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12018A Mechatronic Microinjection Platform for Gene Delivery to PlanarianLee M.; CHIA-YING CHU ; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU 2018 International Conference on System Science and Engineering, ICSSE 201800
22018Gene delivery system using droplet injector and temperature-controlled planarian holderLee M; Syu J.-J; Chu C.-Y; Lu Y.-W.; CHIA-YING CHU Inventions11
32017Shrimp miR-10a Is Co-opted by White Spot Syndrome Virus to Increase Viral Gene Expression and Viral ReplicationJiun-Yan Huang; Shih-Ting Kang; I-Tung Chen; Li-Kwan Chang; Shih-Shun Lin; Guang-Hsiung Kou; Chia-Ying Chu; Chu-Fang Lo; CHIA-YING CHU Frontiers in Immunology 108
42017Dual mechanisms regulate the nucleocytoplasmic localization of human DDX6Jo-Hsi Huang; Wei-Chi Ku; Yen-Chun Chen; Yi-Ling Chang; Chia-Ying Chu; CHIA-YING CHU Scientific Reports 1412
52017Correction: The new face of the old molecules: Crustin Pm4 and transglutaminase type I serving as RNPs down-regulate astakine-mediated hematopoiesis (Public Library of Science (2013) 8:8 (e72793) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072793)Chang Y.-T.; Lin C.-Y.; Tsai C.-Y.; Siva V.S.; Chu C.-Y.; Tsai H.-J.; Song Y.-L.; CHIA-YING CHU PLoS ONE01
62015IMP-3 promotes migration and invasion of melanoma cells by modulating the expression of HMGA2 and predicts poor prognosis in melanomaYI-SHUAN SHEEN ; YI-HUA LIAO ; HSIEN-CHING CHIU; SHIOU-HWA JEE ; CHIA-YU CHU; Hsieh M.-C.; Chen P.-C.; Cha S.-T.; YUNG-MING JENG ; Chang C.-C.; HSIEN-CHING CHIU ; Jee S.-H.; Kuo M.-L.; CHIA-YING CHU The Journal of investigative dermatology2929
72014Calreticulin activates β1 integrin via fucosylation by fucosyltransferase 1 in J82 human bladder cancer cellsLu, Y.-C.; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; Chu C.-Y.; Lu J.H.; Wang B.-J.; Chen C.-H.; MIN-CHUAN HUANG ; Lin T.-H.; Pan C.-C.; Chen S.-S.A.; WEN-MING HSU ; Liao Y.-F.; Wu P.-Y.; Hsia H.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; HSIN-YU LEE ; Chu, Chia-Ying ; CHIA-YING CHU Biochemical Journal2324
82013The New Face of the Old Molecules: Crustin Pm4 and Transglutaminase Type I Serving as RNPs Down-Regulate Astakine-Mediated HematopoiesisYun-Tsan Chang; Cheng-Yung Lin; Che-Yiang Tsai; Vinu S. Siva; Chia-Ying Chu; Huai-Jen Tsai; Yen-Ling Song; CHIA-YING CHU PLoS 1712
92010MicroRNAs encoded by Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus regulate viral life cycleChih-Chung Lu; Zhonghan Li; Chia-Ying Chu; Jiaying Feng; Jun Feng; Ren Sun; Tariq M Rana; CHIA-YING CHU EMBO 8676
102010LIM-domain proteins, LIMD1, Ajuba, and WTIP are required for microRNA-mediated gene silencingVictoria James; CHIA-YING CHUet al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 4744
112009Cellular MicroRNA and P Bodies Modulate Host-HIV-1 InteractionsRobin Nathans; Chia-ying Chu; Anna Kristina Serquina; Chih-Chung Lu; Hong Cao; Tariq M. Rana; CHIA-YING CHU Molecular Cell 307294
122009Structure and Gene Silencing Mechanisms of Small Noncoding RNAsC. Y. Chu ; T. M. RanaNon Protein Coding RNAs
132008Potent RNAi by short RNA triggersC.-y. Chu; T. M. Rana; CHIA-YING CHU RNA 8777
142007Small RNAs: Regulators and guardians of the genomeChia-Ying Chu; Tariq M. Rana; CHIA-YING CHU Journal of Cellular Physiology 136121
152006Translation Repression in Human Cells by MicroRNA-Induced Gene Silencing Requires RCK/p54Chia-ying Chu; Tariq M Rana; CHIA-YING CHU PLoS 412395
162005Dissecting RNA-Interference Pathway with Small MoleculesYa-Lin Chiu; Chimmanamada U. Dinesh; Chia-ying Chu; Akbar Ali; Kirk M. Brown; Hong Cao; Tariq M. Rana; CHIA-YING CHU Chemistry 2925
172005Target accessibility dictates the potency of human RISCKirk M Brown; Chia-ying Chu; Tariq M Rana; CHIA-YING CHU Nat Struct Mol Biol 106101
182004Visualizing a Correlation between siRNA Localization, Cellular Uptake, and RNAi in Living CellsYa-Lin Chiu; Akbar Ali; Chia-ying Chu; Hong Cao; Tariq M. Rana; CHIA-YING CHU Chemistry 331316
192004Chemical modification of small interfering RNAs imparts functional insight into the molecular mechanism of RNA interferenceC. Y. Chu ; T. M. Rana9th annual meeting of the RNA society
202004Modulating HIV-1 replication by RNA interference directed against human transcription elongation factor SPT5Ping Y.-H.; Chu C.-Y.; Cao H.; Jacque J.-M.; Stevenson M.; Rana T.M.; CHIA-YING CHU Retrovirology450