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12018Identification of TMAO-producer phenotype and host-diet-gut dysbiosis by carnitine challenge test in human and germ-free miceW. K. Wu; C. C. Chen; P. Y. Liu; S. Panyod; B. Y. Liao; P. C. Chen; H. L. Kao; H. C. Kuo; C. H. Kuo; T. H. T. Chiu; R. A. Chen; H. L. Chuang; Y. T. Huang; H. B. Zou; C. C. Hsu; T. Y. Chang; C. L. Lin; C. T. Ho; H. T. Yu ; L. Y. Sheen; M. S. Wu66
22018Variations in Gut Microbiota of Siberian Flying Squirrels Correspond to Seasonal Phenological Changes in Their Hokkaido Subarctic Forest EcosystemP. Y. Liu; A. C. Cheng; S. W. Huang; H. W. Chang; T. Oshida; H. T. Yu 00
32018Functional Characteristics of the Flying Squirrel's Cecal Microbiota under a Leaf-Based Diet, Based on Multiple Meta-Omic ProfilingH. P. Lu; P. Y. Liu; Y. B. Wang; J. F. Hsieh; H. C. Ho; S. W. Huang; C. Y. Lin; C. H. Hsieh; H. T. Yu 00
42016Gene Structure and Sequence Polymorphism of the Coat Color Gene, Mc1r, in the Black-Bellied Vole (Eothenomys melanogaster)Y.-C. Lai1; S.-W. Huang; H.-T. Yu 11
52016Genetic variants of Cao Bang hantavirus in the Chinese mole shrew (Anourosorex squamipes) and Taiwanese mole shrew (Anourosorex yamashinai)S. H. Gu; S. Arai; H. T. Yu ; B. K. Lim; H. J. Kang; R. Yanagihara33
62015Metabolic characteristics of dominant microbes and key rare species from an acidic hot spring in Taiwan revealed by metagenomicsK. H. Lin; B. Y. Liao; H. W. Chang; S. W. Huang; T. Y. Chang; C. Y. Yang; Y. B. Wang; Y. T. K. Lin; Y. W. Wu; S. L. Tang; H. T. Yu 76
72015臺北帝?大??動物?研究:青木文一郎?哺乳類標本本川雅治; 于宏燦 
82014Spatial heterogeneity of gut microbiota reveals multiple bacterial communities with distinct characteristicsH. P. Lu; Y. C. Lai; S. W. Huang; H. C. Chen; C. H. Hsieh; H. T. Yu 1717
92014Phylogeography of Chinese house mice (Mus musculus musculus/castaneus): distribution, routes of colonization and geographic regions of hybridizationM. D. Jing; H. T. Yu ; X. X. Bi; Y. C. Lai; W. Jiang; L. Huang1918
102014An Invertebrate Warburg Effect: A Shrimp Virus Achieves Successful Replication by Altering the Host Metabolome via the PI3K-Akt-mTOR PathwayM. A. Su; Y. T. Huang; I. T. Chen; D. Y. Lee; Y. C. Hsieh; C. Y. Li; T. H. Ng; S. Y. Liang; S. Y. Lin; S. W. Huang; Y. A. Chiang; H. T. Yu ; K. H. Khoo; G. D. Chang; C. F. Lo; H. C. Wang6265
112013Sequential Polygyny During Egg Attendance is Rare in a Tree Frog and Does not Increase Male FitnessW.-C. Cheng; Y.-H. Chen; H.-T. Yu ; J. D. Roberts; Y.-C. Kam00
122012Metagenomic analysis reveals a functional signature for biomass degradation by cecal microbiota in the leaf-eating flying squirrel (Petaurista alborufus lena)H. P. Lu; Y. B. Wang; S. W. Huang; C. Y. Lin; M. Wu; C. H. Hsieh; H. T. Yu 1111
132012Parthenogenesis in two Taiwanese mountain earthworms Amynthas catenus Tsai et al., 2001 and Amynthas hohuanmontis Tsai et al., 2002 (Oligochaeta, Megascolecidae) revealed by AFLPH. P. Shen; H. T. Yu ; J. H. Chen87
142012Impact of biology laboratory courses on students' science performance and views about laboratory courses in general: innovative measurements and analysesS. W. Y. Lee; Y. C. Lai; H. T. A. Yu ; Y. T. K. Lin86
152012Use of a cytogenetic whole-genome comparison to resolve phylogenetic relationships among three species: Implications for mammalian systematics and conservation biologyMING CHEN ; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Ma, Gwo-Chin; Lee, Dong-Jay; Chen, Chi-An ; Chin, Shih-Chien; Chen, Ting-Li; Tsao, Hsien-Shao; Lin, Wen-Hsiang; Wu, Sheng-Hai; Lin, Chyi-Chyang; Chen, Mingjournal article55
