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12019美中貿易衝突對臺灣經貿與金融之可能影響與因應謝順峰; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article
22018Asian perception of the EU after Brexit: the case of TaiwanSu, Hungdah; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH 00
32018Asymmetric Adjustments between Creditors and Debtors: International Financial History and Its Implications for Emerging EconomiesHo, Tai-kuang; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 何泰寬; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article
42017資本流動、金融管制與不動產價格:新興經濟體實證分析Da-You Huang; Yeh,Kuo-chun; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article00
52017Asset price targeting in an open economy with cognitive limitations: The best for macroeconomic and financial stability?葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article11
62017Measuring the end of the European financial crisis: A test for "ins" and "outs"Lin, Ya-chi; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article00
72016The Impact of 2007/08 Financial Crisis on the Stability and Enlargement of the EMULin, Ya-chi; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article11
82016Monetary Policy Rules in an Open Economy with Heuristics: Which Model Is Best?葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article21
92015Beijing’s new international financial institutions: Strategy for domestic growth and stability葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH book-chapter
102015Policy configurations of PRC and East Asian emerging economies after the global financial crisis: An analysis of trilemma indexesYeh, Kuo-chun; Tso, Chen-dong; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
112015公債殖利率能否作為解釋國家主權債務違約的良好指標-歐元區、OECD與重要新興經濟體的實證研究Hsiehlin, Fang-yu; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 謝林芳羽; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
122014資本流入對於資產價格的影響—臺灣的實證研究葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
132014The post-asian crisis drop in investment: The cases of indonesia, korea, malaysia, and thailandYeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article32
142014歐元區債務危機爆發前各國財政狀況分析:具個體經濟基礎的數據詮釋葉國俊 ; 涂玉菁; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article
152014資本流入對於資產價格的影響--臺灣的實證研究Ho, Tai-kuang; Yeh, Kuo-chun; 何泰寬; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article
162013歐元區紓困爭議與國際經濟政策協調作為葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH book chapter; book chapter
172013An Asian currency unit: Simulations for its effects on East Asia葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article31
182012Magnitude and volatility of Taiwan's net foreign assets against Mainland China: 1981-2009Yeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article12
192012Renminbi in the future international monetary system葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article22
202011金融海嘯後中國對於東亞貨幣整合的策略分析:亞元與人民幣之間的抉擇Yeh, Kuo-chun; Tso, Chen-dong; 葉國俊 ; 左正東; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
212011ERM crisis in retrospect: What if a European central bank had been in existence before 1992?Yeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article00
222011China's Strategy toward Regional Currency Integration during the Financial Tsunami: A Choice between the Asian Currency Unit and the Renminbi葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
232011Evaluating Taiwan’s performance in regional economic integration: The case of Asian Development Bank葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH book-chapter
242011East Asian Regional Integration: Strategies for the Post-ECFA Era葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH book
252010Measuring monetary policy in a small open economy with managed exchange rates: The case of TaiwanYeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
262010Will Japan, Taiwan or the US be isolated by China? A macroeconomic game approachYeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article21
272010資金流動、國際金融整合與經濟成長:東歐、東亞與拉丁美洲新興經濟體的實證分析葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
282010Capital Flows, International Financial Integration, and Economic Growth: An Analysis for the Emerging MarketsYeh, Kuo-chun; Ho, Tai-kuang; Chang Lee, I-cheng; 葉國俊 ; 何泰寬; 張李易呈; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article00
292009Will Taiwan's economy be marginalized by China? A macro-economic policy coordination approach葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article11
302009Will a Taiwan-China monetary union be feasible? Lessons from Europe葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article10
312008Prospects for a Chinese currency area: Simulations of Robert Mundell's multi-currency monetary union葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article01
322007Prospects for EMU enlargement: What will be the consequences of a fiscal union?葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article30
332007探索臺灣經濟邊緣化問題:國際總體經濟政策協作思維Yeh, Kuo-chun; Hou, Nai-rong; 葉國俊 ; 侯乃榕; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
342007歐盟東歐成員國加入貨幣同盟的策略與得失:經濟文獻回顧與模擬預測葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article
352005建立兩岸經濟合作機制是台灣免於經濟邊緣化的唯一選擇?一項總體經濟賽局模擬初評葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article00
361996中國大陸財政概況、問題與展望--由「分稅制」談起吳淑貞; 葉國俊 ; KUO-CHUN YEH journal article; journal article