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12018書評:《金融經濟、主體性、與新秩序的體現》新書討論會徐進鈺 Journal Article00
22018A tale of two industrial zones: A geopolitical economy of differential development in Ulsan, South Korea, and Kaohsiung, TaiwanHsu J.-Y. ; Gimm D.-W.; Glassman J.Journal Article59
32018Hsinchu Technopolis: A Sociotechnical Imaginary of Modernity in Taiwan?Hsu J.-Y. Journal Article12
42017把民族找進發展型國家理論:評論瞿宛文《台灣戰後經濟發展的源起:後進發展的為何與如何》徐進鈺 Journal Article
52017State transformation and the evolution of economic nationalism in the East Asian developmental state: the Taiwanese semiconductor industry as case studyHsu J.-Y. Journal Article54
62016海峽兩岸還能和解嗎?-中國夢與台灣發展狀態分歧與對話徐進鈺 Journal Article
72016永續發展: 一個都市政治生態學的批判性視角曾裕淇; 徐進鈺 Journal Article00
82015State strategy and industrial socio-economic practices in Taipei's international trade fairsChang J.-Y.; Hsu J.-Y. ; Chou T.-L.Book Chapter00
92014新自由主義與城市治理專輯導言JINN-YUH HSU journal article00
102013The Contradiction between Geopolitical Calculation and Geoeconomic Strategies in the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework AgreementJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
112013台灣都市「產權-市民」之反思JINN-YUH HSU journal article
122013Performing the trade show: The case of the Taipei International Cycle ShowJINN-YUH HSU journal article119
132013Divergent engagements: Comparing the roles and strategies of Taiwanese and mainland Chinese returnee entrepreneurs in the IT industryJINN-YUH HSU book00
142013State transformation, policy learning, and exclusive displacement in the process of urban redevelopment in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article1112
152013公共與集體利益的可能JINN-YUH HSU journal article
162013The Old Wine in the New Bottle? A Comparative Study between the EPZ and FEZJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
172012“消費前衛、政治後衛”中國新富?中國海歸的政治經濟實踐研究初擬JINN-YUH HSU conference paper
182012Recovery of Taiwan’s economy with Chinese characteristics? The politics of the cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)JINN-YUH HSU conference paper
192012特區化與高科技產業:從發展到尋租?JINN-YUH HSU conference paper
202012Competition or Cooperation: Returnees and Locals in China’s Technology EntrepreneurshipJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
212012Bringing Politics Back In: Reading the Firm-Territory Nexus PoliticallyJINN-YUH HSU book20
222011The Leader Firms and the Evolution of an Industrial District: A Case Study of Hosiery District in TaiwanFan, Yang-teng; Hsu, Jinn-Yuh ; JINN-YUH HSU ; Lin, Le-Xinjournal article12
232011Shetou hosiery district: subsistent and repositioning strategiesJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
242011「社會住宅」導言JINN-YUH HSU journal article
252011From cultural building, economic revitalization to local partnership? the changing nature of community mobilization in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article80
262011Divergent engagements: Roles and strategies of Taiwanese and mainland Chinese returnee entrepreneurs in the IT industryZhou, Yu; JINN-YUH HSU ; Hsu, Jinn-Yuh journal article2015
272011State Tansformation and Regional Development in Taiwan: From Developmentalist Strategy to Populist SubsidyHsu, Jinn-yuh ; JINN-YUH HSU journal article2320
282011建構教授們的自律主體:台灣的大學學術評鑑治理術JINN-YUH HSU journal article
292011市民城市權論述的建構:找回城市的使用價值JINN-YUH HSU journal article
302010Institutionalized Economic Cooperation and the Cross-Taiwan Strait ReconciliationJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
312010Bring the Politics Back in: Reading Firm-Territory Nexus PoliticallyJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
322010Reflexive Firms and Learning Region? Asymmetric Power in Technical CommunityJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
332010Towards a Late-industrial District: the Construction of Learning Networks in Hsinchu-Taipei Corridor, TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
342010Economic integration and the cross-Taiwan Strait reconciliationHsu, Jinn-yuh ; JINN-YUH HSU journal article32
352009Latecomer Technological Upgrading and Global Production NetworksJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
362009From Nation Building, Economic Revitalization and Flanking Governmentality? The Changing Community Discourses in Taiwan after the 1990sJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
372009異議思想二十年JINN-YUH HSU journal article
382009Economic geography: transnational ethnic networksJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
