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12018The Extracellular Zn2+ Concentration Surrounding Excited Neurons Is High Enough to Bind Amyloid-beta Revealed by a Nanowire TransistorA. Anand; C. H. Chi; S. Banerjee; M. Y. Chou; F. G. Tseng; C. Y. Pan ; Y. T. Chenjournal article21
22017Dopamine elevates intracellular zinc concentration in cultured rat embryonic cortical neurons through the cAMP-nitric oxide signaling cascadeH. H. Hung; L. S. Kao; P. S. Liu; C. C. Huang; D. M. Yang; C. Y. Pan journal article22
32017Detection of K+ Efflux from Stimulated Cortical Neurons by an Aptamer-Modified Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect TransistorA. Anand; C. R. Liu; A. C. Chou; W. H. Hsu; R. K. Ulaganathan; Y. C. Lin; C. A. Dai; F. G. Tseng; C. Y. Pan ; Y. T. Chenjournal article1012
42017Targeted and efficient activation of channelrhodopsins expressed in living cells via specifically-bound upconversion nanoparticlesK. Yadav; A. C. Chou; R. K. Ulaganathan; H. D. Gao; H. M. Lee; C. Y. Pan ; Y. T. Chenjournal article99
52016Differential Releases of Dopamine and Neuropeptide Y from Histamine-Stimulated PC12 Cells Detected by an Aptamer-Modified Nanowire TransistorS. Banerjee; Y. J. Hsieh; C. R. Liu; N. H. Yeh; H. H. Hung; Y. S. Lai; A. C. Chou; Y. T. Chen; C. Y. Pan journal article910
62016Fabrication and analysis of microfiber array platform for optogenetics with cellular resolutionJ.-H. Chen; M.-Y. Chou; C.-Y. Pan ; L. A. Wangjournal article10
72015Isolation and Identification of Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing-Related Micro-RNAs by Functionalized Silicon Nanowire Field-effect TransistorYIT-TSONG CHEN ; SHIH-SHUN LIN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article34
82015Calmodulin interacts with the sodium/calcium exchanger NCX1 to regulate activityCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article77
92013Biomolecular recognition with a sensitivity-enhanced nanowire transistor biosensorYIT-TSONG CHEN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article5850
102013Improved silicon nanowire field-effect transistors for fast protein-protein interaction screeningYIT-TSONG CHEN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article2018
112013An ultrasensitive nanowire-transistor biosensor for detecting dopamine release from living pc12 cells under hypoxic stimulationYIT-TSONG CHEN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article11198
122013Dopamine- and zinc-induced autophagosome formation facilitates PC12 cell survivalWEI-PANG HUANG ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article1616
132013Antidiabetic effect and mode of action of cytopiloyneCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article126
142012Calreticulin mediates nerve growth factor-induced neuronal differentiation.DONG-TSAMN LIN ; Shih, Yu-Yin; Nakagawara, Akira; HSUEH-FEN JUAN ; WEN-MING HSU ; Lee, Hsinyu; HSIN-YU LEE ; Juan, Hsueh-Fen ; Jeng, Yung-Ming ; YUNG-LI YANG ; YUNG-MING JENG ; Lin, Dong-Tsamn ; MIN-CHUAN HUANG ; Yang, Yung-Li ; Tsay, Yeou-Guang; CHIEN-YUAN PAN ; Huang, Min-Chuan ; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Hsu, Wen-Ming ; Liao, Yung-Fengjournal article1314
152012Changes in Plasma Membrane Surface Potential of PC12 Cells as Measured by Kelvin Probe Force MicroscopyTsai, Chia-Chang; Hung, Hui-Hsing; Liu, Chien-Pang; Chen, Yit-Tsong ; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Lam, Wilburjournal article1311
162012Monitoring extracellular K + flux with a valinomycin-coated silicon nanowire field-effect transistorChang, Ko-Shing; YIT-TSONG CHEN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN ; Sun, Chih-Jung; Chiang, Pei-Ling; Chou, Ai-Chuan; Lin, Ming-Chou; Liang, Chieh; Hung, Hui-Hsing; Yeh, Yu-Hsiu; Chen, Chii-Dong; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Chen, Yit-Tsong journal article2724
