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12019Development of a Transgenic Flammulina velutipes Oral Vaccine for Hepatitis BL. H. Huang; H. Y. Lin; Y. T. Lyu; C. L. Gung; C. T. Huang Journal Article11
22018Enhancing the efficiency of the Pichia pastoris AOX1 promoter via the synthetic positive feedback circuit of transcription factor Mxr1C. H. Chang; H. A. Hsiung; K. L. Hong; C. T. Huang Journal Article00
32015Expression of enterovirus 71 virus-like particles in transgenic enoki (Flammulina velutipes)CHING-TSAN HUANG journal article22
42014Compatibility balanced antibacterial modification based on vapor-deposited parylene coatings for biomaterialsCHING-TSAN HUANG ; CHIH-HAO CHANG journal article2022
52013Enhancement of Heterologous Gene Expression in Flammulina velutipes Using Polycistronic Vectors Containing a Viral 2A Cleavage SequenceCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article1111
62013Cloning and characterization of a thermostable and pH-stable cellobiohydrolase from Neocallimastix patriciarum J11CHING-TSAN HUANG journal article1011
72011Overexpression and characterization of a thermostable, pH-stable and organic solvent-tolerant Ganoderma fornicatum laccase in Pichia pastorisCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Huang, WT; Tai, R; Hseu, RS; Huang, CT.journal article4237
82010Effects of Dimer Formation Efficiency on the Potency and Thermostability in Ganoderma Fungal Immunomodulatory ProteinsHsu, Min-Feng; Lin, Chian-Wan; Wu, Ming-Yueh; Huang, Ching-Shin; Fu, Hsu-Yuan; Hseu, Ruey-Shyang; Wang, Andrew H-J; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Yang, Chii-Shen 
92010A new approach to controlled/living radical polymerization by DPE methodChou, I-Chen; Huang, Wan-Ting; WEN-YEN CHIU ; Tai, Ready; Luo, Ying-Da; Hseu, Ruey-Shyang; Chiu, Wen-Yen ; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article53
102010Heterologous expression of EGFP in enoki mushroom Flammulina velutipesCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Kuo, Chun-Yi; Chou, Shu-Yu; Hseu, Ruey-Shyng; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article9
112009An immunomodulatory protein, Ling Zhi-8, induced activation and maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells by the NF-κB and MAPK pathwaysBOR-LUEN CHIANG ; CHING-TSAN HUANG journal article6155
122009Identification of Cordyceps sinensis by 18S nrDNA sequencing and characterization of fermented products in TaiwanCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article12
132009一種增加?之熱安定性之方法及具改良熱安定性之?組合物黃慶璨 ; 鄭國展; 陳長志; 唐宗寅Patent
142009Enhancing enzyme thermostability by mixing with sorghum liquor wasteK. Cheng; C. Huang ; C. ChenPatent
152008A reliable transformation method and heterologous expression of β-glucuronidase in Lentinula edodesCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article2021
162008Reishi immuno-modulation protein induces interleukin-2 expression via protein kinase-dependent signaling pathways within human T cellsHsu H. Y.; CHING-TSAN HUANG ; Hua K. F.; Wu W. C.; Hsu J.; Weng S. T.; Lin T. L.; Liu C. Y.; Hseu R. S.; Huang C. T.journal article3633
172008Overexpression of the Neocallimastix frontalis xylanase gene in the methylotrophic yeasts Pichia pastoris and Pichia methanolicaTsai, Chang Ting; CHING-TSAN HUANG ; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article2016
182007光動力治療對白色念珠菌生物膜防治之研究黃慶璨 report
192007光動力療法應用在癌病變及多重抗藥性細菌感染治療的新技術平台發展-光動力療法應用在癌病變及多重抗藥性細菌感染治療的新技術平台發展-微脂體或新型光感物質應用於多重抗藥性細菌生物膜之光動力殺菌研究 (新制多年期第2年)黃慶璨 report
202007食用菇基因轉形系統開發 (新制多年期第1年)黃慶璨 report
212006光動力療法應用在癌病變及多重抗藥性細菌感染治療的新技術平台發展-光動力療法應用在癌病變及多重抗藥性細菌感染治療的新技術平台發展-微脂體或新型光感物質應用於多重抗藥性細菌生物膜之光動力殺菌研究 (新制多年期第1年)黃慶璨 report
222006光動力治療在微生物防治上的應用黃慶璨 ; 陳英琮; 蔣佩芳; 黃慶璨 ; 陳英琮; 蔣佩芳
232005光動力治療對生物膜防治之研究黃慶璨 report
242005Effects of dockerin domains on Neocallimastix frontalis xylanasesCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Huang, Ya-Hui; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Hseu, Ruey-Shyangjournal article2222
252004光動力治療對生物膜防治之研究黃慶璨 report
262004Use of Merocyanine 540 for Photodynamic Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus Planktonic and Biofilm CellsLin, Hsiao-Yin; Chen, Chin-Tin ; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article2823
