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12020Development of a topical applied functional food formulation: Adlay bran oil nanoemulgelChang, Wen Chang; SHU-CHEN HSIEH ; Hu, Yin Ting; YU-WEN TING ; Huang, Qingrongjournal article21
22019Nanoemulsified adlay bran oil reduces tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis in B16F10 cells and zebrafishYU-WEN TING ; Huang, Qingrong; Chang, Wen Chang; Hu, Jing Yu; SHU-CHEN HSIEH ; Hu, Yin Tingjournal article11
32019Food texture as affected by ohmic heating: Mechanisms involved, recent findings, benefits, and limitationsGavahian M.; Tiwari B.K.; Chu Y.-H.; Ting Y. ; Farahnaky A.journal article1415
42019Effect of novel atmospheric-pressure jet pretreatment on the drying kinetics and quality of white grapesHuang C.-C.; Wu J.S.-B.; Wu J.-S.; Ting Y. journal article42
52019Synthesize of alginate/chitosan bilayer nanocarrier by CCD-RSM guided co-axial electrospray: A novel and versatile approachTsai S.; Ting Y. journal article33
62018Oral delivery system enhanced the bioavailability of stilbenes: Resveratrol and pterostilbenePeng R.-M.; Lin G.-R.; Ting Y. ; Hu J.-Y.journal article1213
72018Self-nanoemulsifying system (SNES) enhanced oral bioavailability of boswellic acidsTing Y. ; Jiang Y.; Zhao S.; Li C.C.; Nibber T.; Huang Q.journal article21
82018Antiobesity Efficacy of Quercetin-Rich Supplement on Diet-Induced Obese Rats: Effects on Body Composition, Serum Lipid Profile, and Gene ExpressionTing Y. ; Chang W.-T.; Shiau D.-K.; Chou P.-H.; Wu M.-F.; Hsu C.-L.journal article1313
92017Techniques and methods to study functional characteristics of emulsion systemsHu, Yin Ting; YU-WEN TING ; Hu, Jing Yu; SHU-CHEN HSIEH journal article2320
102016Optimization of Lactobacillus acidophilus cultivation using taro waste and evaluation of its biological activitySHU-CHEN HSIEH ; Liu, Jui Ming; Pua, Xiao Hui; YU-WEN TING ; Hsu, Ren Jun; KUAN-CHEN CHENG journal article75
112015Safety evaluation of tangeretin and the effect of using emulsion-based delivery system: Oral acute and 28-day sub-acute toxicity study using miceTing Y. ; Chiou Y.-S.; Jiang Y.; Pan M.-H.; Lin Z.; Huang Q.journal article54
122015Viscoelastic Emulsion Improved the Bioaccessibility and Oral Bioavailability of Crystalline Compound: A Mechanistic Study Using in Vitro and in Vivo ModelsTing Y. ; Jiang Y.; Lan Y.; Xia C.; Lin Z.; Rogers M.A.; Huang Q.journal article2424
132015Using in vitro and in vivo models to evaluate the oral bioavailability of nutraceuticalsTing Y. ; Zhao Q.; Xia C.; Huang Q.journal article2931
142015Influence of processing parameters on morphology of polymethoxyflavone in emulsionsTing Y. ; Li C.C.; Wang Y.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.journal article32
152015In vitro and in vivo anti-cancer activity of tangeretin against colorectal cancer was enhanced by emulsion-based delivery systemTing Y. ; Chiou Y.-S.; Pan M.-H.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.journal article2021
162014Common delivery systems for enhancing in vivo bioavailability and biological efficacy of nutraceuticalsTing Y. ; Jiang Y.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.journal article135131
172013Eulsion in oral delivery of bioactive lipophilic phytochemicalsTing Y. ; Li S.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.conference paper5
182013Bioactive peptides/chitosan nanoparticles enhance cellular antioxidant activity of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallateHu B.; Ting Y. ; Zeng X.; Huang Q.journal article7375
192013Design of high-loading and high-stability viscoelastic emulsions for polymethoxyflavonesTing Y. ; Xia Q.; Li S.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.journal article1413
202013Effect of a labile methyl donor on the transformation of 5-demethyltangeretin and the related implication on bioactivityTing Y. ; Li C.C.; Pan M.-H.; Ho C.-T.; Huang Q.journal article77
212012Nanochemoprevention by encapsulation of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate with bioactive peptides/chitosan nanoparticles for enhancement of its bioavailabilityHu B.; Ting Y. ; Yang X.; Tang W.; Zeng X.; Huang Q.journal article9289
222012Cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of chitosan-caseinophosphopeptides nanocomplexes loaded with epigallocatechin gallateHu B.; Ting Y. ; Zeng X.; Huang Q.journal article7468