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12019Synergistic symptom-specific effects of ketorolac-tramadol and ketorolac-pregabalin in a rat model of peripheral neuropathyWEN-YING LIN ; Cheng, Yu-Ting; Huang, Yu-Hsin; Lin, Feng-Sheng; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article32
22019Saturated two photon excitation fluorescence microscopy for the visualization of cerebral neural networks at millimeters deep depthS. Chakraborty; S. Y. Lee; J. C. Lee; C. T. Yen ; C. K. SunJournal Article00
32019Distributions of different types of nociceptive neurons in thalamic mediodorsal nuclei of anesthetized ratsP. L. Lu; M. L. Tsai; F. S. Jaw; C. T. Yen Journal Article00
42019Longitudinal FDG-PET scan study of brain changes in mice with cancer-induced bone pain and after morphine analgesiaWEN-YING LIN ; Wen-Hua Chu; Tzu-Hao Harry Chao; Wen-Zen Sun ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article11
52018Plasticity changes in forebrain activity and functional connectivity during neuropathic pain development in rats with sciatic spared nerve injuryT. H. H. Chao; J. H. Chen; C. T. Yen Journal Article00
62018Vagal control of the heart in the turtle, Ocadia sinensisR. F. Chen; P. F. Yang; C. H. Cheng; J. H. Hsieh; C. T. Yen Journal Article00
72018Differential Expression of Phosphorylated ERK and c Fos of Limbic Cortices Activities in Response to Tactile Allodynia of Neuropathic RatsH. C. Lin; C. T. Yen Journal Article01
82017Rapid and Delayed Effects of Pulsed Radiofrequency on Neuropathic Pain: Electrophysiological, Molecular, and Behavioral Evidence Supporting Long Term DepressionR. Y. Huang; C. C. Liao; S. Y. Tsai; C. T. Yen ; C. W. Lin; T. C. Chen; W. T. Lin; C. H. Chang; Y. R. WenJournal Article
92017Novel flexible nerve conduits made of water based biodegradable polyurethane for peripheral nerve regenerationS. H. Hsu; W. C. Chang; C. T. Yen Journal Article1212
102016Functional assessment of glioma pathogenesis by in vivo multi parametric magnetic resonance imaging and in vitro analysesN. W. Yao; C. Chang; H. T. Lin; C. T. Yen ; J. Y. ChenJournal Article45
112016Simple Method for Fabricating Slender Infusion Recording Assembly in 30 Gauge Syringe NeedleW. Y. Wu; W. C. Hung; C. T. Yen ; M. Y. Min; M. L. TsaiJournal Article00
122016Nocifensive behavior-related laser heat-evoked component in the rostral agranular insular cortex revealed using morphine analgesiaCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article55
132015Morphological study of myelinated and unmyelinated fibers in the sacrococcygeal dorsal roots of the ratJ. C. Lee; C. H. Cheng; C. T. Yen Journal Article00
142015Plasticity of cerebellar purkinje cells in behavioral training of body balance controlCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
152015Spatiotemporal changes of neuronal responses in the primary somatosensory cortex to noxious tail stimulation in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article10
162015Novel Noxipoint Therapy versus Conventional Physical Therapy for Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain: Multicentre Randomised Controlled TrialsKoo, Charles C.; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; TYNG-GUEY WANG ; Lin, Ray S.; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Wang, Tyng-Guey ; Tsauo, Jau-Yih ; Yang, Pan-Chyr ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Biswal, Sandip; 楊泮池 journal article34
172015Granger causality-based synaptic weights estimation for analyzing neuronal networksCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article11
182014Cingulate seizure-like activity reveals neuronal avalanche regulated by network excitability and thalamic inputsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article53
192014Acid-induced hyperalgesia and anxio-depressive comorbidity in ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article1314
202014A high voltage stimulator using a low-Q class-E pulsed radiofrequency driver for animal study of relieving trigeminal neuralgia painSHEY-SHI LU ; CHEN-TUNG YEN conference paper00
212014Comparisons of terminal densities of cardiovascular function-related projections from the amygdala subnucleiCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article87
222014Repeated BOLD-fMRI imaging of deep brain stimulation responses in ratsJYH-HORNG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article1212
232014Microdrive with two independent moveable sets for wide-ranging, multi-site, multi-channel brain recordingsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article11
