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12018Ellenberg-type indicator values for the Czech flora Ellenbergovsk? indikacn? hodnoty pro ceskou fl?ruChytry M.; Tichy L.; Drevojan P.; S?dlo J.; Zeleny D.; DAVID ZELENY journal article1816
22018Which results of the standard test for community-weighted mean approach are too optimistic?Zelen? D.; DAVID ZELENY journal article1212
32017Contrasting patterns of fine-scale herb layer species composition in temperate forestsMark?ta Chudomelov?; David Zelen?; Ching-Feng Li; DAVID ZELENY ; CHING-FENG LI journal article52
42017Management of semi-natural grasslands benefiting both plant and insect diversity: The importance of heterogeneity and traditionBonari G.; Fajmon K.; Malenovsk? I.; Zelen? D.; Holu?a J.; Jongepierov? I.; Ko??rek P.; Konvi?ka O.; U?i??? J.; Chytr? M.; DAVID ZELENY journal article2724
52017Structural bias in aggregated species-level variables driven by repeated species co-occurrences: A pervasive problem in community and assemblage dataDAVID ZELEN journal article1716
62016Bias in community-weighted mean analysis of plant functional traits and species indicator valuesDavid Zeleny; DAVID ZELEN other00
72016Regional differences in soil pH niche among dry grassland plants in EurasiaDAVID ZELENet al. journal article86
82016Towards the spatial coherence of biogeographical regionalizations at subcontinental and landscape scalesDAVID ZELEN journal article66
92016Measuring size and composition of species pools: a comparison of dark diversity estimatesde Bello, F.; Fibich, P.; Zelen?, D.; Kopeck?, M.; Mudr\\'ak, O.; Chytr?, M.; Py?ek, P.; Wild, J.; Michalcov\\'a; DAVID ZELEN journal article1314
102016Measuring ecological specialization along a natural stress gradient using a set of complementary niche breadth indicesCarboni, M.; Zelen?, D.; Acosta, A.T.R.; DAVID ZELEN journal article1513
112015Alien plants invade more phylogenetically clustered community types and cause even stronger clusteringLososov?, Z.; de Bello, F.; Chytr?, M.; K?hn, I.; Py?ek, P.; S?dlo, J.; Winter, M.; Zelen?, D.; DAVID ZELEN journal article2928
122015Phylogenetic diversity of central-European urban plant communities: Effects of alien species and habitat typesDAVID ZELEN journal article13
132015Chamaecyparis montane cloud forest in Taiwan: ecology and vegetation classificationLi, Ching-Feng; DAVID ZELEN? et al. ; CHING-FENG LI journal article1211
142014High Plant Diversity of Grasslands in a Landscape Context: A Comparison of Contrasting Regions in Central EuropeMichalcov?, D.; DAVID ZELEN et al. journal article2121
152014Natural habitats matter: Determinants of spatial pattern in the composition of animal assemblages of the Czech RepublicDAVID ZELEN journal article45
162014Land snail richness and abundance along a sharp ecological gradient at two sampling scales: Disentangling relationshipsHors?k, M.; Zelen?, D.; H?jek, M.; DAVID ZELEN journal article66
172013Better environmental data may reverse conclusions about niche- and dispersal-based processes in community assemblyChang, L.-W.; Zelen?, D.; Li, C.-F.; Chiu, S.-T.; Hsieh, C.-F.; CHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELEN? journal article6056
182013Patterns of land snail assemblages along a fine-scale moisture gradientDAVID ZELEN journal article1613
192013Distribution of habitat specialists in semi-natural grasslandsFajmonov?, Z.; Zelen?, D.; Syrov?tka, V.; Von?ina, G.; H?jek, M.; DAVID ZELEN journal article1515
202013Classification of Taiwan forest vegetationLi, C.-F.; CHING-FENG LI et al. ; DAVID ZELEN? journal article4444
212013Changes in species richness and species composition of vascular plants and bryophytes along a moisture gradientHettenbergerov?, E.; H?jek, M.; Zelen?, D.; Jirou?kov?, J.; Mikul??kov?, E.; DAVID ZELEN journal article
222012Estimation of herbaceous biomass from species composition and coverAxmanov?, I.; Tich?, L.; Fajmonov?, Z.; H?jkov?, P.; Hettenbergerov?, E.; Li, C.-F.; Merunkov?, K.; Nejezchlebov?, M.; Ot?pkov?, Z.; Vymazalov?, M.; Zelen?, D.; CHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELEN? journal article3031
232012Too good to be true: Pitfalls of using mean Ellenberg indicator values in vegetation analysesDAVID ZELEN journal article138136
242012High species richness in hemiboreal forests of the northern Russian Altai, southern SiberiaChytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN et al. journal article3029
252012Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in TaiwanLin, C.-T.; CHING-FENG LI et al. ; DAVID ZELEN? journal article98
262012The species richness-productivity relationship in the herb layer of European deciduous forestsAxmanov?, I.; CHING-FENG LI et al. ; DAVID ZELEN? journal article3231
272011Environmental factors influencing herb layer productivity in Central European oak forests: Insights from soil and biomass analyses and a phytometer experimentAxmanov?, I.; Zelen?, D.; Li, C.-F.; Chytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN? ; CHING-FENG LI journal article2322
282010Pattern of local plant species richness along a gradient of landscape topographical heterogeneity: Result of spatial mass effect or environmental shift?Zelen?, D.; Li, C.; Chytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN? ; CHING-FENG LI journal article2726
292010Floristic diversity of an eastern Mediterranean dwarf shrubland: The importance of soil pHChytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN? et al. ; CHING-FENG LI journal article2020
302010Imputation of environmental variables for vegetation plots based on compositional similarityTich?, L.; H?jek, M.; Zelen?, D.; DAVID ZELEN journal article1012
312009Co-occurrence based assessment of species habitat specialization is affected by the size of species pool: Reply to Fridley et al. (2007)Zelen?, D.; DAVID ZELEN journal article2930
322009Modified TWINSPAN classification in which the hierarchy respects cluster heterogeneityRole?ek, J.; Tich?, L.; Zelen?, D.; Chytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN journal article166141
332008Shifts in the ecological behaviour of plant species between two distant regions: Evidence from the base richness gradient in miresDAVID ZELEN journal article4445
342008從植群資料庫的結構來看台灣的森林植群分類系統李靜?; 謝長富; 陳明義; 陳子英; 邱祈榮 ; 夏禹九; 劉和義; 楊勝任; 葉慶龍; 王震哲; 俞秋豐; Zeleny, David ; Chytry, Milan
352007Environmental control of the vegetation pattern in deep river valleys of the Bohemian MassifZelen?, D.; Chytr?, M.; DAVID ZELEN journal article
362007Testing the species pool hypothesis for mire vegetation: Exploring the influence of pH specialists and habitat historyDAVID ZELEN journal article039