162012Patterns of morphological evolution in the mandible of the house mouse Mus musculus (Rodentia: Muridae)Siahsarvie, Roohollah; Auffray, Jean-Christophe; Darvish, Jamshid; Rajabi-Maham, Hassan; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Agret, Sylvie; Bonhomme, Francois; Claude, Julienjournal article2723
172012Dysregulation of CD1d-Restricted Type II Natural Killer T Cells Leads to Spontaneous Development of Colitis in MiceLiao, Chia-Min; Zimmer, Michael I.; Shanmuganad, Sharmila; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Cardell, Susanna L.; Wang, Chyung-Rujournal article4645
182011Fosmid library end sequencing reveals a rarely known genome structure of marine shrimp Penaeus monodonMING CHEN ; HUANG, SHIAO-WEI; LIN, YOU-YU; YOU, EN-MIN; LIU, TZE-TZE; SHU, HUNG-YU; WU, KEH-MING; TSAI, SHIH-FENG; LO, CHU-FANG; KOU, GUANG-HSIUNG; MA, GWO-CHIN; CHEN, MING; YU, HON-TSEN journal article2323
192011Molecular delineation of the Y-borne Sry gene in the Formosan pangolin (Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla) and its phylogenetic implications for Pholidota in extant mammalsMING CHEN ; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Ma, Gwo-Chin; Lee, Dong-Jay; Chin, Shih-Chien; Tsao, Hsien-Shao; Wu, Sheng-Hai; Shih, Shu-Yi; Chen, Mingjournal article1212
202011Genetic relationship between offspring and guardian adults of a rhacophorid frog and its care effort in response to paternal shareChen, Yi-Huey; Cheng, Wei-Chun; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Kam, Yeong-Choyjournal article87
212008Adaptive Evolution of the Insulin Two-Gene System in MouseShiao, Meng-Shin; Liao, Ben-Yang; Long, Manyuan; Yu, Hon-Tsen 2426
222008Inferring the history of speciation in house mice from autosomal, X-linked, Y-linked and mitochondrial genesGERALDES, ARMANDO; BASSET, PATRICK; GIBSON, BARBARA; SMITH, KIMBERLY L.; HARR, BETTINA; YU, HON-TSEN ; BULATOVA, NINA; ZIV, YARON; NACHMAN, MICHAEL W.135125
232007Cytogenetic Analysis of the Formosan Pangolin, Manis Pentadactyla Pentadactyla (Mammalia : Pholidota)WU, SHENG-HAI; CHEN, MING; LEE, DONG-JAY; CHEN, LI-WEN; WANG, BAO-TYAN; YU, HON-TSEN 
242007Origins of New Male Germ-line Functions from X-Derived Autosomal Retrogenes in the MouseShiao, Meng-Shin; Khil, Pavel; Camerini-Otero, R. Daniel; Shiroishi, Toshihiko; Moriwaki, Kazuo; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Long, Manyuan2121
252007Phylogenetic relationships in genus Niviventer (Rodentia: Muridae) in China inferred from complete mitochondrial cytochrome b geneJing, Meidong; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Wu, Sheng-Hai; Wang, Wen; Zheng, Xiaoguang2322
262007Cytogenetic Analysis of the Formosan Pangolin, Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla (Mammalia: Pholidota)Wu, Sheng-Hai; Chen, Ming; Chin, Shih-Chien; Lee, Dong-Jay; Wen, Pao-Yin; Chen, Li-Wen; Wang, Bao-Tyan; Yu, Hon-Tsen 7
272007Eight microsatellite loci in Clark's anemonefish, Amphiprion clarkiiCHANG-FENG DAI ; LIU, SHANG-YIN VANSON; YU, HON-TSEN ; DAI, CHANG-FENG journal article77
282007Cultivation-based characterization of microbial communities associated with deep sedimentary rocks from Taiwan Chelungpu Drilling Project coresLI-HUNG LIN ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Wang, PL; Lin, LH; PEI-LING WANG ; Lin, Li-Hung ; Yu, HT; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Cheng, TW; Cheng, Ting-Wen; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Song, SR; Kuo, Li-Wei; Kuo, LW; Yeh, EC; Yeh, En-Chao; Lin, WR; Lin, Weiren; Wang, Chien-Ying; Wang, CYjournal article66
292007The Ecology of Male Egg Attendance in an Arboreal Breeding Frog, Chirixalus eiffingeri (Anura: Rhacophoridae), from TaiwanChen, Yi-Huey; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Kam, Yeong-Choy1211
