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12020Association of neighbourhood social and physical attributes with depression in older adults in Hong Kong: a multilevel analysisGuo, Yingqi; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Chan, Chee Hon; Chang, Qingsong; Hsu, Chia-Yueh; Yip, Paul S Fjournal article10
22020Erratum: Spatial patterning and correlates of self-harm in Manchester, England (Journal of Physical Chemistry (2019) (1-10) DOI: 10.1017/S2045796019000696)Lin, CY; Bickley, H; Clements, C; Webb, RT; Gunnell, D; Hsu, CY; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Kapur, Njournal article00
32019Common mental disorders in Taiwanese consumers of commercial low-dose computed tomography lung cancer screening: Comparison with a nationally representative sampleChen, Cheng-Che; Wu, Wen-Chi; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Chang, Chirn-Bin; Yang, Cheng-Ta Justin; Su, Hung-Kuang; Chan, Ding-Cheng Derrickjournal article00
42019Strategies to reduce pesticide suicide: Evidence supporting the ban on paraquatSHU-SEN CHANG journal article00
52019The evolution of the characteristics of charcoal-burning suicide in Hong Kong, 2002–2013Chang Y.-H.; Hsu C.-Y.; Cheng Q.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Yip P.journal article10
62019Trends in pesticide suicide in South Korea, 1983-2014Cha E.S.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Choi Y.; Lee W.J.journal article53
72019Spatial patterning, correlates, and inequality in suicide across 432 neighborhoods in Taipei City, TaiwanLin C.-Y.; Hsu C.-Y.; Gunnell D.; Chen Y.-Y.; SHU-SEN CHANG journal article44
82019Subjective wellbeing, suicide and socioeconomic factors: An ecological analysis in Hong KongHsu C.-Y.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Yip P.S.F.journal article22
92018Do Poorer Areas Have Poorer Access to Services in Hong Kong? A Small-Area Analysis Based on Multiple Spatial Accessibility IndicatorsGuo Y.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Chen M.; Yip P.S.F.journal article65
102018Comparative effect of antipsychotics on risk of self-harm among patients with schizophreniaMa C.-H.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Tsai H.-J.; Gau S.S.-F.; Chen I.-M.; Liao S.-C.; Chien Y.-L.; Hsieh M.H.; Wu C.-S.journal article22
112018Natural environments and suicideSHU-SEN CHANG ; Gunnell D.other11
122018Poverty concentration in an affluent city: Geographic variation and correlates of neighborhood poverty rates in Hong KongGuo Y.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Sha F.; Yip P.S.F.journal article54
132018Is having asthma associated with an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease? A prospective cohort study of 446 346 Taiwanese adultsStrand L.B.; Tsai M.K.; Wen C.P.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Brumpton B.M.journal article54
142017A public health approach in responding to the spread of helium suicide in Hong Kong: A case reportSHU-SEN CHANG journal article67
152017Suicide prevention through means restriction: Impact of the 2008-2011 pesticide restrictions on suicide in Sri LankaSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3328
162017Individual-, household- and neighbourhood-level characteristics associated with life satisfaction: A multilevel analysis of a population-based sample from Hong KongSHU-SEN CHANG journal article65
172017Prevention of suicide with regulations aimed at restricting access to highly hazardous pesticides: a systematic review of the international evidenceSHU-SEN CHANG journal article4531
182017Cohort Profile: The Taiwan MJ Cohort: Half a million Chinese with repeated health surveillance dataSHU-SEN CHANG journal article1310
192017The global burden of fatal self-poisoning with pesticides 2006-15: Systematic reviewSHU-SEN CHANG journal article9679
202016The spatial pattern of premature mortality in Hong Kong: How does it relate to public housing?SHU-SEN CHANG journal article75
212016Suicide by gassing in Hong Kong 2005-2013: Emerging trends and characteristics of suicide by helium inhalationSHU-SEN CHANG journal article1715
222016Economic Recession, Unemployment, and SuicideSHU-SEN CHANG book60
232016Potential underestimation of pesticide suicide and its impact on secular trends in South Korea, 1991–2012SHU-SEN CHANG journal article66
242016Heart rate and suicide: Findings from two cohorts of 533 000 Taiwanese and 75 000 Norwegian adultsSHU-SEN CHANG journal article21
252016Self-reported sleep duration and coronary heart disease mortality: A large cohort study of 400,000 Taiwanese adultsSHU-SEN CHANG journal article2021
262016Sleep duration, sleep quality and coronary heart disease mortalitySHU-SEN CHANG journal article53
272016Impact of paraquat regulation on suicide in South KoreaSHU-SEN CHANG journal article4340
282015Economic shocks, resilience, and male suicides in the Great Recession: Cross-national analysis of 20 EU countriesSHU-SEN CHANG journal article6047
292015Assessing the efficacy of Restricting access to barbecue charcoal for suicide prevention in Taiwan: A community-based intervention trialSHU-SEN CHANG journal article15143
302015Suicide by gases in England and Wales 2001-2011: Evidence of the emergence of new methods of suicideSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3734
312015"Geography of suicide in Hong Kong: Spatial patterning, and socioeconomic correlates and inequalities"SHU-SEN CHANG journal article2525
322015Information accessibility of the charcoal burning suicide method in Mainland ChinaSHU-SEN CHANG journal article1112
332015The impact of improving suicide death classification in South Korea: A comparison with Japan and Hong KongSHU-SEN CHANG journal article2321
342015Association between changes in risk factor status and suicidal ideation incidence and recoverySHU-SEN CHANG journal article21