172012Structural basis for gating charge movement in the voltage sensor of a sodium channelCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article134133
182011Nuclear GRP75 binds retinoic acid receptors to promote neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma.DONG-TSAMN LIN ; HSUEH-FEN JUAN ; WEN-MING HSU ; HSIN-YU LEE ; YUNG-MING JENG ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article1817
192010Lysophospholipids Attenuate Acetylcholine-evoked Ca2+ Responses in Bovine Chromaffin Cells??融; 潘建源 ; Lu, L.L.; Pan, C.Y.journal article; journal article
202010Label-free detection of protein-protein interactions using a calmodulin-modified nanowire transistorYIT-TSONG CHEN ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article9486
212010Comparative proteomic analysis of rat aorta in a subtotal nephrectomy modelLin, Yao-Ping; Hsu, Meng-Erh; Chiou, Yi-Ying; Hsu, Hung-Yi; Tsai, Hiao-Chien; Peng, Yu-Ju; Lu, Chi-Yu; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Yu, Wen-Chung; Chen, Chen-Huan; Chi, Chin-Wen; Lin, Chao-Hsiungjournal article1612
222009Dynasore inhibits rapid endocytosis in bovine chromaffin cellsTsai, Chia-Chang; Lin, Chih-Lung; Wang, Tzu-Lun; Chou, Ai-Chuan; Chou, Min-Yi; Lee, Chia-Hsueh; Peng, I-Wei; Liao, Jia-Hong; Chen, Yit-Tsong ; Pan, Chien-Yuan journal article1513
232009A reversible surface functionalized nanowire transistor to study protein–protein interactionsLin, Shu-Ping; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Tseng, Kun-Chang; Lin, Ming-Chou; Chen, Chii-Dong; Tsai, Chia-Chang; Yu, Shu-Han; Sun, Ying-Chieh; Lin, Tsung-Wu; Chen, Yit-Tsong journal article5658
242009Calneuron I inhibits Ca2+ channel activity in bovine chromaffin cellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article1210
252008Identification of GRP75 as an independent favorable prognostic marker of neuroblastoma by a proteomics analysis.Hsu, W.-M.; Hsu, Wen-Ming ; HSUEH-FEN JUAN ; Lee, Hsinyu; Lee, H.; WEN-MING HSU ; Juan, Hsueh-Fen ; Juan, H.-F.; HSIN-YU LEE ; HSIU-HAO CHANG ; Shih, Y.-Y.; Shih, Yu-Yin; Wang, Bo-Jeng; Wang, B.-J.; YUNG-MING JENG ; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Pan, C.-Y.; HONG-SHIEE LAI ; KAI-HSIN LIN ; Jeng, Yung-Ming ; Jeng, Y.-M.; MENG-YAO LU ; Chang, H.-H.; Chang, Hsiu-Hao ; Lu, Meng-Yao ; CHIEN-YUAN PAN ; Lu, M.-Y.; Lin, K.-H.; Lin, Kai-Hsin ; Lai, Hong-Shiee ; Lai, H.-S.; Chen, Wei-Jao; Chen, W.-J.; Tsay, Y.-G.; Tsay, Yeou-Guang; Liao, Yung-Feng; Liao, Y.-F.; Hsieh, F.-J.; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article2725
262008Exocytosis of a single bovine adrenal chromaffin cell: The electrical and morphological studiesYIT-TSONG CHEN ; Tsai, Chia-Chang; CHIEN-YUAN PAN ; Yang, Chih-Cheng; Shih, Po-Yuan; Wu, Cen-Shawn; Chen, Chii-Dong; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Chen, Yit-Tsong journal article3025
272008Reverse mode Na+/Ca2+ exchangers trigger the release of Ca2+ from intracellular Ca2+ stores in cultured rat embryonic cortical neuronsWu, Meng-Pei; Kao, Lung-Sen; Liao, Hsin-Tzu; Pan, Chien-Yuan journal article2724
282008Ca2+ binding protein-1 inhibits Ca2+ currents and exocytosis in bovine chromaffin cellsChen, Ming-Ling; Chen, Yong-Cyuan; Peng, I-Wei; Kang, Ruo-Lin; Wu, Meng-Pei; Cheng, Po-Wen; Shih, Po-Yuan; Lu, Li-Long; Yang, Chih-Cheng; Pan, Chien-Yuan journal article70
