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12023Light disrupts social memory via a retina-to-supraoptic nucleus circuitHuang, Yu-Fan; Liao, Po-Yu; Yu, Jo-Hsien; SHIH-KUO CHEN EMBO reports20
22022Early Dysbiosis and Dampened Gut Microbe Oscillation Precede Motor Dysfunction and Neuropathology in Animal Models of Parkinson's DiseaseLiang, Feng; Chen, Cheng-Yu; Li, Yun-Pu; Ke, Yi-Ci; Ho, En-Pong; Jeng, Chih-Fan; Lin, Chin-Hsien; SHIH-KUO CHEN Journal of Parkinson's disease51
32022External light-dark cycle shapes gut microbiota through intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cellsLee, Chi Chan; Liang, Feng; Lee, I. Chi; Lu, Tsung Hao; Shan, Yu Yau; Jeng, Chih Fan; Zou, Yan Fang; HON-TSEN YU ; SHIH-KUO CHEN EMBO Reports76
42021Dual GRIN lens two-photon endoscopy for high-speed volumetric and deep brain imagingChien Y.-F.; Lin J.-Y.; PO-TING YEH ; Hsu K.-J.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chen S.-K.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Biomedical Optics Express2012
52021Single-laser-based simultaneous four-wavelength excitation source for femtosecond two-photon fluorescence microscopyHsiao Y.-T; Huang Y.-F; Borah B.J; SHIH-KUO CHEN ; Sun C.-K.; CHI-KUANG SUN Biomedical Optics Express53
62021Lysophosphatidic acid receptors 2 and 3 regulate erythropoiesis at different hematopoietic stagesChiang, J.-C.; Chen, W.-M.; Lin, K.-H.; Hsia, K.; Ho, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Shen, T.-L. ; Lu, J.-H.; Chen, S.-K. ; Yao, C.-L.; Chen, B.P.C.; HSIN-YU LEE Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids54
72020Lysophosphatidic acid receptor LPA3 prevents oxidative stress and cellular senescence in Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndromeChen, W.-M.; Chiang, J.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-N.; Chuang, P.-Y.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; KAO-YI WU ; Hsieh, J.-C.; Chen, S.-K.; WEI-PANG HUANG ; Chen, B.P.C.; Lee, H.; SHIH-KUO CHEN ; HSIN-YU LEE Aging Cell2323
82020Mapping Central Projection of Oxytocin Neurons in Unmated Mice Using Cre and Alkaline Phosphatase ReporterLiao, P.-Y.; Chiu, Y.-M.; Yu, J.-H.; Chen, S.-K.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Frontiers in Neuroanatomy3027
92020An Index Combining Lost and Remaining Nerve Fibers Correlates with Pain Hypersensitivity in MiceChi H.-H; Lee J.-C; Chen C.-C; Chen S.-K; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; SHIH-KUO CHEN Cells10
102019Degeneration of ipRGCs in Mouse Models of Huntington's Disease Disrupts Non Image Forming Behaviors Before Motor ImpairmentM. S. Lin; P. Y. Liao; H. M. Chen; C. P. Chang; S. K. Chen ; Y. J. ChernJournal of Neuroscience00
112018External light activates hair follicle stem cells through eyes via an ipRGC–SCN–sympathetic neural pathwayFan S.M.-Y.; Chang Y.-T.; Chen C.-L.; Wang W.-H.; MING-KAI PAN ; WEN-PIN CHEN ; Huang W.-Y.; Xu Z.; Huang H.-E.; Chen T.; Plikus M.V.; SUNG-JAN LIN ; SHIH-KUO CHEN Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America5751
122018RBFOX3/NeuN is dispensable for visual functionLin Y.-S.; KUAN-TING KUO ; SHIH-KUO CHEN ; HSIEN-SUNG HUANG PLoS ONE1618
132018Analysis of experience-regulated transcriptome and imprintome during critical periods of mouse visual system development reveals spatiotemporal dynamicsHsu C.-L.; Chou C.-H.; Huang S.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Lin M.-Y.; Tung C.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; Lai I.P.; Zou Y.-F.; Youngson N.A.; Lin S.-P.; CHANG-HAO YANG ; SHIH-KUO CHEN ; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; SHAU-PING LIN Human Molecular Genetics1613
142016Architecture of retinal projections to the central circadian pacemakerD. C. Fernandez; Y. T. Chang; S. Hattar; S. K. Chen Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America9685
152016M1 ipRGCs Influence Visual Function through Retrograde Signaling in the RetinaC. L. Prigge; P. T. Yeh; N. F. Liou; C. C. Lee; S. F. You; L. L. Liu; D. S. McNeill; K. S. Chew; S. Hattar; S. K. Chen ; D. Q. ZhangJournal of Neuroscience9290
162013Apoptosis Regulates ipRGC Spacing Necessary for Rods and Cones to Drive Circadian PhotoentrainmentChen, S.-K.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Neuron3431
172013Recurrent axon collaterals of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cellsJoo, H.R.; Peterson, B.B.; Dacey, D.M.; Hattar, S.; Chen, S.-K.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Visual Neuroscience6259
182011Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells: Many subtypes, diverse functionsSchmidt, T.M.; Chen, S.-K.; Hattar, S.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Trends in Neurosciences399352
192011Photoentrainment and pupillary light reflex are mediated by distinct populations of ipRGCsChen, S.-K.; Badea, T.C.; Hattar, S.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Nature 313297
202010Melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion-cell photoreceptors: Cellular diversity and role in pattern visionEcker, J.L.; Dumitrescu, O.N.; Wong, K.Y.; Alam, N.M.; Chen, S.-K.; LeGates, T.; Renna, J.M.; Prusky, G.T.; Berson, D.M.; Hattar, S.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Neuron490465
212007Somatostatin peptides produce multiple effects on gating properties of native cone photoreceptor cGMP-gated channels that depend on circadian phase and previous illuminationChen, S.-K.; Ko, G.Y.-P.; Dryer, S.E.; SHIH-KUO CHEN Journal of Neuroscience1210