392009Economic geography: transnationalism and technology innovationJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
402009Transnational Ethnic NetworksJINN-YUH HSU other10
412009Transnationalism and Technology TransferJINN-YUH HSU other00
422009Revisiting the silicon Island? The geographically varied 'Strategic Coupling' in the development of high-technology parks in TaiwanYang, Daniel You-Ren; JINN-YUH HSU ; Hsu, Jinn-Yuh ; Ching, Chia-Hojournal article3126
432009The spatial encounter between neoliberalism and populism in Taiwan: Regional restructuring under the DPP regime in the new millenniumJINN-YUH HSU ; Hsu, Jinn-yuh journal article2123
442009In-between sessions at the AAGJINN-YUH HSU journal article21
452008The Transformation of Rural Industrialization in Taiwan: Subsistent and Repositioning Strategies in the Shetou Hosiery DistrictJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
462008資訊業台商在大陸投資廠商─區域互連變遷之研究(2/2)徐進鈺 report
472008新自由主義化下的東亞發展型國家的區域發展:台灣與南韓、新加坡的經驗 (新制多年期第1年)徐進鈺 report
482008The Divergent Dynamics of Networking in the Transformation of Rural Industrialization in the Taiwanese Hosiery Industrial DistrictJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
492008The Unexpected Convergence of Neo-liberalism and Neo-populism in Taiwan: the Regional Transformation under the Democratic Progress Party RegimeJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
502008兩岸經濟整合與大和解的可能JINN-YUH HSU journal article
512008異議 : 台社思想讀本 = Interventions : Taishe reader in intellectual thoughtJINN-YUH HSU book
522008External leveraging and technological upgrading among East Asian firms in the USJINN-YUH HSU ; Hsu, Jinn-Yuh ; Poon, Jessie; Yeung, Henry Wai-Chungjournal article127
532008Reluctant state, decentralized markets, and under developed communities: The construction of the futures trading industry in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU book0
542007From OEM to own brand-name: the organizational governance and territorial extension/embeddedness of Taiwanese PC production-distribution networks in ChinaJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
552007Alternative China studies: an economic geographical perspectiveJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
562007The Contradictory Dynamics of Flexibility in the Transformation of Rural Industrialization in the Taiwanese Hosiery Industrial DistrictJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
572007Revisiting the Silicon Island? The Divergent Institutional and Spatial Embeddedness in the Development of High-technology Parks in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
582007From financial depression to financial Deregulation? The construction of futures trading Industry in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article
592006The Spatial Encounter between Neo-liberalism and Neo-populism: Regional Restructuring under the DPP Regime in the Millennium TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
602006From Regional Collaboration to Regional Fragmentation: Neo-liberalization, State Transformation, and Scale Politics in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
612006The Silicon Vally-Hsinchu Connection: Technical Communities and Industrial UpgradingJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
622006Puzzles and Developments of Economic Geography in Taiwan: Or Why Taiwanese Geographers were SO Conservative?JINN-YUH HSU conference paper
632006The dynamic firm-territory nexus of Taiwanese informatics industry investments in ChinaJINN-YUH HSU journal article3429
642006The reluctant state policy and the development of the futures trading industry in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article1
652006The geography of learning and knowledge acquisition among Asian latecomersJINN-YUH HSU journal article4843
662006Global Taiwan: Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy. Edited by Suzanne Berger and Richard K. LesterHsu, Jinn-yuh journal article
672006The Dynamic Firm–Territory Nexus of Taiwanese Informatics Industry Investments in ChinaHsu, Jinn-yuh journal article
682005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:金融服務業與專業實務社群:台北金融中心個案研究徐進鈺 report
692005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:跨界研發與區域創新體系:資訊業台商在美國矽谷與中國上海、北京研發活動的比較(2/2)徐進鈺 report
702005A site of transnationalism in the "Ungrounded Empire": Taipei as an interface city in the cross-border business networksJINN-YUH HSU journal article2723