242014Visualization of peripheral nerve regenerationSHAN-HUI HSU ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article34
252014Gabapentin reverses central hypersensitivity and suppresses medial prefrontal cortical glucose metabolism in rats with neuropathic painWEN-YING LIN ; WEI-ZEN SUN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article1820
262014Collateral projections from vestibular nuclear and inferior olivary neurons to lobules I/II and IX/X of the rat cerebellar vermis: A double retrograde labeling studyCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article55
272014Locomotion analysis method and locomotion analysis apparatusT. T. Lin; T. H. Ou Yang; M. L. Tsai; C. T. Yen Patent
282014高纏繞密度之四聯電極製造方法蔡孟利; 廖儀芳; 嚴震東 ; 鄭芎翔Patent
292013Ultrasonic telemetry and neural stimulator with FSK-PWM signalingCHEN-TUNG YEN conference paper20
302013Neonatal whisker clipping alters behavior, neuronal structure and neural activity in adult ratsLI-JEN LEE ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article1212
312013A Novel SCN9A Mutation Responsible for Primary Erythromelalgia and Is Resistant to the Treatment of Sodium Channel BlockersMING-JEN LEE ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article3631
322013New nerve regeneration strategy combining laminin-coated chitosan conduits and stem cell therapyCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article4644
332013Comparison of fMRI BOLD Response Patterns by Electrical Stimulation of the Ventroposterior Complex and Medial Thalamus of the RatCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article1212
342013Effects of dopamine D2 agonist quinpirole on neuronal activity of anterior cingulate cortex and striatum in ratsHEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article45
352013Ultrasonic power/data telemetry and neural stimulator with OOK-PM signalingPAI-CHI LI ; SHEN-IUAN LIU ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article87
362013Thalamus and painCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article340
372012Periaqueductal gray stimulation suppresses spontaneous pain behavior in ratsLee, Kuo-Sheng; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Huang, Yu-Hsin; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1010
382012Active coping with stress suppresses glucose metabolism in the rat hypothalamusKAI-YUAN TZEN ; Ono, Yumie; Chang, Yu-Ling ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Lin, Hsiao-Chun; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Chen, Hui-Hsing; Yang, Pai-Feng; Lai, Wen-Sung ; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Onozuka, Minoru; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1413
392012Temporal and spatial temperature distribution in the glabrous skin of rats induced by short-pulse CO2 laserAN-BANG WANG ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article54
402012Network dynamics in nociceptive pathways assessed by the neuronal avalanche modelCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article22
412012Acute Ethanol Exposure Increases Firing and Induces Oscillations in Cerebellar Golgi Cells of Freely Moving RatsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article108
422012Long-term changes in trigeminal ganglionic and thalamic neuronal activities following inferior alveolar nerve transection in behaving ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article96
432011Active coping prevents stress-increased glucose metabolism in the rat hypothalamusWEN-SUNG LAI ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
442011Functional tracing of medial nociceptive pathways using activity-dependent manganese-enhanced MRIJYH-HORNG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2827
452011An infrared range camera-based approach for three-dimensional locomotion tracking and pose reconstruction in a rodentOu-Yang, Tai-Hsien; TA-TE LIN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Tsai, Meng-Li; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2421
462011Involvement of the Cav3.2 T-type calcium channel in thalamic neuron discharge patternsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2421
472011A bundled microwire array for long-term chronic single-unit recording in deep brain regions of behaving ratsTseng, Wan-Ting; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Tsai, Meng-Lijournal article2521
482011A machine learning approach to classify vigilance states in ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article65
