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12021Development of mouse monoclonal antibody for detecting hemagglutinin of avian influenza A(H7N9) virus and preventing virus infectionChiang Y.-W; Li C.-J; Su H.-Y; Hsieh K.-T; Weng C.-W; Chen H.-W; Chang S.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology2
22021Facile Transformation of Murine and Human Primary Dendritic Cells into Robust and Modular Artificial Antigen-Presenting Systems by Intracellular HydrogelationLin J.-C; HUI-WEN CHEN et al. Advanced Materials0
32021Development and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting to distinct epitopes of Zika virus envelope protein for specific detection of Zika virusLi C.-J; Huang P.-H; Chen H.-W; Chang S.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology0
42021Robust induction of TRMs by combinatorial nanoshells confers cross-strain sterilizing immunity against lethal influenza virusesLin P.-H; HUI-WEN CHEN et al. Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical Development0
52020Detection of feline coronavirus in feline effusions by immunofluorescence staining and reverse transcription polymerase chain reactionLuo, Y.-C.; Liu, I.-L.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN Pathogens0
62020Anti-influenza protective efficacy of a h6 virus-like particle in chickensZhu, W.-Z.; Wen, Y.-C.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chen, T.-C.; Chen, H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN Vaccines3
72020Neutralizing antibody response elicited by SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domainHuang, P.-H.; Tsai, H.-H.; Liao, B.-H.; Lin, Y.-L.; Jan, J.-T.; Tao, M.-H.; Chou, Y.-C.; Hu, C.-M.J.; Chen, H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics1
82020Emerging lethal infectious bronchitis coronavirus variants with multiorgan tropismLi, Y.-T.; Chen, T.-C.; Lin, S.-Y.; Mase, M.; Murakami, S.; Horimoto, T.; Chen, H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN Transboundary and Emerging Diseases5
92020Induction of robust immune responses by cpg-odn-loaded hollow polymeric nanoparticles for antiviral and vaccine applications in chickensLin, S.-Y.; Yao, B.-Y.; Hu, C.-M.J.; Chen, H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Nanomedicine5
102020Replication of a Dog-Origin H6N1 influenza virus in cell culture and miceTsai, S.-K.; Shih, C.-H.; Chang, H.-W.; Teng, K.-H.; Hsu, W.-E.; Lin, H.-J.; Lin, H.-Y.; Huang, C.-H.; Chen, H.-W.; Wang, L.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN ; HUI-WEN CHANG Viruses7
112020Replication of a Dog-Origin H6N1 influenza virus in cell culture and miceTsai, S.-K.; Shih, C.-H.; Chang, H.-W.; Teng, K.-H.; Hsu, W.-E.; Lin, H.-J.; Lin, H.-Y.; Huang, C.-H.; Chen, H.-W.; Wang, L.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN Viruses0
122020Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek Extract Inhibits Influenza A Virus by Targeting Viral Attachment, Penetration, Assembly, and ReleaseLo C.-W; Pi C.-C; Chen Y.-T; Chen H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN Frontiers in Pharmacology1
132019Viromimetic STING Agonist-Loaded Hollow Polymeric Nanoparticles for Safe and Effective Vaccination against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronavirusLin L.C.-W.; Huang C.-Y.; Yao B.-Y.; Lin J.-C.; Agrawal A.; Algaissi A.; Peng B.-H.; Liu Y.-H.; Huang P.-H.; Juang R.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Tseng C.-T.; Chen H.-W.; Hu C.-M.J.; HUI-WEN CHEN Advanced Functional Materials957
