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12018Increased cancer incidence of Changhua residents living in Taisi Village north to the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking ComplexCHEN-FANG CHEN ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Yeh, Yen-Po; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article31
22018Cluster analysis of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions and its bioreactivity in the vicinity of a petrochemical complexChuang, Hsiao-Chi; Shie, Ruei-Hao; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; Lee, Jui-Huan; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article75
32018Cluster analysis of fine particulate matter (PM<inf>2.5</inf>) emissions and its bioreactivity in the vicinity of a petrochemical complexCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN journal article75
42018Increased cancer incidence of Changhua residents living in Taisi Village north to the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking ComplexCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHEN-FANG CHEN journal article31
52017Regulation of fine particulate matter (PM<inf>2.5</inf>) in the Pacific Rim: perspectives from the APRU Global Health ProgramCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-FU WU ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article76
62016Probabilistic integrated risk assessment of human exposure risk to environmental bisphenol A pollution sourcesCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article33
72016Assessing coughing-induced influenza droplet transmission and implications for infection risk controlCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article44
82016Source apportionment of mass concentration and inhalation risk with long-term ambient PCDD/Fs measurements in an urban areaCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-FU WU ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article66
92015The distance-to-source trend in vanadium and arsenic exposures for residents living near a petrochemical complexCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article97
102015Assessing dengue infection risk in the southern region of Taiwan: Implications for controlCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article33
112014Health risk assessment for residents exposed to atmospheric diesel exhaust particles in southern region of TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article1111
122014Probabilistic framework for assessing the arsenic exposure risk from cooked fish consumptionCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article76
132014Assessing vanadium and arsenic exposure of people living near a petrochemical complex with two-stage dispersion modelsCHIA-PIN CHIO ; TZU-HSUEN YUAN ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article1314
142013Temporal and spatial variations in ambient air quality during 1996-2009 in Bangkok, ThailandCHIA-PIN CHIO ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article66
152012The Association between Enterovirus 71 Infections and Meteorological Parameters in TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article4444
162012Quantitative estimation of excess mortality for drivers and passengers exposed to particulate matters in long-distance busesCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article45
172012Response to "Dr. Luca Giannini's Letter to the Editor"CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article00
182012Response to "Letter to Editor: Inappropriate exposure data and misleading calculations invalidate the estimates of health risk for airborne titanium dioxide and carbon black nanoparticle exposures in the workplace"CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article00
192012Response to "Letter to editor re: Ling et al. 2011 (Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 18(6): 877-889)"CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article00
202012A Probabilistic Transmission and Population Dynamic Model to Assess Tuberculosis Infection RiskCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article65
212012Assessing the potential risks to zebrafish posed by environmentally relevant copper and silver nanoparticlesCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article3433
222012Using experimental human influenza infections to validate a viral dynamic model and the implications for predictionCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article44
232012Use of seasonal influenza virus titer and respiratory symptom score to estimate effective human contact ratesCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article44
242012Assessing trends and predictors of tuberculosis in TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article3226
252011Assessing the potential exposure risk and control for airborne titanium dioxide and carbon black nanoparticles in the workplaceCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article3535
262011Fluctuation analysis-based risk assessment for respiratory virus activity and air pollution associated asthma incidenceCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article98
272011Lung cancer risk in relation to traffic-related nano/ultrafine particle-bound PAHs exposure: A preliminary probabilistic assessmentLiao, Chung-Min ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Chen, Wei-Yu; Jua, Yun-Ru; Li, Wen-Hsuan; Cheng, Yi-Hsien; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Ling, Min-Peijournal article5651