492011A simple method for fabricating microwire tetrode with sufficient rigidity and integrity without a heat-fusing processLiao, Yi-Fang; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Tsai, Meng-Li; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Cheng, Chiung-Hsiangjournal article56
502011Role of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase in Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity of a Nociceptive Input on Capsular Central Amygdaloid Neurons in Normal and Acid-Induced Muscle Pain MiceCheng, Sin-Jhong; Chen, Chien-Chang; Yang, Hsiu-Wen; Chang, Ya-Ting; Bai, Shin-Wen; Chen, Chih-Cheng; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Min, Ming-Yuan journal article4042
512011ERK, synaptic plasticity and acid-induced muscle painCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
522010Cav3.2 T-type Ca2+ channel-dependent activation of ERK in paraventricular thalamus modulates acid-induced chronic muscle painCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article5451
532010Caveolin-1 Regulates γ-Secretase-Mediated AβPP Processing by Modulating Spatial Distribution of γ-Secretase in MembraneWEN-MING HSU ; SHYH-JYE LEE ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article14
542010Striatal volume changes in a rat model of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderHsu, Ju-Wei; Lee, Li-Ching; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ying-Sheue; Tsai, Meng-Lijournal article97
552010Cerebral cortex responses to nociceptive laser heat stimulation in conscious behaving ratsK. C. Shaw FZ; Tsai ML; C. T. Yen book chapter
562010Distribution of large terminal inputs from the primary and secondary somatosensory cortices to the dorsal thalamus in the rodentRUEI-FENG CHEN ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2318
572009The Correlation of Mean Sympathetic Activity with Low-Frequency Blood Pressure and Sympathetic VariabilityTsai, M.-L.; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; Tseng, W.-T.; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, C.-T.; Chen, Yao-liang; Chen, R.-F.journal article55
582009Correlation of discharges of rostral ventrolateral medullary neurons with the low-frequency sympathetic rhythm in ratsTseng, Wan-Ting; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsai, Meng-Li; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1110
592009Spike sorting by a minimax reduced feature set based on finite differencesCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
602009State-dependent amygdala stimulation-induced cardiovascular effects in ratsKENG-CHEN LIANG ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article76
612009Differential involvement of the anterior cingulate and primary sensorimotor cortices in sensory and affective functions of painKuo, Chung-Chih; KENG-CHEN LIANG ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Chiou, Ruei-Jen; Liang, Keng-Chen ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article2221
622008Transcranial magnetic stimulation in cognitive brain researchOnozuka, Minoru; Yen, Chen-Tung 330
632008Spectral Analysis of fMRI Signal and NoiseOnozuka, Minoru; Yen, Chen-Tung 330
642008Tumor necrosis factor-α-elicited stimulation of γ-secretase is mediated by c-Jun N-terminal kinase-dependent phosphorylation of presenilin and nicastrinWEN-MING HSU ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article4743
652008Sodium selenite inhibits γ-secretase activity through activation of ERKWEN-MING HSU ; Tung, Ying-Tsen; Hsu, Wen-Ming ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Wang, Bo-Jeng; Wu, Shin-Ying; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Hu, Ming-Kuan; Liao, Yung-Fengjournal article2826
662008Novel Trends in Brain ScienceCHEN-TUNG YEN book00
672008Functional connectivity of the secondary somatosensory cortex of the ratCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2119
682008Involvement of the Amygdala in Two Different Forms of the Inhibitory Avoidance TaskCHEN-TUNG YEN other10
692008Tail Region of the Primary Somatosensory Cortex and Its Relation to Pain FunctionCHEN-TUNG YEN other10
702008Comparison of primary and secondary somatosensory cortical responses to forepaw stimulationCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
712008New development in brain imagingO. M; C. T. Yen Book
722008Involvement of the amygdala in two forms of inhibitory avoidance tasksK. C. Liang; C. T. Yen ; C. H. Chang; C. C. Chenbook chapter
732008The tail region of the primary somatosensory cortex and its relationship to pain functionsC. T. Yen ; R. S. Chenbook chapter
742008Involvement of the amygdala in two different forms of the inhibitory avoidance taskKENG-CHEN LIANG ; CHEN-TUNG YEN book20