352015Self-harm amongst people of Chinese origin versus White people living in England: A cohort studySHU-SEN CHANG journal article11
362015Searching for suicide methodsSHU-SEN CHANG journal article1211
372015The association of trends in charcoal-burning suicide with Google search and newspaper reporting in Taiwan: a time series analysisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article1815
382014Minor physical anomalies and craniofacial measures in patients with treatment-resistant schizophreniaHAI-GWO HWU ; WEI J. CHEN ; SHU-SEN CHANG journal article96
392014Suicide rates among working-age adults in South Korea before and after the 2008 economic crisisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article5451
402014IQ and adolescent self-harm behaviours in the ALSPAC birth cohortSHU-SEN CHANG journal article139
412014Mental wellbeing amongst younger and older migrant workers in comparison to their urban counterparts in Guangzhou city, China: A cross-sectional studySHU-SEN CHANG journal article2723
422014Regional Changes in Charcoal-Burning Suicide Rates in East/Southeast Asia from 1995 to 2011: A Time Trend AnalysisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article4847
432014The Impact of a Celebrity's Suicide on the Introduction and Establishment of a New Method of Suicide in South KoreaSHU-SEN CHANG journal article2221
442014Suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning in South Korea: 2006-2012SHU-SEN CHANG journal article2122
452013Accessing suicide-related information on the internet: A retrospective observational study of search behaviorSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3027
462013Authors' replySHU-SEN CHANG journal article
472013Impact of 2008 global economic crisis on suicide: Time trend study in 54 countriesSHU-SEN CHANG journal article270226
482013Perinatal risk factors for suicide in young adults in taiwanSHU-SEN CHANG journal article129
492013Providing quality care for the body and mindSHU-SEN CHANG journal article00
502013Suicide, recession, and unemployment - authors' reply.SHU-SEN CHANG journal article
512013Sleep and suicide: An analysis of a cohort of 394,000 Taiwanese adultsSHU-SEN CHANG journal article4032
522013The impact of the 2008 global economic crisis on suicide: a time trend studySHU-SEN CHANG conference paper
532012Factors associated with the decline in suicide by pesticide poisoning in Taiwan: A time trend analysis, 19872010SHU-SEN CHANG journal article3326
542012Increase in state suicide rates in the USA during economic recessionSHU-SEN CHANG journal article165149
552012Means restriction for suicide preventionSHU-SEN CHANG ; KEVIN CHIEN-CHANG WU journal article231214
562012The impact of pesticide suicide on the geographic distribution of suicide in Taiwan: A spatial analysisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3126
572012Opportunities and challenges of online data collection for suicide preventionSHU-SEN CHANG journal article
582012Adiposity, its related biologic risk factors, and suicide: A cohort study of 542,088 Taiwanese adultsSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3535
592012Changes in the geography of suicide in young men: England and Wales 1981-2005SHU-SEN CHANG journal article2825
602011Geography of suicide in Taiwan: Spatial patterning and socioeconomic correlatesSHU-SEN CHANG journal article7170
612011Suicide epidemics: The impact of newly emerging methods on overall suicide rates - A time trends studySHU-SEN CHANG journal article3730
622011Internet searches for a specific suicide method follow its high-profile media coverageSHU-SEN CHANG journal article2320
632011Surveillance of Australian suicidal behaviour using the internet?SHU-SEN CHANG journal article2724
642010The evolution of the epidemic of charcoal-burning suicide in Taiwan: A spatial and temporal analysisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article6156
652010'Hidden' suicides amongst deaths certified as undetermined intent, accident by pesticide poisoning and accident by suffocation in TaiwanSHU-SEN CHANG journal article5754
662010Association of secular trends in unemployment with suicide in Taiwan, 1959-2007: A time-series analysisSHU-SEN CHANG journal article3327
672010The leading methods of suicide in Taiwan, 2002-2008SHU-SEN CHANG journal article3731
682009Was the economic crisis 1997-1998 responsible for rising suicide rates in East/Southeast Asia? A time-trend analysis for Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and ThailandSHU-SEN CHANG journal article243205
692009Impaired flush response to niacin skin patch among schizophrenia patients and their nonpsychotic relatives: The effect of genetic loadingHAI-GWO HWU ; Chang, S-S; Chang, Shu-Sen ; Liu, Chih-Min ; Liu, Chih-Min ; TZUNG-JENG HWANG ; Liu, C-M; Lin, Sheng-Hsiang; CHIH-MIN LIU ; Lin, S-H; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; Hwu, H-G; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; Hwang, Tzung J.; WEI J. CHEN ; Hwang, T-J; Hwang, Tzung J.; Liu, Shi K.; Liu, SK; Hsieh, M-H; Hsieh, Ming H.; Hsieh, Ming H.; Guo, S-C; Guo, Shi-Chin; Chen, Wei J. ; Chen, WJ; Chen, Wei J.; CHANG, SHU-SEN ; LIU, CHIH-MIN ; LIN, SHENG-HSIANG; HWU, HAI-GWO ; HWANG, TZUNG-JENG ; LIU, SHI-KAI; HSIEH, MING-HSIEN; GWO, SHI-CHIN; CHEN, WEI-JANEjournal article2622
702007Familial aggregation in skin flush response to niacin patch among schizophrenic patients and their nonpsychotic relativesLin, S.-H.; TZUNG-JENG HWANG ; HAI-GWO HWU ; Liu, C.-M.; CHIH-MIN LIU ; Chang, S.-S.; WEI J. CHEN ; Hwu, H.-G.; Liu, S. K.; SHU-SEN CHANG ; Hwang, T. J.; Hsieh, M.-H.; Guo, S.-C.; Chen, W.J.journal article2925
712006刑事精神鑑定之失憶現象SHU-SEN CHANG journal article
722003老年人之睡眠障礙SHU-SEN CHANG journal article