302006Prenatal Identification of Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes by Fish in an Infant Born with Mild Congenital Anomalies于宏燦 ; CHEN, MING; CHANG, SHUN-PING; YIN, PAO-LUN; KUO, SHOU-JEN; YU, H-T; WANG, BAO- TYAN
312006Functional consequences of naturally occurring DRY motif variants in the mammalian chemoattractant receptor GPR33R?mpler, Holger; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Arnold, Antje; Orth, Annie; Sch?neberg, Torsten2020
322006Gwo-Chin Ma, Katsutoshi Watanabe, Hsien-Shao Tsao, Hon-Tsen YuMa, Gwo-Chin; Watanabe, Katsutoshi; Tsao, Hsien-Shao; Yu, Hon-Tsen 
332006Population Ecology Of The Southeast Asian House Mouse (Muridae: Mus Musculus Castaneus) Inhabiting Rice Granaries In TaiwanWu, Shu-Yu; Lin, Y.K.; Yu, Hon-Tsen text
342006AFLPs congruent with morphological differentiation of Asian common minnow Zacco (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in TaiwanMa, Gwo-Chin; Tsao, Hsien-Shao; Lu, Hsiao-Pei; Yu, Hon-Tsen 98
352005Genotyping the clonal structure of a gorgonian coral, Junceella juncea (Anthozoa: Octocorallia), using microsatellite lociLiu, Shang-Yin Vanson; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Fan, Tung-Yung; Dai, Chang-Feng 03
362005Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci for parentage analysis in a rhacophorid tree frog (Chirixalus eiffingeri) with unusual parental careCHEN, YI-HUEY; KAM, YEONG-CHOY; YU, HON-TSEN 12
372005Cloning and characterization of microsatellite loci in a gorgonian coral, Junceella juncea (Anthozoa; Octocorallia; Ellisellidae) and its application in clonal genotypingCHANG-FENG DAI ; Liu, Shang-Yin Vanson; Dai, Chang-Feng ; Fan, Tung-Yung; Yu, Hon-Tsen journal article47
382005Diversification of the white-toothed shrews of the genus Crocidura (Insectivora: Soricidae) in East and Southeast AsiaMotokawa, Masaharu; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Harada, Masashi00
392004Spatial Organization of a Forest-Dwelling Murid Rodent, Niviventer coxingi, in Subtropical Central TaiwanWu, Hai-Yin; Yu, Hon-Tsen 
402004Genetic and phenotypic variations of isolates of shrimp Taura syndrome virus found in Penaeus monodon and Metapenaeus ensis in TaiwanChang, Yun-Shiang; Peng, Shao-En; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Liu, Feng-Chuan; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Lo, Chu-Fang; Kou, Guang-Hsiung2929
412004Isolation and characterization of 23 polymorphic microsatellite markers for diversity and stock analysis in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)PAN, YU-WEN; CHOU, HSIN-HUNG ; YOU, EN-MIN; YU, HON-TSEN 2221
422004Genetic and phenotypic variations of shrimp Taura syndrome virus isolates found in Penaeus monodon and Metapenaeus ensis in TaiwanChang, Yun-Shiang; Peng, Shao-En; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Liu, Feng-Chuan; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Lo, Chu-Fang; Kou, Guang-Hsiungjournal article
432003A natural allele of Nxf1 suppresses retrovirus insertional mutationsFloyd, Jennifer A; Gold, David A; Concepcion, Dorothy; Poon, Tiffany H; Wang, Xiaobo; Keithley, Elizabeth; Chen, Dan; Ward, Erica J; Chinn, Steven B; Friedman, Rick A; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Moriwaki, Kazuo; Shiroishi, Toshihiko; Hamilton, Bruce A310
442003Genetic Variation of Microsatellite Loci in the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Region in the Southeast Asian House Mouse (Mus musculus castaneus)Huang, Shiao-Wei; Yu, Hon-Tsen 1211
452003生命科學教師手冊鄔宏潘; 謝長富; 于宏燦 ; 吳益群 ; 等
462003生命科學(上)鄔宏潘; 謝長富; 于宏燦 ; 吳益群 ; 等
472003基礎生物教師手冊鄔宏潘; 謝長富; 于宏燦 ; 吳益群 ; 陳怡欣; 等
