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12019Dietary wild bitter gourd displays selective androgen receptor modulator like activity and improves the muscle decline of orchidectomized miceWang C.-L.; Kung H.-N.; Wu C.-H.; Huang C.-J.; CHING-HO WU journal article11
22019Effects of soft tissue artefacts on computed segmental and stifle kinematics in canine motion analysisLu M.; Lin C.-C.; TUNG-WU LU ; Wang S.-N.; Wu C.-H.; CHING-HO WU journal article10
32018Quantification of three-dimensional soft tissue artifacts in the canine hindlimb during passive stifle motionLin C.-C.; Chang C.-L.; Lu M.; Lu T.-W.; Wu C.-H.; CHING-HO WU journal article54
42017Determination of the cell tropism of serotype 1 feline infectious peritonitis virus using the spike affinity histochemistry in paraffin-embedded tissuesCham T.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Tsai P.-S.; Wu C.-H.; Chen H.-W.; Jeng C.-R.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; CHING-HO WU journal article22
52014Effects of pelvic and femoral positioning on canine norberg angle measurements and test-retest reliability: A computed tomography-based simulation studyWu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-C.; Lu, H.-L.; Lu, T.-W.; Yeh, L.-S.; CHING-HO WU journal article30
62013Evaluation of ranges of motion of a new constrained acetabular prosthesis for canine total hip replacementWu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-C.; Lu, T.-W.; Hou, S.-M.; Hu, C.-C.; Yeh, L.-S.; CHING-HO WU journal article11
72012Three-dimensional morphometry of native acetabulum in relation to design and implantation of canine total hip replacementsWu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-C.; Lu, T.-W.; Yeh, L.-S.; Wu, Ching-Ho ; Lu, Tung-Wu journal article00
82006Appendicular Osteosarcoma with Vicous Systemic Metastasis in a Young BeagleChiang, Yu-Ching; Chang, Pen-Heng ; Jeng, Chian-Ren ; Wu, Ching-Ho ; Lin, Chung-Tien ; Yeh, Lih-Sengjournal article