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12020Development of a static test apparatus for evaluating the performance of three PM2.5 separators commonly used in ChinaDu, Peng; Liu, Jianguo; Gui, Huaqiao; Zhang, Jiaoshi; Yu, Tongzhu; Wang, Jie; Cheng, Yin; Lu, Yihuai; Yao, Yawei; Fu, Qiang; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article10
22019Development of respirable virtual-cyclone samplersSHENG-HSIU HUANG; Kuo, Yu-Mei; Lin, Chih-Wei; Chen, Ting-Ju; Liu, Jianguo; Gui, Huaqiao; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article10
32019Characterization of a piezoelectric inkjet aerosol generator for the study of bioaerosol survivabilityLin C.-W.; Kuo T.-H.; Huang S.-H.; Kuo Y.-M.; Wu W.-J.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article00
42019Experimental measurements of regional lung deposition in taiwaneseLin C.-W.; Huang S.-H.; Chang K.-N.; Kuo Y.-M.; Wu H.-D.; Lai C.-Y.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article23
52019Experimental characterization of aerosol suspension in a rotating drumHuang S.-H.; Kuo Y.-M.; Lin C.-W.; Ke W.-R.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article00
62018Suicidality 6 years after occupational injuryChin W.-S.; Guo Y.L.; Liao S.-C.; Lin K.-H.; Kuo C.-Y.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Shiao J.S.C.journal article11
72018Effects of temperature, dust concentration, and filtration superficial velocity on the loading behavior and dust cakes of ceramic candle filters during hot gas filtrationLin J.C.-T.; Hsiao T.-C.; Hsiau S.-S.; Chen D.-R.; Chen Y.-K.; Huang S.-H.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Chang M.-B.journal article139
82018Effect of aerosol loading on separation performance of PM2.5 cyclone separatorsLin C.-W.; Chen T.-J.; Huang S.-H.; Kuo Y.-M.; Gui H.-Q.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article43
92018Aerosol deposition in the sampling train of PM CEMSWang S.-B.; Kuo Y.-M.; Lin C.-W.; Huang S.-H.; Tsai H.-S.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper0
102018Quality of life at 6?years after occupational injuryChin W.-S.; Guo Y.L.; Liao S.-C.; Wu H.-C.; Kuo C.-Y.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Shiao J.S.-C.journal article00
112017Source apportionment of PM<inf>2.5</inf> size distribution and composition data from multiple stationary sites using a mobile platformCHANG-FU WU ; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article55
122017Aerosol loading effects on particle size-selective samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper
132017Measurement and evaluation of elastic light scattering from a single levitated irregular particleSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article22
142017Characterization of aerosol emissions from single bubble burstingSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article55
152017Filter quality of electret masks in filtering 14.6�V594 nm aerosol particles: Effects of five decontamination methodsSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1716
162016The horizontal and vertical characteristics of Aeolian dust from riverbedCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article45
172015Effects of the geometric configuration on cyclone performanceSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article2925
182015Development of a reliable and cost-effective weighing chamber for aerosol sample analysesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article20
192015Characteristics of aerosol extinction coefficient in Taipei metropolitan atmosphereCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article34
202015S3.1.1 experimental determination of the effective vortex length of cyclonesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper
212014Development of a feasible assay for the detection of GAA mutations in patients with Pompe diseaseEr, Tze-Kiong; YIN-HSIU CHIEN ; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Chien, Yin-Hsiu ; Liang, Wen-Chen; Kan, Tzu-Min; Jong, Yuh-Jyhjournal article32
222014An experimental study on performance improvement of the stairmand cyclone designSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1011
232014Effects of water-emulsified fuel on a diesel engine generator's thermal efficiency and exhaustCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1111
242014Characterization of an inkjet aerosol generator for bioaerosol survivability studyCHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper
252013Effect of aerosol loading on breakthrough characteristics of activated charcoal cartridgesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article64
262013A sampling train for rapid measurement of regional lung depositionSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article11
272013Factors affecting filter penetration and quality factor of particulate respiratorsSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article4845
282013Effect of flow characteristics on ultrafine particle emissions from range hoodsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article119
292012Corrigendum to "From electrostatic precipitation to nanoparticle generation" [J. Aerosol Sci. 51C (2012) 57-65]SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article00
302012Penetration of charged particles through metallic tubesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1413
312012From electrostatic precipitation to nanoparticle generationSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article97