752008Tumor Necrosis Factor-α–elicited Stimulation of γ-Secretase Is Mediated by c-Jun N-terminal Kinase-dependent Phosphorylation of Presenilin and NicastrinKuo, Lan-Hsin; Hu, Ming-Kuan; Hsu, Wen-Ming ; Tung, Ying-Tsen; Wang, Bo-Jeng; Tsai, Wang-Wei; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Liao, Yung-Feng
762007Corrigendum to “Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious rats” [Automatic neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 128 (2006) 48–52]Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tseng, Wan-Ting; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Tsai, Meng-Li
772007Corrigendum to "Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious rats" [Automatic neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 128 (2006) 48-52] (DOI:10.1016/j.autneu.2006.02.001)RUEI-FENG CHEN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
782006Frequency response characteristic of sympathetic mediated low-frequency blood pressure fluctuations in conscious ratsChen, Ruei-Feng ; Zeng, Wan-Ting; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Tsai, Meng-Lijournal article56
792005現代生物學嚴震東 ; 羅竹芳Book
802005Inhibitory avoidance learning altered ensemble activity of amygdaloid neurons in ratsKENG-CHEN LIANG ; Chang, Chun-Hui; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Liang, Keng-Chen ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1712
812005BOLD Signals Correlate with Ensemble Unit Activities in Rat's Somatosensory CortexKuo, Chung-Chih; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Tsai, Chin-Yen; Liang, Keng-Chen ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article43
822005Comparison of anterior cingulate and primary somatosensory neuronal responses to noxious laser-heat stimuli in conscious, behaving ratsKuo, Chung-Chih; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article6155
832004Wavelet-based analysis of low-frequency fluctuations of blood pressure and sympathetic nerve activity in ratsTsai, Meng-Li; Shann, Wei-Chang; Luo, Wen-Ren; Yen, Chen-Tung 1011
842003A simple and effective process for noise reduction of multichannel cortical field potential recordings in freely moving ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ruei-Feng journal article1715
852003A simple method for fabricating horizontal and vertical microwire arraysTsai, Meng-Li; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article2925
862003Reticular thalamic responses to nociceptive inputs in anesthetized ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN ; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Shaw, Fu-Zenjournal article2419
872003Identification of active thoracic spinal segments responsible for tonic and bursting sympathetic discharge in neonatal ratsSu, Chun-Kuei; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Phoon, Sau-Leong; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1414
882002Neural and Cardiac Activities are Altered by Injection of Picomoles of Glutamate into the Nucleus Ambiguus of the RatShaw, Fu-Zen; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chen, Ruei-Feng journal article2
892001Frequency Coding Ability of the Somatosensory Thalamocortical System and Its Modulation by Anesthesia DepthLee, Jye-Chang; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article
902001Dynamic changes of touch- and laser heat-evoked field potentials of primary somatosensory cortex in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article4443
912000Cardiac and Pulmonary Vagal Neurons Receive Excitatory Chemoreceptor InputYen, Chen-Tung ; Hwang, Ji-Chuu; Wu, Jong-Shinjournal article
922000Choosing adequate average number in evoked potential studies with correlation coefficientCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
932000Effects of Chemical Lesioning the Dorsal or Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla on Glutamate-induced Cardiovascular Actions of the Pontine Gigantocellular Tegmental Field and Lateral Tegmental Field of the CatHsieh, Jui-Hsiang; Chu, Tung-Chin; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Chai, Chok-Yung
941999A multichannel system for recording and analysis of cortical field potentials in freely moving ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; HEN-WAI TSAO ; RUEI-FENG CHEN ; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article3027
951999Comparison of touch- and laser heat-evoked cortical field potentials in conscious ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article4038