292008Lysophosphatidic acid-induced interleukin-1β expression is mediated through Gi/Rho and the generation of reactive oxygen species in macrophagesChang, Chi-Lun; Lin, Mu-En; Hsu, Hsien-Yeh; Yao, Chao-Ling; Hwang, Shiaw-Min; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Hsu, Chi-Yen; Lee, Hsinyujournal article2220
302008Establishment of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based bioassay for detecting dioxin-like compoundsLin, Chi-Iou; Hsieh, Chun-Hung; Lee, Stanley Shiao-Ying; Lee, Wei-Shan; Chang-Chien, Gou-Ping; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Lee, Hsinyujournal article65
312008The co-presence of Na+/Ca2+-K+ exchanger and Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsPan, Chien-Yuan ; Tsai, Ling-Ling; Jiang, Jhih-Hang; Chen, Lih-Woan; Kao, Lung-Senjournal article67
322008Effects of dichlorobenzene on acetylcholine receptors in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cellsYan, Ren-Ming; Chiung, Yin-Mei; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Liu, Jenn-Hwa; Liu, Pei-Shanjournal article77
332007In Situ Detection of Chromogranin A Released from Living Neurons with a Single-Walled Carbon-Nanotube Field-Effect TransistorWang, Chen-Wei; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Wu, Hsing-Chen; Shih, Po-Yuan; Tsai, Chia-Chang; Liao, Kuo-Tang; Lu, Li-Long; Hsieh, Wen-Hsing; Chen, Chii-Dong; Chen, Yit-Tsong journal article6055
342007Lysophospholipids regulate excitability and exocytosis in cultured bovine chromaffin cellsPan, Chien-Yuan ; Wu, Adonis Z.; Chen, Yit-Tsong journal article119
352007以螢光共振能量轉移技術作為戴奧辛生物檢測模式之研究林紀佑; 謝俊弘; 李偉山; 張簡國平; 潘建源 ; 李心予 ; 林紀佑; 謝俊弘; 李偉山; 張簡國平; 潘建源 ; 李心予 
362006Calcium elevation elicited by reverse mode Na+/Ca2+ exchange activity is facilitated by intracellular calcium stores in bovine chromaffin cellsPan, Chien-Yuan ; Huang, Chau-Hua; Lee, Chia-Hsuehjournal article119
372006Lysophospholipids elevate [Ca2+]i and trigger exocytosis in bovine chromaffin cellsPan, Chien-Yuan ; Lee, Hsinyu; Chen, Chia-Linjournal article1110
382003Butyl benzyl phthalate blocks Ca2+ signaling and catecholamine secretion coupled with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article910
392003A 48-hour exposure of pancreatic islets to calpain inhibitors impairs mitochondrial fuel metabolism and the exocytosis of insulinCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article5247
402002Alterations in Exocytosis Induced by Neuronal Ca2+ Sensor-1 in Bovine Chromaffin CellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article
412002Enhancement of inward Ca2+ currents in bovine chromaffin cells by green tea polyphenol extractsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article1917
422002In Vitro Differentiation of Size-Sieved Stem Cells into Electrically Active Neural CellsHung, Shih-Chieh; Cheng, Henrich; Pan, Chien-Yuan ; Tsai, May J.; Kao, Lung-Sen; Ma, Hsiao-Lijournal article133124
432001Amphiphilic, tri-block copolymers provide potent membrane-targeted neuroprotection.CHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article
442001Calpains Play a Role in Insulin Secretion and ActionCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article133123
452000Rundown of secretion after depletion of intracellular calcium stores in bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article2117
461998Molecular study of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article2221
471997Catecholamine secretion from bovine adrenal chromaffin cells: The role of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger and the intracellular Ca2+ poolCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article
481996Rab3A delayed catecholamine secretion from bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsCHIEN-YUAN PAN journal article77