282011Quantitative links between arsenic exposure and influenza A (H1N1) infection-associated lung function exacerbations riskCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article76
292010A probabilistic approach to quantitatively assess the inhalation risk for airborne endotoxin in cotton textile workersVivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chou, Wei-Chun; VIVIAN LIAO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Ju, Yun-Ru; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chen, Chien-Jenjournal article65
302010Modeling human health risks of airborne endotoxin in homes during the winter and summer seasonsCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Chio, Chia-Pin ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Chou, Wei-Chun; Ju, Yun-Ru; Liao, Chung-Min journal article109
312010Understanding influenza virus-specific epidemiological properties by analysis of experimental human infectionsCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article88
322010Assessing the exacerbations risk of influenza-associated chronic occupational asthmaCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article11
332010Lagged temperature effect with mosquito transmission potential explains dengue variability in southern Taiwan: Insights from a statistical analysisCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article6561
342010Response to "Letter to Editor: Errors and misunderstandings invalidate estimates of titanium dioxide inhalation risk"CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article22
352010Erratum to Assessing the airborne titanium dioxide nanoparticle-related exposure hazard at workplace, [J. Hazard. Mater. (2009), 162, 57-65]CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article00
362010Response to "Letter to Editor: Multiple errors made by authors result in a huge overestimation of potential exposure to particles in the size range 10-30nm in TiO2 nanoparticle production facilities"CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article00
372010Risk-based probabilistic approach to assess the impact of false mussel invasions on farmed hard clamsCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article98
382009Low-cost farmed shrimp shells could remove arsenic from solutions kineticallyCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Lin, Ming-Chao ; Liao, Chung-Min journal article2220
392009Assessing hazardous risks of human exposure to temple airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsChiang, Kuo-Chih; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Chiang, Yu-Hui; Liao, Chung-Min journal article9077
402009Carbonaceous aerosol measurements at coastal, urban, and inland sites in central TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article35
412009Viral kinetics and exhaled droplet size affect indoor transmission dynamics of influenza infectionCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article2720
422009Empirical models to predict parsimoniously the mass and number concentrations of ultrafine particulate in ambient atmosphereChio, Chia-Pin ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; Cheng, Man-Ting; Lin, Yu-Chi; Liao, Chung-Min journal article11
432009Assessing airborne PM-bound arsenic exposure risk in semiconductor manufacturing facilitiesCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chou, Wei-Chun; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Liao, Chung-Min journal article1211
442009Assessing the airborne titanium dioxide nanoparticle-related exposure hazard at workplaceCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chiang, Yu-Hui; Chio, Chia-Pin journal article5049
452009Influenza-associated morbidity in subtropical TaiwanLiao, Chung-Min ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chang, Szu-Yuan; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chio, Chia-Pin journal article1817
462008Assessment of atmospheric ultrafine carbon particle-induced human health risk based on surface area dosimetryCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Liao, Chung-Min journal article2423
472008Model-based assessment for human inhalation exposure risk to airborne nano/fine titanium dioxide particlesCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chiang, Yu-Hui; Chio, Chia-Pin journal article4338
482008Compositions and source apportionments of atmospheric aerosol during Asian dust storm and local pollution in central TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article2019
492007Oxidative stress risk analysis for exposure to diesel exhaust particle-induced reactive oxygen speciesChio, Chia-Pin ; CHIA-PIN CHIO ; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chiang, Kuo-Chih; Chou, Wei-Chun; Liao, Chung-Min journal article2021
502006Metal stresses affect the population dynamics of disease transmission in aquaculture speciesCHIA-PIN CHIO ; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chang, Chao-Fang; Yeh, Ching-Hung; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chiang, Kuo-Chin; Chio, Chia-Pin ; Chou, Berry Yun-Hua; Jou, Li-John; Lien, Guang-Wen; Lin, Chieh-Ming; Shen, Huan-Hsiang; Wu, Guan-Dejournal article2120
512005Characteristics of aerosols collected in central Taiwan during an Asian dust event in spring 2000CHIA-PIN CHIO journal article5456
522004Source apportionment to PM 10 in different air quality conditions for Taichung urban and coastal areas, TaiwanCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article5652
532003Quantification on the source/receptor relationship of primary pollutants and secondary aerosols by a Gaussian plume trajectory model: Part II. Case studyCHIA-PIN CHIO journal article2319