142019Emerging lethal infectious bronchitis coronavirus variants with multiorgan tropismLi YT; Chen TC; Lin SY; Mase M; Murakami S; Horimoto T; ?Chen HW; HUI-WEN CHEN Transboundary and Emerging Diseases25
152019A novel PCR-based point-of-care method enables rapid, sensitive and reliable diagnosis of?Babesia gibsoni?infection in dogsLiu IL; Chi NY; Chang CL; Hung ML; Chiu CT; Chen HW; HUI-WEN CHEN BMC Veterinary Research00
162019Intracellular hydrogelation preserves fluid and functional cell membrane interfaces for biological interactions.JC, Lin; CY, Chien; CL, Lin; BY, Yao; YI, Chen; YH, Liu; ZS, Fang; JY, Chen; WY, Chen; NN, Lee; HW, Chen ; CJ, HuNature communications 45
172019A novel immunochromatographic strip for antigen detection of avian infectious bronchitis virusLiu I.-L.; Lin Y.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Jian C.-Z.; Cheng I.-C.; Chen H.-W.; HUI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Molecular Sciences311
182019Fluid colour sign on chest ultrasonography in a cat with exudate pleural effusion and pleuropneumoniaHo, J.-C.; Chen, H.-W.; Lin, C.-H.; Hu, K.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN The Journal of Small Animal Practice01
192018Antiviral efficacy of nanoparticulate vacuolar ATPase inhibitors against influenza virus infection.CJ, Hu; YT, Chen; ZS, Fang; WS, Chang; HW, Chen International journal of nanomedicine 620
202017Nanoparticulate vacuolar ATPase blocker exhibits potent host-targeted antiviral activity against feline coronavirus.CJ, Hu; WS, Chang; ZS, Fang; YT, Chen; WL, Wang; HH, Tsai; LL, Chueh; T, Takano; T, Hohdatsu; HW, Chen Scientific reports 424
212017Determination of the cell tropism of serotype 1 feline infectious peritonitis virus using the spike affinity histochemistry in paraffin-embedded tissues.TC, Cham; YC, Chang; PS, Tsai; CH, Wu; HW, Chen ; CR, Jeng; VF, Pang; HW, ChangMicrobiology and immunology 22
222017Infectious Bronchitis Virus Variants: Molecular Analysis and Pathogenicity InvestigationHUI-WEN CHEN International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2444
232017Multi-antigen avian influenza a (H7N9) virus-like particles: particulate characterizations and immunogenicity evaluation in murine and avian models.CJ, Hu; CY, Chien; MT, Liu; ZS, Fang; SY, Chang; RH, Juang; SC, Chang; HW, Chen BMC biotechnology 1620
242017Nanoparticle Vaccines Adopting Virus-like Features for Enhanced Immune Potentiation.S, Chattopadhyay; JY, Chen; HW, Chen ; CJ, HuNanotheranostics 350
252017Targeting and Enrichment of Viral Pathogen by Cell Membrane Cloaked Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Detection.HW, Chen ; ZS, Fang; YT, Chen; YI, Chen; BY, Yao; JY, Cheng; CY, Chien; YC, Chang; CJ, HuACS applied materials & interfaces 1733
262016Synthetic virus-like particles prepared via protein corona formation enable effective vaccination in an avian model of coronavirus infectionHUI-WEN CHEN ; Huang, C.-Y.; Lin SY; Fang ZS; Hsu CH; Lin JC; Chen YI; Yao BY; Hu CMBiomaterials 2138
272016Protective Role of Cross-Reactive CD8 T Cells Against Dengue Virus Infection.A, Elong Ngono; HW, Chen ; WW, Tang; Y, Joo; K, King; D, Weiskopf; J, Sidney; A, Sette; S, ShrestaEBioMedicine 4450
282016Identification of an infectious bronchitis coronavirus strain exhibiting a classical genotype but altered antigenicity, pathogenicity, and innate immunity profile.SY, Lin; YT, Li; YT, Chen; TC, Chen; CJ, Hu; HW, Chen Scientific reports 811