482003Comparison of genomic sequence of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV) between Taiwan and other geographical isolatesHsia, Hui-Lan; Chen, Li-Li; Peng, Shao-En; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Lo, Chu-Fang; Kou, Guang-Hsiung76
492002玖、台灣大學全球變遷研究中心九十學年度第二學期中心業務會議各組組長報告資料賴朝明; 柯文雄; 俞何興; 劉平妹; 于宏燦 ; 劉錦添 ; 賴進貴 ; 許晃雄journal article
502002臺灣中部亞熱帶山地森林地棲脊椎動物的群落結構-兼論攔截籬掉落桶研究法的應用周文豪; 李敏嘉; 于宏燦 ; 周文豪; 李敏嘉; 于宏燦 
512002Transcriptional Analysis of the DNA Polymerase Gene of Shrimp White Spot Syndrome VirusChen, Li-Li; Wang, Han-Ching; Huang, Chiu-Jung; Peng, Shao-En; Chen, Yen-Gu; Lin, Shin-Jen; Chen, Wei-Yu; Dai, Chang-Feng ; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Lo, Chu-Fang; Kou, Guang-Hsiungjournal article8481
522002Genetic Analysis of the Populations of Japanese Anchovy (Engraulidae: Engraulis japonicus) Using Microsatellite DNAYu, Hon-Tsen ; Lee, Yann-Jium; Huang, Shiao-Wei; Chiu, Tai-Sheng3229
532002Polymorphic microsatellite markers for stock identification in Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonica)Chiu, Tai-Sheng; Lee, Yann-Jium; Huang, Shiao-Wei; Yu, Hon-Tsen 1413
542002The Complete Genome Sequence of Perina nuda Picorna-like Virus, An Insect-Infecting RNA Virus with a Genome Organization Similar to That of the Mammalian PicornavirusesWu, Chih-Yu; Lo, Chu-Fang; Huang, Chang-Jen; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Wang, Chung-Hsiung4242
552002Population differentiation and gene flow revealed by microsatellite DNA markers in the house mouse (Mus musculus castaneus) in TaiwanYu, Hon-Tsen ; Peng, Yu-Huei1312
562001Seasonal activity and reproduction of two syntopic white-toothed shrews (Crocidura attenuata and C. kurodai) from a subtropical montane forest in central TaiwanYu, H. T.; Cheng, T. W.; Chou, W. H.; YuHT 
572001Relatedness Structure and Individual Identification in a Semi-fossorial Shrew (Soricidae: Anourosorex squamipes) — an Application of Microsatellite DNAYu, Hon-Tsen ; Liao, Yu-Ying; Kao, Chen-Hung
582001Cloning, Characterization, and Phylogenetic Analysis of a Shrimp White Spot Syndrome Virus Gene That Encodes a Protein KinaseLiu, Wang-Jing; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Peng, Shao-En; Chang, Yun-Shiang; Pien, Hsiu-Wen; Lin, Ching-Ju; Huang, Chiu-Jung; Tsai, Meng-Feng; Huang, Chang-Jen; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Lin, Jung-Yaw; Lo, Chu-Fang; Kou, Guang-Hsiung4135
592000Microsatellite markers for behavioural studies in a semi-fossorial shrew (Soricidae: Anourosorex squamipes)Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Liao, Yu-Ying00
602000Population dynamics of the spiny country rat (Niviventer coxingi) in a subtropical montane forest in central TaiwanWu, Hai-Yin; Yu, Hon-Tsen 65
612000Identification and Characterization of a Shrimp White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Gene That Encodes a Novel Chimeric Polypeptide of Cellular-Type Thymidine Kinase and Thymidylate KinaseTsai, Meng-Feng; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Tzeng, Huey-Fen; Leu, Jiann-Horng; Chou, Chih-Ming; Huang, Chang-Jen; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Lin, Jung-Yaw; Kou, Guang-Hsiung; Lo, Chu-Fang6865
621999Age, Reproduction, and Demography of the Spiny Rat (Muridae: Niviventer coxingi) in Subtropical Central TaiwanYu, Hon-Tsen ; Lin, Yao-Sung
631997Systematics of white-toothed shrews (Crocidura) (Mammalia: Insectivora: Soricidae) of Taiwan: Karyological and morphological StudiesFang, Yin-Ping; Lee, Ling-Ling ; Yew, Fu-Hsie; Yu, Hon-Tsen 1211
641995Patterns of diversification and genetic population structure of small mammals in TaiwanYU, HON-TSEN 3639
651989Notes on Microhyla inornata Boulenger (Anura: Microhylidae) in TaiwanWang, Ching-Shong; Wu, Sheng-Hai; Yu, Hon-Tsen