272004Cloning of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene and use of the gpd promoter for transformation in Flammulina velutipesKuo, Chun-Yi; Chou, Shu-Yu; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article5856
282004A Pichia pastoris fermentation strategy for enhancing the heterologous expression of an Escherichia coli phytaseCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Chen, Chang-Chih; Wu, Pei-Hua; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Cheng, Kou-Joanjournal article6252
292004δ-Aminolaevulinic acid mediated photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy on Pseudomonas aeruginosa planktonic and biofilm culturesLee, Chia-Fen; Lee, Chi-Jui; Chen, Chin-Tin ; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article5348
302004Merocyanine 540-mediated photodynamic therapy against Staphylococcus aureus Planktonic and Biofilm CellsCHING-TSAN HUANG conference paper0
312002Effects of quorum-sensing deficiency on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation and antibiotic resistanceShih, Pei-Ching; CHING-TSAN HUANG ; Huang, Ching-Tsan journal article
322000Effects of quorum sensing signal molecules on the hydrogen peroxide resistance against planktonic Pseudomonas aeruginosaCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Shih, Pei-Chinjournal article
332000Biofilm control by antimicrobial agentsP. Stewart; G. McFeters; C. Huang book chapter
341999Reduction of polysaccharide production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms by bismuth dimercaprol (BisBAL) treatmentHuang, Ching-Tsan ; CHING-TSAN HUANG ; Stewart, Philip S.journal article4542
351999Physiological heterogeneity and biofilm controlG. McFeters; P. Stewart; C. Huang ; E. Wentland; K. Xu; F. Yubook chapter
361999Quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa controls expression of catalase and superoxide dismutase genes and mediates biofilm susceptibility to hydrogen peroxideCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article277268
371998Spatial physiological heterogeneity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm is determined by oxygen availabilityCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article
381998Spatial patterns of alkaline phosphatase expression within bacterial colonies and biofilms in response to phosphate starvationCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article
391998The study of microbial biofilms by classical fluorescence microscopyC. Huang ; P. Stewart; G. McFetersbook chapter
401997Spatial distribution and coexistence of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in biofilmsCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article6052
411996Effects of ultrasonic treatment on the efficacy of gentamicin against established Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article1613
421996Spatial variations in growth rate within Klebsiella pneumoniae colonies and biofilmCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article118115
431996Evaluation of physiological staining, cryoembedding and autofluorescence quenching techniques on fouling biofilmsCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article913
441995Recombinant plasmid retention and expression in bacterial biofilm culturesCHING-TSAN HUANG ; Bryers, JD; Huang, CTjournal article150
451995Nonuniform spatial patterns of respiratory activity within biofilms during disinfectionCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article
461994Effects of inducer levels on a recombinant bacterial biofilm formation and gene expressionCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article58
471994Effects of medium carbon-to-nitrogen ratio on biofilm formation and plasmid stabilityCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article3433
481993Plasmid retention and gene expression in suspended and biofilm cultures of recombinant Escherichia coli DH5α(pMJR1750)CHING-TSAN HUANG journal article3332
491992Use of flow cell reactors to quantify biofilm formation kineticsCHING-TSAN HUANG journal article180