292016Nasal commensal Staphylococcus epidermidis counteracts influenza virus.HW, Chen ; PF, Liu; YT, Liu; S, Kuo; XQ, Zhang; RT, Schooley; H, Rohde; RL, Gallo; CM, HuangScientific reports 2026
302016New "light" for one-world approach toward safe and effective control of animal diseases and insect vectors from leishmaniac perspectives.KP; Kolli BK; Batchu R; Chen HW ; Chow LC; Elliott R; Head J; Fan CK; Hung CH; Ji DD; Lun ZR; Manna L; Matsumoto Y; Ng DP,de Oliveira C; Melo S; Ozbel Y; ?zbilgin A; Reynolds J; Sanjoba C; Shiao SH; Shih NY; Tsai CW; Vicente MG; Barr? C; Volf P; Wu YL; Yu CL; Zhou XNParasites & vectors 612
312016Simultaneous subtyping and pathotyping of avian influenza viruses in chickens in Taiwan using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification and microarray.LC, Wang; D, Huang; HW, Chen The Journal of veterinary medical science 34
322016Detection of anti-reticuloendotheliosis antibody by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using envelope protein expressed in baculovirusChen HW ; Hsiao TH; Wang CHTaiwan Veterinary Journal 
332013Inhibitory and combinatorial effect of diphyllin, a v-ATPase blocker, on influenza virusesChen, H.-W.; Cheng, J.X.; Liu, M.-T.; King, K.; Peng, J.-Y.; Zhang, X.-Q.; Wang, C.-H.; Shresta, S.; Schooley, R.T.; Liu, Y.-T.; HUI-WEN CHEN Antiviral Research 2537
342013Influenza A penetrates host mucus by cleaving sialic acids with neuraminidaseCohen, M.; Zhang, X.-Q.; Senaati, H.P.; Chen, H.-W.; Varki, N.M.; Schooley, R.T.; Gagneux, P.; HUI-WEN CHEN Virology Journal 122143
352013Detection of anti-reticuloendotheliosis virus antibody by blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with expression envelope proteinWu, N.-H.; Tsai, W.-T.; Chen, H.-W.; Wang, L.-C.; Wang, C.-H.; HUI-WEN CHEN ; LIH-CHIANN WANG Avian Diseases 00
362013The roles of IRF-3 and IRF-7 in innate antiviral immunity against dengue virusChen, H.-W.; King, K.; Tu, J.; Sanchez, M.; Luster, A.D.; Shresta, S.; HUI-WEN CHEN Journal of Immunology 4956
372012Comparison of NP and M Primers for Avian Influenza Virus Detection by Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain ReactionHue-Wen Hong; Ivan-Chen Cheng; Hui-Wen Chen; Ching-Ho Wang; HUI-WEN CHEN 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
382012綜說:雞傳染性支氣管炎病毒變異株在世界各國之流行概況黃元品; 陳慧文; 王金和; HUI-WEN CHEN 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
392011台灣土雞家禽網狀內皮增生症病之感染情形蔡文慈; 陳志峰; 陳慧文; 張書維; 李建榖; 王金和; HUI-WEN CHEN 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
402011A type-specific blocking ELISA for the detection of infectious bronchitis virus antibodyChen, H.-W.; Wang, C.-H.; Cheng, I.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN ; IVAN-CHEN CHENG Journal of Virological Methods 1512
4120112010年台灣部分雞隻家禽白血病J亞群之血清抗體盛行率許萌芳; 陳慧文; 陳志峰; 王金和; HUI-WEN CHEN 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
422010Identification of intertypic recombinant infectious bronchitis viruses from slaughtered chickensChen, H.W.; Huang, Y.P.; Wang, C.H.; HUI-WEN CHEN Poultry Science 1211
432010A multiplex reverse transcriptase-PCR assay for the genotyping of avian infectious bronchitis viruses.HUI-WEN CHEN Avian diseases 77
442009Identification of Taiwan and China-like recombinant avian infectious bronchitis viruses in TaiwanChen, H.-W.; Huang, Y.-P.; Wang, C.-H.; HUI-WEN CHEN Virus Research 3234