712005A site of transnationalism in the “Ungrounded Empire”: Taipei as an interface city in the cross-border business networksHsu, Jinn-yuh journal article
722005New firm formation and technical upgrading in the Taiwanese semiconductor industry: Is petty commodity production still relevant to high-technology development?JINN-YUH HSU book4
732005Asian dragons, South China growth triangle, developmental governance and globalizing TaipeiJINN-YUH HSU ; SUE-CHING JOU book20
742005從移植到混血:台商大陸投資電子業的區域網絡化JINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
752005Introduction: Asian dragons, South China growth triangle, developmental governance and globalizing TaipeiJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
762005A site of transnationalism in the "Ungrounded Empire":Taipei as an interface city in the cross-border business networksHsu, Jinn-Yuh journal article
772004The Chinese Diaspora, Foreign Investment and Economic Development in ChinaJINN-YUH HSU ; SMART, ALAN; HSU, JINN-YUH journal article00
782004行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫期中進度報告:跨界研發與區域創新體系:資訊業台商在美國矽谷與中國上海、北京研發活動的比較(1/2)徐進鈺 report
792004跨界研發與區域創新體系:資訊業台商在美國矽谷與中國上海、北京研發活動的比較(1/2)徐進鈺 report
802004How to Go beyond Late-development? The Collective Learning strategies of Latecomer firms in Taiwan’s High-technology IndustriesJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
812004The evolving institutional embeddedness of a late-industrial district in TaiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article3125
822004From Transfer to Hybridization: The Changing Organizations of Taiwanese PC Investments in ChinaJINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
842003From Industrial City, Post-industrial City to Interface city: The Scalar Jump of Economic Bases of Globalizing TaipeiJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
852003行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告:矽谷─新竹─上海的連結:全球化高科技生產網絡中的介面區域徐進鈺 report
862003邁向學習性經濟中的創意型城市:兼論台北的機會與限制JINN-YUH HSU ; 徐進鈺 journal article
872003Nodal City in the “Ungrounded Empire”: Taipei as an Interface City in the Cross-border Business NetworksJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
882003The Rise of the Interface City? The Role of Taipei City in the Cross-Taiwan Strait Business NetworksJINN-YUH HSU other
892002From Hsinchu to Shanghai: The Politics of Scale in the Cross-Taiwan Strait Investments in the High-technology IndustriesJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
902002From Transfer to Hybridization: The Changing Organizations of Taiwanese PC Investments in ChinaJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
912002Revisiting Economic Development in Post-war Taiwan: The Dynamic Process of Geographical IndustrializationHsu, Jinn-Yuh ; Cheng, Lu-Linjournal article2721
922001How the Top-down Developmental State Meet the Bottom-up Social Networks? The Lesson from Hsinchu-Silicon Valley ConnectionJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
932001The Silicon Valley–Hsinchu connection: technical communities and industrial upgradingJINN-YUH HSU journal article
942001全球在地化的地理學:跨界組織場域的統理JINN-YUH HSU ; 徐進鈺 ; 鄭陸霖journal article
952001The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu connection: Technical communities and industrial upgradingJINN-YUH HSU journal article316
962000廠商的時空策略與動態學習:新竹科學園區積體電路工業為例JINN-YUH HSU ; 徐進鈺 journal article
972000The limits of guanxi capitalism: Transnational collaboration between Taiwan and the USAJINN-YUH HSU journal article125103
982000The limits of guanxi capitalism: transnational collaboration between Taiwan and the USAHsu, Jinn-Yuh ; Saxenian, Anna Leejournal article125103
992000台灣半導體產業技術發展歷程:國家干預、跨國社會網絡與高科技發展JINN-YUH HSU book-chapter
1001999流動的鑲嵌:新竹科學工業園區的勞動力市場與高科技發展JINN-YUH HSU ; 徐進鈺 journal article
1011999Transnational Entrepreneurs and Regional Industrialization: The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu ConnectionJINN-YUH HSU conference paper
1021997台灣的石化工業與地域性比較研究JINN-YUH HSU ; 夏鑄九; 徐進鈺 journal article
1031997台灣積體電路工業發展歷程之研究:高科技、政府干預與人才回流JINN-YUH HSU journal article
1041997邁向一個學習性的區域?台北─新竹高科技走廊的廠商聚集與技術學習徐進鈺 journal article
1051995The struggle over local space: A case study of the environmental movement in taiwanJINN-YUH HSU journal article30
1061994區域經濟理論與分析方法JINN-YUH HSU conference paper
1071991領域取向規劃論述之檢討-傅里曼(John Friedmann)的新民粹主義徐進鈺 ; JINN-YUH HSU journal article
1081990空間資源使用衝突之分析:以宜蘭反六輕事件為例夏鑄九; 徐進鈺 ; 徐進鈺 conference paper