322010Use of floating balls for reducing bacterial aerosol emissions from aeration in wastewater treatment processesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; HUNG, HSUEH-FEN; KUO, YU-MEI; CHIEN, CHIH-CHING; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH journal article1513
332010Significance of face velocity fluctuation in relation to laboratory fume hood performanceCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article118
342010Generation and characterization of sintered ZnO nanoparticlesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
352010Experimental study on the effect of fiber orientation on filter qualitySHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; HUANG, SHENG-HSIU ; KUO, YU-MEI; CHANG, KUANG-NAN; CHEN, YU-KANG; LIN, WEN-YINN; LI, WAN-YU; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH journal article65
362010Filtration and loading characteristics of granular bed filtersSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; KUO, YU-MEI; HUANG, SHENG-HSIU ; LIN, WEN-YINN; HSIAO, MEI-FANG; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH journal article3726
372010On-road measurements of ultrafine particle concentration profiles and their size distributions inside the longest highway tunnel in Southeast AsiaCHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; CHENG, YU-HSIANG; LIU, ZHEN-SHU; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH journal article2725
382009Perceptions of general education on occupational health and safety among college students in TaiwanCHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; TONG, YU-HUEI; LIN, YU-WEN; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH ; LIN, JIA-MINGjournal article22
392008Technique for aerosol generation with controllable micrometer size distributionLee, Yao-Chuan; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Jeng, Fu-Tien; Chen, Chih-Chieh journal article00
402008Effects of doorsill jet injection on fume cupboard containmentCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article44
412008Filter quality of pleated filter cartridgesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; CHEN, CHUN-WAN; HUANG, SHENG-HSIU ; CHIANG, CHE-MING; HSIAO, TA-CHIH; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH journal article77
422007Precision evaluation of size-selective aerosol samplersChen, Chih-Chieh ; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; Huang, Sheng-Hsiu ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Hwang, Jing-Shiang; Lai, Chane-Yujournal article11
432007Penetration of 4.5 nm to 10 μ m aerosol particles through fibrous filtersSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article8979
442007Development and evaluation of an air-curtain fume cabinet with considerations of its aerodynamicsHUANG, R. F.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; WU, Y. D.; CHEN, H. D.; CHEN, C.-C.; CHEN, C.-W.; CHANG, C.-P.; SHIH, T.-S.journal article2320
452007Applying open-path Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for measuring aerosolsWu, Chang-Fu ; CHANG-FU WU ; Chen, Yen-Ling; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Yang, Tzu-Ting; Chang, Pao-Erhjournal article77
462007Effects of sash movement and walk-bys on aerodynamics and contaminant leakage of laboratory fume cupboardsTSENG, Li-Ching; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; HUANG, Rong Fung; CHEN, Chih-Chieh ; CHANG, Cheng-Pingjournal article76
472007Aerodynamics and performance verifications of test methods for laboratory fume cupboardsTSENG, LI-CHING; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; HUANG, RONG FUNG; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH ; CHANG, CHENG-PINGjournal article1917
482006Determination of uniformity of filter depositsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article43
492006Performance comparison of indoor air cleanersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper
502006Correlation between airflow patterns and performance of a laboratory fume hoodCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article2622
512006Characterization of gas and particle emission from smoldering incenses with various diametersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article98
522005微粒沈積均勻度量測與應用(1/3)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
532005Evaluation of exhalation valvesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article64
542005Effect of air flow on emission of smoldering incenseCHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Yang, T. T.; Chen, C. C.; Lin, J. M.journal article99
552005Aerodynamic characteristics and design guidelines of push-pull ventilation systemsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article3134
562005Development of a size-selective inlet-simulating ICRP lung deposition fractionKuo, Yu-Mei; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; Huang, Sheng-Hsiu ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Shih, Tung-Sheng; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Weng, Yi-Mei; Lin, Wane-Yunjournal article1514
572004奈米微粒與健康風險研究─子計畫三:奈米微粒控制技術研究(II)(1/2)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
582004Effects of Flange Size on Dividing Streamlines of Exterior Hoods in Cross DraftsHuang, Rong Fung; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Liu, Gene Shin; Chen, Yu-Kang; Yeh, Wen-Yu; Chen, Chun-Wann; Chen, Chih-Chieh journal article44
592004Influence of heating on particle scattering coefficients measured by nephelometerCHIH-CHIEH CHEN conference paper
602003奈米微粒與健康風險研究─子計畫三:奈米微粒控制技術研究(I)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
612003室內空氣污染物特性、所致健康影響及其控制之研究─室內空氣品質控制(1/2)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
