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12019H-reflex in abductor hallucis and postural performance between flexible flatfoot and normal footHuang, Tzu Hui; Chou, Li Wei; CHENG-YA HUANG ; Wei, Shun Wa; Tsai, Yi-Ju; YU-JEN CHEN 00
22017Docosahexaenoic acid increases accumulation of adipocyte triacylglycerol through up-regulation of lipogenic gene expression in pigsHuang, Chao-Wei; YU-JEN CHEN ; Yang, Jui-Ting; CHING-YI CHEN ; Ajuwon, Kolapo M; Chen, Shuen-Ei; NAN-WEI SU ; Chen, Yu-Shan; Mersmann, Harry J; SHIH-TORNG DING journal article55
32017Mechanical deformation of posterior thoracolumbar fascia after myofascial release in healthy men: A study of dynamic ultrasound imagingWong, Ka Kit; Chai, Huei Ming; YU-JEN CHEN ; CHUNG-LI WANG ; YIO-WHA SHAU; SHWU-FEN WANG ; Wong, Ka Kit; Chai, Huei Ming; YU-JEN CHEN ; CHUNG-LI WANG ; YIO-WHA SHAU ; SHWU-FEN WANG 01
42017Mechanical deformation of posterior thoracolumbar fascia after myofascial release in healthy men: A study of dynamic ultrasound imagingYU-JEN CHEN ; CHUNG-LI WANG journal article00
52014Clinical effectiveness, toxicity, and failure patterns of helical tomotherapy for postoperative oral cavity cancer patientsLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Wang, Li-Ying ; Liao, Li-Jen; Lin, Yu-Chin; Kuo, Ying-Shiung; Lo, Wu-Chia; Tseng, Chien-Fu; Tien, Hui-Ju; Chou, Hsiu-Ling; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Wu, Le-Jung; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article21
62014Analysis of clinical characteristics, dental treatment performed, and postoperative complications of 200 patients treated under general anesthesia in a special needs dental clinic in northern TaiwanWang, Yi-Chia ; YA-JUNG CHENG ; Huang, Han-Yi; Wang, Yi-Chia ; Huang, Guay-Fen; ​HUI-HSUN HUANG ; Huang, Guay-Fen; Lin, Jiu-Jenq ; Guo, Yueliang Leon; YI-CHIA WANG ; Cheng, Ya-Jung ; CHI-HSIANG HUANG ; Wang, Wendy Tzyy-Jiuan; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Wang, Wendy Tzyy-Jiuan; Chen, Hsin-Ming ; Yang, Hsiang; YU-JEN CHEN; Yang, Hsiang; YU-JEN CHEN; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; Lin, Chun-Pin ; 郭育良 ; 郭育良 ; 林居正 ; Huang, Hui-Hsun ; 陳譽仁 ; 陳譽仁 ; Huang, Chi-Hsiang ; Huang, Chi-Hsiang journal article11
72014Comparison of three-dimensional patellofemoral joint reaction forces in persons with and without patellofemoral painChen, Yu-Jen ; YU-JEN CHEN ; Powers, Christopher M.journal article1212
82014Patellofemoral joint stress during weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing quadriceps exercisesYU-JEN CHEN ; Powers, Christopher M.; Ho, Kai-Yu; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Souza, Richard B.; Farrokhi, Shawnjournal article2627
92014Predictors of patellar alignment during weight bearing: An examination of patellar height and trochlear geometryTeng, Hsiang-Ling; YU-JEN CHEN ; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Powers, Christopher M.journal article1613
102013EMG biofeedback effectiveness to alter muscle activity pattern and scapular kinematics in subjects with and without shoulder impingementHuang, Han-Yi; YU-JEN CHEN ; JIU-JENQ LIN ; Lin, Jiu-Jenq ; YUE-LIANG GUO ; Guo, Yueliang Leon; Wang, Wendy Tzyy-Jiuan; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article2321
112013Biomechanical effect of latissimus dorsi tendon transfer for irreparable massive cuff tearYU-JEN CHEN journal article1613
122013Reducing anterior tibial translation by applying functional electrical stimulation in dynamic knee extension exercises: Quantitative results acquired via marker trackingChen, Chiun-Fan; YU-JEN CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; Kuo, Yi-Hsuan; Luh, Jer-Junn ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Chen, Shih-Wei; Kuo, Te-Son; Lai, Jin-Shin journal article33
132013Head and neck irradiation modulates pharmacokinetics of 5-fluorouracil and cisplatinLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Hou, Mei-Ling; Chiang, Meng-Hsuan; Tai, Hung-Chi; Tien, Hui-Ju; Wang, Li-Ying ; Tsai, Tung-Hu; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article99
