862009A case-crossover study on transient risk factors of work-related eye injuriesCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chen, S-Y; Fong, P-C; Lin, S-F; Chang, C-H; Chan, C-Cjournal article2020
872009Sampling strategies for oiccupational exposure assessment under generalized linear modelKUEN-YU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHEN, CHU-CHIH; WU, KUEN-YUH; CHAN, CHANG -CHUAN journal article109
882009The association of clinical findings and exposure profiles with melamine associated nephrolithiasisKUEN-YU WU ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Wang, I J; Wu, Y N; Wu, W C; Leonardi, G; Sung, Y J; Lin, T J; Wang, C L; Kuo, C F; Wu, K Y; Cheng, W C; Chan, C C; Chen, P C; Lin, S-Ljournal article96
892009Effects of heat on workers' health and productivity in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2413
902009Occupational stress and burnout of lawyersCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Tsai, Feng-Jen; Huang, Wei-Lun; Chan, Chang-Chuan journal article2622
912008A study of ground-level ozone pollution, ozone precursors and subtropical meteorological conditions in central TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2825
922008Respiratory symptoms among residents of a heavy-industry province in China: Prevalence and risk factorsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Wilson, Donald; Takahashi, Ken; Pan, Guowei; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Zhang, Shujuan; Feng, Yiping; Hoshuyama, Tsutomu; Chuang, Kai-Jen; Lin, Ro-Ting; Hwang, Jing-Shiangjournal article1821
932008Comparisons of commuter's exposure to particulate matters while using different transportation modesTsai, Dai-Hua; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Wu, Yi-Her; Chan, Chang-Chuan journal article5348
942008Simulation of long-range transport aerosols from the Asian Continent to Taiwan by a Southward Asian high-pressure systemChuang, Ming-Tung; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Fu, Joshua S.; Jang, Carey J.; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Ni, Pei-Cheng; Lee, Chung-Te.journal article3029
952008Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene and malondialdehyde in male workers in Chinese restaurantsKUEN-YU WU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; PAN, CHIH-HONG; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; HUANG, YEOU-LIH; WU, KUEN-YUHjournal article3433
962008Effects on Chinese restaurant workers of exposure to cooking oil fumes: A cautionary note on urinary 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosineKUEN-YU WU ; PAN, CHIH-HONG; CHAN, CHANG-CHUAN ; WU, KUEN-YUHjournal article6055
972008The effects of synoptical weather pattern and complex terrain on the formation of aerosol events in the Greater Taipei areaChuang, Ming-Tung; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chiang, Pen-Chi ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Wang, Chu-Fang; Chang, E-E; Lee, Chung-Tejournal article2018
982008Increasing cardiopulmonary emergency visits by long-range transported Asian dust storms in TaiwanChan, Chang-Chuan ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; Chuang, Kai-Jen; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chen, Wen-Jone; WEN-JONE CHEN; Chang, Wei-Tien ; Lee, Chung-Te; Peng, Chi-Mingjournal article11595
992007微粒空氣污染物特性、毒性和健康風險之研究-總計畫暨子計畫一:微粒空氣污染物人體心血管毒性研究詹長權; 詹長權 report
1002007環保署/國科會空污防制科研合作計畫推動工作暨先驅策略規劃計畫詹長權; 詹長權 report
1012007Association of heart rate variability of the elderly with personal exposure to PM 1, PM 1-2.5, and PM 2.5-10CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2424
1022007Long-term psychological outcome of 1999 Taiwan earthquake survivors: a survey of a high-risk sample with property damageHSIU-HSI CHEN ; Chen, Chin-Hung; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Tan, Happy Kuy-Lok; Liao, Long-Ren; Chen, Hsiu-Hsi ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Cheng, Joseph-Jror-Serk; Chen, Chung-Ying; Wang, Tsu-Nai; Lu, Mong-Liangjournal article9480
1032007Ecological association between asbestos-related diseases and historical asbestos consumption: an international analysisCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article152140
1042007Associations between particulate sulfate and organic carbon exposures and heart rate variability in patients with or at risk for cardiovascular diseasesLIAN-YU LIN ; TA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3634
1052007The effect of urban air pollution on inflammation, oxidative stress, coagulation, and autonomic dysfunction in young adultsTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article368358
1062007Effects of personal particulate matter on peak expiratory flow rate of asthmatic childrenCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2625
1072007Effectiveness of workstation design on reducing musculoskeletal risk factors and symptoms among semiconductor fabrication room workersCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3726
1082007Characteristics, determinants, and spatial variations of ambient fungal levels in the subtropical Taipei metropolisWu, Yi-Hua; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Rao, Carol Y.; Lee, Chung-Te; Hsu, Hsiao-Hsien; Chiu, Yueh-Hsiu; Chao, H. Jasminejournal article3533