622003Loading characteristics of a miniature wire-plate electrostatic precipitatorHuang, Sheng-Hsiu ; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Chen, Chih-Chieh journal article2322
632003Hygroscopic behavior of atmospheric aerosol in TaipeiChen, Lu-Yen; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Jeng, Fu-Tien; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Hsiao, Ta-Chihjournal article3430
642002臭氧及PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒之暴露及健康風險評估─子計畫二:PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒物理特性之評估(IV)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
652002香菸燃燒微粒生成特性與減量研究陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
662002Overall performance evaluation of aerosol number samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article33
672002Suspended onion particles and potential corneal injury in onion harvestersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
682002Ultrafine aerosol penetration through electrostatic precipitatorsSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article5756
692002Aerosol penetration through silica gel tubesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article22
702001臭氧及PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒之暴露及健康風險評估─子計畫二:PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒物理特性之評估(III)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
712001室內空氣清淨機(過濾興靜電集塵)效能特性探討(2/2)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
722001Filtration characteristics of a miniature electrostatic precipitatorSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article2421
732001Experimental study on the loading characteristics of needlefelt filters with micrometer-sized monodisperse aerosolsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
742001The capture envelope of a flanged circular hood in cross draftsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
752001Capture envelopes of rectangular hoods in cross draftsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
762001Computer simulation of particle overlap in fiber count samplesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
772000Opacity of monodisperse aerosols in down-scale transmissometerCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
782000Establishment of a statistical model of stack particulate measurementsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
792000Aerosol scattering coefficients at different humiditiesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
802000Performance characteristics of PM10 samplers under calm air conditionsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
811999室內空氣清淨機效能測試改良與研發陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
821999臭氧及PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒之暴露及健康風險評估─子計畫二:PM1/PM2.5/PM10氣懸微粒粒徑分佈特性之評估陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
831999Shift of aerosol penetration in respirable cyclone samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
841999Laboratory performance comparison of respirable samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
851999The virtual cyclone as a personal respirable samplerSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1311
861998個人旋風分徑採樣器效能探討陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
871998都會區氣懸微粒特性之研究─汽機車氣懸微粒物理特性之研究(Ⅲ)陳志傑; 陳志傑 report
881998The effects of particle charge on the performance of a filtering facepieceCHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Huang, Sheng-Hsiu journal article
891998Development of respirable aerosol samplers using porous foamsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
901998Aerosol loading characteristics of personal cyclone samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
911998A computer simulation study of the overlapping effect on the bioaerosl/fibrous aerosol countingCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
921998A computer simulation study on bioaerosol colony counting error due to masking effectCHING-WEN CHANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article67
931996Aspiration Efficiency and Inlet Wall Deposition in the Fiber Sampling CassetteChen, Chih-Chieh ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Baron, Paul A.journal article
941995Vortices in anisoaxial sampling inletsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
951994Technique for assessing the electrical charge levels of aerosolsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
961994Fit test for filtering facepieces: Search for a low-cost, quantitative methodCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
971994Respirable aerosol sampler performance testingCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
981994Nonuniform air flow in inlets: The effect on filter deposits in the fiber sampling cassetteCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
991993Loading and filtration characteristics of filtering facepiecesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
1001992Aerosol penetration through filtering facepieces and respirator cartridgesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
1011992Characteristics of face seal leakage in filtering facepiecesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
1021992Aerosol penetration through surgical masksCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article5349
1031990Filter and leak penetration characteristics of a dust and mist filtering facepieceCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article
1041990Size-fractionating aerosol generatorCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article1514
1051988Aerosol penetration characteristics for disposable respirator facepiecesCHIH-CHIEH CHEN journal article10