142013Stereotactic body radiation therapy via helical tomotherapy to replace brachytherapy for brachytherapy-unsuitable cervical cancer patients - a preliminary resultLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Tien, Hui-Ju; Hsiao, Sheng-Mou; Wei, Ming-Chow; Wu, Wen-Yih; Sun, Hsu-Dong; Wang, Li-Ying ; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Shueng, Pei-Weijournal article1717
152011Image-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy with helical tomotherapy for postoperative treatment of high-risk oral cavity cancerLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Kuo, Ying-Shiung; Liao, Li-Jen; Hu, Kawang-Yu; Lin, Shih-Chiang; Wu, Le-Jung; Lin, Yu-Chin; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Wang, Li-Ying ; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Lin, Shoei Long; Chen, Chun-Yi; Chen, Chien-An; Shueng, Pei-Weijournal article1714
162011Norcantharidin modulates development of dendritic cells and prolongs skin allograft survivalHsieh, Chen-Hsi; LI-YING WANG ; Liao, Hui-Fen; Kuo, Cheng-Deng; Huang, Yu-Chuen; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Hsu, Yao-Peng; Wang, Li-Ying ; Tsai, Tung-Hu; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article65
172011Matrix metalloproteinase-8 mediates the unfavorable systemic impact of local irradiation on pharmacokinetics of anti-cancer drug 5-fluorouracilLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Liu, Chia-Yuan; Hsieh, Yen-Ju; Tai, Hung-Chi; Wang, Li-Ying ; Tsai, Tung-Hu; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Algül, Hanajournal article1011
182011Knotless rotator cuff repair in an external rotation model: The importance of medial-row horizontal mattress suturesYU-JEN CHEN journal article2527
192010Abdominal irradiation modulates 5-Fluorouracil pharmacokineticsLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Hsieh, Yen-Ju; Liu, Chia-Yuan; Tai, Hung-Chi; Huang, Yu-Chuen; Shueng, Pei-Wei; Wu, Le-Jung; Wang, Li-Ying ; Tsai, Tung-Hu; Chen, Yu-Jen journal article1514
202010Toxic risk of stereotactic body radiotherapy and concurrent helical tomotherapy followed by erlotinib for non-small-cell lung cancer treatment - case reportLI-YING WANG ; Hsieh, Chen-Hsi; Chang, Hou-Tai; Lin, Shih-Chiang; Chen, Yu-Jen ; Wang, Li-Ying ; Hsieh, Yen-Ping; Chen, Chien-An; Chong, Ngot-Swan; Lin, Shoei Long; Chen, Chun-Yi; Shueng, Pei-Weijournal article1717
212010Multiplane loading of the extensor mechanism alters the patellar ligament force/quadriceps force ratioYU-JEN CHEN journal article74
222010Quantification of patellofemoral joint reaction forces during functional activities using a subject-specific three-dimensional modelYU-JEN CHEN journal article
232009Toxicity risk of non-target organs at risk receiving low-dose radiation: Case reportLI-YING WANG ; SHUENG, PEI-WEI; LIN, SHIH-CHIANG; CHANG, HOU-TAI; CHONG, NGOT-SWAN; CHEN, YU-JEN ; WANG, LI-YING ; HSIEH, YEN-PING; HSIEH, CHEN-HSIjournal article1716
242008Trunk position influences the kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activity of the lead lower extremity during the forward lunge exerciseYU-JEN CHEN journal article5458
252006Role of peripatellar retinaculum in transmission of forces within the extensor mechanismYU-JEN CHEN journal article1410
262006Concurrent criterion-related validity and reliability of a clinical device used to assess lateral patellar displacementYU-JEN CHEN journal article1714
272006The influence of patellofemoral joint contact geometry on the modeling of three dimensional patellofemoral joint forcesYU-JEN CHEN journal article2925
282004Effect of bracing on patellofemoral joint stress while ascending and descending stairsYU-JEN CHEN journal article4028
292004The Effect of Bracing on Patellofemoral Joint Stress during Free and Fast WalkingYU-JEN CHEN journal article5140
302004The effect of bracing on patella alignment and patellofemoral joint contact areaYU-JEN CHEN journal article8069