1092007Effects of concentrated ambient particles on heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac contractility in spontaneously hypertensive rats during a dust storm eventTSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1414
1102007Interaction effects of ultrafine carbon black with iron and nickel on heart rate variability in spontaneously hypertensive ratsChang, Chuen-Chau; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Hwang, Jing-Shiang; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Cheng, Tsun-Jen journal article2423
1112007Effects of occupational noise exposure on 24-hour ambulatory vascular properties in male workersTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2223
1122006Grand rounds: Outbreak of hematologic abnormalities in a community of people exposed to leakage of fire extinguisher gasCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article44
1132006Workplace air quality and lung function among dental laboratory techniciansCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1614
1142006Health information system for community-based multiple screening in Keelung, Taiwan (Keelung Community-based Integrated Screening No. 3)HSIU-HSI CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2119
1152006Effect of microenvironmental particulate matters on peak expiratory flow rate of asthmatic childrenCHANG-CHUAN CHAN conference paper
1162006Aerosol characteristics from the Taiwan aerosol supersite in the Asian yellow-dust periods of 2002TSUN-JEN CHENG ; Lee, Chung-Te; Chuang, Ming-Tung; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Cheng, Tsun-Jen ; Huang, Song-Lihjournal article5148
1172006Workers' exposures and potential health risks to air toxics in a petrochemical complex assessed by improved methodologyCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Shie, Ruei-Hao; Chang, Ta-Yuan; Tsai, Dai-Huajournal article3328
1182006Introduction to the mortality strata and the basic indicators of the World Health Report: Taiwan and the Western Pacific region countriesCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
1192006Taiwan and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response NetworkCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article32
1202006Exhaled carbon monoxide level as an indicator of cigarette consumption in a workplace cessation program in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
1212006Urban air pollution increases plasma fibrinogen and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 levels in susceptible patientsLIAN-YU LIN ; TA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2019
1222006Urban air pollution and emergency admissions for cerebrovascular diseases in Taipei, TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; WEN-JONE CHENjournal article9389
1232005九二一地震對健康影響之世代研究詹長權; 詹長權 report
1242005Association between nitrogen dioxide and heart rate variability in a susceptible populationLIAN-YU LIN ; TA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article3429
1252005Associations between submicrometer particles exposures and blood pressure and heart rate in patients with lung function impairmentsTA-CHEN SU ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2828
1262005Reduction of post-shift traffic injuries among gasoline station workers: Are they related to the reduction of occupational gasoline vapor exposure?CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chiang, Wen-Kai; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Tseng, Chi-Ting; Wang, Jung-Derjournal article52
1272005Effects of ambient ozone exposure on mail carriers' peak expiratory flow ratesCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Wu, Tsung-Huanjournal article3229
1282005Saved by a material safety data sheetLin, Ching-Hua; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Du, Chung-Li ; Chung Li Du ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Wang, Jung-Derjournal article11
1292005Effects of particle size fractions on reducing heart rate variability in cardiac and hypertensive patientsCHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article
1302005Enhanced oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in streptozotocin-diabetic rats exposed to fine particlesTSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article5045
1312005Effects of concentrated ambient particles on heart rate variability in spontaneously hypertensive ratsTSUN-JEN CHENG ; Chang, Chuen-Chau; Hwang, Jing-Shiang; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Chan, Chang-Chuan ; Wang, Peng-Yau; Hu, Tsuey-Hwa; Cheng, Tsun-Jen journal article2020
1322005Diurnal and seasonal cycles of ozone precursors observed from continuous measurement at an urban site in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; Yang, Kuang-Ling; Ting, Chien-Chung; Wang, Jia-Lin; Wingenter, Oliver W.; Chan, Chang-Chuan journal article2015
1332005Diurnal and seasonal cycles of ozone precursors observed from continuous measurement at an urban site in TaiwanCHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; YANG, K; TING, C; WANG, J; WINGENTER, O; CHAN, Cjournal article3537
1342004地震對生活品質與健康效應之追蹤研究(2/2)詹長權; 詹長權 report
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