961999Algorithmic complexity as an index of cortical function in awake and pentobarbital-anesthetized ratsShaw, Fu-Zen; Chen, Ruei-Feng ; Tsao, Hen-Wai ; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article2417
971999Quantitative relationship between fluctuations of blood pressure and sympathetic nerve activity in pentobarbital anesthetized ratsTsai, M. L.; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Shaw, F. -Z.; Yen, C. -T.journal article76
981998Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
991998腦的構造與功能嚴震東 book chapter
1001997Distribution and Number of Intracardiac Ganglion Cells in the RatChen, Ruei-Feng ; Chiou, Ruei-Jen; Yen, Chen-Tung 
1011997Frequency dependent sympathetic modulation of vasomotor tone in the anesthetized ratCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article77
1021997A simple method for the construction of a recording-injection microelectrode with glass-insulated microwireCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article45
1031996Attenuation of cardiac but not vascular component in baroreflex of spontaneously hypertensive ratsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
1051995高血壓老鼠延腦交感神經活性及反應控制變化之探討陳幸一; 嚴震東 report
1071995以多頻道記錄法比較大鼠大腦觸覺皮層中主管尾部痛覺及觸覺的位置及大小嚴震東 report
1081995Choosing adequate average number in electrophysiological studies using correlation coefficientCHEN-TUNG YEN conference paper0
1091995Purification and characterization of a novel 70-kDa brain protein associated with seizure activitiesCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article54
1101994Surface Temperature Change, Cortical Evoked Potential and Pain Behavior Elicited by CO2 LasersYen, Chen-Tung ; Huang, Chin-Hsien; Fu, Shih-En
1111992Presence of neuronal cell bodies in the sympathetic pressor areas of dorsal and ventrolateral medulla inhibiting phrenic nerve discharge in catsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article50
1121992Differential effects on sympathetic nerve activities elicited by activation of neurons in the pressor areas of dorsal and rostral ventrolateral medulla in catsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2121
1131992Coexistence of autonomic and somatic mechanisms in the pressor areas of medulla in catsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article42
1141991Interactive program for spectral and area analysis of compound action potentials of A-fiber and C-fiberHEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article53
1151991A modified "triangular pulse" stimulator for C-fibers stimulationHEN-WAI TSAO ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article85
1161991Electrophysiological study of spinothalamic inputs to ventrolateral and adjacent thalamic nuclei of the catCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article250
1171990Inhibition of Spinal Reflexes by Paramedian Reticular NucleusCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article78
1181989Distribution of thalamic nociceptive neurons activated from the tail of the ratYen, Chen-Tung ; Fu, Tsu-Ching; Chen, Rong-Chi2727
1191989多通道神經信號測量系統之研製于惠中; 嚴震東 ; 曹恆偉; Tsao, Hen-Wai report
1201989Control of phrenic nerve activity and blood pressure by the medullary raphe nuclei in cats.CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
1211988氣對動物器官反應之研究于惠中; 嚴震東 report
1221988Morphology of physiologically characterized medial lemniscal axons terminating in cat ventral posterior thalamic nucleusCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article120
1231985Morphological and functional types of neurons in cat ventral posterior thalamic nucleusCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
1241985The morphology of physiologically identified GABAergic neurons in the somatic sensory part of the thalamic reticular nucleus in the catCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article
1251984Response properties and functional organization of neurons in midline region of medullary reticular formation of catsCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article290
1261983Control of cardiovascular function by electrical stimulation within the medullary raphe region of the catCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article3142
1271983Intracellular staining of physiologically identified neurons and axons in the somatosensory thalamus of the catCHEN-TUNG YEN journal article4756
128FebEffect of Conduction Distance on Amplitude And Area of Compound Action Potentials of A Fiber and C Fiber曹偉恆; 嚴震東 ; 于惠中; Jaw, F. S.曹偉恆; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Yu, Hui-Jungjournal article55